Can You Use Foundation as Concealer?

Foundation and Concealer are used differently in our makeup routine, but you can only use foundation to serve the dual purpose if you use it in a certain way.

Foundation and concealer are like a perfect duo among the whole genre of makeup products. Both of them are used to lighten up our skin, reduce uneven tones and enhance beauty making it flawless. We always try to use the best foundation and concealer to keep our skin seamlessly beautiful. They look kind of similar, but their purpose and way of use are completely different. Foundation is used to give a solid flawless base and concealer for covering up additional dark circle and spots. If you have dark circles in your eye areas, concealer becomes a must-have to hide the areas to make your makeup picture-perfect.

These two products might be a daily necessity for you but it is not uncommon to run out of your makeup products in your urgent times. What happens if you suddenly notice before going out that you are out of concealer?  Are you not going to do your makeup or will go to the market to buy some? Well, you need to do neither of them. To keep you stress free of your question, can I use foundation as concealer? Yes, you can absolutely use your foundation as a concealer without any worry.But there are certain things you need to follow before using your foundation as your concealer. Keep reading if you want to keep your makeup flawless.

Difference Between Foundation and Concealer

Difference between foundation and concealer

Foundation is the first solid base you should apply before any other makeup products to your face after prepping your skin properly and using a good Primar. Foundation gives full coverage if you want and hides all the blemishes from the skin to make your skin look perfect.  The foundation base evens out the tone of your skin to make your skin the same shade as your natural color. You should always carefully choose a foundation of the same shade as your skin to make your skin look natural.

Concealer is mostly used to hide the dark circles in your eye areas like certain makeups that cover up the bruises. Naturally, our eye areas are a little bit darker than our natural skin tone. Some even have blue, purple, black, and brown hues to them. It can happen due to various reasons and vary from person to person. But everyone tends to hide the dark circle areas and wants to make it look natural. So a lighter shade concealer would be optimal for your skin if you have a dark circle. Concealer also reduces blemishes and dark spots on the skin. It can also work as a color corrector if you apply it before the foundation.

Different Foundations and Replacement of Concealer

Different foundations and replacement of concealer

Every makeup product in the beauty industry has a different texture and formula. So if you want to use your foundation as a concealer, first you need to know which formula will be suitable for that purpose. There are several types of foundations out there. Such as-

  • Liquid foundation- Liquid foundation is a very lightweight formula that can help your skin to keep a more natural look. These types of foundations can be water-based, silicon, or oil-based. They are so breathable that You will feel as if there is nothing on your face while covering your face from blemishes and dark spots. They are suitable for almost every skin type like dry, oily, or combination. They are easy to blend and can give light to full coverage to your skin. But you should not use these types of foundation as a concealer because they are very light coverage and can hardly lighten up your eye areas.
  • Powder foundation- These foundations come up in a compact pack so that you can always take it on the go. They are for additional touch up after a long day of wearing makeup. These are great use for a hot summer day.  They are best suited to people with oily skin to make the skin look matte-finished and oil-free. You can use it under your eyes to touch up your makeup, but it is not optimal to only use this type of foundation as a concealer because it requires a lot of them as they are powder formed. And you cannot hide your uneven tone for a longer time.
  • Stick foundation- It is a kind of cake foundation compacted in a tube like a stick. Its consistency is much heavier than the liquid foundation. It can give full coverage than liquid or powder foundation. You can use this type of foundation as a concealer. but note that they are not always easy to blend like the liquid ones. But you can use these forms of foundation as a color corrector.  They can hide away your dark spots pretty well.
  • Cream Foundation- This foundation has the creamiest texture and formula of all. This type of foundation can adhere to your skin pretty well and blend very nicely. It gives a dewy natural finish to your skin and is suitable for almost all skin types. They are a perfect consistency among all. They do not look like there is nothing on the skin or feel very cakey. They can hydrate your skin as well. These foundations are perfect for you to use as a concealer as concealers are more on the heavier side than foundations. Cream foundations can be a good middle ground for your substitution for concealer.
  • SPF Foundation- Some people use SPF Foundation for protecting their skin from sunburn and harmful UV rays. But I will always suggest using sunscreen first in your skin-prepping session before coming to the makeup part. Most of the SPF foundation has a white tint on them. If your party goes on till night and you take a picture with a flash on, your face will flash on as well. So use sunscreen before makeup and you should not use SPF foundation as a concealer.

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How to Use Foundation as Your Concealer?

How to use foundation as your concealer

Normally if you choose to buy a concealer, you better opt to buy a lighter shade than your natural skin tone. Specially if you have very dark eye areas and dark spots in your skin. You can apply your concealer to lighten them up, then use your foundation.  But when you don’t have the concealer what will you do, cause the foundation shades we choose are normally of the same shades. Well, the truth is if you are not doing very heavy full-coverage makeup, you don’t need a lighter shade. You can use the same shades as your skin tone to have a more natural finish by following these rules-

  1. Blending it in: The foundation needs to be medium to heavy coverage to use as a concealer. Just put some foundation at the top of your hand and blend it in to match your skin tone.
  2. Apply to blemishes: Look for blemishes and redness where you need to color corrector and dab in those areas until you are satisfied with the result. A little drop of foundation can go a long way as your concealer. Don’t be harsh, rub it gently to sit on the skin properly. You can also use concealer brushes or beauty blenders if you want. But if you do not have any of these, you can take a thin soft bristled paintbrush to apply it to the point.
  3. Achieving a natural look: If you want more of a natural look then you can just use foundation and blend everything all together. You just need to take a drop on your finger and apply it to your eye areas or dark spots and blend.
  4. Setting the base: After that, you can use pressed powder or powder foundation to set your base makeup.
  5. Applying blush: After doing your base, apply a little bit of blush on your nose and cheek.
  6. Finishing your makeup look: Use a highlighter under the brow lines and at the tip of the nose, do light eye makeup, and set it off with a setting spray at the end to have the ultimate natural look.


1. Can I use foundation under my eyes?

Our eye areas tend to be thinner than other parts of the face. So, it is a sensitive area, to begin with. You should always use hydrating and lightweight products in your eye areas first. But to cover up your eye areas and dark circles, you can always use a foundation under your eyes. It will cause no harm to the eye areas. Use a medium to full coverage foundation to make your eye areas look bright.

2. Are foundation and concealer similar?

Although they look similar in texture, they are actually not the same. Foundation makes the base for makeup. It lightens the skin, hides away the flaws, and makes a solid coverage for the overall skin. Whereas, concealer is used to lighten the under-eye dark circles, and dark spots of the face and color-correcting them.

3. What is the difference between foundation and concealer?

The foundation works as the base which you put on your skin before any other makeup products. And concealer is used if you have any scars or blemishes on your skin to hide them flawlessly. You should properly prepare your skin before applying makeup. After the preparation foundation is applied so that other makeup can sit on that properly and the whole skin looks flawless.

4. Can I use BB or CC cream instead of concealer?

BB cream or CC cream are tinted creams that can work as a foundation or concealer if you want a no-makeup makeup look. But it is not ideal. You can not use them if you want to do heavy makeup for a party. You can use them just to lighten up your eye areas on your regular days. They will not give any high coverage at all.

Final Thoughts

Foundation and concealer are the two basic must-haves for us for doing makeup. But little do we know that foundation can serve the same purpose as a concealer if we want to keep our makeup simple, natural, and flawless. From the numerous shades of foundations out there, you must choose the right shades for your natural skin tone. You should use a creamy formula to use as your concealer like RMS Beauty Uncover Up Cream Foundation, or Suqqu the cream foundation. Or you can use a stick foundation like Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick which has a creamy formula and blends easily. Always use a little bit of foundation as your concealer and foundation are more lightweight than your concealer texture. Go for it, give it a try, you might love it.

Key Points

  • Foundation and concealer are two different makeup products that are made for work differently.
  • Foundation creates a flawless makeup base, on the other hand, concealer removes dark spots and blemishes.
  • You can use foundation as a concealer.
  • You should the cream foundation which are little bit heavier like the concealer.

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