How to Do Glitter Eye Makeup: Step by Step Guidelines

Everyday eye makeup seems archaic to many of us, and usually, in any event, we see most of the girls wearing ordinary eye makeup. So using ordinary eye makeup can’t make us different from others because so many girls wear them. That’s why today’s people opt for something different. They need to make themselves conspicuous among hundreds of people with glitter eye makeup. To make your eye look effortlessly, conspicuous glitter eye makeup might be a superb option for you these days.

Most of the girls use ordinary makeup on their eyes because, commonly, they consider glitter eye makeup not so easy task. But actually, applying glitter eye makeup or gold glitter eye makeup is not as difficult as many people think. In this article, I will show you the step-by-step procedure for applying glitter eye makeup. If you can deeply understand all these steps, you will be able to do eye glitter or make your eye makeup gold glitter in just minutes. So stay tuned.

What does glitter eye makeup mean and is glitter eye makeup safe?

Glitter eye makeup is one of the eye makeup methods that is getting overwhelming popularity worldwide these days. Glitter eye makeup makes our eyes more glamorous compared to other types of ordinary eye makeup. For this reason, when you apply any ordinary eye makeup that will not make your eyes effortlessly conspicuous that glitter eye makeup can do. This type of eye makeup is the best option for those girls who want to make their eyes sparkle. In other words, this eye makeup is the best option for increasing your glam factor. Due to this, if you want to make your eyes pop for going to any event, makeup eyes glitter, which will ensure a fantastic look and make your eyes effortlessly conspicuous among thousands of people. It may come to your mind- how it is possible to make eyes glittering with makeup, or is glitter eye makeup safe? Actually, glitter eye makeup is one of the common eye makeup methods now, and people apply glitter eye makeup by using makeup products that contain glitter. Simply put, you just have to apply glitter-containing makeup products on your eye skin, that’s all. And, if you can apply these makeup products perfectly on your eyes and remove them after returning home,n you can consider it 100% safe.

How to apply glitter eye makeup perfectly?

Still, glitter eye makeup is not so common around the world compared to other types of ordinary eye makeup. For this reason, girls are curious about it, and they search for how to put on glitter eye makeup or how to wear glitter eye makeup easily. In this stage, I am going to show you the step-by-step procedure of how to do glitter eye makeup easily.

1. Do common tasks and select essential products.

Do Common Tasks And Select Essential Products

Like other ordinary eye makeup, to make eyes glitter with makeup, you need to prepare your face skin first by cleaning your entire face. And you should choose different essential products depending on your eye type and eye look. You have to create smokey eyes for eye glitter makeup, and that’s why you have to arrange products for that. There are many glittery eyeshadows, and you may choose one from those. But keep in mind you have to choose the glittery eyeshadow which matches your skin tone; otherwise, you will not be able to make a natural-looking sparkling eye.

You have to choose three shades of the same makeup products for smokey eyes. Suppose you have to choose something creamy with glittery dark brown and light brown. The cream shade is great for brown eyes because it can make brown eyes pop. On the other hand, copper or sparkling gold goes better with girls who have blue eyes. But, if you don’t want to spend lots of time researching on that, then you may choose grey; because it can make your eyes easily smokey, and it goes well with different skin tones. Using different forms like powder, eyeshadow pencil, or gel, you can do eye glitter makeup, so you may choose one of them that you like. But, if you are new to doing glitter eye makeup, you should use multiple shades to experiment with what will be the best option for you.

2. Gather essential products and be prepared

Gather Essential Products And Be Prepared

When you can arrange all the things necessary for applying glitter eye makeup, then you should be prepared for applying and keep all the necessary things nearby your hand. You know you have to apply glitter eyeshadow on your eyelids and you may do so by simply your finger. But if you are not good at applying eyeshadow with your finger, you should choose a brush, sponge, or something like that, so keep these things near your hand. Keep some pieces of tissue nearby because they may be needed for cleaning up anything unnecessary. You should keep eye makeup remover near you because it may also be needed. If you don’t know how to remove glitter eye makeup easily, you should learn it first. Because it is not only necessary to remove the makeup permanently after returning to your home but may also be needed while applying your makeup because the wrong application may happen at any time, so if you do anything wrong while applying makeup, don’t continue the application rather you should remove it and then start over.

3. Apply primer before applying glitter eyeshadow

Apply Primer Before Applying Glitter Eyeshadow

You know, applying primer is one of the common methods of applying any eye makeup. It’s applicable for applying glitter eyeshadow as well. Like other types of eye makeup, you have to choose the right primer depending on your skin undertone, and your skin type is also a matter here. Suppose you have some skin complexities, then you should choose the primer depending on that. Ordinary type primer is enough for applying glitter eye makeup. You don’t have to choose anything extraordinary. You may buy primer from any departmental store, and it is usually available in different forms like gel, powder, or liquid. You may choose any form of primer that you think will be comfortable for you.

4. Base eyeshadow

Base Eyeshadow

Now after applying primer, you have to put base eyeshadow on your eyelids. With bass eyeshadow, you have to start applying glitter eyeshadow on your eyes. But for applying glitter eyeshadow, you must keep one thing in mind: you should use different shades. The reason is that different shades can create a dramatic look that only one shade cannot. You may choose charcoal grey shadow as a base eyeshadow. And applying this shadow with a medium brush might be perfect because, with such a tool, you will be able to control the layering perfectly.

5. Apply darker on your eye’s outer corner

Apply Darker On Your Eye’s Outer Corner

After applying base eyeshadow on your eyelids, you have to apply darker shades on the outer corner of your eyes. You should apply a slightly dark shade here because applying deep dark might not be perfect for glitter eye makeup or make your makeup eyes glitter. You have to apply such a darker shade because you have to create contour and this darker shade will do that. After that, you should apply a light shade to the inner corner of your eyelids. Because applying such a light shade will highlight both your eyelids and that’s necessary for eye glitter makeup and even for gold glitter eye makeup. By applying these shades, you may do some amazing things. For example, if you want to give your eyes a smaller look, you may do so by applying the dark shade further out onto both eyelids. And you may do such different things if you want to by only applying different shades on your eyelids.

6. Adding color to the crease

Adding Colour to the Crease

If you can create a smokey look using different shades, then you should apply the darkest eyeshadow, and the color of the dark eyeshadow will be the same as what you have applied on your outer eyelids. You may use just a makeup brush to apply a thin layer of this darkest eyeshadow. Keep in mind that you have to apply this eyeshadow to the crease (of both your eyelids). Adding more shadows is not the right way in this regard. Here you should apply first less than the required amount. After that, you may apply more if you think it is necessary. And most importantly, you have to blend the colors that you have applied to your eyelids. You know glitter eye makeup will provide a super dramatic look. To ensure a super dramatic look, you must blend the complementary colors perfectly. You may do this blending by using roughly your finger if you are an expert at doing eye makeup. Otherwise, you must use a makeup brush, but in every case, you must ensure one thing, blending the complimentary colors. Now come to the point – how you will be sure that you have been able to blend perfectly. If you can blend perfectly, then the sharp edges of different colors will not be easily understandable. In other words, you have to smudge different colors to have a smooth makeup look.

7. Do some tasks to your bottom eyelids

Do Some Tasks To Your Bottom Eyelids

To apply perfectly glitter eye makeup, you must also apply something on your bottom eyelids. It’s also necessary for providing your eye with a smokey look. Using gunmetal shade on your bottom eyelids will work better for a perfect glitter eye makeup look. Use a firm brush to apply a gunmetal shade on your bottom eyelids. And the brush should be smaller because it will allow you to control it perfectly. Using the brush, just apply the shade along the lower eyelid lines. After that, check your overall eye look standing before a mirror. If it seems to you that your eye makeup looks so severe, then you should add a light silver shadow. The reason is that using light silver shadow might lighten your overall eye makeup look. If everything is okay, then you may consider your glitter eye makeup perfectly completed.

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How to do gold glitter eye makeup?

Gold glitter eye makeup means ensuring a golden look through glitter eye makeup. Due to sparkling and being easily conspicuous many girls like gold glitter eye makeup, that’s also easy to do. You just need to use any golden eyeshadow that contains glitters. Some fashion-conscious girls look for light creases and dark creases through golden glitter eye makeup.

Light creases look subtle, though not unusually subtle, and better for any elegant dinner party or any family event. Dark crease goes better with wild nights, partying with buddies, or something like that. Golden glitter eye makeup with dark is more conspicuous and better for those who want to draw special attention from others. A good many girls also love bare creases that are good for any daytime event when you want to ensure a bold look. Commonly girls wear this glitter eye makeup for their workplace. For a bare crease with glitter eye makeup, you just need to put some glittery eyeshadow across both your eyelids, and at the same time, you don’t need to do anything for the rest of your eye skin.

Glitter eye makeup: real life story

Like other beauty-conscious people, I had an inclination to use eye makeup. Actually, doing different eye makeup and ensuring different looks was one of my favorite things to me when I was in my student life. Still, I have the inclination for that, but now I am able to do whatever I want to do. But when I was new to doing eye makeup, I couldn’t ensure the look I wanted. At that time, using glitter eye makeup was my favorite makeup, but I couldn’t apply it perfectly then. When I applied glitter eye makeup, it seemed that it was unnatural and looked a bit peculiar. 

Now I understand what the problem was. I actually didn’t choose the right makeup products and didn’t highlight my eyes perfectly. But I used makeup in an imperfect way for a long time and in that time, I searched for the perfect way to apply glitter makeup to my eyes. I repeatedly search online on how to put on glitter eye makeup or how to wear glitter eye makeup. After searching for a mentionable period, I found a makeup tutorial that suggested applying glitter eye makeup perfectly on brown eyes. As I have brown eyes, I started following the tips and tricks mentioned in that tutorial. It suggested using three shades of the same color and using a creamy shade to make brown eyes pop. And it also suggested that one should use an eyeshadow palette if she is new because newbies don’t know which color will be perfect for them. 

After thinking for a while, I planned to buy all the necessary things from a department store nearby, and I was mentally prepared to apply glitter eye makeup on my eyes on the same day. After buying things, I returned home in the afternoon; it was my holiday. Like other types of eye makeup, I applied primer first, and it was liquid primer. After that, I used glittering eyeshadow, and most importantly, I used different shades of that eyeshadow. And then, I applied slightly darker shades compared to the color of my eye’s outer corner. After that, I added some glittering colors to the crease of my eyes. And after finishing the task on my upper eyelids, I added some color to my bottom lids. Actually, there was almost no difference in makeup application compared to the method of makeup application I used then. But the difference was in the eyeshadow as I used glittering eyeshadow then and also highlighted my eyes with some glittering products. When all the tasks were completed, I stood before a mirror to check whether all the things were okay or not. At first sight, I could understand that I had been able to ensure the look which I had desired for a long time. Actually, on the day I applied the makeup not to go anywhere but to test whether I could do it or not. So I cleaned up my face and started applying glitter eye makeup the next day in the same way. Still, I use glitter eye makeup regularly, and I try golden glitter eye makeup most often and sometimes otherwise.

Kay Davis


1. What is needed for applying glitter eye makeup?

Actually, here you need to have all the makeup products that you would need in doing smokey eye makeup, but your eyeshadow should be a glittering one. And, keep in mind, you have to use three shades of the same color if you want to ensure a super smokey look through glitter eye makeup.

2. What shade is perfect for using glitter eye makeup on my brown eyes?

Actually, if you have brown eyes, then you should choose a cream shade. The reason is that green shade glitter eyeshadow can easily make brown eyes pop.

3. How to put on glitter eye makeup perfectly?

You have to follow a regular makeup process like preparing your face, applying primer, using eyeshadow, using other makeup products, or something like that. But, for glitter eye makeup, you have to use glitter eyeshadow and other highlighters.

4. How to apply loose glitter eye makeup without any complexity?

If you’re a pro at applying makeup products to your eyes, then you may apply loose glitter eyeshadow with your fingertips. Otherwise, you may use a smaller makeup brush with which you just have to brush your eyelids.

5. What can I do to make my eye makeup gold glitter?

Simply, you have to use some golden color makeup products on both your eyes, which have glittering effects. The other process of applying eye makeup will remain the same.

6. Is glitter eye makeup safe for everyday use?

Glitter eye makeup is one kind of makeup, and you need to use primer, eyeshadow, or other general makeup products here. However, if you use known & safe makeup products and don’t keep makeup on your face for an unusually long time, then you may consider it safe.

7. How can I apply gold glitter eye makeup perfectly?

There’s no special way to apply gold glitter eye makeup on eye skin. All the ordinary steps for applying eye makeup will be applicable here; you just have to choose the gold glitter eyeshadow.

8. How to remove glitter eye makeup?

Using any ordinary makeup remover is enough for removing glitter eye makeup. And, if you do anything wrong while applying makeup, then you may use tissues or something like that to correct your makeup application.

9. Is it safe to use eye glitter makeup for different types of eyes?

No matter whatever your eye type is, you may apply glitter makeup on your eye skin. If you have any skin complexity, then you have to be careful in choosing eye glitter makeup products.

10. How can I make my makeup eyes glitter, ensuring a natural look?

If you want to make your makeup eyes glitter and ensure a natural look, then you have to select makeup products that contain glitter, depending on your skin tone.

Final Words

Glitter eye makeup is not new worldwide though it seems a bit difficult to wear for the first time. But, if you can obey all the relevant tips and tricks, applying the glitter eye makeup will be so easy for you. Then you’ll be able to ensure different amazing looks with glitter eye makeup in just minutes.

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