Adding Foundation to Moisturizer: Reasons, Process, and Things to Consider

Adding Foundation to Moisturizer
When you add foundation to your moisturizer, you’ll see an instant improvement in its effectiveness. It gives a natural look .

Foundation is the widespread base makeup, and mostly every woman I know wears it. From very young ones to people who are on their way to retirement. Everyone has their own set of principles. But most of us struggle with that; sometimes, the foundation looks a bit too much, which is not entirely accurate. And for me, a tiny bit of the foundation also seemed too much. So, is there a way out? Well, there is a reliable way out of this.

You can just use a tinted moisturizer. So what is a tinted moisturizer? It is a hydrating moisturizer with some sort of tint in it. It also has light coverage. You don’t have to bake or set the moisturizer with powder; just apply and leave it as is though you can always layer it. What if you don’t want to use a tinted moisturizer as your regular foundation is your perfect match? Well, in that case, we ask you to go with your moisturizer and foundation simultaneously. Will add foundation to moisturizer work?

Yes, they will. This will be like your DIY tinted moisturizer. With this kind of hack, you can make the foundation look non-cakey, and it will last longer than you intended it to. You might look a bit cakey with foundation, as they tend to look more artificial. And most moisturizers are just for hydration, and they do not add anything extra to the face. And the best way to get photos of both worlds is to mix foundation with moisturizer. This will change the consistency of the foundation, and it will spread on the face like butter.

You get the best for everything. If you all remember the Khloe Kardashian video from Vogue, then you’d know how she swears on mixing a moisturizer and a foundation on her palms and applying it with a brush. You can use a beauty blender afterward. But this will give you perfect coverage and a good blend. And most importantly, you don’t have to spend hours blending your foundation.

That is the best way to make the foundation look natural. There has been all this speculation on social media about adding foundation to moisturizer, but the trend has been on for years.

Why do I mix foundation and moisturizer?

Well, there have been tons of speculations, results, and tricks on adding foundation to moisturizer. But there are also some key reasons you should mix a foundation with moisturizers. Well, you can change the entire work of both of these products and still get the best results. A moisturizer might look white in the packaging, but it is primarily transparent when applied to the face.

They feel like nothing when they are dried out. A foundation has a different texture, and they often feel light. And depending on the coverage, you can simply apply it to the areas that require it, and it will appear normal. But most foundations are not on the hydrating side, meaning they might give you coverage but will not change your face’s dryness or oiliness. Here we are including some reasons why you should add foundation to moisturizer:

Make the foundation sheer

Make The Foundation Sheer

A full coverage foundation is not for everyone. Some of us buy a full coverage foundation to get the best coverage during a night out or a party. But for our regular days, we love the whole look to be natural. Otherwise, they will not be appropriate for the office or school. And adding a full-coverage foundation to your moisturizer will do the trick for you. And this way, you can maximize the use of your full coverage and high-end foundation. This way, the foundation will look natural.

A DIY tinted moisturizer

A Diy Tinted Moisturizer

A tinted moisturizer might not have the same coverage as a regular foundation. But the cost of it is pretty similar to a foundation. So it is better to make your own foundation instead of buying one, as they will work the same way. For a tinted foundation, choose your regular moisturizer and foundation first. If you have oily skin, we recommend a light lotion and a matte foundation. And if you have dry skin, use a hydrating foundation with a heavy moisturizer. Add some extra facial oil for an even glowy look.

Dewy foundation

Dewy Foundation

If you love glowy or glass skin, you’d better add moisturizer and foundation. This will look natural, and you can get away with the foundation looking cushiony. The central theme of glass skin is hydration. So, adding foundation to moisturizer and some oil will work for you. Applying sunscreen is also a must.

Easy to blend

Easy To Blend

Another thing that made me dislike some foundations was that they were challenging to blend. Finding your proper foundation gets stubborn and doesn’t want to glide on your skin. And those that slide on the skin don’t give optimum coverage. So what’s the best way out? We recommend combining moisturizer and foundation. It makes the whole process easy, and you can easily blend the foundation into the skin. You don’t have to use a beauty blender or a brush this way. Just use your fingers to set the foundation in place.

Lighten the foundation shade

Lighten The Foundation Shade

Well, this is not true for all moisturizers and foundations. Most foundation tends to look invisible, and well, some tend to have a bit of tint. And the changes in foundation shade will also work for that. If the foundation looks dark on you, just add some moisturizer to it and blend. This way, the foundation will be your approximate tone. Well, if some foundations have your correct shade in the summer and look darker in the winter, then just add a bit of moisturizer to change the tone of the foundation. These foundations are only for slightly tinted or oxidizing moisturizers, though.

It gives a natural look

It Gives A Natural Look

People tend to go au naturel with most of their makeup. As soon as the no makeup, makeup look started on social media, the main facts started changing regarding foundations. Everyone, including their mothers, preferred tinted moisturizers. And what’s the best alternative to tinted moisturizers? Adding foundation to moisturizer: This concussion looks all natural because, in most cases, the whole thing is very thin, and it tends to melt into the skin as a moisturizer. You don’t need effort in blending. But adding a mist will also do the work.

Doesn’t define texture

Doesn’t Define Texture

Another thing about the natural-looking ideas is that they do not enhance the appearance of textures, pores, and fine lines. As a moisturizer in the foundation, it will not make the skin look patchy. And they will melt into the skin like nothing. And the whole thing will spread evenly. So, those with mature skin or aging skin should try this trick to get the best results. You can even build up the product in this way.

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Things to consider when adding foundation to moisturizer

Things To Consider When Adding Foundation To Moisturizer

So far, we’ve talked about why you should mix foundation with moisturizer. But there are a few things to consider when you are mixing foundation with a moisturizer. Here they are:


The first thing we notice about a foundation is whether it suits us. And as for the shade of the foundation, it tends to change with the shade of the moisturizer. But if you have a clear one, there’s nothing to worry about.


Another thing to consider while adding the donation to the moisturizer is that the foundation will get thinner. The more moisturizer you add, the more they become thin. So, in the end, you’ll be left with a very thin, tinted moisturizer. But with this, you’ll also get a foundation that’s easy to spread.


If you have a high-coverage foundation, then the coverage will change according to the addition of moisturizer, and the new coverage will be lighter. But the good news is that you can add to the coverage by adding a little bit more. So, by experimenting with the whole thing, you can change the integrity of the whole thing.


Not every foundation is compatible with your foundation. So you need to test whether they match or not and then decide on the facts. And don’t be worried if they do not match; just use another moisturizer.

How do you mix a foundation and a moisturizer?

How Do You Mix A Foundation And A Moisturizer

Both foundation and moisturizers come in different ways. For example, you can find a moisturizer as a serum, a lotion, or a cream. As for foundations, they are available as a cream, liquid, or powder. But which products will actually work while mixing?

For mixing two moisturizers and foundation, we suggest going for both liquids. Or even a cream moisturizer with liquid. A serum will work too. But only a liquid foundation will mix well with a moisturizer. The stick powder foundation won’t work this way. So here is a chart of things you can do by adding foundation to moisturizer:

  • Combine liquid foundation and cream moisturizer.
  • Add liquid foundation to the lotion.
  • Add liquid foundation with serum moisturizers.

And now when you have two of these products that you can mix, let us go through a process of how you can mix two of the products:

  1. You can put some moisturizer in your palm and add the foundation drop by drop. Once you have reached the right concentration, apply it with a brush.
  2. You can use your hands or a tiny concealer brush to mix foundation and moisturizers.
  3. Add some liquid highlighter to the moisturizer-foundation mix to make the products glow.
  4. To make the mix more matte, just add some loose powder to it.
  5. If you have dry skin, try to put the moisturizer on first and then make a mixture of the moisturizer and foundation and apply it.
  6. If you want, you can mix the two in a mixing palette and add highlighter or powder to it according to your preferences. This is what a professional makeup artist would do.
  7. Start with an accurate amount of moisturizer but only a tiny bit of the foundation and build up as you go.
  8. With a serum and tinted moisturizer, add the foundation and then add the serum on top to how thin of a mixture you want.
[Additional tip: add some hydrating mist once you’ve applied the foundation mix, and it’ll make the whole thing dewier. Or some oil if you have dehydrated skin.]


1. What are the best moisturizers to mix with foundation?

The best moisturizers to mix with foundation are:
1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream
2. Cerave Moisturizing Cream 
3. Ultra Repair Cream By First Aid Beauty
4. Glossier Priming Moisturizer
5. Youth To The People’s Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream

2. Can I mix powder foundation with moisturizer?

With powder foundation, you must scrape the product out of the pan to mix it with moisturizer. So we do not recommend it.

3. Does mixing foundation with moisturizer make it lighter?

Whether or not the foundation will be lighter completely depends on the kind of moisturizer you have. The shade might change and go dark or light if slightly tinted.

4. Can you mix tinted moisturizer with moisturizer?

You can mix the tinted moisturizer with the moisturizer, making the whole mix thinner.

5. Can I mix primer with foundation?

Yes, you can mix primer with foundation, and the shade of the foundation might not change, but the spread and the foundation output will change.

Final thoughts

A typical makeup routine begins with moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer. And then comes the foundation as the key base. But this is high time to change the conventional way of making up. We would recommend adding foundation to moisturizer. Just scoop out some moisturizer and put some foundation on it. And apply it all over your face. The face will not look plastered, and everything will look natural. And this is why foundation with moisturizer is such a trendy part of makeup. And here, you can just do this and get out of the house without thinking whether you need makeup or not. Perfect makeup for an errand day.

Key Points

  1. The foundation’s consistency will alter when moisturizer is added, and it will spread like butter over the skin.
  2. With moisturizer, the foundation will appear flawless.
  3. We recommend a little lotion and a matte foundation if you have oily skin. If you have dry skin, combine a moisturizing foundation with a thick moisturizer.
  4. If you have a high-coverage foundation, the coverage will alter with the addition of moisturizer, and the new coverage will be lighter.

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