9 Funny Makeup Ideas to Captivate Anyone

Makeup has many creative elements, including funny makeup. The best way to get attention is to do it .These makeup looks will amaze you .

When you feel funny or even have a good laugh while making others laugh, the best way to showcase that laugh would be with makeup. People love it when someone’s funny, but for this year’s Halloween, you can be much more than the scarecrow and explore other options. And what’s better than exploring the funny makeup tricks around the world? When we think of over-the-top makeup looks, we usually envision someone meticulously working with all of the colors in the palette, and well, that is true artistry.

But makeup is supposed to be fun, so why not make the outcome of the makeup funny? Well, a person’s funny characteristics are nowhere near those of a troll, but they are nonetheless classified as such. Most of these funny makeups include making fun of themselves. And thus, we are in love with the output of funny makeup. So what exactly is the funny makeup trend?

The funny makeup trend started in Tiktok, where several people would show off their makeup fails. For example, messing up a simple eyeliner or even a mask. Well, they might not be very funny, but they certainly capture the person’s reaction, which will make it more fun. And then again, there are those makeup trends where the makeup itself looks really bad, and the person has the urge to piss them off. For example, you try an orange corrector and end up looking like Donald Trump. And this is just one example of amusing makeup.

The makeup is not done to make it look funny, but the reaction of the person who ended up with the result makes it very funny. The Internet is full of trolls and memes, but people who asked to be the meme content are funny to us. They like how the makeup looks so hilarious that they want the world to laugh with them. There’s a significant difference when someone is trying to be funny rather than disrespectful.

Makeup is not all about doing everything right and making no mistakes at all. However, they are not particularly elaborate. When you have a funny face going on, there’s a high chance that the makeup will turn funny, and vice versa. But when you are doing regular makeup, and it turns out different and weird, instead of being embarrassed about it, why not laugh at it? And this is all that funny makeup resembles.

Makeup fails can be a Halloween treat as well as a great way to scare parents. A few years back, one of my friends used white concealer on her brows and shouted at their parents that they bleached the brows. The mother almost had a heart attack, but for the rest of the family, it was a ridiculous joke. That is what comes to mind when you mention funky makeup. People using simple makeup products create a masterpiece that will make anyone turn in their graves.

The funny makeup might not be only about bad makeup fails, but there’s a huge significance to it. They are the memories it evokes. They make family and friends laugh, and the faces might be embarrassing for a while, but the laughs will stay. This article includes a bunch of funny makeup ideas for you to choose from.

9 Funny makeup explained!

Well, not all of the makeup that people do can be completely unraveled. Only the poet knows the mystery of their poems. So it’s difficult to imagine how the person ended up with such a funny face. But in this article, we’ll be including a bunch of funny makeup tutorials. And they are only there for you to be inspired by. However, you can practice it at home with your makeup. Here’s a look at some of our makeup fails and how people reacted to them.

  1. Too much space
  2. Avatar went awry
  3. Thick, thick brows
  4. Double eyes
  5. No blend makeup
  6. Too much bronzer
  7. Not really a funny makeup
  8. Way too much!
  9. Very artsy brows

1.Too much space

Too Much Space

When we think about brows, particularly brows from the 2000s, we see that people adored their thin brows. And this person made her brows so thin and so far apart that crossing them would require an overpass even if the distance was greater. For us, the funniest part would be that the person really looked fascinated when they took this selfie. The pout they made at the end says it all. The brows are mostly hand-drawn. And another thing about the look is the lashes on the ends of the eyes and the mascara flakes all over the face. And lastly, let’s give some time to her white lips. And with so many casualties, these looks are on our top list for funny makeup.

2.Avatar went awry

Avatar Went Awry

We can’t call it avatar makeup; they were all blue, but this gives us the baby between the Avatar and the Smurfs. The look is weird and hard to put into words. Let’s start with the complexion of the woman, white as in Elizabethan white makeup. And then there’s some green glitter over the brows, which are thin. And for the eyeshadow, deep blue eyeshadow is smothered all over the lid. The eyelids are just packed with shadows. Now that we think about it, maybe the woman used the eyeshadow base as a foundation. And for the lips, there is a mix of blue and glitter. And this harsh, unblended, one-line blue contour is also on the cheek. To finish it off, she added two tiny yellow and green snowflakes in the corners of the eyes. Maybe the look was inspired by Elsa.

3.Thick, thick brows

Thick Brows

Most women have stunning eyes. And then you look at the funny makeup side of the picture. Thick brows are the latest trend. And thus, people love bushy brows. And this woman took her busy-browed love to another level. She used the brow pomade and took the brow point almost to her scalp. Making this universe one of the universe’s mysteries. she also added some subtle mascara on her eyes, and maybe she didn’t love the bushy brows all along. The rest of the face looks pretty normal.

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4.Double eyes

Double Eyes

Well, this might be one of our job’s most epic and fun parts: funny rating makeup and explaining why it is fun. This person really turned the color palette upside down and did a blue-pink look. For starters, let’s talk about the eyes. She had two navy blue brows, two blue eyelids, and possibly two lower lash line courses. What’s more important is the placement of the lashes. She may have wanted to go with the 3D looks but failed miserably. The fake lashes have never looked this fake before. And having two symmetrical brows on top of each other is the least of your worries. And lastly, there are these baby pink lips that are significantly overlined. The pink blushes remind me of cotton candy. The only nice thing about this look is the nose rings.

5.No blend makeup

No Blend Makeup

Ever wonder what will happen to us when we don’t blend our shadows? The answer is that nothing will happen to us. We’ll live it and possibly post pictures on it. Let’s start with this amusing makeup, where we must say that the face is absolutely stunning. Even her highlight is making a statement. The brows and the lips look normal as well. And then about the eyelid: she must’ve wanted to go on with smokey eyes, but she kind of passed on that. She even made a sharp point with the eyeshadows. And lastly, the failure would be in the placement of her shimmers. She places the shimmery shadows at an angle, and they look thick. So we really don’t understand the meaning of it, but maybe it was not well blended, or maybe she just wanted to go with a thin line of shimmer on top.

6.Too much bronzer

Too Much Bronzer

For us, this look will remind us of the Cadbury chocolates that had both white and milk chocolate. Let’s start with the base of the makeup. Well, the face is not that bad. And then let’s just go to the contour. She might have used a little bit too much of the bronzer or a very muddy contour stick, and instead of highlighting the cheeks with blush, they did it with the contour and bronzer. And for the third jaw, the jaw contour was too high. And for the forehead, she wanted the forehead to go with the contour. And lastly, the nose contour is left unblended. Lashes, lips, and brows are fine. We have another theory: maybe she used a five- to six-shade darker foundation and then used concealer on the white parts. Who knows?

7. Not really a funny makeup

Not Really A Funny Makeup

Well, as much as we’d like to criticize this makeup, can you take time to appreciate how unhappy she looks with her overall makeup? Well, we can’t blame her; this was before the “no makeup” looks, so all of us were told to use all the products in the vanity at once. But with makeup, the main thing would be the imbalanced makeup look. Here the concealer looks a bit too weird, and the placement is not right. And for the eyes, the gray is not flattering. The main problem with this makeup is that everything is going down instead of up. The rest is fine.

8. Way too much!

Way Too Much

Well, for this look, even we have to shout. The look is airbrushed with Photoshop. The look might not be entirely bad, but as they photographed it, they did a bad job. First and foremost, we have nothing to say about the base because it is heavily airbrushed. And there’s really nothing to say for eons. But the neon blue liner on the bottom lash line might not be all that great for the under eyes. And they even look unblended. Why don’t they sound better? Well, just look at the color contrast between the lips and the eyes. And for the contour, it was way too dark. It’s like she used the same color for contour as her brows!

9. Very artsy brows

Very Artsy Brows

Some people are obsessed with thin brows, and we don’t blame them. There was an era of thin brows that people loved. And even today, all the midwestern moms would love their thin brows. And in this next look, we don’t have anything to say about the makeup but her brows. They remind me of balloons; we’re not sure which. But the brows are like a balloon at the beginning, and there’s this thin line after that. And they are not even unsymmetrical or hand-drawn. The rest of the face is fine, but the brows, though!


1. What are some of the funny makeup names?

The funny makeup names are not very enticing, but several brands came up with funny names for a product, and we are including some of them below:
1. Climax Mascara From Nars
2. Blush From Nars
3. Deep Throat Blush From Nars 
4. Afterglow Lip Balm From Nars
5. Better Than Sex Mascara From Too Faced
6. Lipstick 69 From Urban Decay
7. O-glow Blush From Smashbox
8. Underage By Mac
9. Creamshine Likable Lipstick By Mac
10. Tom Ford’s Fabulous Perfume

Final Thoughts

Not only is it funny makeup that fails, but it is also the reaction to the makeup. There have been so many things over the years; even when people try to be scary and wear bad makeup, they are labeled as funny. And that’s the beauty of makeup—no matter what you do, the makeup will grab attention. They sometimes get a little too much attention, but they’re not half bad. And this is why we want makeup to be funny rather than exhausting or trendy. At least someone is putting some effort into it. And that is why funny makeup videos are the best thing on the Internet for someone who is a makeup fan.

Key Points

  1. The comical makeup fad began on Tiktok, where various people would post pictures of their cosmetic blunders. They may not all be really amusing, but they do catch the person’s response, which adds to the pleasure.
  2. Comical makeup isn’t only about horrible makeup disasters, but it has a deeper meaning. They are the memories it brings back. They make relatives and friends laugh no matter what they do since the makeup draws attention. They receive a little too much attention at times, but they’re not half terrible.

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