Acne Pimples Popping Blackheads How To Cure Them

acne pimples popping blackheads
Acne pimples popping blackheads are one of the most common skin problems faced by teenagers and adults alike. But there is an effective solution to cure them!

Acne, pimples, or blackheads are some common evils seen on the skin of many people, and usually, people do many things to get rid of all these. Some people pop these to remove these permanently but not in all cases popping is effective. Even some health specialists suggest avoiding popping due to some skin health risks involved in popping.

But if you can do it by obeying all the relevant guidelines, then it will not be a risky thing for you. There are so many things that you have to maintain after popping these unwanted things. If you don’t follow the procedure, then your skin condition might worsen. Further, that’ll obviously not be desirable to you. Today, I am here to show you all that you need to know about acne pimple-popping blackheads. Let’s see!

What does popping a pimple mean, actually?

Popping a pimple or acne means squeezing that pimple or acne, and it releases the stuff therein. In every pimple, acne, or blackhead, there are some germs, bacteria, or things like that. When you pop that pimple or acne, then the stuff therein will come out and spread. When the stuff will spread, that will cause some further bad effects, and that’s why many people suggest avoiding it. But there are ways in which you may pop your pimples without causing any bad effects. But it is true that popping pimples will not be enough to get rid of the problem, but besides that, you have to do several things to protect your skin from the bad effects of pimples, acne, or blackheads.

Should you pop pimples or leave them?

Should You Pop Pimples Or Leave It

To get rid of pimples, the most effective way is to remove the pimples or acne in a natural way. Popping is the way to remove pimples or acne permanently, and there are some bad effects of popping. If you pop pimples, the bacteria and other germs will come out, and that will cause the risk of producing harmful bacteria on your skin. Even after popping, the pimples will become a bit reddish, and they may be infected further. For that reason, popping is considered a way that you should avoid, but there are some benefits of popping, and that’s why many people still pop pimples or acne. When a pimple gets larger, then there’s a chance of sudden popping, such as in the time of accidental touching or itching. Suppose you’re at sleep and itches the pimple area, and the pimple gets popped. That type of thing is really harmful to you- not only for the pimple surrounding area but for other skin areas as the bacteria and other germs get spread in this way. Even when a pimple is larger, then it becomes conspicuous, and that’s also an issue why people want to pop pimples.

It is true that due to their habit, some people touch or squeeze acne or pimples many times a day, but that’s not a big issue if you touch those with clean hands and maintain all the cleansing issues. There are some harmful effects of acne pimple popping blackheads, but if you can do it in the recommended way then you’ll be able to reduce these effects. Now I am going to show you how you can pop your pimples or acne without causing more harmful effects.

Some safer steps that you should follow while popping a pimple or acne

If you’re about to pop a pimple or acne, then consider the time you have in hand as you should do it with relaxation. You need to use a needle or pin for popping acne or pimples. In no case, you should pop using your hand or nail. If you do otherwise, the pimple condition may worsen, and germs may spread, and that will surely be harmful to you. If you’re ready to pop, then try to follow the steps as accurately as possible to be safe from different germs.

  • Cleansing issue
  • Prepare yourself for popping
  • Prick the pimple whitehead
  • Be careful about pimple or acne condition
  • Place your index finger on the pimple center
  • Press from both sides
  • Whitehead removing
  • Cleaning the pimple area

1. Cleansing issue

Cleansing Issue

First off, you need to clean both your hand and the pimple or acne area where you’re going to pop. Even you have to clean the needle or pin with which you’ll pop the pimple. For cleaning, you should use any germ-destroying soap, cleaning agent, or something like that. Some people suggest using rubbing alcohol for cleaning, that’s also useful for this purpose. In a word, you need to sanitize all the things that may come in touch with the pimple area.

2. Prepare yourself for popping

You should wrap the index finger of both hands with tissue or cloth. If the needle or pin is ready, place a large mirror in front of you because you need to take proper notice of what’s happening in the pimple area. It’s important because sometimes you’ll not be able to actually feel what’s happening there.

3. Prick the pimple whitehead

Prick The Pimple Whitehead

Now, if the cleansing issue is completed, then take the clean needle or pin in your hand. And then, gently poke the pimple middle with the needle tip in order to pop. If you are right-handed, then poke with your right hand, and if you’re left-handed, then poke with your left hand. But, keep in mind one thing- you should not poke harshly; otherwise, it may draw blood and cause further infection.

4. Be careful about pimple or acne condition

While poking on the pimple middle, keep your discreet eye on the mirror. You have to be careful about the condition of pimples or acne, and if you notice that there’s a sign of blood, then you have to stop the popping process immediately. Even if you experience any acute pain, then you also should stop popping as it indicates that there’s something wrong. Or, such pain indicates that you have poked so harshly, and that’s caused bleeding.

5. Place your index finger on the pimple center

Place Your Index Finger On The Pimple Centre

If you see in the mirror that a little bit of stuff inside comes out, then you have to press the acne or pimple with your index finger when your finger is wrapped with tissue or cloth. Then stuff inside the pimple or acne will come out, and that will be visible on the tissue (wrapped in your hand). After that, change the tissue or cloth and wrap your index finger with another piece of tissue or cloth.

6. Press from both sides

Press From Both Sides

With pressing on the center of the pimple, some stuff inside the pimple will come out, but not all of such stuff will come out. And, to bring out all the stuff inside the pimple, you must press the pimple from both sides- left and right. So after wrapping a fresh tissue in your index finger again, press from both sides of the pimple, and then the rest of the stuff inside will come out.

7. Whitehead removing

Whitehead Removing

Sometimes it is seen that the whitehead is still visible even after bringing out all the dirty things from the pimple. If that happens, then you have to take resort to grab cotton swabs. Don’t squeeze from the same side again and again. Rather try to use the cotton swabs all over the pimple area. Certainly, it will work if you can use the cotton swab perfectly. You should not use the cotton swabs in a way that can draw blood. Just using it gently will be enough to remove the whitehead.

8. Cleaning the pimple area

Cleaning The Pimple Area

When you’ll see that all the stuff inside your pimple has come out and there’s no rest of the stuff inside it, then you have to clean the pimple area as soon as possible. The reason is that stuff inside the pimple contains bacteria and other germs which are harmful to your skin. After cleaning the pimple area with soap or other types of cleanser, you have to apply an astringent or toner. Applying such an astringent or toner will save your skin from the bad effects of germs inside the pimple. You may even use any antibacterial oil or germ-destroying stuff on the skin surrounding the pimple, that’s also effective for protecting your skin from germs.

How to extract blackheads safely in just 5 minutes?

How To Extract Blackheads Safely In Just 5 Minutes

There’s almost no significant difference between popping acne or pimples and extracting blackheads, though you should do the extraction of blackheads in a slightly different way. Now I am going to share how you can safely extract your blackhead in minutes.

The ideal time for extracting blackheads is immediately after the bath. The reason is that you need to loosen the blackhead plugs to make the process easy. You know the blackhead plug is a bit hard and cannot be popped easily. But when such blackhead plugs become wet for a few minutes, then it becomes easier to pop. That’s why the ideal time is immediately after a bath or shower.

Though the extraction of blackheads is the same as the popping of pimples or acne, here, you have to use your finger to extract blackheads. No needle or pin is needed here. You just have to wrap your index finger with cotton or something like that. And, then you have to rub the blackhead with the tip of your finger while your fingertip is wrapped with cotton. Don’t rub with the fingertip harshly. Rather, try to do it gently again and again. If you do it for 1 to 2 minutes, then it is likely that the blackhead will be vanished.

That will extract the blackhead safely, but you should do it after placing a mirror in front of you. Why? You need to keep notice of whether blood is coming out from the blackhead or not. If you see any sign of blood on the blackhead, then you immediately have to stop the rubbing. Otherwise, an infection may be caused, and that will be harmful to the skin surrounding the blackhead.

If you have more than one blackhead in one area or different areas, then your skin may become dry, so you should try to use water spray on the blackhead area for retaining the wet mode. Because the wet mode is a must for extracting the blackhead safely. When you can remove the blackhead completely, then you have to clean the blackhead area with any germ cleaning stuff.

After cleaning the blackhead area (after the extraction), apply any astringent or toner to avoid the worsening situation. If you don’t want to use this type of stuff, then you may use any anti-germ cream. Using any stuff on the skin surrounding the blackhead area after extraction is mandatory if you want to keep your skin safe and germ-free.

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You should not pop pimples with some specific condition

You Should Not Pop Pimples With Some Specific Condition

Acne pimple popping blackheads may be your headache, but not all the time. You should pop those. You can pop all types of pimples using the method I mentioned here, but you should not pop any red pimples where there’s no white head. Even you should think of avoiding popping if you have any deep blemishes which are big and inflamed. Sometimes there may be blemishes on our skin that are a bit larger and can cause pain. You may consider these pimples as they contain all the attributes of pimples, but actually, they are not pimples. You should boil these instead of popping, as popping might be helpful in the case of pimples, not in the case of blemishes which cannot be considered as pimples.

The reason is that such types of inflamed pimples can be considered as cysts, or nodular breakouts, which you should not squeeze. If you squeeze those, then the situation may be worsened, and you cannot pop anything like that without squeezing. Now come to the point what can you do to treat such inflamed blemishes which are not pimples? You have to cure these types of unwanted things in a natural way instead of popping them. Eat more and more natural stuff that can cure these types of deep and big inflamed blemishes, or you may take resort to medical treatment. But in these cases, don’t think of popping; otherwise, these will cause so many skin complexities.

Acne pimple popping blackheads: real life story

From a young age, I faced pimple problems, and I actually did almost nothing to cure this situation because I considered it nothing serious. But at the beginning of last year, I experienced larger pimples, and there was some stuff inside, which I felt. And one night, when I was in sleep, suddenly, one pimple accidentally popped due to the touch of my fingernail. And in that condition, the whole night passed while I was asleep. And next week, I experienced that the pimple situation worsened, and then to prevent the accidental popping, I decided to pop my pimples in the right way, and from one of my friends from a medical background, I came to know the procedure. Though he told me that naturally curing is the best solution to prevent sudden and accidental popping, I took a resort to pimple popping.

Then one fine morning, placing a mirror in front of me, I started the pimple popping procedure with a clean needle, some pieces of tissues, and other necessary things. But, before starting the popping procedure, I cleaned my pimple area properly with tap water and soap. At a time, I popped three pimples in the same procedure- poking on the pimple center at first and then squeezing from the left and right sides to bring out all the stuff inside. As I did it carefully after placing a mirror in front of me and keeping careful notice of the pimple condition, it didn’t cause bleeding.

After popping all three pimples one after another, I went to clean the pimple area with germ cleaning soap. After cleaning properly with soap, I applied a cream that I used to treat infections, off and on. And for that reason, I didn’t experience any infection or something like that. But I didn’t stop by popping pimples, I also started eating pimples to prevent natural stuff, and that was effective for pimple removal. Now I have no pimples anywhere on my skin, and pimple popping didn’t cause any harmful effects till now though more than one year has passed already.

Sandra Nitz


1. What may happen if I cannot pop my pimples perfectly?

If you poke harshly with a needle on a pimple, don’t clean properly before and after the popping, or don’t follow the necessary guidelines in any way, then these may cause infection in the pimple area. And this will deteriorate the situation further, which will cause more harm.

2. Is popping pimples or acne good for our skin health?

Actually, pimples or acne popping is not the solution for removing pimples, and the best way is to remove pimples naturally, as this will remove the pimples completely. But you may pop pimples safely to prevent sudden and accidental popping.

3. Being a non-professional, can I do pimple popping at my home?

It is not an issue whether you will pop your pimple at your home or any other place. You just need to follow all the guidelines recommended by a skin specialist regarding popping a pimple, that’s all.

4. What are the solutions for pimples other than popping?

Without popping, you may take resort to a warm compress, spot treatment, professional extraction, or something like that. But the best way to get rid of pimples is to remove them naturally or by using natural stuff.

5. Why is using tissue or cotton recommended for popping pimples?

The reason is that if you squeeze your pimple with your bare hand, then the stuff inside will spread. But when you wrap your finger with cotton or tissue and squeeze on the pimple, then stuff inside (which will come out) will be with the cotton or tissue.

6. Why do many people use rubbing alcohol before popping a pimple?

Before popping a pimple, you just need to make your pimple area germ-free. Rubbing alcohol can do this effectively, and that’s why people apply this stuff to the pimple area before starting the popping process.

7. How to bring out the pus or other stuff effectively from inside the pimple?

To bring out all the dirty things perfectly from inside the pimple, you need to squeeze the pimple from both sides, and then all the things will be brought out due to pressure. But you should not create unnecessary pressure on the pimple, so try to do it gently.

8. What’s the ideal time for pimple popping or blackhead extraction?

There’s no perfect time for pimple popping as you may do it at the time you like. But in the case of blackhead extraction, you need to do it after bathing or taking a shower because you need to soften the blackhead.

9. What’s the effectiveness of an astringent or toner after popping a pimple?

Actually, people apply astringent or toner on the pimple area to keep the area clean, and these things contain such cleaning properties. After popping a pimple, you need to keep the area clean. Otherwise, a further infection may occur.

10. Why is it prohibited to pop deeply inflamed and larger blemishes?

If you see any such blemishes on your skin, then it may be cysts or nodular breakouts, which cannot be considered pimples. If you pop these, then it may deteriorate the condition. To treat these things, acne medications might be helpful.


It is true that acne pimple popping blackheads extraction is not the complete solution, but it will provide you with some advantages, like keeping you free from sudden and accidental popping. If you feel such a risk, then popping in the right way will be an effective remedy that you can try even at your home. Try your best to do it by obeying all the guidelines. Certainly, you’ll be able to do it without causing any bad effects.

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