Can I Use Moisturizer After Microneedling?

Can I use moisturizer after microneedling
After microneedling, using moisturizer is a must to protect your skin from dryness and tightness, but you may also avoid some elements to prevent your skin damage.

In your attractive-looking journey, the most traumatizing situation is getting marks, fine lines, wrinkles, thin skin, and more. If you are also facing these problems and can’t solve them, then getting microneedling is the only way to go. Microneedling is basically an invasive procedure that uses thin needles to put the solution on the affected area of your body. The solution of your microneedling goes deep down in your skin cells and helps the cells in their improvement.

After getting microneedling done, a common question people frequently asked is can I use moisturizer after microneedling? After microneedling, you may feel that your skin has become tight and dry and that moving your body is giving you so much pain. To get rid of these problems, using a moisturizer after getting microneedling is the most obvious. You may wonder now how moisturizer can help get rid of these after microneedling. In this article, I’ll discuss whether you can use moisturizer after micro-needling, its benefits, what to avoid, and the aftercare routine for getting it.

Can I Use Moisturizer After Microneedling?

Can I use moisturizer after microneedling
Can I use moisturizer after microneedling

After microneedling, you must use a moisturizer on your skin. Microneedling is used to remove fine lines, spots, pimples, wrinkles, puffiness, and thin skin. So, it’s obvious that after filling your skin with the solution of microneedling, you will start feeling dryness and tightness on your skin. Tight skin will be very painful to move around, and dry skin will start burning after rubbing. Doctors tell patients to apply moisturizer to the skin to avoid a painful body without any burning sensation.

When it comes to using a moisturizer after microneedling, you can use it to get rid of any painful experience after getting it. Moisturizer is a formula that helps to hydrate your skin by giving it a smooth surface. Because after microneedling your skin became tight and dry, moisturizer will help make the dry skin hydrated, and the hydrated skin won’t make your skin feel tight on you. Using a moisturizer after microneedling will also help you get rid of problems like pain, redness, itchiness, rashes, burning sensations, inflammation, and more.

The Right Time for Using Moisturizer After Microneedling

As we knew before, microneedling is only a solution that we push into our body cells to improve their development. The solution of microneedling takes some time to develop completely, and if you mistakenly use any product on your skin, it can weaken the solution and prevent improvement. To avoid preventing improvement, you have to know the right time to use moisturizer on your skin. Generally, the microneedling solution takes 24-48 hours to completely improve your skin. But you can’t wait for full-time development because, after completely developing, your skin will become dry and tight. And fixing this problem will make your microneedling a total disaster. So to moisturize the skin without weakening the solution and avoid dry and tight skin, you have to apply moisturizer after 8 hours of getting microneedling.

How to Apply Moisturizer After Microneedling?

To moisturize your microneedling skin, you have to know how to apply moisturizer properly. In this part of the article, I’ll provide you with the proper guidelines for applying moisturizer to your microneedling skin.

  • Wash Your Face with Gentle Cleanser: Firstly, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Apply a little amount of cleanser to your face and gently rub it in a circular motion. It will help in deep cleaning your skin and also increase your blood circulation.
  • Rinse Skin: With lukewarm water, rinse your skin. Lukewarm water helps to reduce pain in your skin and also helps to remove the cleanser from deep down in your skin. Lukewarm water also prevents your skin from getting affected.
  • Dry Your Skin: Take a soft towel to remove all the extra water from your skin. Take the towel and gently pat it on your skin to dry it. Rubbing your skin or being harsh with your skin is not a good idea for your skin. It can also damage your skin and increase the pain.
  • Apply Gentle Moisture: Now apply a gentle moisturizer to your skin. Avoid any kind of moisturizer on your skin for at least 48 hours. A gentle moisturizer will keep your skin moist and avoid any dryness or tightness.

6 Common Benefits of Using Moisturizer After Microneedling

Common benefits of using moisturizer after microneedling
Common benefits of using moisturizer after microneedling

After getting microneedling, using moisturizer on it has a lot of benefits. In this part, I am going to share some common benefits of using a moisturizer after microneedling. Those are:

  1. Prevent Dryness: After getting microneedling, your skin will start becoming dry because of the cell turnover, and moving your body will start becoming painful. Using moisturizer to prevent this kind of situation has a good benefit. It will help your skin stay moisturized and soft. And also lock the micro neoplastic clogged spots to keep the area moisturized.
  2. Avoid Itchiness: Having dry skin is always the reason for getting itchiness on your skin. So, after using moisturizer and preventing dryness on your skin, you may be able to prevent itchiness on your skin.
  3. Sooth The Skin: Moisturizer helps soothe your skin because it helps create a protective barrier between your skin and the climate to protect it from any kind of situation. That’s why your skin will stay soothed after using moisturizer.
  4. Reduce Burning Sensation: Getting a burning sensation is a sign of dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin can’t tolerate the change of climate or any other situation and starts giving you a burning sensation. So, moisturizing your skin will help to dehydrate it and avoid any kind of burning sensation.
  5. Prevent Rashes: Rashes are the main reason for an immune system attack. And it happens when your skin comes into contact with any allergen or something that your skin can’t tolerate. Moisturizers for sensitive skin can help you avoid rashes by keeping the immune system under control.
  6. Reduce Redness: Having microneedling can give your skin redness from the thin needles. But by applying moisturizer that includes an element that helps reduce the redness by clamming down the red area, so moisturizer also helps prevent redness on your skin.

Best Moisturizing Products for Post-Microneedling Care

To take care of your microneedling skin, there are some moisturized skincare ideas that you can use on your microneedling skin. The aftercare routines for your microneedling skin that can help you keep your skin moisturized are:

  • Antioxidant Serums: Antioxidant serums are made with elements like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Glycerin, Ferulic Acid 2, and Hyaluronic Acid. These are all safe, while vitamin A is retinol. But the amount of retinol is very low in the antioxidant serums, so you are not going to get dry skin. So, instead of using any other serums, you may only be able to use antioxidant serums on your skin.
  • Hydrating Moisturizers: A hydrating moisturizer after microneedling helps to hydrate and smooth your skin. It helps prevent your skin from getting dry, burning, itchy, red, and rash after microneedling. Using a hydrating moisturizer on your skin will create a protective shield on your skin and prevent any kind of damage from happening.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Creams: Hyaluronic acid creams are mostly made for use on sensitive skin. Using hyaluronic acid creams on your skin will help you make your skin smooth by removing all the damage. It also helps you keep your skin hydrated. It will also mostly help you make your skin flexible, which is what you need the most. So, after microneedling, using hyaluronic creams is an ideal idea.
  • Collagen peptides: Collagen peptides are mostly used to reduce joint pain and also to provide you with healthy skin. After getting microscopic burns on your skin, you may also go through a lot of pain. Getting collagen peptides can help you to remove the pain that you are going through and also give you healthy, natural, glowing skin.

Other Post-Treatment Skincare Tips for Microneedling

After getting microneedling, your skin can become more sensitive than usual for a short period of time. In this short period, you may also face some skin problems. To avoid getting any skin problems, you have to get the best post-treatment skincare. The other post-treatment skin care tips are:

  1. Use a Gentle Cleanser: Use a gentle cleanser for your freshly treated microneedling skin. Because our cells are basically absorbent, they absorb everything when they get contacted. And after contact with toxic products, it may react dangerously. To avoid any harmful damage after microneedling and to keep them clean, you can use a gentle cleanser rather than any other type of cleanser.
  2. Apply SPF 30+: We already know that microneedling makes our skin sensitive. So, after getting microneedling, if you are contacted by the UVA or UVB rays of the sun, getting burned skin is common, and it also has a risk of harming the solution of your microneedling on your skin. To avoid burning your skin or any other harm from the sun, apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to your skin. It will protect your skin and also the solution of the microneedling products from the dangerous UV rays of the sun.
  3. Stay hydrated. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. Because dehydrated skin is going to make your skin super dry. After microneedling, having dry skin is not good for your skin’s health. So, always try to use moisturizer properly and drink a lot of water at the same time to keep yourself hydrated and avoid any harm to your microneedling skin.
  4. Avoid Makeup: After microneedling, you already have sensitive skin. Using makeup products that contain harmful products is not appropriate. It can react with your skin by contacting it with the microneedling solution and damage it deeply. So, give the microneedling solution enough time to completely absorb into your skin to get the best result. Absorbing the solution will take only 24 hours. To get the best result, you have to avoid using any makeup products for 24 hours on your skin.

4 Skincare Products You Should Avoid After Microneedling

You have to avoid some things after microneedling to prevent any damage to your microneedling skin. Those are:

1. Acidic Cleanser

Acidic cleansers are for getting rid of acne, pimples, or allergic skin. But after getting a microneedling session, you are not able to use any kind of acidic cleanser on your skin. Because the acidic formula has a risk of reacting with your skin’s microneedling areas and can give you itchiness or a burning sensation, while you have had a microneedling session, the area is still not locked, and in those areas, if any of the acidic cleanser solutions go through, it may cause serious damage to your skin. So, using an acidic cleanser after getting microneedling is a big no-no for you.

Acidic cleanser
Acidic cleanser

2. Toners

If you are willing to take care of your skin with the help of a toner, then don’t do that. Because toners are made with alcohol. Alcohol in microneedling can make your skin even drier, which you may not imagine. Dry skin will cause irritation and make you really uncomfortable. So, after getting microneedling, you also have to avoid using any toners on your skin.


3. Serums

Using serums on regular skin is good skin care, but after a microneedling session, it can be the worst skincare idea for you. Because serums contain a large number of acids and alcohol to protect your skin, in the microneedling sessions, we all know that using acids and alcohol is going to be the worst nightmare for us. So, you should avoid using serums on your microneedling skin. Otherwise, using it will lead to irritation.


4. Creams

Most of the cream contains retinol and alpha acids to make your skin look more bright. But retinol and alpha acids are not for your microneedling session. They even make your skin drier and more irritated so that you can have the worst microneedling session of your life. To prevent this kind of situation, you must also avoid using creams on your microneedling skin.


Using creams, serums, toners, and acidic cleansers increases the risk of damaging your microneedling skin. So, to avoid damaging your microneedling skin, you must avoid using these 4 things on your skin.

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1. How many sessions does microneedling have?

For microneedling, you may need 3-6 sessions every 4–6 weeks. During this whole session, you must follow every suggestion that you have gotten from your dermatologist.

2. Are microneedling safe?

Microneedling is considered safe. But before getting a microneedling session, you must visit an expert dermatologist to get suggestions about getting it on your skin, depending on your skin type.

3. How long is the effect of microneedling going to last?

Depending on your skin type, microneedling can last for 4-6 months, and sometimes it is permanent. To maintain the longevity of your microneedling, you have to follow the instructions and maintain your regular activities.

Final Thoughts

To improve our worsening skin and fix it, getting microneedling as a solution has become very popular recently. People are getting microneedling to fix their skin problems and regain their former beauty. For fixing your skin by microneedling, they push the fixing solution onto your skin’s affected areas with the help of a microneedle and fix them. After getting microneedling for their skin, they ran into dry and tight skin and wondered about using moisturizer on their skin. Yes, they can use a moisturizer on their skin.

To take extra care, sometimes they may use some serums, oils, creams, tones, and acidic cleansers that make the situation worse by reacting with microneedling skin. To prevent this kind of situation, they must apply collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid cream, antioxidant serums, and hydrating moisturizers. So, after microneedling, using moisturizer is a must.

Key Points

  • After your microneedling session, using moisturizer on your skin is a must to avoid any dryness or tightness.
  • Using moisturizer on your microneedling skin can prevent redness, dryness, rashes, itchiness, and burning sensations.
  • To keep your skin moisturized during your microneedling session, you may be able to apply antioxidant serums, collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid creams, and hydrating moisturizers.
  • During your whole microneedling session, you also have to avoid acidic cleansers, retinol, alcohol, and acids on your skin to prevent any damage to your skin.

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