How to Clean Eyeshadow Palette : Top 4 Proven Ways

How to Clean Eyeshadow Palette
Many of us use eyeshadow but do not know how to clean your eyeshadow palette. It can be cleaned with alcohol or any makeup cleanser.

When it comes to makeup palettes, there are a lot of things to consider, mostly cleaning the palettes. Most people don’t pay much attention to cleaning the palette because you don’t usually apply shadows with your fingers and instead use brushes. And again, the brushes will touch the skin, not the paint itself. So why bother cleaning an eyeshadow palette? Mostly, you have to clean the eyeshadow palettes for the overall sanitation of your makeup kits.

A dirty palette may not be infectious or the end of the world, but it is not a reasonable way to view a dirty eyeshadow palette. Again, cleaning eyeshadow palettes appears to be a long overdue and hefty product, but it is extremely simple. So how to clean an eyeshadow palette? You can use alcohol or any makeup cleanser to clean an eyeshadow palette. And to clean the palette properly, you need to use a Q-tip or a small brush to keep the product clean.

Besides that, you can use regular sanitizers to keep the palate part free from any bacterial growth. And again, with cleaning the makeup palette, you need to have the most patience, and you also need to take your time, as you don’t want to ruin the colors or the integrity of the palette itself. Cleaning the makeup palettes is nothing less than a challenge, and you shouldn’t do all of them at once. Take time and do it on the weekends.

Why clean the eyeshadow palettes? Well, you really need to clean the shadows because every time you dip your brush into the shadow, there might be some sort of fallout, or there can be a spill of colors, and this will affect both the palette and the colors. When you use the shadows with a brush, the brushes might be very clean, but as the shadows themselves are not clean enough, the whole thing is not very safe for you or the clients when you are a professional makeup artist.

And when you are doing a job as a professional, all of the things you present to your clients should be at the top of their game. A dirty makeup palette will not cut it. And this is why cleaning a makeup palette is a must, and this must be done sooner and more often. Waiting a year or two to clean and tidy up the makeup pantries isn’t all that sane, and they might just view you as a red flag for the clients.

When makeup palettes become very dirty, the colors may become mixed up, and the color play may not be as authentic as it was in the beginning.For example, when there’s a dirty eyeshadow palette and the pigments are lying here and there, there’s a high chance that the corners of the palette will hold on to the loose shadows.

 Even the mirror of the palettes will be affected. And for the next part, there are shadows on top of another shadow. They will not blend and create a concussion at the end, but they will certainly not look flattering. When you use shadows that are easy to pack with your fingers, such as glitter shadows, bacterial growth is unavoidable because the skin and germs of the hand are in direct contact. And this is why using a cleanser or sanitizer to clean the palate is a must.

Why do you need to clean eyeshadow palettes?

Why do you need to clean eyeshadow palettes

There have been so many questions regarding the eyeshadow palettes that they are not all easy to cover. And the most common question that’s asked the most is, “Do the eyeshadow palettes need a cleaning?” Well, the eyeshadow palettes need cleaning, and when and how much cleaning they will need will depend on how much you use them. For example, if the shadow palettes are used more than once a week, you should clean them at least once every two weeks.

And again, if you’re a professional makeup artist, you might have to appear as a sorted and satisfying artist along with your craft and ensure that you have very clean eyeshadow palettes; if not, the clients might get worried and not want to work. And uncleaned palettes just might cause a black eye or allergies, of course. So what are the reasons that you need to clean your eyeshadow palette? Here are some key reasons why the eyeshadow palettes should be cleaned regularly:

  1. Regular usage: when an eyeshadow palette is used almost every day, there’s a high chance that you’ll only be concentrating on three to four shadows for an everyday look. And they might be neutral or dark colors. And most of the palettes contain tons of other vibrant colors. And when the fallout from those other shadows mixes up with the rest, they might look crusty and a little bit blurry. And so, the real color payoff from the eyeshadows is not something to look forward to without cleaning them properly.
  2. To remove buildup: In the next section, we’ll look at why the eyeshadow palette needs to be cleaned when there’s too much buildup from using your fingers or a dirty brush. If you do not remove the dust, dirt, or oil that has accumulated on the shadows, they may lose their chemical integrity and become obsolete. And the shadows will be unsuitable for a good color off.
  3. Bacterial growth: this is the sanitizing part of the shadows. When the eyeshadow palette has been in use for years without proper cleansing, there’s a high chance that there will be all kinds of bacterial growth. And this is very common with cream eyeshadows as they contain more oil compared to powders. And this is why the eyeshadows must be cleaned properly right after a cleanser, probably with a sanitizer.
  4. In-store: lastly, there are shadows that are not in use but are kept in storage. Even if the shadows are locked in for a long time, there is a chance that they will pick up dust and mites. And, once again, with humidity and warmth in the air, the integrity of the shadows may deteriorate over time. And that’s why it is important that even the products that are kept in storage be cleaned as often as possible.
  5. When you are a professional: again, when you are a professional, the eyeshadow palette has to be cleaned. Even if you are very good at makeup and everything is going well with the client, wearing dirty pants is not something anyone would look forward to because you will be wearing it in the eyes, which are very sensitive. And again, they are paying you a sum, so the eyeshadow palettes should be as clean as possible.

These are some of the points that we might think are important for the shadows to be cleaned after every use.

Things to remember before cleaning an eyeshadow palette

Here we’ll be including some points that might be critical when you are cleaning your eyeshadow palettes. These are the must-dos before you jump to the cleansing palettes .There are also the points that you might want to do after the palette cleansing.

  • Use any sort of liquid to clean the palates, and make sure to clean up every edge and corner.
  • Clean up the mirrors of the palettes as well; even when the shadows are perfectly clean, a dirty mirror will not sit well with the process.
  • Use a small brush or a Q-tip to clean up the palates, and make sure to sanitize them afterward.
  • Take time to clean up the tables, and don’t do all of the cleanings at once.
  • Use a fluffy brush to get rid of the excess first, and then go with proper cleaning.
  • Clean the eyeshadow palette edges properly, and make sure to clean the mirror as well.
  • Clean the eyeshadows as well; even when there’s a color mix-up, you need to clean the shadows for a better color payoff.
  • When you are done cleaning, you need to let the palates dry to ensure no cleanser is left on them.

How to clean eyeshadow palette?

Now that we’ve returned to the most important aspect of eyeshadow palette cleaning, there are a few options:

Here we’ll include a short guide on how to use all of these products to properly clean up the eyeshadow palettes.

1. Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl Alcohol

The most common method of cleaning the eyeshadow palettes is by using 70% isopropyl alcohol. Most expert makeup artists will use this method to clean up their palettes. 70% alcohol is recommended as it will work as a makeup sanitizer, and if you can’t find 70%, any of the other percentages of alcohol will work, but you might also have to go through a sanitizer afterward. 70% alcohol is the best way to disinfect, as the higher percentage of alcohol will just evaporate very quickly. Here are some steps for using the isopropyl alcohol to clean the eyeshadow palettes:

  • Start by cleaning the eyeshadow palettes with water and a Q-tip first. This will ensure that the palettes are removed after all of the pigmentation and color have been removed.
  • Then use a clean cotton swab all over the palates to remove any excess liquid or any sort of color from the palates.
  • Make sure to clean up the mirror as well. And do not drench the palate in liquids; you just need a little bit of product to clean them up.
  • Then, using a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol, remove all germs and thoroughly clean the palates.
  • Let the palette dry as well.

2. Makeup Remover

Makeup remover

Micellar water is another great way to clean up the eyeshadow palettes, and this can be used before using alcohol. This will remove the most stubborn pigments and ensure that the palettes are not effete. They might not be very potent against dirt, but they work best with pigments and oils. Here are some applications for Micellar water:

  • Dust off all the extra and loose fallout with a large brush from the eyeshadow palette.
  • Use a Q-tip or a fine cotton swab to use the micellar water on the palates.
  • Use very small strokes and clean up the products. Instead of starting the rubbing from the beginning, you should let the dirt and oil soak in the makeup remover for a little while. That way, the micellar water will work the best.
  • Use a clean Q-tip to clean the rest.
  • Go with 70% isopropyl alcohol or a sanitizer after this point.
  • Let the eyeshadow primer dry completely.

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3. Sanitizer

For sanitizer, you can go with isopropyl alcohol as it’ll work fine to clean up the gunk from the eyes and also do a proper cleaning part from the shadow palettes. Go with the 70% mark, as after that percentage, the alcohol will just start to vaporize. The cleansing steps will be the same as the isopropyl alcohol.

4. Regular cleanser

You can jump right in with a soap-based cleanser as they tend to clean up the makeup. But for that, you might wanna go with the oil and foaming cleanser. Oil cleanser will get off all the remaining pigments from the palate. And then go with a soap-based cleanser as they will clean out after the oil.


1. How to clean eyeshadow palettes without alcohol?

To clean eyeshadow palettes without alcohol, you can use makeup removers or micellar water on a Q-tip.

2. How do you clean makeup palettes between clients?

You can start by dusting off the fallen pigments and then using a makeup wipe to clean the dirty parts for a quick cleaning of the eyeshadow palette.

3. How to disinfect the eyeshadow palette after pink eye?

To begin, clean the palettes and eyeshadow with 70% isopropyl alcohol or a regular makeup cleanser, as well as the colors.

Final Thoughts

After all this, how do you clean eyeshadow palettes, and what is the best way to do so? To clean the eyeshadow palettes, the best way to go is to use isopropyl alcohol with a brush, and if you want to clean the shadows themselves, then use a clean Q-tip and alcohol all over the shadows. This will get rid of the mixing of pigments, and the shadows will last forever. When you don’t clean your eyeshadow palette properly, the palette will lose its integrity over time, and most importantly, dirt, dust, and colors will pile up on the palette, creating a layer of heavy and stubborn dirt that will require more time, pressure, and high concentrations of the cleanser to clean up. As a result, you should clean the eyeshadow palette on a regular basis.

Key Points

  1. To clean an eyeshadow palette, use alcohol or another cosmetic cleaner. To keep the product clean, use a Q-tip or a little brush to clean the palette carefully.
  2. When it comes to cleaning the cosmetics palette, you must be patient and take your time, as you do not want to destroy the colors or the palette’s integrity.
  3. The most frequent way to clean eyeshadow palettes is by using 70% isopropyl alcohol. This is how most professional makeup artists clean their palettes. It is advised to use 70% alcohol as a makeup sanitizer.

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