Are Velcro Rollers Bad For Your Hair – Expert Explained

Are Velcro Rollers Bad For Your Hair?

Bouncy voluminous rollers are everyone’s favorite but it is not easy to get blowouts every day. Velcro rollers are a very easy cost-effective way to get voluminous hair with ease. Vero rollers are made to give your hair volume. They are attached to your hair and set to do their work. Though Velcro rollers do not use heat, they require pulling and rolling your hair tightly to get the desired volume. This is why the question,” Are Velcro rollers bad for your hair” often pops up in our minds.

Since hair is very sensitive and does require very gentle handling there is a possibility, that rolling can be damaging to hair sometimes. But without having a proper insight of Velcro rollers we cannot say how they work on hair. With a thorough discussion of every pros and cons, we will definitely figure this out.

Are Velcro Rollers Bad For Your Hair? – Digging The Possibilities

Are Velcro Rollers Bad For Your Hair? -Digging The Possibilities
Are Velcro Rollers Bad For Your Hair? -Digging The Possibilities

Velcro rollers are a great way of getting volume without heat. this is very flexible to use and does not take too much effort. But to understand if they are damaging to your hair or not we need to go through the pros and cons and find out ourselves.

Pros of Velcro rollers

  • Velcro rollers are the best heat-free option to add volume to your hair. They are very gentle to ay to style your hair. Since Velcro rollers do not use any heat there is no possibility of permanent damage to your hair.
  • You can easily travel with your Velcro rollers and style your hair whenever you want. There is no need for bulky hair styling tools when you have Velcro rollers.
  • Velcro rollers can be found in all sizes and shapes. Even your finer types of hair can be styled with the Velcro rollers. There are small rollers that can give you smaller waves and big rollers give your hair big waves to look voluminous.
  • Velcro rollers can save time and money for styling your hair. You do not have to make an appointment to get the desired volume, rather you will get it very quickly and easily.
  • Velcro rollers can minimize your hair styling time. You can put on Velcro rollers and do the rest of your makeup while the rollers set your hair in place.

Cons of Velcro rollers

  • Velcro rollers can make your hair frizzy with prolonged use. The Velcro rollers do not have smooth surface rather it has bristles that hold onto the hair. When you are using the Velcro rollers over and over again you can see hair getting frizzy and split ends. This happens due to the frequent pulling of hair fiber.
  • Sometimes when you start taking off the Velcro rollers the hair will tangle on the rollers and break very painfully. This happens often. In the process, you may lose quite an amount of hair.
  • Tightly rolling your hair makes it very loose from the roots which in the end results in hair loss problems.
  • Velcro rollers are not suitable for coil-type hair. They need to be straight before using Velcro rollers for waves.
  • People with sensitive scalps can face headaches if the roller is pulled too tightly.

Now that we have seen both the pros and cons we can move onto some expert opinion from us. Velcro rollers do have some cons but if we take a look closely most of the damaging behavior of Velcro rollers can be reduced by using them appropriately. The damage occurs because of the inappropriate use. Also, the damages are not a long-term term which cannot be diminished rather those damages are very easy to recover. Finally, we come to the conclusion Velcro rollers are not damaging to your hair when used correctly.

Using Velcro Roller Without Damaging The Hair

Using Velcro Roller Without Damaging The Hair
Using Velcro Roller Without Damaging The Hair

Since we know Velcro rollers have some cons they can damage our hair for a time if not used correctly. When used correctly Velcro rollers are just divine as a curler. So let’s see the correct way of using Velcro rollers without damaging your hair.

1. Hair type

Before working with Velcro roller make sure to understand your hair type. Long hair and coiled hair suffer the most damage from Velcro rollers. These two types of hair are not easy to handle and need extra care to get Velcro roller waves. Since they can be tangled with hair very easily, it is best to avoid these rollers. Short hair is the best for Velcro rollers because of the strength they possess on their roots.

2. Prepare your hair well beforehand

Velcro rollers are very easy to use in damp hair. They can work on dry hair too but using them on dry hair may cause tangling which will be very damaging to your hair. Damp your hair a little before putting Velcro rollers and preferably wash your hair before. Clean smooth hair is much better for Velcro rollers.

3. Smoothen your hair

If you apply Velcro rollers on your tangled hair without smoothing them out there is no way you will get away without damaging your hair. Comb your hair and get rid of any tangles from your hair then put on the Velcro rollers.

4. Avoid extreme pulling

When getting Velcro rollers make sure not to pull too much. Pulling too tightly leads to damage to your hair.  Also, all the breakage of hair comes from pulling too tightly. You do not have to make the roller too tight rather make sure to roll all of your hair. And go as close as possible to the roots. Roll in one go do not roll while pulling the hair, this will make your hair break.

5. Be gentle

You have to be very gentle while removing Velcro rollers from your hair. You should never do it in a hurry and by pulling it away. to remove the Velcro rollers from your hair just roll out the Velcro rollers from your hair towards yourself. Do not pull them out from your hair, you will tangle your hair and cause them to fall apart.

Alternatives To Velcro Rollers

If you want to completely avoid any damage from Velcro rollers you can always switch to other kinds of rolling options. Here are some good options:

Foam Hair Rollers
Foam Hair Rollers

1. Foam Hair Rollers

Foam rollers are great alternatives to Velcro rollers. They are old school type but do not cause any harm to the hair. There is no way your hair will be tangled or get stuck on these rollers so you can easily opt for these rollers instead of Velcro rollers for a nice wavy look.

Flexi rods
Flexi rods

2. Flexi rods

Flexi rods are one kind of foam roller too but they have a flexible rod inside them and they can be easily used to get very curly hair. These are very safe to use in any type of hair even in coiled hair. They can make your hair curly without the need for any heat.

Heatless curlers
Heatless curlers

3. Heatless curlers

There is a very trendy hair tool called a heatless curler. That can make your hair look wavy just by wrapping the hair on them. Since this curler has a silk top it is very gentle to the hair and does not make your hair rough or damaged in any way.

Although the damage of Velcro rollers is not permanent and can be removed by proper usage, you can still find better options. So you can choose any of them and be free of any worry.


1. How long do you leave Velcro rollers in?

You can leave Velcro flowers for a long time on your hair if you want to. But it is better if you leave them for at least 20 minutes before removing them gently.

2. Is it OK to sleep in Velcro rollers?

There is no boundary to that but it is best to not sleep with Velcro rollers. Sleeping with Velcro rollers can make your hair damaged and cause split ends.

3. Should Velcro rollers be big or small?

You can go for any of them based on your desired look of yours. If you go for big Velcro rollers you will get wavy hair and with a small Velcro roller, you will get curly hair.

Final Thoughts

Velcro rollers are great to give you the most voluminous look without having too much trouble. In this, you can find all the benefits like less time-consuming, cost-friendly, and easy to use. Because of the understanding of proper use, you may face some damage to the hair but they are completely temporary which can be resolved by the instructions given.

It is important to use Velcro rollers properly to remove any kind of damage from your hair. Also, there are other alternatives you can go for but the superiority of Velcro rollers will always be there. You just need a little hand of guide to overcome all the damage fears.

Key Takeaways

  • Velcro rollers have been a very popular option for safe hair styling that is very flexible and can be used for multiple reasons.
  • Velcro rollers have their fair share of pros and cons and the decision has to be made regarding the damaging issue.
  • Velcro rollers have to be used in some correct way for them to not damage or cause problems for your hair.
  • If you have a fear of making your hair damaged, you can always choose alternatives for a change.
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