45+ Most Fashionable Fall Nail Designs 2023

Are you looking for some inspiration on how to style your nails for fall? Look no further! We have curated 45+ different styles that we think you should try.

Fall nail designs or nail art have been on trend since Starbucks introduced the Pumpkin Spice Latte. It might not be pretty new, but it has made its mark. Fall nail designs are always on trend to welcome the winter. We might not be weather-oriented in our everyday lives, but it should be nice to have something to look forward to. And this is where the fall nail designs make their mark. There is more than one thing to look forward to now, other than pumpkin spice.

Nail art or nail designs have always made their mark as it was to enhance the beauty of nails and fingers in that process. Back about 3000 BC, the Ancient Egyptians were among the first to use nail decorations to show social position. The generals wore nail paints of a lighter shade, while the royals wore darker shades of color. Even China and Babylon accepted their traditions of wearing nail paint and spending hours on them. And as for today, you might also have to spend hours on fall nail designs. But we want to include some ideas that will not require much work, and you can just DIY them at home.

The diversity of designs in fall nail designs is something to pay attention to. Most nail artists have their unique touches, and some of them just want it simple and elegant. So in this article, we’ve accumulated some of the best fall nail designs for you to look at. And you can just trim and change them according to your taste.

If you follow fashion and celebrity trends, you’ll notice how long acrylic nails have dominated the industry. From Lizzo to Cardi B, every singer and artist gravitates toward modern nail designs, and with each trend, they present something unique through their nails. Everything from pearls to springs and guitars can be found on the nails.

The surging culture of nail designs started in the United States in 2012, and the whole phenomenon was later described as “NAILgasm.” So all of it was suggesting the craze people have for nail designs. There are a lot of variations, and as for fall, the weather of a good breeze and a very golden hue ensures a charming mood. And so, the fall nail designs are also a representation of that.

How to paint your fall nail designs?

This might not be entirely relatable in everyone’s case, but we are including some of the ways that you can start your fall nail journey. And remember, mostly, it is about the journey and not the destination. But we want the goal to be perfect as well. So here we’ve included some must-dos before you start your fall nail designs.

  • Cuticle Oils
  • Clean up
  • Buffing
  • Nail Powder
  • Base and Top Coat
  • Precise Bushes
  • Pain Tapes
  • One Dip To Coats
  • White Nail Polish

Cuticle Oils

This is to replenish the nails’ exterior and strengthen your nails, even when you don’t have time for a manicure. Or you can just use olive or coconut oil instead.

Clean up

Before you start putting on your fall nail designs, you must first clean up the nails with a nail remover. Even when you have nothing on, we recommend you do the same to prep the nails properly.


Buffing the nails will help you eliminate the natural oils on your nails, brightening your entire surface and making it more youthful. The ridges will not be a problem with buffing.

Nail Powder

Holographic nail powders will add some extra effects to your nails, and they will add a gloss that is not related to the nail polish. First, you must use a good top coat and apply holographic powder when the nail is tacky.

Base and Top Coat

For the fall nail designs to last, you need to add a top and base coat and let them dry completely. With the base coat, the colorful paint won’t stain the nails, and with the top coat, the chipping will be far away.

Precise Bushes

To paint the nails, you can just use a regular paintbrush. But when you do edges and design, we suggest using skinny brushes. They are easy to control and won’t mess up as much.

Pain Tapes

You can use this type of tape to create an effect of edges and negative space; it is easy to peel off, and color bleeding is not an issue. With paint tape, the work gets a thousand times easier, and you can easily make patterns.

One Dip To Coats

Another thing to avoid while painting the fall nail designs is to prevent over-boarding with every coat you apply. You need enough polish to cover the nails, just with one dip. If you want the second coat, wait until it is scorched.

White Nail Polish

White nail polish can be used as a primer for every design, as it lets the other color pop and be more visible. White will give you the best results even if you use stones and glitter.

These are just some of the suggestions we’ve gathered from our years as nail professionals. We all started with our vanity, and that is entirely okay. Once you’ve learned how to prep your nails, it’ll be easy to come up with any idea, even for fall nail designs.

Products to be used for nail prepping

Here we are including some of the most esteemed products for you to try. They can be beneficial and versatile and help you maintain your entire work’s integrity.

  1. Jinsoon Extract- Cuticle Oil
  2. Sally Hansen- Cuticle Nipper
  3. Morgan Taylor Reacts Extended Wear- Top Coat
  4. Ocean Nail Supply- Chrome Powder 
  5. OPI- Nail File
  6. Easier Here To Stay- Base Coat
  7. CND Solar Oil- Nail Conditioner
  8. Flowery- Push It Pro Pusher
  9. UNT  Ready For- Peelable Base Coat
  10. Sally Hansel- Shiny Top Coat
  11. Evanesce Impress- Press On Manicures
  12. Red Carpet Manicure- Gel Base Coat

Fall nail designs for 2022!

Now that we’ve included all the other details let’s jump to the most awaited fall Designs for this year. We’ve studied the ongoing trends for previous years on fall and some Instagram influencers to give insight into which fall nail paint designs will make their mark. And we’re gladly announcing that we’ve found our winners. Here we are including some of the trendiest fall designs for 2022.

1. Shades Of White

Shades of White

The first thing we’ve seen for fall is the milky or greyish white nails. This will have a glossy top coat and is a classic staple for fall nail designs.

2. Two Hands, Two Tones

Two Hands, Two Tones

This is one of my absolute favorites for the fall season, and it is adaptable. You can choose any of the two bright colors for the hands. For example, apply bright pink on the one hand and bright yellow on the other. And if you want to wear fall, choose two different shades of orange on both hands.

3. Colorful French Manicures

Colorful French Manicures

Instead of a white French manicure, go for bright colors for your fall nail designs. Navy or pastel green are two of the best shades. Or you can just choose ten different shades.

4. Fall Nude

Choose different shades of nude, and we mean the matte ones. Draw some patterns with a skinny brush once the first coat is dry, and then apply a matte top coat.

5. Autumn and Christmas

Autumn And Christmas

Christmas might look like a faraway thing for now, but the combination of yellow and orange, and red is perfect for every season. And to make it very fall-like, you can start to draw colorful flowers or leaves with the white base coat and finish with a transparent, glossy top.

6. Dark Brown

Dark Brown

If you want something simple and still speak out loud, then dark brown nails are the way to go. The shades will never go out of style, and you can wear these fall nail designs with any oversized sweaters you want.

7. Almond Tones

Almond Tones

We’ve already mentioned matte nudes, but if you’re feeling more excited, choose some brown shiny nail polishes. Begin with your thumb and work your way down to your little finger.

8. Black Leopard

Black is in style this fall, and you need two different types of black. For the base, use a greyish matte black nail polish. And for the leopard design, use a glossy gel black polish. Set it with a transparent top coat. And the designs can be a mess, to begin with.

9. Coffee Swirls

Coffee Swirls

Use shades of off-white to chocolate brown to get a latte, mocha, and americano swirl on the nails. They can be of different parts and don’t need to be consistent.

10. Pumpkin Spice

Glittery gold, bright orange, and glittery white and pink are the perfect combination to represent Pumpkin spice on nails. This is the perfect example of fall nail designs. You can include all three in one nail or just one with glitter and finish with a glossy top coat.

11. Green and Orange

Green and Orange

The matte basil shade with orange designs is a perfect idea; they look so good together. Keep one or two nails monochrome.

12. Soft Red

Soft Red

These nail paints are more on the romantic side of fall. If you love fall and new work movies in fall, you’ll love a tamed and soft red. They even work for every nail type.

13. Dark Teal

Dark Teal

Now that we’ve turned to monochrome colors, a royal dark teal nail will go with every fall gathering. from the office to a party. You can add a matte or glossy touch to it, making it look perfect.

14. Fuschia Nails

Fuschia Nails

Next up, we have bright pink nails for the fall. This is basic but can be elevated in so many different ways. Add a hint of white and grey designs to keep the pink tones. And if you can match orange with pink, that’ll be more than enough.

15. Cinnamon Twist

Cinnamon Twist

Warm brown shades with different accents are something dreamy like the fall nail designs. Keep two nails on the brown side, and the rest can be put up to a marble design with a top gloss coat. The entire piece will resemble a latte swirl.

16. Fall to Winter

Fall to Winter

You can use shades of turquoise to represent winter and snow, and for fall, go with orange. One to one nail with each color is perfect for the trend. And to finish it all off, use some glitter and a glossy top coat.

17. Plum with Glitter

Plum with Glitter

This is one of those monochrome nails, but I add golden or orange glitter to them. They are dark and have a fall effect with orange tones to them. Glossy nails are more common in this design.

18. Orange Shimmer

Orange shimmer

Orange nails with a very glossy coat are perfect for fall. And this is a design you can just do at home. You need three gel colors: a base coat, orange gel, and a glittery top coat or tiny glitters.

19. French Orange Tips

French Orange Tips

These nails are perfect for Halloween and fall. Use a tiny brush to do the French tips and for the base, go for glossy gels.

20. Pastel Designs

Pastel Designs

Blue, pink, and white are the perfect combination for any fall nail design, so just use them as you like. Use painters’ tape to create patterns; you don’t have to worry about it being a mess.

21. Pastel Lilac

Pastel lilac

Lilac tips are not common, but they are so beautiful. It adds more hue than milky white gel polish, and the designs don’t have to be something of a professional level. And if you want something classy, just do a lilac French tip.

22. Orange Abstract

Orange Abstract

If you want some minimal designs on your nails, go by the stencils for designs and use a gel color to put them all up. Use pure orange to bring out the fall.

23. Flames


White flames combined with a French manicure are a step up for this fall. The flames look so cool and are not as overwhelming as the red or yellow ones.

24. Florals

A fundamental warm tone like yellow mustard or sunset orange and nude flowers is the best combination out there. The flowers don’t need to be precise, they can be just a few dots, but they need to represent fall. This is a very basic fall nail design.


25. Double Tip

Next, we have double-dipped or tip nails. You can pick either of the two strikingly distinct yet complementary hues. Instead of a square tip, use a circular one with the darker side on the exterior and the brighter side on the inside. Only cover one-third of the nails with this.

26. A Splatter of Fall

Neon is also for fall. And like in summer, instead of yellow, you can use an orange gel color in this case. Make random designs and keep the base and top transparent—just different splatter colors on your nails.

27. Vintage Plaids

If you have a favorite flannel for the fall that comes in many colors, then just replicate the colors on your nails. Use tape to draw straight lines or just draw them free-handedly. Skip or use some glitter.

28. Mixed Art

Different artists have their take on modern art; the same goes for nail painting. You can use thousands of colors and abstracts to draw something on a very small canvas. Mixed media arts are something to be inspired by even in the fall.

30. Gold Tips

King Midas will be proud of you when you do a shiny, gold French tip. The idea of such nail art is very sophisticated, and it can be something of a very trendy look. Make sure to prep your fingernails well before placing the tips.

31. Stars

Use a primary color as your base coat and do some stars with a very different color. For the base, choose a matte nude or pink, and for the stars, use golden or silver glossy gel polish.


32. Burgundies

Burgundy with very warm-toned glitter on top is perfect for channeling your inner self this fall. Use glittery golden or orange and use a shiny top coat.

33. Green

As for the monochrome trends, they are famous as anyone can pull them off. You can use bright green for the nails and wear them with many colorful rings to make them pop.

34. Sunset Ombre

Use red and orange for this. These are perfect fall nail designs, which can also be used in summer. You need to use a sponge for this sort of look. And at least two coats of paint. The nail paints should blend but maintain their hues.

35. Red Butterfly

If you asked me which is my favorite among them, I’d say the butterfly nails for the fall of 2022. An orange or red butterfly on a nude matte first coat is a dream; and the butterflies will pop, and one is enough for each nail.

36. Red Checkmate

Red chess board patterns are in for this fall as well. The designs are worth every cent, and they look gorgeous, honestly. This will go with any of the falls looks you’re going for.

Red Checkmate

37. Dots

If you are not looking forward to monochromatic nail paints, go for a basic design. Use the dot method. And as for the fall nail designs, we recommend using red or pink as the first layer and white or nude for the dots. Keep the designs small and end with a shiny finish.

38. Crystals

You can start with a basic french tip in these fall nail designs and then use a bunch of colorful crystals on the top. The idea is that it’ll change the design for the time being, and if you’re in a rush, then it is perfect too. But they might be a bit uncomfortable to carry on.

39. Art Inspired

This fall season is your time to shine if you’re a professional professional. Choose any of the art you like. Include bright mustard yellow and include some black lines. You can even create your art and present it on your nails.

40. Pink Tones

For these fall nail designs, you must apply a glossy light pink as the first layer. Then do a rounded French tip with bright shiny colors and make the tip cover one-third of the nails. Use a glossy top coat.

41. Black and White

Matte black and white will never go out of season. And for every black nail, do a bit of design with white and the same for white bases. To represent fall, stick with leaves and flowers.

42. Web and Pumpkin

Draw at least one pumpkin on one nail. And the rest should be just pure orange to get the ultimate Halloween-fall look. To jig up the fall nail designs with Halloween, use golden accents to draw tiny spider webs.

Web and Pumpkin

43. Abstract

This is the ultimate y2k fashion, and we’ve seen many fashion collections this year that had different colors, and those were bright too. Use various bright and not-so-bright colors to give your nails a fall feel.

44. French Fall

Instead of your regular floral French tips, you can start by using different bright colors to draw flowers on a very glossy nude gel nail polish layer. Use red, orange, yellow, green, and white to make the flowers pop.

45. Clouds

Use a nude or nude-pink first layer and then draw white clouds all over it. Finish off with a gloss coat.

46. Olive Gloss

If you’re into pointy nails, then these shades of green design are perfect for you. Keep some of the nails monochromes, and two of them should contain hints of olive, white, grey, and black designs with transparent layers.


Why Use gel polish for nail designs?

Here are some reasons why the traditional gel polish is better than regular nail polishes:
-It enhances the strength of your nails
-The gel polishes are non-porous and durable, and easy to control.
-The gel polish will not crack when your nails extend in length and will with splitting problems. 
-Gel polishes can be applied with just one layer.
-The gel polishes are chemical resistant.

What is the best gel nail polish brands?

Some of the best gel polish brands are:
1.Sally Hansen
6.Deborah Lippmann
7.Dior Vernis
8.Revlon Colorstay
9.Wet n Wild, etc.


Fall nail designs are something out of orange, red, green, and glitter. You can do it at home, but you’ll get much better results in a salon. Fall nails are sometimes a better reminder, even when you don’t notice them in person. You may use many tools to produce the best layouts, or you can just utilize monotone colors if desired. Everything is acceptable in the fall!

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