How Can I Make My Grey Lipstick Look Darker? -7 Pro Tips and Tricks

Want to know how to make your grey lipstick look darker? Read on to discover the secrets behind the shades of grey.

Grey lipsticks are not one of those conventional colors like pink or red, and again, the question of how I can make my grey lipstick look darker arises from the fact that the tint is not enough. Shades of pink, red, and purple are some of the most commonly used shades. Where grey lipstick ultimately gives off a gothic vibe. Still, a grey lipstick is worth trying as it supports a monochrome look. Even wearing a very loud outfit, a grey lip will take the loudness away from your face. If we think about grey lipstick, the first thing that comes to mind is the corpse bride.

To make grey lipstick darker, you might want to add a darker lip liner on the lips first and then make the lipstick dark. Or use a black pencil liner or a brow pencil to outline the lipstick, and it’ll give more tint to the sheer grey. And lastly, you can mattify a grey lipstick by blotting it with powder. And repeat the process sometimes, so you have a thick layer of lipstick, and the grey will come through.

So, if you’re planning on wearing grey to a Halloween party, a costume event, or even a cosplay, those grey lipsticks might be just the thing. But no one wants to buy a ton of grey lipstick if the shade doesn’t match you. So the question remains, how can I make my grey lipstick look darker?

In this article, we’ll go along the path of the methods that I try to make my grey lipstick darker and maybe add some well-researched techniques that other people use. It’ll ensure that the grey lipstick you own has the perfect opacity you require. So stick around until the end to find out how I can make my grey lipstick look darker.

Is grey lipstick the new trend?

Is Grey Lipstick The New Trend

Gray lipsticks are one of those products that have been around for a while. Brands invented new formulas, and beauty influencers added grey to their regular makeup. But the idea of buying grey lipstick isn’t convincing as you’re only going to wear the grey once or twice a year. But still, it is something that should be in a collection. The idea of grey lipstick comes from the fact that it looks deathly. Lipsticks and colors are supposed to bring light to the face, and grey lipstick will do the exact opposite. Even black lipstick will attract attention, but grey lipstick is synonymous with boredom.

A deathly cool gaze is something that can only be loved in a particular environment. And this is why grey is often regarded as a gothic or vintage color. However, during Y2K fashion or at the start of 2009, models like Iman and popstar Kesha wore grey on runways and at events. And later, the trend lived on when Mac Cosmetics came out with their version of grey. Mac’s lipstick was released on Black Friday, hence the name Grey Friday. Even the well-known cosmetics company Estée Lauder created its version of grey. The colors were released as color and brand-exclusive items.

But does grey lipstick suit the fashion moment of 2022? The answer is yes and no. For the regular public on the road, grey lipsticks are too daring. You’d instead choose a mauve or a purple as your lipstick rather than go for grey. But celebrities love to play with grey. And if the theme requires runways, they will create a considerable sensation for grey lipsticks. But in general, grey will be too daring to wear.

To wear grey, you need to choose the entire outfit, hair, and makeup accordingly. You cannot just run and wear grey and look good. You might, but why not prepare for a very daring look? So what is the perfect makeup to pair with grey lipstick? It depends on the color of the fit and the event. But we’d say let the grey shine and do a flawless base, keeping the eyes clean with just a hint of mascara. You can go heavy with contour. Avoid blushing.

Grey is definitely a statement piece. You cannot put different colors on the eyes and put grey on the lips. Even when you put black smokey eyes paired with grey, the color will look very dull at a glance. And it might even look flushed out. But if that’s the look you’re going for, then it might be a perfect way.

How to find the right shade of grey lipstick?

Before we get into how I can make my grey lipstick look darker, let us first discuss why you might want to get the lipstick a little darker. If the lip color makes you look blurred, you might want to go for a darker lipstick. As for grey lipstick, it tends to make a face look dead. But with the right amount of grey, you can get the look of “deathly cool.” As a result, we must include methods for selecting the appropriate shade of grey for you.

Makeup counters tend to be an overwhelming problem, and if you’re buying online, you have a meager chance of getting the perfect shade of grey lipstick. So here we are, including some ways to select the ideal shade of grey lipstick.

Choose the right skin tone and undertone

Choose The Right Skin Tone And Undertone

To get any makeup product correctly, you must determine your undertone first. Before that, you might want to determine what kind of skin tone you have. Your lipsticks will look very different according to your tones. You might have fair, light, medium, tan, or dark skin for skin tones. And as for undertones, you can have a warm, cool, or neutral undertone.

  • With neutral and medium skin types, one can get away with any lipstick and any shade of grey lipstick.
  • With warm undertones, you need to find grey lipstick that is on the brown side.
  • And with a cool undertone, you want to go for a blueish grey lipstick.
  • The presence of red and yellow is prominent in the warm tones of grey.
  •  And with cool-toned grey, blue,e, and gree, they are present.

Choose a darker lipstick

Choose A Darker Lipstick

For the lipstick to work for you, you might want to go for two to three shades darker than your actual lip color. To test this

  • Apply the lipstick on the bottom lip and compare the color to your upper lip. If it looks darker, then you might want to go for it.
  • Different websites allow you to add a live camera where you can hold your phone up to the light and try on different lipstick shades.

Smaller or bigger lips

Smaller Or Bigger Lips

The appearance of the lipstick is essential when selecting the right shade of lipstick. Most people want their lips to appear full and thriving.

  • With darker shades of grey, the lip will look smaller. Glossy grey lipstick will also make the lips look smaller.
  • The lip will look more plump and wide with brighter shades of grey. Matte lipstick tends to make the lips bigger.

Try on the lipstick

Try On The Lipstick

Before purchasing any grey lipstick, make sure you have swatched the lipstick in person. A lipstick may appear completely different in person than it does online. Also, look at the lipstick swatch in the sun and in room light. If the shade looks flattering in both ways, you’re going right.

Try lipstick with no makeup on

Try Lipstick With No Makeup On

If you’re swatching the lipstick in person, make sure the lips do not have any makeup product. For example, remove the product before the grey lipstick application if you wear foundation. The foundation can affect the natural pigments of the lipstick. With the hands-on trial, you might be able to get a clear idea about the shade of lipstick and completely avoid the question of “how can I make my grey lipstick look darker?”

Wear a neutral color to test the lipstick

The color you’re wearing will affect your grey lipstick, and the grey will consequently look dark or light if you wear black or white. So when testing the color, try to wear something neutral and test the color on your skin to get a clear idea.

How can I make my grey lipstick look darker?

How Can I Make My Grey Lips

If you have chosen a very light grey lipstick or, for the sake of the look, you need a very dark grey lipstick; you can use different tips and tricks to darken your grey lipstick. The trend of minimalism has been around since 2018, but that doesn’t mean you need to go lighter with your grey lipstick. The ways to make your grey lipstick darker are:

  1. Prep the lips
  2. Lip liner
  3. Combine any darker eyeshadow
  4. Grey Ombre
  5.  Contouring the lips
  6. Different Shades
  7. Minimal Makeup

So here we’ll include some ways that you can get your grey lipstick in a darker version. Why waste money when you can simply follow the rules that I use “how can I make my grey lipstick look darker?”

1. Prep the lips

Natural lips tend to affect the color of the lipstick pigment a lot, and a gray may appear differently on your skin than it does on your friend’s. So, before applying grey lipstick, make sure your skin is prepped correctly.

Start by exfoliating your lips. Dry lips tend to look a lot messier and patchy. And it will just feel uncomfortable. With matte and dark lipsticks, the dry skin will show through more. So prep the skin with a gentle exfoliator and apply a balm for hydration.

You will need to neutralize the colors if you have very dark or red lips. For the lips, you should apply a bit of foundation or concealer and blend the whole thing properly, giving you ample space to put your grey lipstick on.

2. Lip liner

Liners genuinely make the most difference when it comes to darkening your lipstick. To answer, “How can I make my grey lipstick look darker?” the first thing we’d ask is to apply a very dark lip liner on the lips first. You can apply a brown or any deep color to make the grey pop.

With red lip liner on the skin, the grey lipstick will give a maroon tint and be grey. With a brown lip liner, the grey lipstick will look brownish grey. And with blue or dark purple lip liner, the grey lipstick will go further on the cooler side. Besides this, there are countless colors to make the gray lipstick dark.

And to make it the darkest of everything, you can line your lips with a black lip liner. Or, instead, you can use a black pencil liner or a brow pencil to line the lips. The grey will look dark and turn into the most gothic shades of grey.

While applying your lip liner, make sure that the lips are filled with the lip liners. This will increase the lipstick’s longevity and make the grey lipstick dark.

3. Combine any darker eyeshadow

To make the grey lipstick darker, you can apply darker powder or cream products to make it darker. Any dark product should work as long as you get the correct shade of dark grey.

For instance, you can take your bronzer or contour powder and mix it with the lipstick to make it darker. Contours are mostly on the cooler side, and bronzers are on the warmer side. Decide whether you want the grey lipstick to be cool or warm. And to choose the correct tone, you might want to check out the previous segment in this article.

Next, you can take any darker eyeshadow and mix it with the lipstick to create a concussion. Again, the tone of the grey will depend on preference and choice. If you choose a black eyeshadow, then the grey lipstick will go to the darker shade. The grey will give a dark maroon or red tint for red or blue eyeshadow. You can even use green and purple for this purpose.

You can choose any lipstick to add to it with the eyeshadow. But a bullet lipstick might lose its integrity. So a liquid grey lipstick will work just fine. Take the lipstick on the back of your palm or in a makeup palette and mix it with the eyeshadow or bronzer. Start with a very small amount and increase as you see fit. Apply the products with a brush at the end.

4. Grey ombré

Ombre lip makeup is currently on trend. With an ombre lip, you can add one of two colors and create a very dark or sheer effect. The idea of doing an ombre might sound like a lot of work, specifically with gray lipstick. But the whole idea is about the placement of the lipsticks.

To get the ombre effect, we still recommend using a very dark lip liner and applying it to the corners and bottom of the lip. Then choose a dark shade of lipstick. From maroon to plum, you can choose any of them. Apply the dark lipstick on the bottom of the lip and keep it just in the middle of the lip. Apply the grey lipstick around the dark one and blend them with your fingers. You can also apply a gloss on top of it.

Or, for another effect, start with a concealer on the middle of the lip, and the grey lipstick goes around it. The middle part will brighten, and the grey will look darkened. Ombre lips are the perfect answer to the question of how to make my grey lipstick darker.

5. Contouring the lips

Contouring is done on the lips to increase the appearance of the lips so they will look fuller. But if you’re using the contour all over the lips, then it’ll change the shade of the lips for good. Contours are usually a cool-toned brown color. So a grey lipstick on top of the contoured lip will certainly make a difference. It’ll leave the lips looking fuller and darker.

6. Different shades

The idea of combining two or more shades will surely change the color of the product. However, if you want to darken the grey lipstick, you should use darker lipstick. Use lipstick colors that go well with the makeup and will not overpower the grey.

You can choose a dark coffee color or a deep red and combine it with grey. If you want the grey to come through, apply the other color first. Don’t do a full coat; just take a bit of the lipstick and dab it all over the lip. Top it off with the grey lipstick, and it will come through.

7. Minimal makeup

Avoid using too much product on the face if you want your grey to look alive and dark. If you’re going for dark lipstick, keep a natural eye. That is the thumb rule for makeup. So on foundation, apply a product that is similar to your skin tone and apply only that much that will be enough to cover up your imperfections. Use concealer to brighten the face. But not too much. Avoid using blush, and do a little bit of contour.

Gray lipsticks are on the cooler side, so anything warm will take away from the color. No blush with grey lipstick is mandatory. Keep the eyes neutral. Apply a thin coat of mascara and tight line the eyes. Keep the brows fresh and natural. All of it will draw attention to the grey lipstick on the lips, and the grey will look dark enough.

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How to wear grey lipstick?

How To Wear Grey Lipstick

Now that we’ve included detailed instructions on how can I make my grey lipstick look darker and let us jump to the facts on how you can apply your dark lipstick and make it look flawless. Grey lipsticks are on the darker side, and you must be very careful when applying them to the lips.

Step 1: Prep the lips

To apply a very dark grey lipstick on the lips, first, you need to add proper hydration and make sure that the lips are plumped and glossy. For that, you can use a gentle lip scrub at the beginning of the makeup to get rid of the dead cells. Then apply a moisturizer or a lip balm on top. Before applying the lipstick, remove the balm with a cloth.

Step 2: Line the lips

Lining the lips makes a difference. The art of applying lip liners depends on different people, and many like to apply a liner very differently. First, you can start with the middle of the lips and trace the liner all over them. Fill in the corners of the lips properly and darken the middle part. You can accentuate the cupid’s bow or just make a straight line. Use a black or brown liner to line the lips. Fill in your lips are the darker grey, then apply your grey lipstick on top of it.

Step 3: Use a lip brush

To apply the lipstick, do not put it directly on the lips; instead, apply it with a brush. Use a fine lip brush and put the product on the tip. Start with a very small bit of lipstick and build it up.


1.How can I darken my lipstick shade?

You can start by prepping your lips and neutralizing the natural color of your lips. You can also use a dark lip liner and apply it all over the lip. to darken the lipstick shade and to get the most opaque and dark lipstick output, you need to use two to three coats of lipstick on top.

2.How do you use grey lipstick?

You can wear grey lipstick in general. Gray lipsticks can be used in formal gatherings and a party. To properly use the grey lipstick, you need to tone down all the other makeup on the face and only focus on the lipstick. And also, wear very neutral colors for a fit to get the optimum output.


Grey lipsticks tend to change their color of them depending on the skin tone. So you might often get worried about how you can make your grey lipstick look darker, which is why we have included seven ways to darken your grey lipstick. It is better to choose a light color than to go for the darker one. A concealer or lighter lipstick on top of something dark might change the entire lipstick tone. So, while buying grey lipstick, choose two shades darker than your skin tone.

Key Points

  • How to deepen a grey lipstick and ways to do it?
  • How can you make grey lipstick look good on your skin tone?
  • Which shade of grey will look good on you?
  • How to wear grey lipstick properly?

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