Do Blonde People Have Blonde Eyebrows?


Eyebrow color is one of the most intriguing traits of our face. The color of our eyebrows has a strong correlation with the color of our hair which initiates confusion if people have the same eyebrow color as their hair. There are many underlying factors that decide whether our brow colors will resonate with the color of our hair. So, do blonde people have blonde eyebrows?

Well, blond people can have blond eyebrows. However, it comes with a big ‘But’ since it is the case you would see occasionally, not usually. To solve all of your confusion about blonde eyebrows, in this article, I will discuss if blond people have blond eyebrows, what types of eyebrows can blonde people have, the factors responsible for determining eyebrow colors, and how you can style your blond eyebrows so that you can slay with the eyebrow look you have wanted.

Do Blonde People Have Blonde Eyebrows?

Do blonde people have blonde eyebrows
Do blonde people have blonde eyebrows

People have so much confusion about blonde people having blonde eyebrows. You might see a lot of blonde people having blonde eyebrows, but this is not something obvious. Blonde people might have light-colored eyebrows, but they do not necessarily have the same shade as the hair color. Even many blondes have darker shades in contrast to their hair color. Many people also think that blond hair is always so light that they are barely visible. This is also not completely true as well. Blonde eyebrows or blonde people also are quite visible because the shades normally have a deeper or darker tone.

Blondes And What Eyebrow Colors They Have?

Blondes and what eyebrow colors they have
Blondes and what eyebrow colors they have

People with blonde hair usually have slightly brunette-shade eyebrows. Brunette is a light-colored eyebrow. Some also might have bronze-colored eyebrows. These light shades are pretty common for blonde people.

Also, if you have strawberry blonde hair, you may also have your eyeshadow with a redder tone. Strawberry blonde is when you have a mix of red tones with your blonde hair. Also, this is not always that you will have redder eyebrows with your strawberry blonde, it can be completely opposite as well.

Even sometimes, people with blonde hair can have high-contrast dark eyebrows as well due to their genetic variation. So, it is not always true that blonde people will have blonde eyebrows. In fact, there are many factors that determine the distinctive colors of the eyebrows of different people.

Science Behind Hair And Eyebrow Color

Science behind hair and eyebrow color
Science behind hair and eyebrow color

You might have heard the word melanin for quite a lot of time which determines the tone of our body. But do you know that these pigments determine our hair color as well? Yes, there are two types of pigments that determine the hair color or the color of the brows. They are eumelanin and pheomelanin. If you have dark brown or black hair, eumelanin is the cause behind that. On the other hand, blonde hair or red hair is the result of pheomelanin.

If you have a very high level of eumelanin, your skin tone will be darker and your hair and eyebrow color will be darker as well while a high level of pheomelanin determines blonder hair. So, if you are blond, but you still have a low level of eumelanin, you can still have dark eyebrows with blond hair.

Levels of these two types of melanin can vary over time causing their eyebrows and hair color change. Some people also might have different colored hair follicles at the same time associated with the genes of their ethnic group. There are several genes that decide the pigmentation of our hair and eyebrow colors such as MC1R, C10orf11, etc. These genes can fix different levels of eumelanin and pheomelanin leading to distinctive eyebrows and hair colors.

Common Factors That Determine Eyebrow Color

Common factors that determine eyebrow color
Common factors that determine eyebrow color

A person having a certain color of eyebrows can be determined by many factors.  I have explained here the common factors that are responsible for deciding which eyebrow color you are going to have:

  1. Genetics: Genetic plays the most significant role in determining the hair color one person is going to have. The same goes for the eyebrows as well. your gene will determine if you are going to have blonde eyebrows or dark eyebrows. Sometimes people with blonde hair can also have dark eyebrows. It will more like to happen if one parent has blond hair and the other has dark hair.
  2. Age: With age, the melanin production of our body becomes less and the hair and skin tones start to become lighter. It also makes the shade of our eyebrows lighter as well. Even the people who used to have darker hair or eyebrows when they were young, will become blonde when they age.
  3. Skin tone: Skin tones also help to determine the eyebrow color of a person. If a person has a lighter skin tone, they will be more likely to have lighter color hair as well. On the other hand, people with darker skin tones normally have darker color hair and eyebrows.
  4. Exposure to the sun: Frequent sun exposure can lighten your eyebrow color along with your hair. So, if you are one who loves to go in the sun and have some tanning on, you should know that sun exposure can affect both the natural and dyed hair and eyebrow color.

What Is The Best Eyebrow Color For Blondes?

What is the best eyebrow color for blondes
What is the best eyebrow color for blondes

Blonde eyebrow color is really appealing and attractive to some people that they even dye their eyebrows blonde along with their hair. But some people might be wondering what color will suit the blonde people most to compliment their blonde hair color.

But of course, there is no certain or straightforward answer to this question. No one can fix any rules on how you like the color of your hair or brows to express your individuality and personality. You can color your brows anyhow whether your hair is blonde or not. However, if you really are confused about your eyebrow color, here is some advice to help you with that.

If you have a light skin tone and your hair is blonde, then any light-colored eyebrows will go well with your skin tone. If you have a warm undertone, you can go for light brown, copper, golden, honey, caramel, auburn or even light green will look good on you. If you have more of a cool undertone, you can go for ash blonde, beige, platinum, grey taupe, pink, purples, and even blues on your eyebrows for giving them a little pop of color.

If you are blonde, have a naturally blonde hair color and brows, but do not like that look on you, you can always tone it down. Also, blonde brows get adjusted with our skin tones easily, so your brows might not look bigger and fuller like everyone like. In that case, the toned-down eyebrows with a deeper color can help to give your brows a visible and refined look.

If you have a dark skin tone with blonde hair, you can go for a darker eyebrows color to compliment your skin tone. You can go for brown, or dark brown, or even can go the same as your hair color to give it a more blend-in look.

And if you are going blonde from a darker hair color, you can always ask your stylist to bleach your eyebrows along with your hair. Also, when you want to get your eyebrows done, you can ask them to rebleach your brows after that to compliment your blonde hair.

Nowadays everyone has a different color on their hair. Well, it is fun in that way, isn’t it? If you also have a fun and bold color on your blonde hair, you can do a similar eyebrow color along with that. So, when it comes to the eyebrow color for blondes, I would say the same-toned blonde color will be the best option for that.

Shaping Your Eyebrows for Blondes: Tips On How To Do Them

For shaping your blonde eyebrows and filling them in, you can go through these methods to give the eyebrows a lifted-up and refined look.

  1. First of all, brush your eyebrows with a spoolie brush towards the upper direction.
  2. Then, take a slant tip brush and hold them vertically within both sides of your nose and mark a straight point in the front of your eyebrows.
  3.  That is where you should start filling your eyebrows.
  4. Then take that brush again and place it at a 45-degree angle from your nose. Mark the area where you have the end of your eyebrows.
  5. You should fill up your eyebrows up to that point.
  6. For filling and shaping your eyebrows, take a blonde or ash blonde color eyebrow pencil. Do not use any darker color eyebrow pencil to draw the eyelashes.
  7. You can also use brow powder to fill up any space within your brow hair after shaping with a pencil. There are many brow powders available out there made specifically for blonde shade.
  8. After shaping your eyebrows, remove any excess products around the eyebrows and blend them to soften up any hard lines.


1. Do blondes have dark eyebrows?

While some blondes can have blonde eyebrows, others might have dark eyebrows as well. One’s genes are mostly responsible for determining brow color.

2. Do eyebrows match hair color?

It is not always true that your eyebrows will match perfectly with your hair color. Even though sometimes you can see a match, most of the time the eyebrow color will be darker than your hair color.

3. Do dark eyebrows go with blonde hair?

Well, there is no rule on how you want to style yourself. You can have darker eyebrows with blonde hair and make the eyebrows the focal point of your look. Every style will look good on your if you can carry them with confidence.

4. Can I dye my blonde hair?

Absolutely! You can dye your blonde hair with any color you want. Talk to a stylist and decide on which color is going to look best according to your skin tone, and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

Even though it seems pretty common to have the same-colored eyebrows as your natural hair color, it is not always the case. Blonde people might have blonde colored hair, but there are a huge number of exceptions out there who do not have blonde hair or eyebrows. several factors determine our eyebrow colors from which our genes play the most significant role. Our genetics decide which colored eyebrows we are going to have despite having a different hair color. Usually, the eyebrows of blonde people are a few shades darker than the hair color. Besides, you can dye and style your eyebrows anyhow you want to get your desired look.

Key Points

  • Blonde people can have blonde eyebrows, but it is not obvious.
  • Normally blonde people have brunette, bronze, or a lighter shade of eyebrow color.
  • The color of the eyebrows is mostly darker than the hair color.
  • Certain factors play significant roles in determining our eyebrow colors such as our genes.
  • You can style and dye your brows anyhow you want and any color you want.
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