How to Do Old Hollywood Waves Wedding Hair?

Whether you’re getting married or just looking for a new look, old Hollywood waves are an easy way to change up your hair style.

Two things come to mind when we think about the old Hollywood waves: the wedding hair and the red carpet looks. Most people would not want to go with the old Hollywood waves because they are difficult to achieve and take at least an hour to complete. They are more complicated than regular blow dries and waves and more difficult to execute. Another thing about the Hollywood wave is that you can’t always get it right at home. And most of the Hollywood wave comes with at least ten steps of tutorials. So, who wants to spend three hours on a hairstyle when blow-drying the hair takes about 15 minutes?

But the elegance and grace of the Hollywood waves are very dreamy. So how to do old Hollywood waves wedding hair? You might want to begin with a curl holder spray and then section the hairs. This way, the hair will hold the curls. Section from the ears and always use diagonal lines with sections. Start from the bottom curling section, wrap them up around the curler, and do a loose wave. Hold the curling iron diagonally and towards your face.

The hair should be twisted in the same direction. And for the other side, face the iron on the opposite side. Let the curls sit for some time, and brush them gently. Most brides prefer an updo or a beachy curl look for their wedding hairstyle. But how about making everything glamorous? That’s when you’d see the old Hollywood waves for wedding hair. The old Hollywood waves began in the early 1960s and lasted until the 1980s.

Old Hollywood waves can be customized and made to look different according to the bride, and they can be bejeweled with different jewelry pieces that might be a good part for the brides and all the ladies in the bridal party. One of the best things about the old Hollywood curls is that they are versatile and customized. They can be turned into beachy waves or just go with defined curls or even the fluffy defined curls, so everything would look great.

The best thing about the old Hollywood waves for wedding hair is that they look good from the front and the back. They have a face-framing stance in the front, and in the back, they have a very defined curly texture. With all of the running and jumping around on your wedding day, the old Hollywood wave will last. Your stylist will just have to set the curls with some hair spray, and you are good to go. And there is no puff or tagline on the curls, so they are very easy to pull off and won’t make the hair look over the top. The old Hollywood waves for wedding hair are dramatic on their own, so consider how much jewelry you will use on the hair.

The old Hollywood waves

The Old Hollywood Waves

There’s no specific timeline on how the old Hollywood waves started. But it was brought to Hollywood by actresses Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth in the 1940s. And the world went mad after the hairstyles. And they tried their own version of the hair. In Hollywood, the old Hollywood waves are not so old. Celebrities like Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey, and Jessica Chastain love the Hollywood waves. Blake Lively even presented herself at the Met Gala of 2022 for “In America: An Anthology of Fashion.” And these words desired the old Hollywood glitz. So the celebrities delivered.

Blake Lively wore her beautiful, defined Hollywood waves as the event’s hostess. And Jessica Chastain rocked her red Hollywood waves on a movie premiere red carpet. And for Lana Del Rey, this is her signature hairstyle that she wears all the time. They were also for the glamor that the old Hollywood waves in wedding hair provided. They are ideal for engagement parties as well as the rest of the wedding party. These hairstyles are groomed to be curly, sexy, and precise. As a result, they must be our favorites among all the brides out there.

The styling methods for the Old Hollywood waves are two:

  • Pin curls
  • Curling tools

So you can go either way with the curls. But some hair stylists love to include both of these methods. The pin curls are the old method, and these are for regular people who don’t have a curling iron at home. And for the curling iron method they are used mostly by hair stylists and tend to last longer than pin curls.

Old Hollywood wedding hair ideas

We’ll include some wedding hairstyles for old Hollywood waves here. These are just a modified version of the Hollywood waves.

Soft Waves, Bejeweled Hollywood Waves, Headbands

Soft waves

Well, for this look, the bride will feel the volume and the curl at the same pace. They will add volume to the hair, and each curl will be separated from the other. This way, the hair will be polished and can be paired with simple jewelry. With long hair, the soft Hollywood waves are a perfect take.

Bejeweled Hollywood waves

This would be ideal for pinning pins or other hair accessories to the hair. Mostly, the hair accessory would be placed on one side of the hair, giving the hair more of that volume and making the pieces part of the waves.


When you want to wear headbands instead of a long veil, or even for a reception, the headbands should be perfectly aligned with the hair. A fluff on top of the hair does not look particularly flawless on the hair. So going with long, loose curls with headbands would make more sense.

20s Curls, S Waves, Cascading Curls

20s curls

When you still want the old Hollywood waves, nothing too defined like the 20s curls will be the perfect thing to have. This will give the bride’s hair a retro look, and the bride will also have a very soft look. The hair will look natural yet glamorous.


Well, this might be the best take on the old Hollywood waves. This is the perfect Veronica Kake hair. They tend to last all day long, and they might have a bit too much setting spray.

Cascading curls

Well, they might not look like the old Hollywood waifs, but they certainly make a statement. Here, the hair could be in the front or in the back. The curls will start at half the length of the hair and won’t be as tight as the Hollywood waves.

Center Part Hollywood Waves, High-gloss Hollywood, Retro Curls

Center part Hollywood waves

The old Hollywood waves are mostly side-part curls. When you choose center-parted curls, the curls are defined, but they may also make an effort to highlight your jewelry, particularly the earrings.

High-gloss Hollywood

You can switch to the more classic version for the old Hollywood waves and go with glossy and shiny curls. Some sprays may restore the shine, but there will also be large, swooping waves.

Retro Curls

These are perfect for those with shoulder-length hair. If you’ve seen Bridget Bardot, then you might have a clear idea of what I’m speaking of. Here, all of the curls are going in the same direction all over the head. And as the hair was brushed out, they all lay in the same direction.

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How to do old Hollywood waves wedding hair?

Well, there are two different ways to pull off the old Hollywood waves for your wedding hair. First would be the curling iron method, and next would be the pinning method.

Using a curling iron

Using A Curling Iron

They are mostly used on brides and tend to last a lot longer. And most likely, with all the setting sprays afterward, they will last all night. Here are the steps for doing old Hollywood waves with a curling iron:

  • Use a texturizing spray on wet hair. Instead, you can also use a volumizing mousse on the hair. Apply some texturizing spray on the roots as well.
  • After applying a heat protectant to the hair, blow-dry it. For the roots to get some volume dry in different directions.
  • Use a holding spray for the curls to hold on to.
  • Part the hair using a rattail comb and section the strands with clips.
  • Begin with small sections of hair and a 1 1/2-inch curling iron, curling the hair while holding the iron horizontally. Keep the hair for some time, and then release it.
  • Once the hair is curled, take a small pin and coil it up before securing it to the head. Use small clips or bobby pins to do so.
  • Start from the bottom layer of the hair and then go up.
  • Let the curls cool down, and then use some setting spray on the curls. And then, let the soap dry. And then, remove the clips and take off the hair.
  • Brush the curls with a large brush, or just use your fingers.
  • Secure the side of the hair with a clip and use a shine spray all over the hair. Add more accessories, to sum up.

Pin-curled method

Pin Curled Method

This is one of the oldest ways to do an old Hollywood curl, and most midwestern moms still do it. They do not include any iron tools and will last a long time. Here are the steps:

  • Start with wet hair. The hair shouldn’t be drenched but just wet.
  • Part the hair
  • There are two different types of pin curls. The first would be the ones that were pinned flat, and the next would be the ones that stood out. The first ones are used in the top and first two rows of the head, and the last one is used on the back of your head.
  • Begin by curling the hair one inch from the top of your head. With the front curls, lay it flat on your head. And do the same with the other strands. And when you push to the next row, you might want to go in the opposite direction. And the third row would be opposite the second row.
  • Use some hair spray on top of the head once you are done with curling.
  • Wait for the curls to dry completely. You can Jeep them for hours.
  • After taking off the curl, brush your hair out and put some spray or serum on it.


1. Can old Hollywood waves for wedding hair be done with black and blonde hair?

The old Hollywood waves can be done with any hair color and any hair type.

2. Can old Hollywood waves for wedding hair be done with short hair?

Yes, they can be done on short hair, and you can do it when the hair is in your ear line.

Final Thoughts

The old Hollywood waves for wedding hair are a glamorous take on traditional hairstyles, and they can be placed between vintage and retro hairstyles. They will look great with your wedding’s soft glam or even with a red lips. They will even pair up nicely with smoky eyes. These waves are ideal for a beach, ranch wedding, or even for saying your vows in a church. They look good with white, red, or black wedding dresses and complement all the jewelry you are pulling off. The inspiration for the old Hollywood waves comes from Hollywood, so you might well expect all the drama and all the glamor, but do talk to your makeup artist about the look you’re going for. This way, you can even pull off a bright loom for the wedding.

Key Points

  1. There is no definitive timeframe for when the old Hollywood waves began. However, it was introduced to Hollywood in the 1940s by actresses Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth.
  2. Curling irons are mainly used on brides because they stay much longer. And, with all the setting sprays used afterward, they should last all night.
  3. The Pin-curled technique is one of the oldest ways to achieve an old Hollywood curl, and it is still used by most midwestern parents. They have no iron tools and will endure a long time.

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