Does L’Oreal Hicolor Work On Bleached Hair?

Does L’Oreal Hicolor Work On Bleached Hair

While some people will go for semi-permanent hair dye like Manic Panic and Arctic Fox, there are other options that are more permanent like the L’Oreal Hicolor that lasts a long time! The great thing about this one is that you do not need any bleaching, only a developer. But that is why people are a bit confused and ask Does L’Oreal Hicolor work on bleached hair?

Look, I get it. You might have thought that bleaching your hair might get rid of the need for a developer for L’Oreal Hicolor and keep your hair less damaged. However, that is not the case at all since you can use L’Oreal Hicolor on bleached hair, but your hair will get damaged! So let’s see why your hair might be more damaged and see why you still need a developer even with bleached hair.

Understanding L’Oreal Hicolor

L’Oreal Hicolor is a high-pigmented permanent color lift-up hair color. The most interesting part of using this hair color is that, for applying it to your hair, you won’t need to bleach it. It is a super lift-up hair color with permanent hair color. This hair color is created for dark hair to give it extra attractiveness and give you a whole new appearance.

Applying this color to your hair will give it a beautiful color and help it adjust to your dark hair without giving it any brassiness. This breakthrough hair color can lift 3–4 levels. If you have a dark brown hair color and are willing to color it, then you can try this hair color on your hair and get an attractive look.

Does L’Oreal Hicolor Work On Bleached Hair?

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Does loreal hicolor work on bleached hair?

We already know what L’Oreal Hicolor is. But the question is, does it also work on the bleached hair? As it has a highly pigmented color, it’s obvious that this hair color is going to work on your hair. But there are some problems that you have to be worried about.

Does L’Oreal Hicolor damage your hair?

Bleached hair already means damaged hair, and you are adding more colors and another lift on top of it, which means you are damaging your hair two times over! While your hair will be really colorful and vibrant, you risk weakening the hair shaft further.

The weakening of the hair shaft will cause the hair to be more prone to breakage and dryness. This could lead to issues such as itchy scalp and quite possibly even changing the texture of your hair from doing it too much!

Other problems to deal with L’Oreal Hicolor

Along with the problems of damage above, they all create other problems as well! That is why you should not be using L’Oreal twice in a row either because you risk damaging your hair even further! If the first application does not go as planned, then you can go for another one in another two weeks to allow for your hair to be healthy. But using it before that will completely ruin your hair especially when you use high-lift developers for it.

L’Oreal Hicolor With Developers: Why You Need 30 And 40 Developers

L’oreal hicolor with developers why you need 30 and 40 developers
L’oreal hicolor with developers why you need 30 and 40 developers

L’Oreal Hicolor has a total of 4 levels of lift. You must know which one to use on your bleached hair to get the best color without damaging it.

  • 10-Volume Developer: has no lift, so it is totally safe to use on your bleached hair.
  • 20-Volume Developer: will give your hair a slight color because it contains a little amount of lift for your hair. So, this one is also safe to use on your bleached hair.
  • 30-Volume Developer: can high-lift your hair and cover the color of your natural hair easily. Using this color on your natural hair can also give you dry, brittle, and breakable hair. So, I won’t prefer this one to use on your bleached hair.
  • 40-Volume Developer: high-lifts and permanently changes the color of your hair. This has the highest chance of giving you dry and broken hair.

As you can see, you don’t get the right amount of lift with just a 20-volume developer and need to make sure you use higher volumes to get the color you are looking for. But when it comes to bleached hair, you might need to use lower-volume developers!

After learning all these side effects of using L’Oreal Hicolor on bleached hair, I would advise you to choose levels 1-2 to use on your bleached hair to protect your hair from over-dryness and breakage.

So, the answer is that you can use L’Oreal Hicolor on your bleached hair, but before using this hair color on your bleached hair, you must remember the side effects of using it.

How to Use L’Oreal Hicolor on Your Bleached Hair?

To use L’Oreal Hicolor on your bleached hair, you must maintain some guidelines, and if you manage to follow them properly, then you are going to get the beautiful L’Oreal Hicolor hair color on your bleached hair.

  • Prepare Yourself: Before applying the color to your bleached hair, you have to prepare yourself. This is a lift-up color that can stay on your hair for a very long time. So you have to take some preparation before starting to apply. Apply a towel to your shoulder to avoid getting colored on your dress or the skin. Also, wear gloves on your hands to protect them from getting dirty.
  • Apply The Color: Take a small tooth comb and make little sections of your hair. Take the hair color and start applying it from the top to the end of your hair to give it a nice color. While applying color, make sure to avoid the scalp and the forehead area to protect them from getting colored. By following this, you can apply the white color to your bleached hair.
  • Rinse It: After completely applying hair color to your bleached hair, you have to wait at least 30–60 minutes to give your hair enough time to develop the color perfectly. Now, take normal water and wash your hair. In your first wash, don’t apply shampoo to it. Try to use a dark-colored towel to dry your hair because light-colored towels can be stained by this hair color.
  • Dry and Enjoy: Don’t use any hair dryer while drying your hair. Keep them free to air dry, and it will also give your hair enough time to let the color befriend your hair. Now, enjoy your newly done hair color on your bleached hair.

6 Tips to Minimize Damage with L’Oreal HiColor

So you can go ahead and use L’Oreal on your bleached hair and even if it damages your hair, there are certain things that you can do to help minimize the damage that it might have caused!

  1. Look at your hair: You need to really notice breakage and split ends on your hair before the bleaching and L’Oreal Hicolor. High-lift color work best on healthy hair.
  2. Avoid heat styling: Heat will only damage your hair further so you should avoid using curlers, straighteners, and hair dryers on your hair.
  3. Don’t wash your hair before: For a couple of days before using Hicolor, don’t use any shampoo or wash your hair to keep the scalp prepared.
  4. Condition: What you should do instead is moisturize and condition your hair to give it an extra bit of protection. You should continue this practice afterward as well.
  5. Strand test: Do a strand test on your hair to make sure you’re the color is what you are looking for. A bit of Hicolor, developer, and a strand on the back of your head is all you have to do. Then observe the hair color for the next 24 hours to see if it irritates your scalp or not.
  6. Follow the instructions: L’Oreal has set out clear instructions for the color and developer you need so follow that for the best result on natural and healthy hair.


1. Is L’Oréal Hicolor only for black hair?

No, it is not only for the dark-medium hair color; if you have some other color of hair and are willing to try this hair color, you can also try this hair color. But this one is specifically created for dark hair.

2. How long does L’Oreal HiColor last?

As a permanent hair color, it is going to stay on your hair for four to six weeks. But it depends on your hair growth, aftercare, and how long it will last on your hair. If you have super growth on your hair, then it can also stay less on your hair, and if you take good care of your colored hair, then it can stay a long time on your hair.

3. How long should I keep L’Oréal Hicolor on my bleached hair?

When it comes to using Hicolor on bleached hair, remember to use the 10–20 developer color on your hair to protect your hair from damage and also keep the 25–30 minutes on your hair. But if you want to apply the 3040 developer to color your hair, then keep that 10–15 minutes on your hair. Remember that using 30–40 developers on your hair for 15 minutes is not going to give you perfect color. So, avoiding them is a good idea for your hair.

Final Thoughts

To look more attractive and change your appearance into a more beautiful one, you can get colored hair. When it comes to choosing a hair color for dark hair, most people think to get bleached hair to get color on it. They also wonder about whether they can use L’OréalHicolor hair color on their bleached hair to get colored hair. You may get colored hair in your bleached hair by using this color, but remember that this is a lift-up color that already contains bleach, and it can make your bleached hair weaker after applying it. But if you want to use this color on your hair, then this color has two low levels of color that you may use on your bleached hair, and also, using those colors won’t hurt your hair.

So, if you want to use this hair color on your bleached hair, then choose the 1-2 level and enjoy your new hair color with bleached hair.

Key Points

  • Applying L’Oréal Hicolor to your bleached hair is going to work on your bleached hair.
  • While you are applying lift colors like L’Oréal Hicolor on to your bleached hair, remember to choose the perfect volume developer.
  • Before using lift colors, always try to know how they work and what their side effects on bleached hair are.
  • Applying hair color properly and keeping it just for the right time will give you your desired hair color.
  • You must take good care of your hair after bleaching to color it and protect it from damage.
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