Can I Use Eco Gel To Twist My Hair?

Thinking of twisting your hair using Eco Gel? Eco Gel deeply moistures your hair to give it a boost to nourish itself and provides a longer hold to twisted hair.

We often try to do different experiments to enhance various styles to see which one suits us the best. This experiment goes on and on. There are different types of hairstyles as well as hair types. Typically, natural hairstyles are defined based on the hair types they have, from thick to thin and straight to curly, it’s a long list to describe. Many hairstyles are hard to be implemented on various hair types due to their natural texture being too stubborn to maintain that way. But if you want to twist it, doing that will need specialty products.

So can I use Eco Gel to twist my hair? Here come different hair products to the rescue! A product like Eco Gel helps us to maintain our hair texture as per the desired hairstyles. It also provides moisture to keep your hair hydrated to keep it healthy. That’s how you can style your hair in many kinds and just how you wanted. Continue your reading to know the use of Eco Gel to twist hair and fill your hair goal.

Eco Style Gel

Eco style gel

There are many types of hair products in the market. Each of them has a different purpose but all are intended for the betterment of your hair. One such brand is ECOCO Eco Style and its Eco Gel products used for twisting your hair will be our core discussion topic.

Eco Style Gel is a combination of natural elements like coconut, argan, olive, and some other natural elements along with protein which is formulated in a way to deeply moisturize your hair to give it a boost to nourish itself. It also repairs breaking and adds shine to your hair. Thus after applying Eco Gel, you get a lucrative styled hair look.

Eco Style Gel comes in different versions or flavors:

  1. Olive Oil Gel
  2. Argon Oil Gel
  3. Coconut Oil Gel
  4. Blue Sport Gel
  5. Krystal Gel
  6. Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Gel
  7. Curl & Wave Gel
  8. Avocado & Black Castor Oil Gel

Can You Use Eco Gel to Twist Your Hair?

Can you use eco gel to twist your hair

To be precise, YES you can use Eco Gel to twist your hair. But before twisting your hair first you need to know which type your hair is. If you have straighter and thin hair, then twisting won’t be a problem. But as long as your hair becomes thick and curly, twisting your hair and maintaining it that way takes some extra effort.

Let’s assume that you have hair type from 3A to 4C (other straighter types can also follow) and you want to twist your hair. As the natural texture of your hair is thick and very hard curly, you need to loosen the hardness of your hair as much as you can to do a 2-Stand Twist. Although there is a severe possibility of damaging your hair by applying the wrong product to loosen its hardness before twisting and keep it after twisting.

If you want to provide your hair with extra protection and a little hair treatment at the same time, then it will be best to use one of the natural ingredients flavored. You can take Olive Oil Gel for instance as it can be used in all types of hair and has a farm-to-hard hold.

This gel will not only have hardened the texture at the preliminary level but will also help to define the texture it was styled into. Also without products like Eco Gel, it will be almost impossible for you to stretch your curly hair to twist together. So, for a better experience for twisting your hair, using Eco Gel is kind of obvious.

5 Steps to Twist Your Hair After Using Eco Gel

You have determined to give yourself a new hair look of twisted hair. You have selected your hair type along with the Eco Gel you will use. Now you may need to know the steps for twisting your hair including apply of the gel and methods of frizzing the hair for an extended period after styling.

Step 1: Preparing the hair

Before initiating the twisting process it is better to wash and condition your hair to loosen its hardness and remove any buildups which may prevent the gel to effect properly. Then comb them gently to get rid of all tangles.

Preparing the hair

Step 2: Sectioning the hair

Section your hair in 4 separate parts and make sure to clip them. Part them in a manner that you want your hair to fall after twisting.

Sectioning the hair

Step 3: Applying the Eco Gel

Depending on your hair length and how large you want your hair to be twisted, you can divide your hair into subsections and apply Eco Styler Gel in every subsection at a time. Use your fingertips to rub thoroughly from root to hair tips several times and two stand to twist them. If you have sub-sectioned the hair into two, then the closest two will be used to build a single twist. Don’t borrow hair from other sections.

Applying the eco gel

Step 4: Complete twist all the sections

Keep repeating step 4 to all the sections until you have twisted every main and sub-sections. Remember to keep the twisting pressure based on your hair strength and the style you desire.

Complete twist all the sections

Step 5: Drying and untwist

You can dry your twisted hair by air drying or sitting under a hooded dryer. A lot of hair specialist suggests air drying after twisting because the gel used gets natural time for setting the texture.

Lastly, it is important to know when to untwist your hair. Too early may cause improper twisting and total waste. It varies from hair to hair and style to style. In the process of untwisting, you can use lemongrass oil before untwisting.

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Cautions for Using Eco Gel

Cautions for using eco gel

Though Eco Style Gel products are free from elements like sulfates, silicones, and alcohol which are often found in some other hairstyle gels in the market. But no product comes without any drawbacks or doesn’t need any caution while using.

One such controversy is regarding the use of Triethanolamine or TEA in Eco Style Gel. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are moderate concerns for allergies, immune to toxicity, and low concerns relating this product to cancer. Though the chances of building cancer are very low to none as the traceable amount of TEA is way too low for acquiring cancer.

So take caution if you are:

  • Protein sensitive- Eco gels contain protein to keep your hair in place while you are styling. But some may have problems with excessive protein push.
  • All types of Eco Gels may not protect your hair from UV rays. If you need to roam much under the sun and your hair seems to be affected by that you can try the Krystal or Curl and Wave version.
  • Your hair may get dry and crunchy if you didn’t prepare your hair properly with conditioning. Conditioner removes previous buildups and lays a soft setting of the Eco Gels.

Alternatives for Eco Gels

Alternatives for eco gels

Due to controversy regarding the use of Triethanolamine which is the potential for Cancer and some may have faced the issue of being allergic after use, many have gone against using Eco Gel. But the same product may have a different impact on different users’ hair. You can be certain about subjects like this.

But if you think Eco Gel is canceling or you aren’t getting your desired results using Eco Gel, there are lots of other styles of gel available in the market. Based on various positive reviews given by users, you can choose any one of them. Here are a few for your reference:

  • ORS Lock and Twist Gel: ORS Lock and Twist Gel combines moisture and hold for locks and twists. It will help your hair to hold and won’t cause any flakes. Perfect for all types of hair.
  • Kinky Curly Curl Custard Gel: If you have an extremely curly hair type like 4C, you can use Kinky Curly Curl Custard Gel without much hesitation. It will help you define your curls, remove frizz, and will provide long-lasting hold. This styling gel shines hair without being crunchy and drying to your hair.
  • Herbal Choice Mari Organic Hair Gel: This hair gel contains many more organic-based ingredients which will help your hair and scalp to be cruelty-free and nourished with organic plant ingredients without drying or damaging your hair.
  • Max Green Alchemy Organic Styling Gel: This water-based organic gel will keep your hair to be moist yet humidity free. It provides a long-lasting steady hold and perfects your natural hair textures.


1. Can I do twists without gel?

If your hair is not gel friendly then you can try using Olive oil before twisting and while untwisting to reduce frizz. Use Shea Butter Soufflé or Cream to moisturize your hair.

2. Why doesn’t my hair stay in twists?

There are many reasons for your hair not staying in a twist. One common reason is using too much twist cream/style gel but not using enough moisture.

3. How long do 2 strand twists last?

Depending on your hair type, and use of hair products while and after twisting and post-twisting hare maintenance, your 2-stand hair twist can last for two weeks or more.

Final Thoughts

Styling your hair is more like styling yourself. Perfectly styled hair gives you the confidence to express yourself more vibrantly. Twisting your hair might be one of the choices to stand out from the crowd. If you are thinking of doing so, Eco Gel can be a good use for holding your hair steady yet not crunchy and dry. It comes with natural ingredients which help your hair to be styled while keeping it healthy.

If you can step aside from the controversies regarding Eco Gel, it may come in handy in the process of styling your hair. It is well-reviewed by countless users as a good product and they are satisfied after using it. Thus why not give it a try if not satisfactory for your hair just grave any of the referred above! Rule your hair, let’s not your hair rule you.

Key Points

  • Eco Style Gel is a combination of natural and protein which are formulated in a way to deep moisture your hair to give it a boost to nourish itself.
  • The eco gel consists of TEA or Triethanolamine which has the potential to cause cancer but the odds of happening it very low to none.
  • In terms of canceling you can use various other styling gels found in the market but try to use the organic ones and what suits your hair the best.

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