15 Surprising Benefits of Honey for Skin

benefits of honey for skin
Honey is one of nature’s most powerful beauty secrets. Discover why honey is so beneficial for skin care!

The benefits of honey for the skin are known to all, and it’s a common practice around the world to use honey for the betterment of the skin. It can serve so many purposes for the internal organs of our body, and externally it has some great roles that I am going to discuss today. In ancient times, people in different countries considered honey as a mouthwatering liquid, but in recent years, people have started to understand how the benefits of honey for the skin are possible to enjoy.

Now, not only beauty-conscious girls but ordinary people know what the benefits of honey are for the skin. Besides ordinary skin benefits, people are searching more with keywords like “When is the benefit of honey for skin whitening to be had?” or “When are the benefits of honey for skin scars to be had?” And besides these, there’s still some confusion like “Can honey damage skin?” or “something like that.” For all these reasons, I’m going to show how honey is useful for skin health and what kinds of honey are good for the face.

What is honey?

It’s a sweet liquid that mainly honey bees collect from different sugary secretions. Its color is dark golden, and usually, its source is nectar from different flowers. And that’s why its color and flavor are significantly dependent on which flower it has been collected from. There are fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, and some other items in a lesser amount of honey. Thanks to so many useful properties of honey, there are many medical benefits of honey that are now well-recognized.

Which honey is best for your skin?

Depending on the source of honey, that means from where it has been collected, the honey is of different kinds, like Avocado Honey, Basswood Honey, Leatherwood Honey, Jarrah Honey, Blueberry Honey, Buckwheat Honey, and the like. One type of honey is good for several purposes, but not for all, and it’s not possible to have them all.

Suppose, to add excellent flavor to any food, Leatherwood Honey is the best, but for skin care, Jarrah Honey is the best. Jarrah is the name of a tree that is found in the Western Australian native forest, and it’s so rare. It’s true that some common benefits exist in all kinds of honey, so not a single type of honey is ineffective for human health.

What are the anti-inflammatory properties of honey?

Anti-inflammation means something like any treatment or any substance that levels down inflammation or swelling. Honey works like an immune-modulatory agent in the human body, and its role is to downregulate the factors for inflammatory transcription. At the same time, honey lowers the production level of cytokines that are pro-inflammatory. So we can consider honey as an anti-inflammatory agent and an antioxidant and antibacterial as well. For all these things, there are benefits to honey for dry skin or benefits to honey for oily skin too.

Are there any side effects to using honey on the skin?

It’s true that honey has some side effects relating to skin, and that’s why it’s the tension of so many of us: can honey damage skin? But not for all of us. These side effects of honey are applicable. Some people have an allergic reaction to honey, and these side effects are applicable to them. But, if you’re still suspicious about whether you have any allergic reaction or not, then you may apply honey to any small part of your skin that you usually cover with a cloth. If no problem occurs there, then you may use honey on your face or anywhere on your skin. That will not be problematic. Keep in mind that the allergic reaction to honey is applicable to a few people.

Why is honey beneficial for the skin?

Due to bacteria and some other types of germs, different skin complexities occur. And honey is a good source of antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which is why it can cure some common issues. Apart from that, it also has some antioxidant properties that are great for running internal functions correctly. If someone’s internal functions run correctly, then that will be highly useful for their skin as well.

It may come to your mind when the benefits of honey for skin scars or something like that can be gotten. Just use it for a month regularly and you’ll start to get the benefit.

How does honey help to moisturize the skin?

An important benefit of honey is that there are benefits of honey for dry skin as it’s a liquid. Honey is a well-known humectant, so it can keep someone’s skin moist for a long time. But, don’t take it otherwise—honey will not make your skin oily. It will just moisten it. How? A humectant is a substance that draws moisture from the skin but does not replace it. So, if you need a safe and effective moisturizer for your skin, honey will certainly be the best choice for you.

Beauty benefits of honey for skin

Beauty benefits of honey for skin

There are so many beauty benefits of honey for the skin, and that’s why the benefits of honey for dry skin, the benefits of honey for oily skin, etc. are hot topics now. Honey has some great anti-germ properties that can protect your skin from a good number of evils. To fight acne or pimples, using honey regularly is enough, and at the same time, it can fight against a good number of skin irregularities. Even if you try to find something that has brightening properties, honey is also good for you. Regulating pH balance is a mentionable character of honey, and that has a great impact on the prevention of wrinkle formation. So, if you use honey regularly, you’ll be able to retain the young look of your skin for many years.

But, to get all the benefits of honey, you have to maintain some guidelines. Don’t apply honey without understanding- when to apply it and how to apply it. There are some extra benefits of lemon and honey for the skin, and there are also some extra benefits of cinnamon and honey for the skin. Most importantly, if you apply honey to the skin with some other items, you’ll get the benefits fast, it’s true. But you have to know very well how to mix two items and how to apply the mixture. Apart from that, which item you should mix with honey is dependent on your skin’s nature. So, without understanding all these things thoroughly, you should not start to apply something to your face. Otherwise, it may be harmful.

15 Benefits of using honey for face & skincare

From ancient times, people all over the world used honey for the beautification of the skin, besides considering it a mouthwatering liquid. From then, people rub honey on the skin to heal wounds, brighten skin, or for some other purposes. But still, many people are confused about the question- Can I rub honey on my face every day? It’s safe and natural, so if you use honey on your face regularly, that’s not problematic at all. Rather, you’ll get all the benefits of honey if you use it regularly on your skin in a proper way. Now I’m going to share what is the benefit of honey for the skin.

  1. Daily Cleanser
  2. Natural Exfoliator
  3. Acne Treatment
  4. Fight Existing Acne & Pimples
  5. Anti-Aging
  6. Hydrating Moisturizer
  7. Lightens Scars
  8. Reduces Fine Lines And Wrinkles
  1. Scalp Cleanser
  2. Deep Conditioning
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Useful In Sunburn
  5. Hydrates The Skin
  6. Reverses Age
  7. Natural Glow

1. It’s the perfect daily cleanser

When we come back to our home from outside, dirt is everywhere on our faces. And ordinary tap water cannot remove such dirt, and as a result, dirt remains on our faces for a long time. But honey is a good source of antiseptic and antibacterial properties, so it’s effective for cleansing. If you use honey for cleansing your face, that will remove all the dirt, germ, and other unwanted things from different pores of your face. For that reason, some people consider it Pore Cleanser, as it can exactly act like that.

2. It’s a natural exfoliator

Honey is often considered a natural exfoliator as it can exfoliate your skin safely by removing dead cells from your skin. It’s safe in the sense that ready-made exfoliators can cause irritation and may make your skin a bit reddish. But in the case of honey, there’s no possibility of that, and it is well-known that all natural items are safer than artificial ones.

But to use it as an exfoliator, you should not use only honey on your face; rather, you should mix baking soda with that. Just take one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of honey and mix them properly. After that, clean your face with water and then rub the paste gently everywhere on your face. Keep for a while, and then wash off; that’s the way you may follow regularly.

3. It’s great for treating acne

There are useful properties in honey that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. So besides keeping your skin away from different germs, honey helps clear any clogged pores or any other blockages in your skin. For that reason, acne or pimples cannot be grown if you use honey regularly. There will be almost no complexity in face skin if you can keep germs away.

4. Fight existing Acne & Pimples

If you already have acne or pimples on your face or anywhere, you may use honey to vanish these. Just rub honey on the acne or pimples regularly for some weeks. And keep the honey in the problematic area for more than 15 minutes; you’ll obviously get the benefit. Honey has all the properties to fight Acne & Pimples; that’s many times proven fact.

5. It’s great for anti-aging

Due to wrinkles on the skin, older people look old, but if this can be prevented, then their skin also looks like youth. Honey does exactly the thing- it prevents wrinkles on human skin. Most importantly, if you use honey regularly, it will control your face skin fine lines. To increase skin elasticity, there’s also no alternative to honey and green tea. It’s an important benefit of green tea and honey that they keep skin like youth.

6. It’s a hydrating moisturizer

One of the most important benefits of honey for dry skin is that honey can work as a hydrating moisturizer. Seeping into your skin is possible if you use honey, as the honey contains enzymes. Just use one tablespoon or some more honey on your clean face and keep it for 15 minutes or more. Surely, that will be the best moisturizing mask for you, and it can deeply moisturize your skin.

7. Lightens scars

You know antiseptic is good for curing scars, and honey is a good source of antiseptic properties. For that reason, in ancient times, people used honey to cure wounds, and still, this method is used in many parts of the world. Antioxidant properties are also present in honey which is good for repairing skin damage soon. To use honey for lightening scars, at first, mix one tablespoon of honey and the same amount of coconut oil. And then, massage the mixture on the affected part of your skin for minutes. After that, keep a warm washcloth on the affected part for a while, that’s all.

8. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Thanks to anti-inflammatory properties, skin wrinkles cannot be caused if you use honey regularly on your skin. To use honey for this purpose, you should mix honey with curd or milk at first and then apply the paste on your skin, after keeping the paste on your skin for 15 minutes, clean with fresh water. You may think of using lemon with honey- one of the important benefits of lemon and honey for the skin is the reduction of skin wrinkles.

9. Scalp cleanser

Honey has humectants and emollient properties, and that’s why it’s great for scalp cleansing. Even honey has great use as a hair moisturizer as it can surprisingly smoothen hair follicles. So you may switch to honey if you’re currently using any other thing for cleansing your scalp.

10. Deep conditioning

For moisturizing, honey has a common use, so you can use it for deep conditioning. To use honey as a deep conditioner, you have to mix honey with coconut oil. Or you may add some other carrier oil with honey; even some beauty specialists suggest mixing avocado or yogurt with honey. After making the conditioner with honey, you may apply it to your hair. Certainly, you’ll get all the benefits of a top-class conditioner.

11. Lip balm

The use of honey as a lip balm is so common, and lip balm made with honey is seen in different super shops. As honey is a good moisturizer, it can keep lips in desirable condition for long hours. Even for already cracked lips or damaged lips, honey is really great. With regular use of honey, you’ll be able to remove unwanted dead skin, as it’s a fast-working exfoliator.

12. Useful in Sunburn

Honey can show effective performance for treating sunburn as leveling down the inflammation is one of its main features. On the other hand, honey supplies extra nutrition to tissues that are damaged. For that reason, curing sunburn becomes super easy by using honey. But, you should not use only honey for curing sunburn; rather, mix aloe vera extract with honey. Just take one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of aloe vera extract and mix these two items perfectly. Then massage the paste on the sunburnt area for a while regularly. Certainly, you’ll feel the change within a few days.

13. Hydrates the skin

As a humectant, honey brings moisture from the air to where you have used it. Honey has great moisturizing power, it’s known to all, but the benefits of lemon and honey for skin are more than that. To hydrate skin, lemon and honey mix is a superbly effective item that can keep you hydrated for a whole day. Besides skin dryness, a lemon and honey mixture is also good for reducing skin flaking. Even if you apply these mixtures to your skin, then surely it will reduce the skin redness. You may be confused about Which honey is good for the face, but this nature is common in the case of all types of honey.

14. Reverses age

Reverses Age

Due to skin wrinkles, older people’s skin seems different from that of young people. But using honey can control the wrinkle process, so honey users’ skin doesn’t seem like older peoples’ skin. In the case of keeping the skin like young people, the benefits of cinnamon and honey for the skin are some more. You know cinnamon is good for ensuring proper blood circulation, and that ensures the younger look of your skin. So if you want to get such extra benefits, then you may mix cinnamon with honey. That will be good for your skin, and you’ll get the result so fast.

15. Adds a natural glow

These days many women want to know more about the benefit of honey for skin whitening. Honey is really a solution for those who want to get whitened skin. Using honey is enough for a natural glow as, on regular use of honey, there’ll be no scar, wrinkle, or something like that on your skin. When there is no complexity in your skin, then you’ll gradually achieve the natural glow, and that glow will be permanent. You can’t get such an advantage in any other medical treatment as this is not the way to get a naturally glowing face.


1. Can I rub honey on my face every day?

Of course, you can rub bare honey or with any other thing like lemon, cinnamon, or something like that. But, if you rub it every day then you’ll not have to rub it for so long. The reason is that you’ll get the desirable result in just one month or more of using honey regularly.

2. What are the benefits of drinking honey with warm water for the skin?

Surely there are a good number of benefits of drinking honey with warm water for the skin. Drinking such warm water with honey can reduce inflammation and excessive swelling. And it’s also surprisingly helpful for all types of acne, bruises, and cuts.

3. Can honey darken the face?

Actually, it may provide your skin with a dull look for some days if your skin contains so many dead cells. You know one of the important aspects of honey is that it removes dead skin cells. But, don’t be worried, continue using the honey, it will whiten your skin soon.

4. Can honey remove dark spots?

Yes. Honey can do this, but if you use honey with lemon you’ll get the result so fast. Removing dark spots is one of the important benefits of lemon and honey for the skin. Lemon contains citric acid and vitamin C, and honey has some useful properties to remove dark spots.

5. How long should I leave honey on my face?

It actually depends on how you are going to use honey- only honey or mixing it with something. If you use only honey then you may keep it for 20 minutes or some more. But if you mix something with honey then you should clean your face within 15 minutes of keeping honey on your face.

6. Can honey remove pimples?

Honey has properties to prevent bacteria, and it has some other attributes to keep skin healthy. So, surely it can remove pimples from your skin, and Manuka honey is the best in this regard. But, if your pimples are on your skin for a long time then it will take some more time to remove completely.

7. Does honey cause skin whitening?

Besides curing acne-prone or oily skin, honey can cause skin whitening. Due to the exfoliating properties in honey, it is easily possible. For better results, you may use green tea with honey. Because skin whitening is the most important benefit of green tea and honey.

8. How to get the benefits of honey for the skin fast?

The benefits of honey cannot be got overnight as it’s a natural process. But you can expect the benefit from using honey after using it in a month, or a few days more. To get the benefits fast, use any other thing like lemon, green tea, or cinnamon with honey.

9. What are the benefits of honey for the skin?

There are so many benefits of honey for the skin, like- it keeps skin hydrated, removing dead skin cells, removing toxins from the body, acting as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent on the skin, or something like that.

10. Which honey is good for the face?

It varies from face to face, but commonly jarrah honey is best for our skin because it provides support for the renewal of active skin cells and stimulates the production of elastin & collagen. But, if your face skin contains so many pimples then Manuka honey will be the best for you.


It is well recognized that honey contains almost all the properties for the betterment of human skin. Surgery or any other medical treatment can bring change faster than honey but the change will not be long-lasting. There is even a possibility of harm too, but there’s no such possibility in using honey. If you use honey regularly then the result is almost obvious, so don’t miss the chance.


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