Can You Put Alpha Arbutin Under Eyes? – Guidelines to Follow

Alpha-arbutin is a bleaching ingredient used to lighten the skin and eliminate any kind of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, scars, acne marks, etc. It is one of the most renowned products that work well with different products, including hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. They will gel to turn the skin and brighten it with regular use. They are plant-derived antioxidants that can be found in blueberries and cranberries. They also get rid of the tan marks from sun exposure and will also prevent further sun damage under the SPF. They work fine with any sort of skin type.

But the question that keeps resurfacing is: can you put alpha-arbutin under your eyes? You can put alpha-arbutin under your eyes, as they are non-irritants and organic antioxidants. They are primarily plant-derived and are an excellent alternative to hydroquinone, which is toxic to human skin. They will get rid of any dark circles around the eyes, and with time, the skin will start to brighten up. The alpha-arbutin on the face works to get rid of uneven melanin levels on the skin, and they are very good at reflecting a lighter and brighter complexion on the skin.

They will also help with the increased blood circulation under the eyes. Alpha-arbutin has a lot of good deeds when it comes to skincare, and a lot of products include it to fight hyperpigmentation and scars. They will even get rid of the marks that are due to skin diseases. Marks from any liver diseases will disappear with the use of alpha-arbutin. Can you put the alpha-arbutin under your eyes? Yes, you can. They will eliminate the dark circles and reduce the swelling and puffiness under the eyes.

They also tend to remove any extra water retention under the eyes and make the eyes look fresher. The ingredients tend to increase blood circulation in the capillaries and get rid of any swelling under the eyes. Alpha-arbutin is a good antioxidant that will eliminate the signs of aging. And will even prevent premature aging. They are safe under your eyes. And they can be mixed up with other skincare ingredients like Vitamin C, niacinamide, and peptides, and they work just fine.

They are also okay with lactic acid and other hydrating ingredients on the skin. Alpha-arbutin is applicable all over the skin as they tend to get rid of the scars from surgery and medications. They boost the collagen fibers under the skin and reduce problems. The ingredients can be produced by biosynthesis in the lab, and they do not require other products to increase stability of the product.

Why should you use alpha-arbutin under your eyes?

Why Should You Use Alpha Arbutin Under Your Eyes

There have been so many debates about whether you should or should not use alpha-arbutin under the eyes. Well, you should use the ingredient to eliminate any discoloration under the eyes, and they tend to work just fine as with regular skin. Here are some facts that we’ve collected that will sum up the reasons why you should use alpha-arbutin in deer eyes:

  1. Not toxic: this product is not harmful to the eyes and works as the best alternative to hydroquinone, which is famous for getting rid of scars and pigmentation. They are safe for use on any part of the face, including under the eyes.
  2. Take care of the melanin level: alpha-arbutin will take care of the melanin level under the eyes, and it tends to leave a brighter and lighter complexion under the eyes. They are best when used to get rid of the pigmentation from sun damage that might convey a deep skin tone under the eyes.
  3. Increase blood circulation: Then there’s another point that has to be noted with alpha-arbutin. This product will increase blood circulation in the under eye capillaries and reduce swelling from sleep and other factors.
  4. Antioxidants: alpha-arbutin is a plant-based antioxidant that will eliminate the signs of aging and prevent premature aging. They tend to protect the skin from free radicals under the SPF and increase the sunscreen’s potential power.
  5. Skin problems: they will eliminate any skin problems caused by dirt, sunlight, or germs. They even tend to work fine in areas with high levels of pollution.
  6. Safe for pregnancy: alpha-arbutin is absolutely safe for pregnant women who are dealing with hyperpigmentation due to pregnancy.
  7. Boost collagen productivity: for the next part, alpha-arbutin will help in the boosting of collagen under the skin. When the skin has been tired from lack of sleep, and there’s dullness under the eyes, the collagen boost is essential to relieving the eyes.
  8. Frequent improvement: the alpha-arbutin will show frequent improvement under the eyes and all over the skin. You can easily see the results in just a few months, and it usually takes up to 2 months to see the changes. But it is not recommended to continuously use the product for more than three months.

What can cause dark circles under the eyes?

What Can Cause Dark Circles Under The Eyes

There have been so many things to include when we talk about dark circles under the eyes. What will really affect the problem is different for each person. But there are some very common issues regarding dark circles that should be included, as we are all about alpha-arbutin and the under eyes.

Anemia would be the first reason that you might have some dark circles. Lack of good sleep and nutrients will cause darker under the eyes, and they are also related to menstruation and pregnancy. The lower level of iron under the eyes will eventually result in dark circles. And besides diet, this will also lead to anemia, resulting in dark circles.

Medications are a crucial fact when we are talking about dark circles. The blood capillaries under the eyes might get dilated with medication and darken the under eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate, so when there are slight changes in our bodies, you can easily notice them under the eyes. There’s sometimes high or even low blood flow on the skin, leading to darkened eyes.

Aging is something that has been linked to the widespread symptom of dark circles. With time, the skin under the eyes gets thinner and more sensitive. So the signs of aging will first show under the eyes as there is more expression with the eyes that, including smiling and eye-rolling. Thus, dark circles will frequently appear with the signs of aging.

Hyperpigmentation or periorbital hyperpigmentation is one of the leading causes of dark circles. Here, the skin under the eyes will be prone to being darker under the eye as there’s uneven melanin production in that part. Uneven melanin production can be caused by sun damage, any type of medication, or just aging, and it can also be a genetic disorder.

Dehydration is another reason why the under eyes are so dark. With dehydration, the dark circles under your eyes become more prominent, leading to darker and tired eyes.

The problems we mentioned here are some of the most prominent issues with dark circles. Besides that, there are other facts, such as eye strain and alcohol and drugs, that might also follow for the dark circles, and if you notice, you can easily see how most of the problems have a solution with alpha arbutin. And this is why alpha-arbutin is the perfect product to put under the eyes.

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How to use Alpha Arbutin for the under Eyes?

Well, when you are doing alpha-arbutin under the eyes, you can use it as a serum, cream, or lotion. Some of the products are also available as suspensions. Here are some ways to get the best results with alpha-arbutin.

Alpha-arbutin Dosage, Alpha-arbutin And Hyaluronic Acid
  1. Alpha-arbutin Dosage
  2. Alpha-arbutin and Hyaluronic acid
  3. Alpha-arbutin and Vitamin C
  4. Niacinamide and Alpha-arbutin
  5. Alpha-arbutin and Hydroxy acid
  6. Alpha-arbutin and Sunscreen
  7. Application method

1. Alpha-arbutin dosage

The dosage of alpha-arbutin can go up to 7% for the skin. But usually, the percentage is kept very low. Most of the alpha-arbutin can be around 0.2% to 2% as a dosage. You’ll see the results in two to three months with regular use. But do not use the product regularly for more than three months. It just might make the skin more sensitive with such a high dosage. This product can be used at night or before sunscreen during the day.

2. Alpha-arbutin and hyaluronic acid

One will act as a brightener, and the other will be a very potent humectant for the eyes. They are a booster for the eyes, and with hyaluronic acid, the alpha-arbutin will seep into the skin very quickly. They will help with their depigmentation and lightning properties.

Alpha-arbutin And Vitamin C, Niacinamide And Alpha-arbutin

3. Alpha-arbutin and vitamin C

Vitamin C is another excellent antioxidant that works with hyperpigmentation and dark spots, and it also works great with battling free radicals on the skin. So both the alpha-arbutin and vitamin C work in the same direction, and they are perfect as a concoction under SPF to get rid of the signs of aging.

4. Niacinamide and alpha-arbutin

Well, this part of the use of alpha-arbutin is pretty skeptical. So instead of using two of these products at the same time, you should first go with aloha arbutin and then apply the niacinamide on top. The latter will work with the elasticity of the skin, reducing the pores and declogging them, making the skin more resilient, and it will also help with skin turnover. These products will help with dark spots and rejuvenate the skin from underneath.

Alpha-arbutin And Hydroxy Acid, Alpha-arbutin And Sunscreen

5. Alpha-arbutin and hydroxy acid

Hydroxy acids are famous for their exfoliating properties and will get rid of dead skin cells from the top of the skin. These are the chemical exfoliants. And alpha-arbutin works fine with AHAs and BHAs. They help absorb the ingredients quickly and will also provide the benefits of both of these products.

6. Alpha-arbutin and sunscreen

These products will help with the signs of aging and also with brightening, but they are also good antioxidants that will prevent free radicals from damaging the skin. And the use of SPF on top of Alpha-arbutin will protect the skin from varying levels of melanin and provide extra protection.

7. Application method

When applying the alpha-arbutin, make sure to place two to three drops on the palm of your hand and apply it by massaging it under your eyes. You can use the product daily.


1. Does collagen help under the eyes?

Collagen will help boost the skin cells under the eyes and make the skin less tired and plumper.

2. Does alpha-arbutin cause hyperpigmentation?

No, alpha-arbutin doesn’t cause any hyperpigmentation; instead, it will get rid of any hyperpigmentation.

3. Can you put glycolic acid under the eyes?

You shouldn’t put glycolic acid under your eyes as it might irritate them. The under eye skin is very thin, and glycolic acid is an exfoliating agent.

Final Thoughts

Alpha-arbutin is active with even a 1% solution in the water. We recommend sticking to the lowest concentration when you use the product under the eyes, as the higher percentages might irritate the skin underneath. We recommend using alpha-arbutin with hyaluronic acid; that way, the under eyes will get enough moisture and still get the product’s benefits. They tend to work great with different pigmentations and dark circles, so alpha-arbutin is something genuinely admirable to use on the face. They work fine for both the skin and the eyes. But make sure to check the concentrations before applying the product. If you feel the ingredients are more irritating, you can just use a few drops of the product in your moisturizer and apply it under the skin. That way, the product will be very effective and non-irritating.

Key Points

  1. Alpha-arbutin helps decrease Edema and puffiness beneath the eyes and erase dark circles. They also tend to reduce any excess water retention beneath the eyes, making them seem brighter.
  2. Alpha-arbutin is a plant-based antioxidant that fights age and prevents premature aging.
  3. Alpha-arbutin will frequently enhance the skin around the eyes and on the face. The benefits are plainly visible after a few months, and it normally takes up to two months.
  4. Vitamin C is another powerful antioxidant that helps with hyperpigmentation and dark spots and fights free radicals on the skin. As a result, alpha-arbutin and vitamin C both function in the same direction.

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