Can You Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

To get attractive nails, putting gel polish over Polygel nails is a perfect idea, to get that attractive nails you just have to know how to apply gel polish properly.

To make your nails look more attractive with a new appearance, there are many different artificial nails you can get. The Polygel in one of the artificial nails is made with a combination of acrylic nails and Polygel. You just have to put the Polygel on the acrylic nails, then attach it to your natural nails smoothly. After that, put your nail in an LED lamp to make it dry and remove the acrylic nail.

On the other hand, gel polish is a polish that helps to give your artificial nails colorful, attractive nails and also helps to protect them from breaking off. After using gel polishes, you can also get a new look on your nails. After getting gel polishes, some people may wonder if they can put gel polish over Polygel.

In this article, I will explain how to put gel polish over Polygel, the procedure for putting gel polish over Polygel, the benefits of putting gel polish over Polygel, and tips to make them stay longer on your nails.

Can You Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

Can you put gel polish over polygel

If you are willing to get a new look on your poly gel nails by applying gel polish to them but are hesitating about how the result will come out, then this part is for you.

Polygel is made with acrylic powders and clear gels that are similar to our natural nails. This Polygel comes in white, light pink, and clear colors. It’s also very easy to get; you just have to take an acrylic nail that is perfectly shaped like your natural nail, put the poly gel on it, and attach it to your natural nails by pressing it up. Then take a nail brush and dip it into the liquid monomer to brush the gel properly to give you your expected shape. After giving your Polygel nails the perfect shape, let them dry under an LED light. It mostly takes 10–15 seconds. After drying your nail, now take off the acrylic nail from your nail. Then take a file and give it a finishing touch-up shape.

Gel polish is made with acrylic monomers and oligomers to polish the liquid on your nails and give them a protective, colorful layer. There are 3 types of gel polish you can find. The base coat is gel polish; the color is gel polish; and the last one is top coat polish. You will need these 3 types of polish on your nails to get a smooth surface of gel polish on your nails.

After taking a close look at their ingredients, it’s easy to say that yes, you can put gel polish over poly gel.

4 Benefits Of Putting Gel Polish Over Polygel

There are a lot of benefits to putting gel polish over poly gel. The benefits are:

Benefits of putting gel polish over polygel

1. Clinging

Gel polish is a super-sticky polish that can easily get stuck on your nails. And the clinging formula of any polish is very important because if it is not strong enough to cling to your nails quickly, it will take a long time to dry, which can also make the look of your nails a total disaster. So, the main benefit of using gel polish over poly gel is that it can cling to your nails quickly, giving them an attractive look.

2. Time-Saver

Applying gel polish over Polygel nails is a time-saving idea. Because of the presence of monomers, the gel polish will take a short time to dry and give your nails a new appearance. Applying gel polish to nails can take only 10–15 seconds if you are using an LED lamp or UV lamp light, but if you are drying it naturally, it can take 60 seconds. To make it quicker, you can dip your nails into the ice-cold water.

3. Longevity

Not only does it cling to nails perfectly and is a time saver, but it also gives your paint greater longevity than traditional polish. The gel polish over poly gel on your nails can last two to three weeks, generally. But the longevity of gel polish can be changed by your regular activities. So, to give your gel polish a long life, you have to maintain your regular activity.

4. Coverage

Gel polishes will give you full coverage on your nails. If you can give your nails proper polish, then you can get coverage that you can’t expect. It gives your nails an attractive, luxurious appearance by giving them full coverage. To get full coverage, you must know how to put gel polish over poly gel.

The Procedure of Putting Gel Polish over Polygel with Step-By-Step Guidance

There are some steps you have to follow to put gel polish over poly gel. Those steps are:

Step 1: Shape Your Nails

Shape your nails

The first thing you should do to get gel polish over poly gel is to shape your nail perfectly with a file. Perfectly means the shape or length you want to get. But if your nail is already filed or in perfect shape, then you can skip to the next part.

Step 2. Clean Your Nails

Clean your nails

The second step you have to follow to put gel polish over poly gel is cleaning your nails. After cleaning your nails, there won’t be any dots or oils on them. And that is perfect for applying gel polish because darts and oils can break off the polish or make it look worse than you could expect.

Step 3: Apply a Base Coat

Apply a base coat

After cleaning your nails, now it’s time to apply a base coat to them. The base coat mainly forms a protective shield on your natural nails and protects them from any kind of damage. It also makes a smooth surface on your nails to give the color polish a smooth finishing look. Before going to the next part, you have to wait and make sure that the base coat is totally dry on your nails.

Step 4: Apply The Color Polish

Apply the color polish

Now it’s time to make your Polygel nails look colorful and attractive. Apply the color polish you have chosen to your nails from the middle to the top first. Then start from the back to the middle. Now again, polish it from the back to the top. While polishing, always remember to apply polish in one direction. Wait a little bit until it’s dry. You can choose LED or UV light lamps to dry your nails quickly. You can also soak your nails in ice-cold water to get them hard quickly.

Step 5: Apply The Color Polish Again (Optional)

Apply the color polish again optional

If you have to give your nails a bold-looking polish, then you can apply the gel polish again. But if you want to design your nails, which we called nail art,” with different colors and polishes, then you can also do that. Give your nails the colorful polish art you want and wait until they dry. After drying, you can see how beautiful your nails are looking right now. The appearance of your nails has totally changed. But the process doesn’t stop now.

Step 6: Apply The Top Coat

Apply the top coat

After applying gel polish to your nails, you may think that your nails are ready to look attractive. But that’s not true. You have to apply a top coat to it to protect your nail’s gel polish. The top coat will protect your nails from any kind of damage, like breakage or streaks. It will also give your nails glossy-looking nails. It’s very important to apply it after polishing your nails.

Step 7: Touch Up

Touch up

The last part of applying gel polish is touch-up. If any of the touch-ups are not perfect looking good, then if possible, touch them again. If it is not possible, then you have to do it again. So, while you are applying gel polish to your nails, be sincere about this matter. Now enjoy your new gel polish over the Polygel.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can get a perfectly smooth finish with poly gel and gel polish.

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Tips You Should Follow to Give Your Gel Polish A Long Lifetime

After putting so much effort into getting beautiful gel-polished nails over the poly gel, you should have to take proper care of them to increase their longevity. To give your gel polish a long life, there are some tips you should follow:

  • Avoid Water: Water can make the solution of your gel polish weaken. So, avoid water as much as you can. And if it is necessary to use water, then you should wear water-resistance gloves to protect your gel-polished nails.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: After getting gel polish, you should also avoid any kind of harsh chemicals on your nails. It can react with your gel polish and make it weak enough to break off. So, before using any kind of chemical product, one must closely check if it is harsh or not.
  • Avoid Any Kind of Heat or Warmth: Be sincere while you are working with heat and warmth because there is a high risk of melting your gel polish while working with heat and warmth. So, stay away from any kind of work that can melt or damage your nail gel polish.
  • Avoid Using Your Nails as a Tool: After getting gel polish, many of us use our nails as a tool for lifting or chipping. That also makes the gel polish solution weaken and fade away quickly. To avoid this problem, you must use proper tools for completing your regular work.
  • Be Gentle With Your Nails: To protect your nails from any kind of damage, you have to be gentle with them by avoiding any kind of connection that can be harmful to them.
  • Protect Your Gel Polish from UV Radiation: The UV rays of the sun are harmful, as we all know, but they can harm your nail’s gel polish too. The excessive rays of the sun can make your polish discolor, giving it a disastrous look. To prevent this problem, try to apply top coats that are sun-protected.

If you can follow these tips, your gel-polished Polygel nails will have a very long life.


1. Are there any disadvantages to putting gel polish over Polygel nails?

If you can apply gel polish over your Polygel nails properly, then there is no chance of any kind of damage. But if you can’t apply it properly, then there is a chance of getting damaged nails.

2. How long will Polygel nails last?

On average, Polygel nails can last two–four weeks on your nails. But the longevity of Polygel nails depends on your regular activities. So, if you want to keep them for a long time, then take proper care of your Polygel nails.

3. How do I remove the Polygel from my natural nails?

To remove the Polygel nails, the key product you can use is acetone. It will make the Polygel weaken and make it fall out. You can also use a nail drill to remove Polygel nails from your natural nails. 

Final Thoughts

Polygel nails have recently gained a lot of popularity for their natural-looking, shiny appearance. To give it extra attractiveness, people use different polishes on it. Gel polish is one of them. Putting gel polish over Polygel nails can give your nails an attractive, stunning beauty that you can’t imagine. There are many benefits to putting your gel polish over poly gels, such as clinging, time savings, longevity, and coverage. To get all these benefits, you just have to put your gel polish step-by-step on your Polygel nails.

After following the steps, you can see how gorgeous-looking your nails have gotten. To keep this beauty for a very long time, there are some steps you can follow. This will help prevent any damage you can get after putting gel polish over the poly gel.

Key Points

  • Getting Polygel nails to make nails look more attractive and gorgeous has become a trend. To get more attractive nails, people choose to put gel polish on them.
  • Putting gel polish over Polygel nails will give your artificial nails another level of beauty that you can’t expect.
  • Gel polishes over Polygel nails will help to cling the polish perfectly, give you quick results, stay for a very long time, and give you full coverage.
  • While giving gel polish to your Polygel nails, you must apply the base coat, the color coat, and lastly the top coat. 
  • To keep your gel-polished Polygel nails for a long time, you must try to avoid any kind of harmful activity that can affect or weaken your artificial nails.

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