Can You Use Deodorant On Your Hair As Dry Shampoo?

Using deodorant instead of using dry shampoo on your hair is not a safe idea because it may harm your hair by giving you rashes, breakage, dandruff, and many others.

It is not always the best idea to wash your hair with shampoo with every day! It takes away the natural oil on your scalp that helps to keep your hair strands nourished. That might be the case, but after a long day out your hair can feel heavy and sticky. It might feel smelly and nothing will feel better than using your favorite shampoo to clear your hair. This is really bad and continuous use might actually lead to worsening hair and scalp conditions. Enter the invention of dry shampoo and all its wonders without completely stripping your hair but still keeping it light and clear of grease!

Dry shampoo is basically one kind of shampoo that comes in a spray formula and removes the greasiness of our hair without any need for water. It’s an amazing hair care phase. But because of the spray formula’s similarity with deodorant, people wonder if can you use deodorant as a dry shampoo on their hair to remove any kind of greasiness. And the answer to their question is no; you can’t use deodorant on your hair as a dry shampoo. In this article, I will discuss whether we can use deodorant, what will happen after using it, the alternatives we can use, and the tips for applying dry shampoo.

Can You Use Deodorant On Your Hair as Dry Shampoo?

Before knowing if you can use deodorant as dry shampoo, the first thing we have to know is the workflow of deodorant and dry shampoo. Deodorant is basically made to keep us fragranced with beautiful smells by masking our body odor. On the other side, dry shampoo is made to absorb the extra oil and sweat that can attach dirt to our hair. Knowing the workflow of deodorant and dry shampoo, it’s easy to say that they are not the same. If you use deodorant on your hair as dry shampoo, then it won’t work either; it can harm your hair.

So, you can’t use deodorant on your hair as a dry shampoo.

What Will Happen If You Use Deodorant as Dry Shampoo?

What will happen if you use deodorant as dry shampoo

If you use deodorant on your hair then you may face some hair problems that you want to get. In this part, I will tell you about what can happen if you use deodorant on your hair as a dry shampoo. Those are:

  • Dry Hair: The first problem you may face after using deodorant on your hair is dry hair. The harsh ingredients of the deodorant can lock the moisture of your hair and give you dry hair.
  • Hair breakage: Dry hair is the main reason for making your hair break. Because in dry hair there is no moisture and it is very weak that an easy pull can break them.
  • Itchiness: If somehow the deodorant got onto your scalp, you may also get itchiness. Because our scalp is as sensitive as hair. So, it can’t stand the harsh chemicals of deodorant.
  • Burning Sensation: It can also give you a burning sensation and that situation can be very difficult for you.
  • Dandruff: There could be various reasons for dandruff. Mostly, you might notice after using deodorant on your hair, you may see some white thing on your scalp. Those are the dead cells called dandruff that can also make the situation even worst.
  • Hair Fall: It may also make you lose your hair and make them thick. On sensitive skin, it may also make them bland.
  • Allergic Reaction: If your skin is very sensitive then avoid using deodorant on hair. Because it can give you a bad allergic reaction.
  • Migraine: The chemicals of deodorant can also give you problems like migraine making your experience of using deodorant the worst nightmare.

So, after using deodorant on your hair you may have these problems. That’s why as a hair specialist, I am suggesting you guys stop using deodorant on your hair as a dry shampoo. It can’t remove the extra oil and dirt from your hair, but it can even give you the worst result you can’t imagine.

The 4 Common Alternatives of Deodorant as Dry Shampoo

To make your hair clean without using any liquid shampoo, you can use deodorant as a dry shampoo. Yes, it’s true that there are many alternatives to deodorant that are safe for your hair. The alternatives to deodorant as dry shampoo are:

1. Baby Powder

The powder is a powdery skincare product that helps lock in our oil production. So, using baby powder on our hair can remove the extra oil and make it non-sticky. And powders are safe enough to use on the hair. In powder, no harmful chemicals are used that can harm or damage your hair. So, using baby powder instead of deodorant is an ideal idea to remove the stickiness from your hair.

Baby powder

2. Translucent Setting Powder

If you have translucent setting powder with you without any glitter in it, then you may also use that on your scalp. Using translucent powder is the same as using baby powder. To apply translucent powder to your hair, you have to take a brush and dip it into the powder. Then you have to apply that to the scalp area of your hair because these are the most oily areas of your hair. After finishing applying the powder, remove the extra powder from your hair. Now, you are ready to enjoy your non-sticky hair.

Translucent setting powder

3. Blotting or Towel Paper

Blotting paper and towel paper can also remove the extra oil from your hair. If you have oily hair and are willing to remove it, then you may use them to remove the oil. To remove the oil with these papers, you have to fold them in a square shape and press them gently on the oily area of your hair. These papers will absorb the oils from your hair and scalp. If you still have extra oil on your hair, then reapply the process, and believe me, it will 100% work to give you non-greasy hair.

Blotting or towel paper

4. Hand Sanitizer

It is a last-minute suggestion to use hand sanitizer on your hair to remove excess oil. If you have any kind of emergency and don’t want to go with your oily hair and also have nothing to use to instantly remove them from your hair, then you can come up with this idea. Take a little amount of sanitizer on your hand, massage it, and apply it gently to the oily area of your hair. It will help break the bond with the oil in your hair to make it non-greasy. But remember to only use it if there is absolutely no other alternative left! Sanitizers are very drying and can damage your scalp if you use too much or too often.

Hand sanitizer

So, instead of using deodorant on your hair and making it damaged, you can try these alternatives to make it non-greasy without causing any damage.

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Tips You Should Follow for Applying Dry Shampoo

tips-you-should-follow-for-applying-dry shampoo
Tips you should follow for applying dry shampoo

I am pinning here some tips for you to apply dry shampoo to your hair properly to get the best result. The tips are:

  1. Choosing The Right Dry Shampoo: While you are choosing a dry shampoo for your hair, you must choose the right type of dry shampoo for your hair. On the market, you may find many types of dry shampoo that have good reviews. But when you apply them, you may not get the best result. That can happen because you can’t choose the right one for you. You have to choose the right dry shampoo depending on your hair type. We all have different types of hair and need the same type of dry shampoo for them. So, while picking the dry shampoo, choose the right shampoo based on your hair type.
  2. Apply Them Directly to Your Scalp: You have to apply the dry shampoo directly to your scalp, just like the liquid shampoo. Because the extra oil and sweat only stay on the near area of your scalp. And to remove them, you have to apply them directly to your scalp. In this way, the dry shampoo will remove the oily effect from your hair to give you silky, shiny hair without the use of water. To apply this to your scalp, you have to make a little section of your hair and directly apply the spray solution to the scalp to get the best result.
  3. Apply from The Far: You have to spray the solution 10–12 inches away from your scalp. You can’t apply them too close to you. Because if you apply them too close, you have a chance of getting too many solutions in the same place, which may cause buildup. To make sure that you are not making any buildup while applying, you have to spray it from afar. You have to apply it like you are spray painting your hair, which will make sure that you are applying the solution lightly to your hair.
  4. Don’t Touch After Freshly Spraying: Avoid touching your hair after freshly spraying it. Because after spraying the solution, it may take some time to absorb into the hair. So, if you somehow touch your hair, then you may find the solution to move out of the place. And it isn’t a good idea. Before touching, combing, or styling your hair, you must make sure that the solution has been absorbed into your hair.
  5. Spray The Dry Shampoo On the Oily Area: Do you have to spray the dry shampoo only on your oily area, remember? Because most people have extra oil only in their T-zone. And if you also have extra oil only in your T-zone, then you don’t need to apply the dry shampoo to your whole scalp. You just have to apply them only to your T-zone. The dry shampoos are only made to instantly remove the oil without touching any water, and they’re quite expensive. So, don’t waste them by applying them to your whole hair.
  6. Use Your Finger to Spread the Solution: After using dry shampoo and waiting for it to dry, you can use your fingers to spread it. Spraying the solution can’t touch up or spread all the oily areas. So, with the help of your fingers, you have to gently massage your scalp to spread them on every oily area of your hair. It will also help in removing all the oily effects from your hair.
  7. Apply Dry Shampoo Before Bed: If possible, then try to apply dry shampoo before going to bed. And also, always apply dry shampoo after combing your hair. It will help spread the solution quickly in every area. If you can manage to apply dry shampoo before going to bed, then you may be able to give them enough time to develop. Applying dry shampoo before going to bed is not just obvious, but if you can, you may be able to get the best result.

Following these tips may help you get the best result when applying dry shampoo to your hair.


1. Can I use hair spray as a dry shampoo?

Using hair spray to clean your hair will work a little bit, but it won’t give you the full coverage that you are expecting. And also, if you are using hair spray, you must make sure you are applying a little bit of it to your hair; otherwise, it can be sticky and crunchy.

2. How long will the dry shampoo effect stay on the hair?

The effect of the dry shampoo will last two to three days on your hair. But you can still feel your hair sticky and greasy after 24 hours of applying it.

3. How often can I apply dry shampoo to your hair?

While talking about applying dry shampoo, you may apply dry shampoo twice a week to your hair. Don’t try to apply this more than once because excessive application can harm your hair.

Final Thoughts

Using shampoo is a common way to keep our hair clean and healthy. To use shampoo, we have to wet our hair, apply the shampoo, massage our scalp and hair, and then rinse it. It is a long process. But sometimes, we have emergencies, so we can’t spend so much time washing our hair, and we also have to remove the extra oil. To solve this problem, you may also use dry shampoo. Because it has the same characteristics as deodorant, people wonder if they should use deodorant to clean their hair. While you can use deodorant on your hair, it won’t work for cleaning and also has a high risk of damaging your hair.

So, if you are willing to use deodorant on your hair, then don’t use it and try the alternatives to deodorant to clean your hair without causing any harm to it.

Key Points

  • Using deodorant on your hair instead of dry shampoo is not ideal for your hair.
  • Applying Deodorants to your hair has a high risk of damaging your hair to make them fall out.
  • Instead of using deodorant on your hair, you may use baby powder, translucent powder, blotting and towel paper, and hand sanitizer.
  • To get the best result, always try to apply dry shampoo properly to your hair.

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