Best Black Nails with White Smiley Face Design Ideas of 2024


Smiley faces and emojis have gained popularity ever since the internet was formed. Starting out on social media platforms like Facebook, smiley faces are now used almost everywhere to express emotions. Similarly, nail art stylists have also leaned towards incorporating emojis in nail designs.

Having smiley faces on your nails can be a fun way to show off your unique style or even express your mood. In every way, people enjoy the personality emojis offer. If you are looking for cute nail designs with smiley faces, then this article is for you. There is an adorable list of black nail designs with white smiley faces for you to pick your favorite one!

Top 15 Black Nail Designs with White Smiley Face

Below is a list of the best black nails with white smiley face design ideas of 2024. These designs can be done right at your home! So all my nail fashion enthusiasts gather up for DIY smiley face designs for black nails!

1. Classic Smiley Faces

Paint your nails black and then add a classic smiley face on each nail. The simplicity of the design keeps it chic and playful.

2. Alternating Black & White Smiley Face Design

Create an optical illusion with alternating black and white smiley faces on each nail. This design plays with perception and adds an artistic edge to your nails.

3. Single Statement Nail

Paint all but one nail solid black, and on the statement nail, create a large white smiley face. This minimalist approach draws attention to the design without being overwhelming.

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Smiley Faces

Use glow-in-the-dark polish for the smiley faces on a black base. This unique feature makes your nails stand out in the dark, adding an element of surprise.

Glow-in-the-Dark Smiley Faces

5. Trippy Black & White Smiley Face

Add a funky or sophisticated aesthetic with trippy designs that include smiley faces. The addition of neon colors can make the nail design even more attractive.

6. Black and White Smiley Face Short Nails

Ideal for those with shorter nails, this design involves painting small, subtle smiley faces on a black base. It’s perfect for a more understated, yet trendy look.

7. Mixed Emotions

Use different facial expressions for the white smiley faces on each nail. This adds a fun, quirky twist and allows each nail to have its character.

8. Glittery Smiles

After painting the smiley faces, add a clear glitter top coat for a sparkly finish. This gives a party-ready look to your nails.

9. Smiley Face & Dark Silver Glitter Nail Combo

Combine black nails with smiley faces and a dark silver glitter accent nail. The glitter adds a luxurious touch to the playful design.

10. Smiley Face Tips

Instead of placing the smiley face in the center, position it at the tip of the nails, akin to a French manicure style.

11. Black & White X Smiley Faces

Introduce an X-pattern in the design, with black nails featuring white X’s and smiley faces. This adds a modern, edgy vibe to the nails.

12. Tiny Smiles

Paint multiple tiny white smiley faces on each nail over a black base. This creates a patterned effect that’s both trendy and cute.

Tiny Smiles

13. Accentuated Smiles

Add an extra element to the smiley face, like heart-shaped eyes or a winking expression, to make each nail unique.

Accentuated Smiles

14. 3D Smiley Nails

Use small rhinestones or nail art stickers to add a 3D effect to the smiley faces, giving them a tactile and visually intriguing look.

3D Smiley Nails

15. Smiley Face on See-Through Nail

Apply a clear or translucent polish as the base and paint a white smiley face on top. This design is sleek and modern, with a subtle nod to the smiley motif.

Tips for Designing Your Nails with Smiley Faces

Whether your nails are shaped like almond, stiletto, or coffin-shaped, the procedures for applying these designs are pretty much the same. This section will be covering “black nail designs with smiley faces” but you can accomplish this with pretty much any color you wish.

So, to begin with, you must-

  • Apply the base coat: Bse black to apply 1 or 2 layers of base coat depending on how dark you want the black to look.
  • Create the smiley design or nail art: Use white to draw smiley faces in the pattern you like. A few small emoji stickers can also be used while the black coat is still wet.
  • Apply top protective coat: Finally, add a clear top coat to protect your nails.

Rock the Smiley Face on Black Nails Trend with BeautiClassy!

In the world of nail art, the combination of black nails with white smiley faces offers a unique blend of playful charm and chic style. Whether you choose the classic smiley, a trippy black-and-white design, or something as whimsical as glow-in-the-dark faces, each of these ideas is sure to infuse a bit of joy into your day-to-day look.

Embrace these creative ideas to add a touch of whimsy to your nail art collection. These are simple enough to do on your own at your home. No special equipment is needed, just a bit of creativity!

I hope you have gathered a few interesting ideas for smiley face nail designs among the ones presented here. So go ahead, paint on a smile, and let your nails do the talking!


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