Do You Need Developer for L’Oréal Hicolor?

Do you need developer for L’oréal Hicolor
Hair developers help the color to penetrate the hair cuticle and produce you’re expected color. L’Oréal Hicolor is a permanent hair color that needs a hair developer.

Hair is an important part of our body that can be styled in many ways. There are different types of hairs available and this makes us look different from one another. Nowadays, people have started to experiment with their hair. They are creating versatile looks and add different colors to their hair. Some hair colors are permanent while others are semi-permanent. The permanent hair colors require developers because hair developers help to enable and activate the color. A developer is also important in enhancing the color-changing process.

So, do you need a developer for L’Oréal Hicolor? L’Oréal hicolor is a permanent hair color that is designed to be used with a developer. For lifting the hair color, L’Oréal Hicolor requires a developer. Because the developer helps to penetrate the hair shaft. If you want to get your desired color with L’Oréal hicolor, you must use a developer. This is a non-negotiable element that helps to activate the color molecules. You will not get an effective and even color without using a developer with L’Oréal Hicolor. Also, this will make the color effective and prevent it from fading soon.

Developer and Its Role in Hair Coloring

Developer and its role in hair coloring
Developer and its role in hair coloring

A developer is a very significant component in the hair coloring process. It is a solution that opens the hair cuticle and helps the hair dye to penetrate. This developer also enables the color and activates the color molecules in the hair dye. This plays an effective result in getting your desired hair color.

A developer works with the hair color or hair dye to enhance the color-changing process. It opens the hair cuticle and penetrates and interacts with the natural pigment. While using the hair dye, the developer helps lighten the hair’s natural color. Also, it starts an oxidization process when it comes to contact with the hair color. Choose your developer depending on the hair condition. Strong developers are always recommended if you have darker hair, but if you have toning hair, lower-volume developers will be best for you.

What Happens If You Use Hair Dye Without Developer?

What happens if you use hair dye without developer
What happens if you use hair dye without developer

Developers help to dye the hair color. So, if you do not use the developer, the hair dye won’t penetrate the hair shaft properly and the color will not develop as it is supposed to.

Skipping a developer may result in uneven color, patchiness, or a color that fades quickly. Follow the hair dye instructions and use the appropriate developer to get the best result. The developer does a chemical reaction with the hair dye that makes the color long-lasting. You may not get the desired result if you do not use the developer.

  • You are dying your hair to change the color. But, if you do not use the developer, there may be little or no change to the hair color.
  • The color may not be long-lasting and fade away soon.
  • Skipping a developer may also result in uneven color distribution.

How L’Oréal Hicolor Works?

How L’oréal Hicolor works
How L’oréal Hicolor works

L’Oréal is a famous personal care brand and L’Oréal Hicolor is a hair color treatment that is designed to transform the hair. It can change dark colors into light and light colors to others without using bleach.

L’Oréal Hicolor removes the existing pigment from hair and deposits new pigment to create a new color.

L’Oréal Hicolor also requires a developer. When your hair is at risk to become damaged, use a developer to lift the hair color. L’Oréal Hicolor is a unique color that is designed to lift and deposit the color. It can work effectively to lighten your hair and deposit color.  L’Oréal Hicolor is specially designed for people with dark hair who want to achieve bold colors without bleaching their hair. L’Oréal Hicolor can deliver vibrant colors and allows the hair to penetrate the hair shaft effectively. This is a permanent hair color that won’t fade away easily with frequent washes.

Can You Use L’Oréal Hicolor Without Developer?

Can you use L’Oréal Hicolor without developer
Can you use L’Oréal Hicolor without developer

No, L’Oréal Hicolor cannot be used without a developer. Skipping the developer will result in an unwanted color. As the developer helps to penetrate the hair shaft, you will not get the desired color without the developer.

You can use the L’Oréal Hicolor without a developer but the result won’t be permanent as you want it to be or as it is supposed to be. The developer is a very essential and non-negotiable element if you want to dye your hair permanently. The major component of a developer is hydrogen peroxide which helps to activate the color molecules and develop the color effectively. Skipping the developer with any of the hair colors including L’Oréal hicolor won’t be effective. It will wash out quickly and will result in color fading. Your hair color will not develop properly and will result in an uneven color.

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L’Oréal Hicolor Requires 30 to 40 Volume Developer

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, L’Oréal Hicolor should be mixed with a 30 or 40-volume developer. The developers will help to lift the natural pigment from your strands. There are different developers available with different volumes including 10, 20, 30, and 40 volumes. The higher the level is, the more color change and potential damage you will see. You can take a look at the strength of the developer when used with permanent hair color.

10-volume developer slightly opens up the hair cuticles. It only deposits the color without lifting and damaging it. The 20-volume developer slightly changes the color with 1 or 2 levels of lift. Some users experienced drier hair after applying the 20-volume developer. 30 and 40-volume developers work effectively with the L’Oréal Hicolor. The 30-Volume developer produces 2 to 4 levels of lift to the hair color. Some people may experience dry or brittle hair after using the 30-volume developer. A 40-volume developer has a higher level of impact on hair color. This should be used following all the precautions to avoid damage and breakage.

L’Oréal Hicolor requires a 30 or 40-volume hair color. You need to be very careful when coloring your hair with it to avoid severe dryness or breakage.

Does L’Oréal Hicolor Damage Your Hair?

Does L’Oréal Hicolor damage your hair
Does L’Oréal Hicolor damage your hair

It depends on how you are using this. If you apply this by following proper preventive steps, it won’t damage your hair. If you do not follow proper precautions and use it roughly, it can damage your hair.

L’Oréal Hicolor is specially designed to change the color from back to red, blue, magenta, violet, or even blond. It contains ingredients that can significantly damage your hair. For minimizing the damage with L’Oréal Hicolor, you should start with healthy hair and check for dryness and split ends. The manufacturer’s instructions can help you avoid serious damage to your hair and skin. Moisturize your hair properly and avoid heat damage to avoid the damages that can be caused by this hair color.


1. Is L’Oréal HiColor permanent?

L’Oréal Hicolor is a permanent hair color that is formulated for dark hair. This is a permanent hair color that works perfectly with a developer.

2. How long does L’Oréal HiColor last?

L’Oréal Hicolor is a permanent hair color that comes in a wide range of shades. It can last for four to six weeks on average. Use a color–protecting shampoo and conditioner to avoid color fading.

3. What hair color doesn’t need a developer?

All permanent hair colors require a developer for long-lasting color. Semi-permanent hair colors that contain s no ammonia don’t need a developer.

4. What is the weakest hair developer?

10 volume developer is the weakest. This developer slightly opens up the hair cuticle but it only deposits the color without lifting.

5. Does the developer have bleach?

The developer doesn’t have bleach but it activates the bleach. It contains hydrogen peroxide that helps open up your hair cuticle and lift the color.

Final Thoughts

Hair dying has become very common nowadays. People are dying their hair with different colors. The developer is a very essential element that helps to improve hair color. It interacts with the natural pigments and enables color. The developer is a must when you are dying your hair. You may experience uneven color, patchiness, or faded color if you skip a developer. The color will also not be that much long-lasting and will fade away soon. When using L’Oréal hicolor, you must use a developer to develop the color and make it effective. The recommended hair developer to use with L’Oréal Hicolor is a 30 to 40-volume developer. These two are very effective in changing the hair color as you desire. Follow the instructions and precautions properly to get an effective result while using this developer with the L’Oréal Hicolor.

Key Points

  • A hair developer contains hydrogen peroxide that allows the color to penetrate deep into the hair and last for a long time.
  • Developers are important because it helps to penetrate the hair shaft properly and make the color long-lasting.
  • Any permanent hair color including L’Oréal hicolor requires a developer to bring changes to the hair color.
  • When L’Oréal hicolor is used with a developer, it develops the color and results in a vibrant color.
  • For L’Oréal Hicolor, 30 or 40-volume developers are the best to provide an even and long-lasting color distribution.

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