Bridal Makeup for Green Eyes Brown Hair : Proper Guideline

Bridal Makeup for Green Eyes Brown Hair
Green eyes and brown hair are beautiful on brides but they also have their own unique challenges when it comes to makeup.

When we think about bridal makeup, many things come to mind, and the most important thing that comes to mind is how the bride looks with her makeup.The combination of green eyes and brown hair is very uncommon, as only 2% of the world’s population has green eyes. As a result, they are one of the rare things to notice. And when you have such a rare color for the bride’s eyes, you might want to put more emphasis on the eyes rather than the whole makeup.

There are various techniques that can be used to produce green eyes. And in this article, we will discuss everything about bridal makeup for green-eyed, brown-haired brides. There are different parts of the makeup, and for bridal makeup, you might follow the thumb rule of just focusing on one part. Most bridal makeup is kept simple because brides want to appear natural, so focusing solely on the eyes will be the best way to bring out the green eyes.

How do I draw attention to the green eyes with makeup?

The main focus of the bridal makeup would be the bride’s eyes. On the wedding day, the bride has the best possible makeup, and all of her pictures are taken very close. And when you have such a rare eye color, you might want the eyes to pop. And thus, the best way to put forward the makeup would be to focus heavily on the eyes rather than the other parts. Most people will wear white for bridal makeup and mostly wear all neutral shades. So you can’t bring back the focus with clothes or blushes. And for that, you have to go to makeup. There is a certain way to draw attention to green eyes with makeup. And in this article, we’ll discuss all that.

Cat eye

Cat eye

First, there’s the editorial cat-eye look, where most of the focus is on the eyes, and the eyes are adorned with a very sharp liner. Lips, on the other hand, are kept to a minimum. When there’s a very pointed cat eye, the focus will be on the eyes, and your green eyes will finally have their moment. Focus also on the cheeks, as a bit of contouring would do you a favor.

Pink eyeshadow

Pink eyeshadow

We kept preaching that the pink eyeshadows would do justice to the green eyes. And brown eyes might also help. So what’s better than including both pink and brown shadows? The pinky-brown eyeshadow looks are one of a kind, and they go perfectly with the green eyes. They might even emit shades of gold from their eyes as the lights hit them directly. Taupe and brown shadows of pink will also play a part.

Petal pink shadow

Petal pink shadow

And next up, we have the petal pink eyeshadow looks. Pinks are sweet, and when they are incorporated with bright pink lips, the face looks undeniable, and the green eyes have their own personality. The makeup is perfect for the wedding as it is all-natural and very sheer on the face.

Monochrome pink

Monochrome pink

The all-rosy look might be the perfect thing to bring the green eyes back to the center of attention. Here, a pink-toned blush is used on the cheeks, the lips, and the eyelids. The whole look might be monochromatic, but due to the presence of the warm tones, the green eyes will have their mark.

Matte orange look

Matte orange look

The matte orange shadows are another eye look that will work well with green eyes. A coral lipstick with it is a full-on fall bridal look, and all of it will scream the perfect bridal makeup for green eyes brown hair. The look obviously looks a bit sun-kissed, but you can bring it forward when you have an open wedding.

Smokey eyes

Smokey eyes

Classic smokey eyes are ideal for bringing out green eyes. Well, in weddings, you might want to avoid very dark smokey eyes, but the minimalistic smokey eyes that have both brown and black will be perfect for the brides. Keep the lips neutral.

Shimmer shadows

Shimmer shadows

Champagne shimmer would be our last bet for the wedding makeup to come forward with green eyes. Here, the main focus is kept on the shimmery look, and everything else is kept at bay. These are perfect for brides who want the least amount of makeup. And if you have fragments, that is the best way to show them off.

Clean makeup

And then we have a no-makeup look. In this sector, everything is kept at bay. And this might also be called the “clean girl aesthetic” by Gen Z. Here, the main focus would be the overall glow from the bride rather than all the other facts. And to really draw attention to the eyes, try long, thin cat eyes.

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Bridal makeup for green eyes brown hair

When we say “makeup,” it is supposed to be about the whole face rather than the eyes themselves. So this will focus on both the eyes, the lips, and the overall base. In this article, we’ll not go over the skin prep. As for the brides’ skin prep is a completely different thing, and they get other things done too. But rather, we’ll focus on the makeup that will help bring out the green eyes.

1.The base makeup

The base makeup

In general, you can skip a moisturizer or a primer, but when you are a bride, you need this too. A good moisturizer will hold the makeup on for hours on your wedding day. And as for the primer, it will reduce the appearance of textures, fine lines, and pores on the face. Some of the primers are hydrating and gripping, and they make the foundation application very natural. And primers will also keep the makeup intact for the whole day.

And next up, we have the foundation. If you want your matte foundation to look glowy, pair it with a bottle of liquid highlighter. This will enhance the brightness of the face and give it a glow. Dewy foundations often don’t last long and tend to fade away quickly. So matte foundations would be the best choice. To blend the foundation, you might want to use a brush at first or just use your fingers, and then use a damp beauty blender on top of the foundation; this will help with the overall blending process.

Blend the foundation into the neck and chest, and do not forget your ears as well. And for the contour, you might want to do the reverse method. Or just go for the appointed method. For the reverse method, you do the contouring first and then go over it with a sheer foundation.

But for the appointed method, you want to do the contour and the foundation at once and make sure that the contour and the foundation don’t sit on top of each other but rather are blended in harmony. And we prefer the lasered method. First, go with a cream contour, and then top it off with the powder contour. For the blush, place them on the cheekbones rather than the apples of the cheeks. Again, both cream and powder blush are acceptable.

2.The eye makeup

The eye makeup

This has to be the most important part of the bridal makeup, which is focused mostly on the eyes. And in this case, you should start with the brows first. The brows should be natural to your skin color and must be filled in. Use concealer around the brows to make them look sharp. And you might want to use a clear brow gel to keep the brows in place.

And for the eyeshadow, you should start with an eye base. This will give the shadows their full saturation, and they will keep the colors in place. And for the colors, you might want to start with the neutral shades at first and use them all over the lid to tone down the discoloration around the eyes. And for the eyes, use the darker shades on the outer corners of the eyes, and the lightest shade will be in the inner corners of the eyes. The shadows that will go well with the green eyes are:

  • Soft pink
  • Mauve
  • Blush
  • Rose gold
  • Merlot
  • Pink-red
  • Purple
  • Shimmers
  • Coppery bronze tones
  • Terracotta
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Peach
  • Mocha
  • Warm browns
  • Olive-toned greys
  • Pink-browns

And when you are done with the basic eyeshadow look, you might want to go with the mascara and lashes. And to keep the harshness of the makeup at bay, use brown eyeliner instead of black. That way, the eyes look more ethereal.

3.The lips

The lips

And then there’s the last part of the bridal makeup for green eyes brown hair. You might want to go for nude lips or a completely bold lip, depending on what kind of eyes you have. Keep a nude lip for the wedding and wear a very bright red for the reception. This will work in both ways, then.


1. How do I bring up the green eyeshadow for my bridal makeup?

To bring up the green eyes with bridal makeup, you can:
1. Focus on the eyes and go for peachy, pink, or dark tones.
2. Make a flattering wing liner.
3. Choose a bold lip that will make your eyes sparkle.

2. What eyeshadow do colors look flattering with green eyes?

The shades of eyeshadow that look flattering with green eyes are:
1. Pink
2. Brown
3. Grey
4. Peach
5. Violet

Final Thoughts

When we think about wedding makeup, it is mostly done by professionals. But still, the wedding looks are done, and the bride’s recommendations and priorities will be put at the top of the list. And the bride’s wedding makeup will be done exactly as she describes. And for those who are going to do their own bridal makeup to keep it under control, we say focus on one thing first. And if you want your eyes to pop, then concentrate on the eyeshadow, mascara, and lashes. And when you are done with that part, go to the eyes. If your eyes are at their best, the best way to add color to them is with a red or bold lip. This will really tie the topic of the red lip together.

Key Points

  1. When you have such a unique hue for the bride’s eyes, you may want to focus on the eyes rather than the entire makeup.
  2. Clothes and blushes will not bring the spotlight back. And for that, you must see a makeup artist. Makeup may be used to attract emphasis to green eyes in a specific way.
  3. The pinky-brown makeup styles are unique, and they complement the green eyes well. As the rays reach them directly, they may even exude gold hues from their eyes.

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