10 Most Fashionable Hair Part in the Middle Hairstyles Idea In 2023

When it comes to hair styles, hair part in the middle is a timeless classic. It’s easy to do and add some flair to your style.

To all fashion conscious people, the hair part in the middle is now a dreamy thing. You may do so, no matter what type your hair is- straight, textured, or others. Though there are some differences in ways of doing this style, like ways to wavy hair parted in the middle or black hair part in the middle.

But, you’ll inevitably be able to do so if you follow the suitable options. Middle part hair is not only attractive, but it seems honest and trustworthy, and it’s a many-time proven fact. So, here I’ll show you- how you part your hair in the middle, following some easy ways.

What is hair part in the middle?

We generally comb our hair, but some part of our hair is on one side-left or right. But it is always trendy to part hair in the middle, creating two separate divisions on both sides. The hair part in the middle means this style- through combing creating separate parts of hair at the right and left sides. Men and women of all ages can do this style- they need to follow the right ways.

When choosing a hair part in the middle ?

When Choosing A hair Part In The Middle

Some people are confused about what face shapes can pull off a middle part because many of us think that face shape is a matter that we must consider to make our hair part in the middle. At any time and with any nature of your hair, you may choose the style- hair part in the middle. There’s no binding that you must have a particular shape of the face to part your hair in the middle. But, if you have a bit of a symmetrical face, that will be good for you. Many suggest that an oblong face is the best for parting the hair in the middle as it can create a round illusion. But, even if you have an oval face and your hair is straight & sleek, then it is also perfect for you.

benefits of maintaining the hair part in the middle

Should I Part My Hair In The Middle

Maintaining the hair part in the middle has some obvious benefits, and it can be understood at first sight. Thanks to its aesthetic aspects, most celebrities maintain hair parts in the middle- if you run a study, you’ll get the point. There’s an excessive number of searches worldwide writing how to black hair part in the middle; short hair parted in the middle with bangs or something like that. Now I’m going to describe why you should part your hair in the middle.

The middle parting of your hair will surprisingly complement your face shape symmetry. It is also true that elongating our face is possible with hair parted in the middle.

Sometimes we must hide issues like hair loss, thin hair, or something else. Doing the hair part in the middle, you’ll be able to conceal these things excellently, and it’s often proven fact.

Face framing is so essential to obtain a super-looking oval shape, face framing is so necessary, and the middle parts can do this fantastic job. Another mentionable benefit of the middle hair part is that it will give you a youthful look, so one of the best options to hide your age is to maintain the black hair part in the middle.

Hairstyles for middle part hair

Actually, what you should follow depends on what style you like and the nature of your hair. For example, some people like to comb straight, but others like to comb back, so, inevitably, ways of styling the middle part of hair are not the same for all. So now I will show you different ways you’ll understand how to start parting your hair in the middle, depending on your current hairstyle and the nature of your hair.

  1. Parting by combing back
  2. With curtain Bangs
  3. With curtain bangs & undercut
  4. With bro flow
  5. Fringe shape for wavy hair
  1. Long straight hair’s middle parting
  2. Hair part in the middle with windy fade
  3. Bob cut for long hairs
  4. Hair twisting
  5. Middle parting with blunt cut

1. Middle parting by combing back

Middle Parting By Combing Back

Combed-back hair is the perfect style to get a super put-together look. This style comes in handy even if you want to ensure your polished look for any event or ceremony. It is slinking back your hair at both sides of your head, parting equally. For this hairstyle, comb your hair towards the front side when your hair is wet, after a bath, or for any other reason. After that, slick back your hair at both sides equally and dry your hair. It will take only 2 minutes, more or less, and using wide-tooth combs; you may do it quickly.

2. Hair part in the middle with curtain Bangs

Hair Part In The Middle With Curtain Bangs

It is a well-known flattering & versatile style of- how do you part your hair in the middle? Most impressive is that this style (curtain bangs) applies to different hair textures, so your texture is not a matter here. Instead, it indicates that your hair will be extended on your head top and a bit short on both sides. Of course, short hair parted in the middle with bangs is also possible, so how long you’ll make that’s up to you. To do this, instruct your barber to keep long hair (touching your nose) at the front and keep only an inch long in other parts. You don’t need to use anything for straight hair, but for curly hair, using any styling cream is necessary to flourish the hairstyle.

3. Parting in the middle with curtain bangs and undercut

Parting In The Middle With Curtain Bangs And Undercut

An undercut is necessary to bring a modern twist in the middle parting with curtain bangs. There are similarities between the curtain bang style and this style as here you’ll have long hair on the front, precisely like curtain bang. The difference is that beneath the curtain, shaving back your hair is necessary (after buzz cut partially). In this case, the exact middle part of your hair will flourish a bit. Some use salt spray pumps to get the perfect undercut look; you may also try so.

4. Middle parted hair with bro flow

Middle Parted Hair With Bro Flow

If you like long hair, this style will surely be the right one for you as it can provide you with a cool look. Bro flow, in terms of your hair, is the brushing away sitting off your face, keeping your hair equally on both sides. Styling is not essential for bro flow as it will take on the natural shape of your hair. You may try this style no matter your hair quality, but textured hair is super for this style.

5. Fringe shape for wavy hair

Fringe Shape For Wavy Hair

Many people like wavy hair- some people have naturally wavy hair, and some people artificially make this type of hair. If your hair is a bit wavy, you may choose this style to show off your relaxed look. First, cut your hair, so the most extended hair reaches both ears. But, if you love medium cuts, then it is necessary to make your hair chin-length. With this haircut, comb your hair, keeping the same portion of your hair on both sides. If your wavy hair seems unruly to you, then you may use salt spray or conditioner that will be enough for taming your hair.

6. Long straight hair’s middle parting

Long Straight Hair’s Middle Parting

If you love long-length hair and your hair is straight, then you may try this style. It will require less effort. But, indeed, it will represent your glossy look, and many people like this look. You must comb your hair on both sides equally, and in that case, hair will be on your right and left cheek. If you comb your hair when your hair is wet, you’ll be able to do it quickly. But there’s one problem with this style- if you do something hurriedly, hair may come to your front, like on your nose or eyes.

7. Hair part in the middle with windy fade

Windy Fade

The style value of this windy fade is so high all the time and in all the corners of this world. But, to do this style, you’ll have to have long hair on your head-top that can touch your ears. And trim your hair at the back of your head and the area surrounding your ears. Now with salt spray or something like that, make your hair soft. And then comb your hair to keep your long hair at the head-top at both sides of your head, parting in the middle.

8. Bob cut for long hairs

Bob Cut For Long Hairs

Male bobs are beautiful if your hair can touch the chin-bottom. It is gender-neutral because men and women can do this hairstyle. But to bob cut, you should have straight hair or a bit wavy hair. You may do a bob cut with curly hair, but you must use something to make your hair soft. Bob cut means cutting hair straightening around your head in a way that will not be longer than your shoulder.

9. Hair twisting

Hair Twisting

It is such a hairstyle that many youngsters like, and it will be surprisingly flattering if you can do it perfectly. It will be super easy for you if your hair is naturally wavy or curly. It looks like a hair part in the middle and some twists at your head’s right and left sides. You may do hair twisting at home by binding hair twists when wet. You have to prevent the twist breakage, and it’s the main thing in hair twisting.

10. Middle parting with blunt cut

Middle Parting With Blunt Cut

This hairstyle is suitable for college or university goers and can ensure a sophisticated look. Having straight hair is necessary for doing this hairstyle comfortably, and using oil, or something wet, will make the process easy. Here you have to keep longer hair at the head-top and trimmed hair at the backside and beside your ears. Creating a straight line by cutting longer hair equally is the main feature of blunt cuts. The difference between this style and windy fade is this straight line. The long hair in this style will typically touch the eyebrow and ensure your youthful look.

How to part curly hair in the middle?

Indeed, making part for curly hair is not as easy as straight hair, so it is not a familiar scene- curly hair parted in the middle. But using some easy methods, you may part your curly hair the way you like.

If your hair is clamped together, you should gently use your fingers to form part in the middle of your head or the area you like. This way, you’ll be able to part your hair as you like without breaking the clamp.

To move our curly hair, we often use tail combs, and that’s effective, at least to some extent. But harshly combing your hair may cause severe harm, so you should make your hair wet at first. If you use a tail comb when your hair is wet, you’ll easily be able to participate as you like.

Suppose you don’t do anything after making a part once. Then, there’s a good chance it may return to the curl position again. So, if you have made the part in the middle of your head, you should use a hair dryer. If you dry your hair when it is wet, then it is likely that the part will not move, even after hours.

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How to start parting your hair in the middle?

How To Start Parting Your Hair In The Middle

The hair part in the middle takes only some minutes, but some pre-works are necessary. It would help if you planned at first what style would be the best for you the hair part in the middle doesn’t include only one thing. There are many styles like windy fade, bob cut, etc. These hairstyles indicate that you’ll part your hair in the middle of your head.

Suppose you have curly hair, and you’re now young; hair twisting might be the best option for you. But, if you are a bit older, and your hair length is a bit long, then long straight hair’s middle parting may be perfect for you. So, just study and select what hairstyle will suit you and then cut your hair in that way.

Now, after bathing or spraying something wet in your hair, you may start parting your hair. At this point, many of us become confused about how we can select the middle of our heads. Some suggest using a mirror to select the middle point, but from my experience, I can say it’s almost ineffective. However, if you hold a comb on your nose and drag it a bit above, then you’ll be able to find the middle of your head.

After finding the middle, comb your hair by keeping equal parts on both sides. That’s all. It may take a few minutes, but it depends on your hair’s nature. For example, less time and effort are needed for straight black hair part in the middle compared with parting wavy hair. If someone has wavy hair parted in the middle, he must spend at least 5 minutes doing the part perfectly, but for straight hair, 2 minutes are enough.

Hair part in the middle hairstyles: real life story

For many years I was a bit anxious about my hair’s nature as it’s curly, and it was difficult to comb. For that reason, I haven’t followed any hairstyle for quite a long time. Even I search for lessening the curly nature, but didn’t find any suitable solution. But, I loved long hair and still I love it, and that’s why But when I searched for a solution for curly hair, one thing crossed my mind- how can I make my curly hair stylish. Then after searching for some days I found out that a bob cut with hair part in the middle may be suitable for me as I have long hair. One of the advantages of bob cut is that less effort is required to maintain the bob cut. When I selected this hairstyle, then one holiday morning, I went to a male hair salon for a bob cut. Now, after every bath I just need to comb my hair for less than 2 minutes, that’s enough. Now I am satisfied with my hairstyle and I don’t have to pay excessive attention to maintain my hairstyle.

Mary Fisher


1. What extra chore do I have to do to make wavy hair parted in the middle?

Just one thing you need to do if you have wavy hair then you should make your hair wet first, then you may start combing. If you comb your hair immediately after bathing, that will not seem problematic to you.

2. Is it okay as a hairstyle- black hair part in the middle?

The colour of your hair is not a matter to be considered for an attractive hairstyle. Black hair part in the middle is so common now, so, depending on the nature and your inclination you may select your own style, mind it- every style is attractive to some people.

3. Is it possible to make short hair parted in the middle with bangs?

Actually bang indicates that you should have longer hair at your head top and shorter at the backside. Keeping this comparison perfect, you may make your hair short, that’s not a matter. It cannot be ignored that short hair parted in the middle with bangs is also a well-known hairstyle.

4. How can I ward off the unruly nature of my hair?

If it seems to you that your hair is not so easy to comb, or easy to make hair part desirably, then you may use hair gel, oil, or something like that. Besides using these things, you may apply spray on hair immediately before combing, it’s also effective.

5. How do you part your hair in the middle if your hair is curly?

Making part in the middle is easily possible, even if your hair is curly. Just you need to comb your hair gently when it’s a bit wet, that’s all.

6. Can I select a different hairstyle after maintaining one hairstyle for some days?

You may do so, it’s not problematic, and it’s not harmful at all for your hair. The reason is that the haircut cannot affect the hair, so you may select a different one if you like.

7. Is a middle part better than a side part?

It is true that a good number of people love the side part, but it is similarly true that their number is less than the people who part in the middle. For a smarter and trustworthy look, the middle part is great and that’s why most celebs love the middle part.

8. How to start parting your hair in the middle when it is dry?

Actually, you can easily do so if your hair is straight, otherwise you should not try this. If it becomes necessary for you and your hair is curly, then try as gently as you can.

9. Is the middle part better for everyone or people of different ages?

If you have an oblong face then the middle part is the best hairstyle for you. But for people with heart-shaped or square faces, hairstyle specialists suggest a side part- here age is not a matter to be considered.

10. Is it true that following the same type of combing may cause hair loss?

It may happen if you comb harshly in the same place again and again every day. But, if you comb gently, it is almost certain that hair loss will not happen.

Final words

The hair part in the middle is essential because it can flourish your face beauty; it seems trustworthy. But this style will not require much time, just some minutes a day. There are so many benefits in the middle hair part, which is why it is becoming popular daily. So, select an attractive hairstyle and take part in the middle. Certainly, that will be the best natural ornament, which is better than a million-dollar diamond.

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