How Long Does A Relaxer Last?

A hair relaxer is the best way to straighten your hair and break the curls. The lasting power of hair relaxers may vary depending on some factors. Let’s find out those!

Hair is a significant part of our body that makes us look attractive. There are different types of hairs and it varies from person to person. Some people have straight hair while others have curly, wavy, or oily hair. There are different treatments and products available nowadays to transform your hair. As a result, people are going for those treatments to transform their hair. Some are making their hair curly, some are straightening and others are coloring their hair. A hair relaxer is a hair product that is used to loosen or break the natural curls and straighten your hair.

So, how long does a hair relaxer last? A hair relaxer is used to bring the hair into a pattern and make them more manageable. A hair relaxer typically lasts for six to eight weeks on average. But, this may vary based on some factors like the type of hair, type of relaxer, or maintenance technique. You should weekly wash up and follow some tips and tricks for making it last longer. You may also go for alternatives like straightening cream, serum, or iron to get straightened hair.

What Does Relaxer Do to Hair?

What does relaxer do to hair

Hair relaxers are designed to straighten out the curly hair. People with extremely curly hair desire straight hair. As a result, they go for hair relaxers. Hair relaxers are used to loosen the natural curls or straighten curly hair. The chemicals used in this process help to break the curls and make the hairs look straight.

This is a lotion or cream that is used by people with curly hair. The lotion or cream contains ingredients that help to straighten your hair by relaxing the natural curls permanently. Some people have extremely curly hair and an electric straightener may not be enough for their hair. Chemical hair relaxers have a record of breaking the stubbornest curls too. The most common chemical used in hair relaxers is sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, and sodium thioglycolate. The chemicals used in the hair relaxers break the disulfide bonds and bring the hairs to a straight pattern. The most common types of hair relaxers are-

  1. Lye relaxers: Sodium hydroxide is the main ingredient of Lye relaxers. Sodium Hydroxide is very effective in straightening hair within a very short time. This relaxer is best to use in mild to rough hairs. These hair relaxers are best used in people with stubborn natural curls.
  2. No-Lye relaxers: The main ingredients of Lye-free relaxers are lithium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, and guanidine hydroxide.  The no-lye relaxers are moldier than the lye relaxers. Calcium hydroxide is one of the main ingredients of dye-free relaxers. This is a good choice for people who face scalp irritation with lye relaxers.
  3. Ammonium thioglycolate relaxers: Ammonium thioglycolate relaxers are not that much effective in straightening the hair. These relaxers are not recommended as they are not strong enough to relax tough or stubborn hairs. This is recommended for people whose hair is not that much wavy or curly.

Choosing a relaxer that is best for you depends on the condition of the hair. If your hair has very stubborn natural curls, go for the Lye relaxers. But, if you have stubborn curls and scalp irritation, you should go for the No-Lye relaxers. And When you have a little wavy or curly hair, you can choose the Ammonium Thioglycolate Relaxers.

How Long Does a Relaxer Typically Last?

How long does a relaxer typically last

A hair relaxer is a very essential product to make the hair straight and manageable. It allows people with curly hair to straighten them without any fizz. But, how long do they last? A hair relaxer will make your hair straighter depending on your hair type. The durability or lasting power of a hair relaxer depends on so many factors. It may depend on your hair type, level of maintenance, or others.

Generally, a hair relaxer may last for six to eight weeks that may require some occasional touch-ups. Sometimes, it may last for six to twelve weeks based on your hair type, and if it is done professionally. If you prefer a temporary solution for treating your curly hair, you may go for hair straightening treatments or natural hair care methods. The staying power of a hair relaxer depends on factors like the texture of the hair, the type of relaxer, or how it is maintained. If you do not properly care for your hair relaxer, it may weaken over time and may not last too long. Maintain a hair care routine to make your hair relaxer last longer.

Avoid excessive heat or other similar practices that will cause your hair to break down easily. Clean your hair before applying a hair relaxer. Shampoo your hair for up to 24 hours before applying a hair relaxer on your hair. This will protect your hair from irritation or any scalp damage. Applying a protective barrier such as petroleum jelly on your hairline or ears will help prevent the relaxer from touching your skin. People with extremely curly hair should repeat the hair relaxers every two to three months to keep their hair straightened. No matter how much time your hair relaxer is lasting, you may need frequent touch-ups to maintain them.

Factors that Affect Relaxers Duration

Hair relaxers may last based on your maintenance and hair type. There are some major factors available that works behind the longevity of hair relaxers.

Factors that affect relaxers duration
  • Type of Relaxer: Knowing the type of relaxer is very important to know about the longevity of a hair relaxer. There are mainly two types of relaxers-lye and no-lye. Lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide while non-lye relaxers contain calcium hydroxide and guanidine carbonate. No-lye relaxers generally last longer than lye relaxers.
  • Strength of the Relaxer: The strength of the relaxer also matters when considering the duration of the hair relaxer. The more strength the relaxer is, the more quickly it will break the bond of the hair’s cortex. But if you have thick hair, you may require a stronger hair relaxer to get your desired result.
  • Type of Hair: Your hair type also affects the lasting power of a hair relaxer. Curlier hair is chemical resistant and will take longer time to relax. Likewise, the lasting power also varies based on your hair type.
  • Hair Maintenance: The lasting power of your hair relaxer also depends on how you are taking care of your hair after applying the relaxer on your hair. Apply a conditioner and neutralize the relaxer to make it last-longing. Otherwise, your hair will break the hair’s bond and make it prone to breakage.

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Tips for Prolonging Relaxer Duration

Tips for prolonging relaxer duration

Relaxers help to straighten curly hair that may last from six to eight weeks in general. Following some tips and tricks, the duration of your relaxer may get prolonged.

  1. Weekly wash-up: You should wash your hair every month to get rid of dirt or buildup. After washing, you should use a moisturizer to make the relaxer last for a long time.
  2. No heat styling: Don’t style your hair at high temperatures because it can make your hair brittle and breakable. Heat styling will break and damage your hair.
  3. Deep treatments: You may use some hair masks or hot oils that will hydrate your hair and make them light and flowy with a nourishing layer. This treatment will also soften your hair fibers.
  4. End-trimming: Your hair may have split ends when it grows longer. Trim the end of your hair frequently to boost your hair growth.
  5. Frequent touch-ups: Hair relaxers require frequent touch-ups. Usually, it is recommended to re-apply hair relaxers every 8 weeks but if your hair grows fast, you may touch up when it is needed.
  6. Healthy lifestyles: You need to be careful about your daily activities. Be conscious about diets, water consumption, or physical exercises. Taking supplements will help you to produce more keratin that will strengthen your hair.
  7. Use a good quality shampoo: Before getting your relaxer treatment, use a good quality clarifying shampoo. This will help to remove any buildup from hair and can help your relaxer work properly.
  8. Rinse thoroughly: Rinse your hair thoroughly after applying the relaxer on your hair. Otherwise, it can cause your hair to become brittle and break off.

3 Alternatives to Relaxers for Hair Straightening

If you do not like a hair relaxer or you do not have a hair relaxer, you may go for some other alternatives to straighten your hair.

  1. Straightening Cream: A straightening cream can help to coat your hair with chemicals that will straighten your hair further. Straightening cream is less damaging than other straightening products or treatments. Still, you need to be careful when using this because it can be harmful if used incorrectly.
  2. Straightening Serum: When using straightening serum, you need to coat your hair with a layer of chemicals like the straightening cream. Straightening serum is a good option for people with delicate hair. It is also less damaging than the straightening irons.
  3. Straightening Iron: A straightening iron is one of the best ways to straighten your hair without a hair relaxer. The irons are found in different sizes and styles. Find your preferred iron based on your hair type and needs. The straightening iron works by heating your hair. Your hair will immediately get straightened with this iron. You need to be conscious while using this as it can cause damage to your hair.


1. Does a relaxer make hair thinner?

Using relaxers frequently can cause hair thinning over time. Relaxers may not cause problems if used correctly. But, the incorrect use of hair relaxers can make the hair thinner.

2. How can I soften my hair without a relaxer?

You may follow some natural ways like oil treatments for softening your hair. Oils like coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and some others can be used to soften your hair without a relaxer. There are some other creams or serums too to soften your hair.

3. Can relaxed hair go back to natural?

Yes, relaxed hair can go back to natural it has been chemically treated. Your natural hair will eventually grow after you use a relaxer. The newborn hairs will come out in a completely natural process.

4. Is relaxed hair healthier?

Any chemical treatment used in your hair may never bring you healthy hair. Likewise, the chemicals used in the hair relaxers won’t make your hair healthier.

5. Should I cut off my relaxed ends?

A relaxer works effectively to straighten your hair. It is recommended by Wilson to cut off your relaxed ends to enjoy the new texture of your relaxed hair.

Final Thoughts

A hair relaxer is the most effective way to straighten your hair. People with curly hair can go for chemical hair relaxers. There are different types of hair relaxers including lye relaxers, non-lye relaxers, etc. So, choose your hair relaxer based on your hair type and the type of result you desire to get. The lasting power of a hair relaxer depends on some factors including the type of relaxer, type of hair, strength of relaxer, and hair maintenance. The relaxers usually last for six to eight weeks on average that can be prolonged in some cases. Following some tips and tricks, you can make your hair relaxer last longer.

Key Points

  • Hair relaxers are used to loosen the curls of your hair and straighten them.
  • The lotion or cream is used to break the natural curls and bring the hairs into a straight pattern.
  • The hair relaxers may last for six to twelve weeks that may require frequent touch-ups.
  • The type of relaxer, type of hair, strength of relaxers, and hair maintenance are very important factors behind the longevity of hair relaxers.
  • People who do not have hair relaxers but want to straighten their hair can go for some alternatives like straightening cream, straightening serum, straightening iron etc.

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