How to Choose Makeup?

How to Choose Makeup
Choosing the perfect makeup can be exhausting. Here are 5 ways you can decide how you need to choose a makeup product that complements you.

Everyone is unique from each other but they all want to try viral makeup looks to appear more attractive. The process of choosing suitable makeup for your skin is an overwhelming task. We all remember how first time we felt helpless choosing makeup products while applying our mom or sister’s makeup products. Even though having similar skin tones, the same makeup has different outcomes on different skin. This happens because of skin tone.

Shopping for makeup products can be difficult as it is time-consuming and expensive. You cannot buy every viral product and expect them to complement your skin. Sometimes it will work out but other times you won’t be able to see your desired outcomes.

When you know about your skin type, it lessens the worry. To have a perfect makeup look, you need to choose products correctly and decide if the products are complementing your skin or not. Here we can help you to decide how to choose makeup products that suit your skin and give you a flawless makeup look.

7 points you need to consider to choose makeup

You cannot buy makeup without considering certain facts. It will not only waste your money but also damage your skin. You need to take care of your skin so that the chemical formula cannot affect your skin.

You can consider these 7 points before choosing makeup:

1. Determine Your Skin Type

2. Determine Your Skin Tone & Under Tone

3. Skin Problems

4. Picking Eye Makeup

5. Decide on Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

6. Decide on Your Perfect Blush Shade

7. Day Vs Night Makeup Look

Determine Your Skin Type

Determine your skin type

Before buying any product we always need to make sure if it is useful or good for us. Like that, choosing makeup products require knowledge about your skin type otherwise you will damage your skin beyond words by using products that are not for your skin.

There are five skin types – oily, dry, combinational (both oily and dry), normal and sensitive. Before choosing foundation it is important to determine if your skin is oily, dry, or combinational. Based on the information you can determine which foundation will suit you.

Oily skin:

Oily skin makes skin looks shiny and blocks the pores which causes breakouts. It is difficult to maintain oily skin as you can hide the amount of oil your skin is producing and make your skin looks extra oily.

For oily skin, products that mattify and make skin looks smooth are beneficial. Some foundations use an oily formula to make skin appear shiny. It is a big issue for people who are born with oily skin. Powder foundation is your friend because it absorbs these excess oils.

Dry skin:

As oily skin type produces a huge amount of oil, on the other hand, the dry skin type suffers without it which causes the skin to appear cracked and unmoisturized. Liquid or creamy foundation formula can help people with dry skin to make their makeup appear flawless.

As dry skin suffers from not being moisturized, you need to find a foundation that provides hydration all day. The creamy consistency of foundation makes the skin healthy and glowy.

Combinational skin:

A combination skin type means it is both oily and dry. Some places of the skin such as the forehead, chin, and nose have oily areas, and jaw areas, cheeks, and hairlines have dry areas.

Powder foundation works best for combinational skin. It gives the skin a smooth and matte finish.

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Determine Your Skin Tone and Under Tone

Determine your skin tone and under tone

Skin tones determine how your skin appears from the outside. There are ivory, light, medium, and dark. Undertones are basically skin color beneath the skin’s surface. There are three undertones. Warm, cool, and neutral.


Gold ornaments complement skin which has a warm undertone. Any foundation that gives a yellowish tone, will look better for people with a warm undertone. They can use warm shades like gold, brown, and copper shades for other makeup products.


Silver ornaments complement skin which has a cool undertone. Any foundation that gives a pinkish tone, will look better for people a with cool undertone. They can use shades like red, and pink for other makeup products such as blush and eye shadow.


People with neutral skin tone tends to look good with silver, and gold ornaments. Unlike a warm and cool undertone, a neutral undertone complements peachy shades. Nude, Champaign, soft blues, and dusty pink shades suit neutral undertones.

Skin Problems

Skin problems

We can exclude people with skin problems while discussing choosing makeup products. Some have pimples, dark circles, clogged pores, and sensitive skin. While choosing makeup products you have to keep in mind your skin’s health.

If you have pimples, products consisting of benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid will soothe your skin.  If you have visible a dark eye bag, you can use a color corrector or concealer to lessen the dark effects. You need to purchase concealer which matches your foundation otherwise it will have a visible white outcast. Salicylic acid helps to unclog any clogged pores. You can exfoliate with a cleanser before applying salicylic acid.

If any product causes rashes, redness, and irritation you are probably allergic to that product. You need to choose makeup products that soothe your skin while giving it hydrating effects.

Picking Eye Makeup

Picking eye makeup

Eye makeup can change your whole look. A simple eyeliner look can make your face more prominent. Creamy eyeliner is easier to blend and an eyeliner pencil is good for a winged eyeliner to look as it is easier to apply on the eye.

Eye shadow completes a makeup look. Eye shadow also depends on eye color. Some shades complement your eyes better than others. For example, people with lighter eye colors can rock dark eye shadow looks.

People with brown eye color tend to look more attractive with warm colors such as golden, caramel shades, and honey shades. Sometimes people use bold-colored mascara such as blue, or burgundy. Purple, red, and blue eye shadows and mascara can also enhance your eye look. Fortunately, every shade of eye makeup looks good.

People with blue eyes can easily rock warm color palettes such as orange, brown, and copper. Blue eye makeup also looks good. If you are going for a bold look, you can do smoky eyes which will easily make your eye color pop.

Deep purple, grey, brown, mauve, and green suit green eyes. Any shade that is closer to your eye color, makes your eyes pop well. These eye shadows give your eyes a more glow and vibrant look.

Once in a while, you can try colored eyeliner to spice up your makeup look. As we all know, black eyeliner or Kajal is elite. You can also decide which eyeliner will look good on you by checking the color wheel. You should choose a color that is on the opposite side of your natural eye color.

Decide on Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

Decide on your perfect lipstick shade

The good news is that; red color complements every skin color. If you have a fair complexion, cherry red will bring out your makeup look. For olive skin, apple, and wine shades of red lipstick complement better. For darker skin tones, you can simply use dark red shades such as brick, jam, and crimson which will definitely draw more attention to your lips.

You can also use a dark lip liner with nude lipstick to give dimension to your lips. Or you can apply lip gloss on your lips to have a glossy effect. Fair skin tone goes well with peach, orange, and pink shades while dark skin tone goes well with nude shades or vibrant colors.

Decide on Your Perfect Blush Shade

Decide on your perfect blush shade

Just like eye shadows and lipstick, pale skin looks good with orange, peach, or pinkish shades. Olive skin looks good with rosy pink, crimson red, and dark brown. For dark skin tone dark shade or deep orange look good.

Day Vs Night Makeup Look

Day vs night makeup look

There is a difference between day vs. night makeup looks. For day makeup people mostly focus on having light, bright makeup looks with a pastel-eye look and pinkish blush.

On the other hand, for a night makeup look, you can go with heavy makeup using nude lipstick, a smoky eye look, and peachy blush.

If you are planning to go out in the evening, you can apply a bold makeup look with bright red lipstick. You can always maximize your look with false eyelashes.

Recommendation for beginners to choose makeup

If you are a beginner or have never used makeup, you can be benefited from experts. Experts can help you choose products by giving you accurate information. They can give you step-by-step advice on how to blend makeup properly. Experts have many years of experience so they know how to handle situations. They can also give you a shortcut to apply products quickly when you are running late.

Most of the time people purchase certain products as they feel peer pressure while watching videos about viral products on TikTok. You must read reviews of any products before purchasing.

Where can you find these experts? You can simply reach out to well-known makeup experts. You can also reach out to certain makeup brands such as NYX cosmetics, M.A.C., and NARS cosmetics to figure out which of their products can benefit you. You can as well contact us if you feel confused and need advice to choose makeup.


1. Should I do my eye makeup first or last?

It completely depends on you. If you desire to do your eye makeup then whole face makeup, you can do it. You can also do eye makeup after doing face makeup.

2. Should the foundation be lighter or darker than the face?

The foundation should be a closer shade to your natural skin tone or one shade lighter. A darker foundation will create a dark tone to your face.

3. How do I know if I have an undertone?

You can simply tell your undertone by checking the veins of your wrist. If the veins appear green, you have a warm undertone. If they appear blue, you have a cool undertone. If they are a mixture of blue and green then you have a neutral undertone.

Final thoughts

Most people feel perplexed while choosing their makeup. As there are thousands of makeup brands and products, you can simply find yourself in a difficult position. Here we come to the rescue to save you from this unwanted thought.

Your skin is valuable to you. You can’t use anything without thinking about the outcomes. Before using any new product, try reading reviews about these and their negative effects. So that you can be prepared for any danger to your skin. If any product cause irritation, stay away from using it. You certainly don’t want breakouts or chemical scars on your skin.

Key Points

  • Finding makeup products using these techniques will save a lot of your valuable time.
  • Stops future breakouts while giving you a healthy and vibrant look.
  • You can easily tell which shade suits your skin.

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