How Long After Microneedling Can I Use Retinol?

How long after microneedling can i use retinol
Despite being loved individually using retinol after microneedling can be very intimidating, but not when you know the waiting period before incorporating it.

Microneedling is a procedure that is done by professionals on your skin. Microneedling is done to promote collagen production in your skin and to remove signs of aging, scars, acne, or dark spots. Small sterilized needles are used for this procedure that is pushed into the skin to complete. When done by professionals it is a completely safe and proven way to remove all the unwanted scars and have smooth, firm, glowy skin. This procedure has become very handy and easily available nowadays and is a great option to take your skin game a little further. But to have a great result proper aftercare is a must. That is why understanding what you can put on the skin and what not should be very thoroughly observed.

Retinol is a very active product that is in use by almost everyone in their 20s and 30s. Retinol helps to remove signs of aging and remove the damage caused by the sun. this is also a product that helps to remove scars and acne to some extent. But this is very important to remember that retinol is chemically very active. When microneedling is done your skin remains very sensitive. This is why the question automatically comes to mind: how long after microneedling can I use retinol to avoid negative circumstances? Let’s find out all about it.

Understanding Microneedling And Retinol

Understanding microneedling and retinol
Understanding microneedling and retinol

Microneedling is a process that uses small sterilized needles and pricks into the skin. Microneedling aims to get smooth, scars-free, acne and spot-free skin. Microneedling also removes wrinkles, enhances collagen, and produces newer tissues. This procedure is mostly done on the face.

Microneedling is generally safe and needs little to no downtime but for some people especially those who are on medication can have a problem. Also if someone has active acne can face redness and irritation, it is normal to face some redness and irritation after microneedling. Microneedling is actually quite convenient you will need a few sessions to have a complete glam look, each session is about 30 minutes and you can consult any board-certified doctors for the procedure. Each session of micro-needling can cause about 200 dollars to 800 dollars depending on the treatment procedures.

Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that is used as an antiaging and anti-wrinkling product. Retinol comes in every serum, cream, and lotion. Retinol exfoliates the skin, increases cell production, and unclogs pores. Retinol is used to improve skin appearance and to remove the spots on your face.  Retinol is a multi-functional product that can target a great number of impurities. Retinol works for dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars, large pores, melisma, psoriasis, stretch marks, wrinkles, etc. retinol starts working on the skin within a very short period of time after you have put it on the skin and visible results can be seen. But precautions needed to be opted, for since retinol is a chemically active product.

Using Retinol After Microneedling

Using retinol after microneedling
Using retinol after microneedling

People who have a skincare routine containing retinol might wonder about the use procedure and the waiting period before they can start using retinol once again after micro needling. Since micro-needling makes the skin a little irritated due to the needle, exfoliation by retinol can actually harm the skin. Before you start using retinol in your skin after micro-needling it is better to wait for at least 1 to 2 weeks. Some say you can start using it within 72 hours but for being safe waiting for a little more time would not go in vain. You might wonder what can possibly be so bad if you just use retinol just after microneedling. Well here are some consequences of using retinol immediately after micro needling.

Increase in sensitivity

If you start using retinol just after the micro-needling, you can face over-sensitivity on your face. Through micro-needling, you are making the skin sensitive already because of all the needle punches on the skin. When you put an active exfoliator like retinol over the already sensitive skin that would not do well. On the other hand, retinol is prohibited from using on active acne since increasing sensitivity will make the skin prone to various types of problems.

Drying skin

When retinol is used consistently just after a procedure like micro-needling has been done there is a huge possibility that the skin will feel dry and flaky. If you have dry skin, then this would go father to the point you have the possibility to see dry scars. Even oily skin can dry out if used retinol after micro needling. This happened due to over-exfoliation caused by the interaction of freshly micro-needled skin and retinol.


If you start using retinol without giving the skin time to heal from the micro-needling there is a huge possibility that you would see break out. When you go through micro-needling there are small cuts all over your skin that you cannot see with your eyes. Putting a harsh chemical product like retinol would make the skin at tension and this leads to inflammation.

Sun sensitivity

As you use retinol right after micro needling you would feel the skin getting very sensitive towards sun rays. Microneedling alone is a kind of procedure that makes the skin very sensitive When you put a product that would strip the moisture out and make the outside protective layer topo vulnerable to give protection from sun then suntan and sunburn would become very common.

Skin Care Before and After Microneedling

Skin care before and after microneedling
Skin care before and after microneedling

Microneedling is a process that has great benefits but the procedure needs to be continued in a very wise manner. Not only that the before and after care of micro-needling is also important for getting the expected results.  Also, it is important to avoid any kind of harsh results. Here the use of retinol should be well-balanced so that further consequences will not have to be faced.

Before care of microneedling

  • Stop using Retinol before going under micro needling. It is best to stop 5-7 days prior. If you cannot do that at least stop using 48 hours. This way your skin would not be irritated.
  • Avoid any kind of chemical or physical exfoliator for a week or two before getting microneedling.
  • Use an adequate amount of sunscreen to avoid any kind of sunburn.
  • Avoid microneedling if you are any kind of medication.

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Aftercare of microneedling

  • Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and get it free from any kind of dirt and oil.
  • Moisturize your skin often to avoid any kind of dryness or itchiness in your face.
  • Avoid using retinol for up to 2 weeks and then incorporate it slowly.
  • Avoid exfoliation for some time.

By following these before and after care you can get the desired results from microneedling. Also, it would help you to avoid any kind of irritation and inflammation.


1. What are the best things to do after microneedling?

Since your skin will remain very sensitive to anything that is added to it, have a low-maintenance skincare routine.

2. Can I use vitamin C after microneedling?

Vitamin C is basically ascorbic acid which can irritate your skin after microneedling. Thus, it should be avoided for at least 48 hours.

3. Can I use any serum after microneedling?

Yes, but only very gentle ones since the sensitive skin won’t be able to handle the recently microneedled face skin.

Final Thoughts

Retinol is a very active product that generally brings your healthy skin out and helps with skin problems. This does a lot of multipurpose work for the skin. But this very beneficial product can actually be harmful to you if you are using it at the wrong time. Using retinol after microneedling would be the wrong time. After micro-needling skin becomes irritated and vulnerable, using retinol at this time would just make the intensity. In micro-needling small needles are inserted in your skin so having before and after care for this procedure is crucial. So you must know about the skincare concern before going through the micro-needling procedure.

Key Points

  • Microneedling is a procedure that helps to produce collagen and remove wrinkles and acne scars.
  • Retinol is an active ingredient that removes pigmentation, scars, and other problems.
  • Using retinol just after micro needling is not a good idea and can cause various problems like redness irritation inflammation.
  • Skin preparation and after-skin care are a real necessity to get the expected results from micro needling.

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