Can I Dye My Hair Black After Relaxing It On same Day?

Can I Dye My Hair Black After Relaxing It?

Relaxed hair with beautiful vibrant dye can be very fascinating and attractive. It can create a very refreshing and appealing look and change one’s overall appearance completely. Relaxing is a procedure that removes the natural curls of the hair and makes them straight by chemical processes. Dyeing your hair can also be a fun experiment that you can do with your hair to stand out from the crowd. But dyes also contain chemicals to get absorbed into your hair and give it beautiful vibrant colors.

So, can you dye your hair black after relaxing it? Since both processes are done by chemicals, it can create a lot of stress on your hair. There are certain considerations that you need to look forward to before making the decision to dye your hair black after relaxing it. In this article, I will solve your confusion regarding dyeing your hair after relaxing, the necessary precautions you should take, and a proper aftercare plan so that you can maintain beautiful healthy hair with the look you desire.

Can I Dye My Hair Black After Relaxing It?

Yes! You can dye your hair black after relaxing it. However, there are certain considerations that you need to go through to dye your hair after relaxing and keep your hair as less damaged as possible.

Black dyes are made with the most persistent pigments. They work faster on the hair even if you have previously dyed hair. Since black hair needs less processing time, it will make your hair less damaged after the chemical processing of the relaxed hair. But you should also keep in mind that black pigments are very hard to get rid of.

So, if you do not like the black color afterward, you will have no option left. Bleaching your hair after relaxing and dyeing is extremely damageable which can lead to major hair fall and can burn out your hair. Also, black pigments are very strong and hard to remove, so multiple bleaching processes may be required to wash off the pigments completely.

And if you are sure of dyeing your hair black, then go for it. Make sure to dye your hair after the recommended time limit with the right hair dye and follow the aftercare routine that I have mentioned below.

How Long Should I Wait To Dye My Hair After Relaxing?

How Long Should I Wait To Dye My Hair After Relaxing?
How Long Should I Wait To Dye My Hair After Relaxing?

It is recommended to wait at least 7 to 14 days to dye your hair after relaxing it. This waiting period helps you to recover from the chemical processing that is involved in the relaxing procedure. This time will allow your chemically treated weak hair to regain the strength and moisture of your hair.

Waiting for 2 weeks will also help your hair from further damage caused by the chemicals of the dyes. During this period, seek assistance from an expert to assess the condition of your hair. An expert can give you personalized advice on what approach will be best for your specific hair condition while being in good shape and health.

What Happens If I Dye My Hair Right After Relaxing?

If you dye your hair right after relaxing, it can severely affect your hair. Hence, it is not recommended to dye your hair immediately after relaxing. The relaxing process weakens the hair and makes your hair more fragile and vulnerable to other chemical treatments.

Hair dyeing is also a chemical treatment that can make your hair very dry and brittle if done right after relaxing. It can even lead your hair to burn out, extreme breakage, or hair loss.

Also, sometimes the chemical processing doesn’t even allow your hair to absorb the hair dye properly. It can make the hair color very unexpected and uneven which you might not like. So, try not to dye your hair black within two weeks.

What Kind Of Color Should I Choose After Relaxing?

What Kind Of Color Should I Choose After Relaxing?
What Kind Of Color Should I Choose After Relaxing?

There are already so many changes happening to your hair due to the chemicals of the relaxer. That’s why you must choose a black dye that respects the condition of your hair and is gentler and milder on your hair.

Make sure that the hair dye does not contain ammonia or resorcinol. If the dye does not have PPD, parabens, phthalates, and gluten, then that’s a plus. You should also check the ingredient list and choose the dye that has keratin, ginseng root extract, argan oil, or other natural nourishing ingredients.

Also, instead of doing permanent hair color, you should go for a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color after relaxing. These colors do not make any major chemical changes in the hair. They are absorbed into only the cortex of the hair making it less damaged.

Consideration Before Dying Your Hair Black After Relaxing

Even though you can dye your hair black after relaxation, there are certain things that you need to consider before taking the initiative to dye your hair. Such as:

1. Porosity and elasticity test

Before dyeing your hair after relaxing it, you need to go through a porosity and elastic check of your hair. If your hair lacks porosity or elasticity, your hair will be very prone to damage and breakage. So, you should never dye your hair after relaxing until the results are fine.

2. Correct volume of developers

If you want to dye your relaxed hair, you need to pick the correct volume of developers. Developers penetrate into the cuticle and bring your hair to a porous condition just like the relaxing process. If you have already relaxed your hair, you will need less dye and developers to apply it to your hair. If the box dye asks to add peroxide or developers, you need to reduce their amount to half and add half distilled or deionized water with that. You can find this water in supermarkets or use can also just use skimmed milk instead. You can also add some drops of liquid protein to the dye mix. Since relaxing breaks down the protein bond of your hair, it will give your hair extra strength and nourishment.

3. Ensure correct processing time

Normally, it takes less processing to dye your hair in relaxed hair than dyeing your hair in virgin hair. Virgin hair takes 30 to 40 minutes to process whereas relaxed hair takes 20-30 minutes. Although your hair type and texture are also responsible for determining the processing time, if you keep the dye longer than that, your hair will be overprocessed. To avoid overprocessing and damaging your hair, consult with an expert first.

4. Use appropriate products

After relaxing, use the appropriate products to rebuild the bonds of your hair and keep your hair firm and strong. You can find many bond-builders in the market that will help to make your hair soft, shiny, and moisturized. If you want to dye your hair after relaxing, you can mix these bond builders with the hair color. Make sure your bond builders are safe to use with the color. You can use the One Shot Bond Repair for this mixing with the hair dye. Also, remember to choose a color that has less harsh chemicals in it.

How To Take Care Of My Relaxed Hair After Dyeing?

How To Take Care Of My Relaxed Hair After Dyeing?
How To Take Care Of My Relaxed Hair After Dyeing?

Taking care of your hair is a crucial part of any style you choose to do on your hair, especially, when you style your hair with chemical treatments. Here I have mentioned some of the ways that you can follow to take care of your relaxed hair.

1. Wash your hair less frequently

Washing your hair less frequently will preserve the health of your hair for longer. You should only wash your hair once a week to retain the hair texture. More washes will wash off the color much faster. Frequent wash also strips away all-natural oil from the hair which will make your relaxed hair very dry and frizzy.

2. Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

No one wants to use more chemicals in the already chemically treated hair. Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are mild and gentle with both the relaxed hair and the dyed hair. You can also use a color-protecting sulfate-free shampoo for your hair since it will allow your hair to preserve color longer.

3. Moisturizing generously

Moisturizing your hair regularly is a crucial step that you must never skip. You can use oils, hair butter, deep conditioners, hair masks, serums, leave-in conditioners, etc. of your choice. These will help to reduce the damage caused by chemicals and make your hair hydrated, stronger, and softer.

4. Nourish your scalp

To maintain the health of your relaxed hair, a healthy scalp plays a significant role. You can keep your scalp healthy and roots strong by providing it nourishment with frequent oil massages, masks, and serums.

5. Use protective styling

Instead of using a lot of heat styling, you should opt for protective hair styling like braids, buns, twists, etc. These styles will protect the chemically treated hair from further damage, tugging, pulling, and friction. They will not do any additional damage to your relaxed and dyed hair.

6. Trim the hair regularly

You need to trim your regularly to remove the split ends that may occur due to the chemical treatments on your hair. Trimming every 2-3 months will help your hair to have a healthy and even growth and appearance.

7. Have a healthy diet

After all these chemical processes, a healthy diet is a must to keep your hair in good condition. You can incorporate B12 vitamins, omega supplements, and other essential vitamins to maintain naturally strong and healthy hair.

What Should I Avoid After Dyeing My Relaxed Hair?

What Should I Avoid After Dyeing My Relaxed Hair?
What Should I Avoid After Dyeing My Relaxed Hair?

There are certain things you need to avoid after dyeing your relaxed hair to make sure your hair remains damage-free for longer. For example:

  1. Washing your hair right after the processing: After relaxing and dyeing your hair, you should avoid washing your hair at least for 48 hours. It will help your hair to settle down, form a new bond, and prevent any unexpected harm. It will also help to maintain your hair color for longer.
  2. Using heating tools: Never use any heat-styling tools such as curling irons or flat irons on your hair after dyeing your relaxed hair. It is extremely damageable to your hair and your hair will be very prone to breakage and burning off.
  3. Tying tightly or pulling your hair: Since your hair remains delicate after chemical treatments like relaxing and dyeing for quite some time if you tie or pull your hair too tightly, it can easily break or tear off your hair.
  4. Chlorine and salt water: The water in the swimming pool contains chlorine as a disinfectant. But chlorine can further damage your chemically treated hair and make it very fragile and brittle. The same goes for the saltwater in the sea. You should wear a swimming cap before jumping into the pool or sea or moisturize heavily to create a barrier between the water and your hair.
  5. Hot water on showers: Relaxing and dyeing will open up the cuticles of your hair and damage the porosity of the hair. Hot water can make the situation even worse. So, try to use only cold water or lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  6. Relaxing or dyeing too often: Harsh chemical treatments like relaxing, bleaching, perming, dyeing, etc. can harm your hair the most. Frequent chemical treatment will have the worst effect on your hair. Consult with an expert regarding your hair condition before taking any sort of initiative of chemical treatments.


1. Can I relax my hair after dying my hair?

If you want to relax your hair after dyeing, you need to wait for at least 2 weeks before using a relaxer. If you use the relaxer too soon, the chemicals of the relaxer can make your hair very damaged and brittle.

2. Does the relaxer remove the hair color?

Yes! Relaxing your hair after dyeing removes most of the tint of your hair. So, if you really want to relax your hair, do it at least 2 weeks before dyeing your hair.

3. Does the relaxer damage the black hair?

Relaxer is a chemical treatment that can damage any hair type since it breaks the natural protein bond of the hair to make your hair straight.

Final Thoughts

To dye your hair black after relaxing it and keep it free from damage, you need to know all the necessary precautions and take action regarding that. wait for 7-14 days before dyeing your hair after relaxing it and choose the right type of hair color for that. you should also consider your hair type and test it to make sure your hair is safe to dye after relaxing it. Follow the methods I have mentioned above to dye your hair with the least amount of damage possible. Last but not least, you should take care of your hair by all means after relaxing and dyeing your hair to minimize the damage and have beautiful healthy hair.

Key Points

  • Dyeing your hair black after relaxing is possible, but you should never do these chemical treatments immediately after one another.
  • Wait for 7-14 days before dyeing your hair after relaxing.
  • You need to test the porosity and the elasticity of the hair and select the correct developer for your hair type.
  • If you think of dyeing your hair after relaxing, firstly, you should use the right relaxer.
  • You should use the appropriate product, read the instructions on the box, and ensure the correct processing time to dye your hair without further damage.
  • Follow the aftercare plan strictly to keep your hair healthy and strong for longer.
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