GrandeLASH Vs. Latisse

GrandeLASH Vs. Latisse
There are many serums out there for lashes. GrandeLASH and Latisse are the best serums for eyelashes. What’s the best one?

The eyelashes are what define the eyes. Without it, the eyes will look naked and won’t look at all. But not everyone has long and thick eyelashes. That is why people search for a way to help them get longer and thicker lashes. The best way to help you get thicker lashes is to use a serum to help its growth. But because there are so many out there, people might be confused about which one to get.

The best eyelash serums are often considered to be GrandeLASH from Grande Cosmetics and the FDA-approved medication Latisse by Allergen Aesthetics. These are considered to be the gold standard for thicker and longer eyelashes. But which one is better? That is what we are here to find out! So let’s explore what these companies are and how they came up with the products and compare the two products in certain categories which can help us find out which one is better.

Brief Look into GrandeLASH

Brief look into grandelash

GrandeLASH is made by the Grande Cosmetics company founded by Alicia Grande. They have award-winning lines of serum packed filled with amino acids, vitamins, and peptides that boast lip and brow enhancement products. Alicia was the very first customer for her own company as she sought thicker eyelashes and came up with the company in 2008. What the company eventually came up with was the GrandeLASH product which is one of their best-selling products!

Ever since then, Grande Cosmetics has won numerous awards for brow and lip serums that have helped people all around the world. Their professionalism and effective products have led to the notoriety that has given them a large following. But what is amazing about the brand is that its first product is probably their best-selling product of all time! That is just how good of a product the GrandeLASH has come to be for eyelash enhancement.

Brief Look into Latisse

Where Grande Cosmetics is famous for its skincare products, Latisse comes from the pharmaceutical giant Allergen Inc., where Allergen Aesthetics makes the medication Latisse for eyelashes. The product itself was actually founded by accident from another Allergen medication. The medication for glaucoma from the company is called Lumigan. What people found from using this product was noticeably thicker lashes which prompted Allergen to figure out what caused this.

When they found the magic ingredient that helped made it possible, Allergen decided to make a medication specifically for hypertrichosis or improper eyelashes. Since then, the company has made a host of products for the Latisse application and it has become a mainstay for the company due to the great results that it provided! This medication was also founded and approved by the FDA in 2008 and directly rivals GrandeLASH since its inception.

Brief look into latisse

GrandeLASH vs. Latisse: Key Comparisons

Since both products were founded around the same time, people have always wondered which was better of the two. That is why I have decided to compare the two products and see which one is actually better! There are some key categories that I will be comparing GrandeLASH and Latisse to make the comparison as fair as possible. This is because one is a medication that requires a prescription while the other is a beauty product so it can be difficult to compare the two. So without further delay, let’s see how these eyelash enhancers go against each other!

Active Ingredients

Active ingredients

The very first thing to look at for these products is to look at the active ingredients that help to form thicker lashes in the first place. This will be the biggest comparison between them so let’s dive in slowly. The first thing to keep in mind when looking at the ingredient is its type which is the same for both of them. These active ingredients are called prostaglandin analog which helps the lashes grow during the growth period. But both these products use slightly different prostaglandin analog in their serums.

For GrandeLASH, it uses isopropyl cloprostenate as its main active ingredient. What this does is extend the anagen phase or growth period of the eyelashes which promotes more hair growth. It targets the follicles to make the lashes longer and thicker and cause more melanin deposition. It also affects the bulbs of the lashes to promote even more eyelashes to grow. For Latisse, it uses bimatoprost instead which works in much the same way.

The only difference between the two ingredients is that you get quicker growth with GrandeLASH than with Latisse. While the reasons are not known quite yet, the isopropyl cloprostenate works in GrandeLASH works a bit faster. Where you would see the effects of GrandeLASH in 4 weeks, Latisse would take about 6 weeks to see a noticeable difference in your eyelashes. For the full effect, GrandeLASH works in about 12 weeks or 3 months while Latisse might take around 16 weeks to 4 months.

The other ingredients in the Latisse are preservatives such as benzalkonium chloride and antioxidant in citric acid to help the lashes grow further. For GrandeLASH, it uses a whole host of beneficial ingredients such as amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and botanical antioxidants to help enhance the eyelashes.


When using GrandeLASH, it is quite easy! It is just like how you would be applying liquid eyeliner on your eyelashes. First, you will have to cleanse your face and eyelashes with water and then dry it. Then take the bottle of GrandeLASH and take out the applicator attached to the cap and apply one stroke over your upper eyelashes (not lower). You will have to do this once in the evening and let the serum dry for about 2 minutes.

For Latisse, the application is a bit different from GrandeLASH. You will have to use the separate applicator included with the medication. Add one drop to the applicator and then apply over your cleansed and dried upper eyelashes in one stroke only. If you think you have applied more than you should have, then take a cotton pad and remove any excess Latisse from around the eyes.


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Success and Side Effects

Success and side effects

The success of such a product can differ from person to person but we can get a good idea of how effective the product is when we see the reviews and success of different people who have used the product. Most if not all of the users of both products have said they had gotten thicker and longer eyelashes and started noticing the effects as little as 4 to 6 weeks of using the products. They also said that their eyelashes were well hydrated and were less likely to break as well. Some users also noticed that their lashes were considerably darker than before as well!

However, products like these do have some side effects to it even with proper formulation. What most people noticed with GrandeLASH is irritation around the eyes. This was probably the most common side effect that users had faced with the product, along with pain, redness, and a considerable amount of swelling along with it. The lesser side effects with GrandeLASH were darker eye circles around the eyes and hyperpigmentation. But what would be the strangest change that very few users had faced was the changing of their irises. As the product has no medical testing done to it, it was probably the active ingredient that changed the eye color of the user, which is more or less irreversible in nature.

For the Latisse, there were more or less the same type of side effects of pain and eye irritation that people had faced. But what was interesting with Latisse was the darkening around the eyes was more pronounced than in GrandeLASH, where the irises faced the same issue. Some even reported having hair growth around areas where the product was not applied as well! However, these extraordinary side effects were faced by very few users.

Availability and Convenience

This is probably the most deciding factor when choosing between the two products. As GrandeLASH is labeled as a beauty product, you can easily find it at local stores or purchase it very easily from Grande Cosmetics online stores or other sellers like Amazon. However, the same can’t be said for Latisse. As it is a medication, you will need to get a doctor’s prescription to even think about getting the product itself! Even if you were to purchase it online, you would have to show proof from a doctor who has prescribed the medication for you. That means Latisse is only available in pharmacies making it less convenient to buy and restock when you are finished with the medication. GrandeLASH also comes with 3 different sizes in the stock that you want a 6-week supply, a 3-month supply, and a 6-month supply making it easy to buy however much you want. This is what Latisse lacks in terms of convenience as you will need a new prescription to buy more!

Availability and convenience


When it comes to the cost of GrandeLASH, it is quite less compared to Latisse. This is probably because GrandeLASH is a beauty product that requires less precision and testing when compared to a medication like Latisse. Then there is the cost of the applicator involved with Latisse because you cannot apply it directly to the eyelashes. You will need to buy a separate applicator for it which drives up the cost even more. For GrandeLASH, the applicator is part of the container that comes with the product. The cost of a 2ml or a month’s supply of GrandeLASH costs about $68 while Latisse costs $132 to buy a month’s supply! The applicator themselves cost around $15 and a doctor’s appointment will also cost you some more money, all of which are separate from the actual product itself! So Latisse is considerably more expensive than GrandeLASH.

So now that we are done with comparing the two products, let’s decide the winner between the two!



1. Is there another product than Latisse?

Other than GrandeLASH, there is Revitalash which works very similarly to both Latisse and GrandeLASH.

2. Can you use Latisse with eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can! The eyelash extension will not interfere with how the Latisse medication works on your actual eyelashes.

3. Who cannot use Latisse?

Unfortunately, Latisse cannot be used by those who are under the age of 18 as a doctor will not provide you with the necessary prescription to buy the product.

4. Can I continue using GrandeLASH?

After the initial 3 months, you should use GrandeLASH about 3 to 4 times a week for maintenance, otherwise your eyelashes will revert back to how they used to be.

5. Does GrandeLASH cause hyperpigmentation?

The hyperpigmentation caused by GrandeLASH only occurs around the eyes to make the skin darker than it was before.

Final Thoughts

When deciding the winner between GrandeLASH and Latisse, it can be a difficult choice. Both products are able to do the same thing whereas GrandeLASH works a bit quicker than Latisse. The side effects are very similar as well and the ingredients are of the same type. The defining factors for the winner between the two products are the cost, availability, and convenience of the product. GrandeLASH excels in all these categories, where it costs less, is more readily available, and is very convenient to use. Latisse on the other hand has additional costs along with the product and can only be obtained from the pharmacy after getting a prescription for it.

Overall, if you were to choose between the two products, GrandeLASH is the easier choice than Latisse for very similar results at an earlier time!

Key Points

  • GrandeLASH is made by the cosmetics company Grande Cosmetics after the owner wanted an eyelash serum in 2008.
  • Latisse is a medication made by the pharmaceutical company Allergen after the drug got FDA approval in 2008.
  • There are many key comparisons to make between GrandeLASH and Latisse, where their active ingredients and effects are mostly the same.
  • However, where they differ is the cost, availability, and convenience. That is where GrandeLASH is the clear winner.
  • Overall, if you were to choose between the two products, GrandeLASH is the easier choice than Latisse for very similar results at an earlier time!

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