How to Clean Magnetic Lashes?

How to clean magnetic lashes
To ensure the maximum efficacy and usage of your magnetic eyelashes, you have to wash them every time after use, but there are some specific procedures.

Eyelash extensions are something that everyone desires to enhance their natural beauty, but not the process of wearing them. Fake eyelashes can take up most of the time of your makeup if you are not an expert at wearing it. That’s why people opt to buy a more expensive magnetic eyelash as it takes less time and effort to put on. You just need to put on the eyeliner and magnetic lashes will get attached to it smoothly.

As they take no additional glue to attach to the lashes, people always tend to get confused about how to clean their magnetic lashes. Traditional false lashes do not have magnets in them, so are they going to be all right if they are cleaned like any other false lashes? Well, you can use the materials that you use to clean your regular eyelashes, but the procedures to clean them all will not be the same. Let’s delve into to know the techniques that you need to keep in mind while cleaning your magnetic eyelash to make them last longer.

Why to Clean Magnetic Eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes use eyeliner glue that you put on your eyes. The eyeliner makes the eyelashes sit on them. Normally it seems like eyeliner is not attaching to the eyelashes, but in reality it does! As the eyeliner attaches to the lashes, if it builds up and covers the magnets, then your eyelashes will not sit on properly. It will stay for less on your lashes after every use. Dirt and bacteria can also start to build on your magnetic lashes making it unhygienic to wear. The eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, you should never take a chance with your eyes at all.

So, to ensure hygiene and maximum magnetic bonds, clean your magnetic eyelashes after every use.

How To Clean Your Magnetic Eyelashes: Step-by-Step Process

Cleaning eyelashes can be a hassle if you have to wear them more frequently since it takes some time to properly clean them. There are multiple techniques that you can use to clean your magnetic eyelash properly.

In order to remove your magnetic eyelashes some basic materials would be needed. Such as-

  • Some cotton buds,
  • A tweezer,
  • Micellar water or eye makeup remover,
  • 90% rubbing alcohol,
  • A plastic bottle,
  • An eyelash comb.

You don’t need all of the materials at once to clean your eyelashes, just a few of them to will do the work just fine.

To clean your magnetic eyelash there are a few steps that you can follow.

  1. At first, to remove your magnetic eyelashes, clean your hands properly. So that it can not transfer any bacteria to your eyes. Then, gently remove the eyelashes and put them in a plastic jar.
  2. Add your regular micellar water to the plastic jar, and soak your magnetic eyelash in there.
  3. Let it rest for at least 5 minutes before you clean out the access eyeliner that is stuck to the eyelashes.
  4. After 5 minutes, take out your magnetic eyelash with a tweezer, and with a cotton bud, gently clear out the eyelash.
  5. Do not rush, put your cotton bud in between and above the magnets of the strip to remove the glue from the eyelash.
  6. You can also use an eyelash comb to clean it even more in between the lashes.

And if you do not want to leave it there for additional time, you can clean it instantly with some rubbing alcohol. You can easily do it with the following techniques-

  1. After removing your eyelashes with a clean hand, take a cotton bud and soak it in the 90% rubbing alcohol.
  2. Then, take your eyelashes in your hand and hold them gently between your fingers.
  3. You have to hold the cotton bud in the eyelash strips for several seconds.
  4. After that, roll the cotton buds again and again in between the lash strip line and the magnet.
  5. Do it very carefully with a gentle movement. Harsh movements can damage your magnetic eyeliner.
  6. Then take some makeup remover or micellar water and clean the magnetic eyelashes with the cotton bud.

These are some techniques that you can follow in order to clean your magnetic eyeliner. After cleaning your magnetic eyelashes, do not forget to dry them up with dry tissue paper before storing them back in their box.

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Magnetic Lashes

Mistakes to avoid when cleaning magnetic lashes
Mistakes to avoid when cleaning magnetic lashes

The procedures alone are not enough if you want to clean the magnetic eyelashes without damaging them. There are some mistakes you need to avoid. Such as-

  1. Warm water: Do not use warm or hot water while soaking or cleaning your magnetic eyelashes. The warm water can hamper the magnetic bonds of the eyelash. The magnets can also fall off the eyelash if it is soaked for too long.
  2. Soaking too long: Never soak your eyelashes longer than 5 minutes in the micellar water. It can cause the same problem. While dissolving the glue, makeup, or dust, it can loosen up the magnets from the eyelash as well.
  3. Oil-based cleaners: Do not use oil-based cleaners as they can reduce the adhesive of the magnets and hard to remove from the lashes.
  4. Storing lashes when wet: You should not store them while they are still wet. Do a proper dry with a dry tissue or cloth.
  5. Harsh cleaning: Do not be harsh while cleaning or drying your eyelashes at all. The last thing that you want happening is breaking your magnetic lashes. So make sure to be gentle while cleaning your magnetic lashes.
  6. Improper storage: Storing your magnetic lashes is very important. You cannot keep them out in the open. That is why you should keep them in their original box as it has a curve shape inside. It will help to maintain their original shape.
  7. Sunlight: Finally, keep your eyelashes from sunlight as direct sun exposure can change their color. Keep them in a dark place and away from moisture.

These are some concerns that you need to be careful of while cleaning your magnetic eyelashes so that they can perform well in your next use as well.

How To Maintain Your Magnetic Eyelashes for A Longer Time?

As magnetic eyelashes can be expensive, you would not like to throw them off after using them only a few times. To maintain your magnetic eyelashes, there are some essential rules that you should keep in mind. For example-

  1. You should not go to bed while wearing your magnetic eyelashes since it can damage your lashes.
  2. You should not go to the steam bath or sauna as these high temperatures can reduce the lifespan of your magnetic eyelash.
  3. Try not to create contact with water and your magnetic eyelashes. Water or humidity can hamper your eyelashes by reducing their adhesive with the magnets.
  4. Take off your eyelashes before going swimming or exercising.
  5. Do not rub your eyes off as it can potentially ruin your whole magnetic eyelash along with its shape.
  6. Most importantly, clean your magnetic eyelashes regularly.

These are some criteria that you can follow to maintain your magnetic eyelashes for a longer time. These rules are not too hard for you to maintain. Take a little bit of time to maintain these to increase the shelf life of your magnetic eyeliners.

How to Put on Your Magnetic Eyelashes?

How to put on your magnetic eyelashes
How to put on your magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are pretty much easy to apply on your eyes rather than a regular eyelash. You do not need any additional glue to attach your magnetic eyelashes. You just have to apply with the magnetic eyeliner that comes with it. To apply your magnetic eyeliner with a better finishing look and keep it usable for a longer time, you need to follow certain rules. Such as-

  • Clean your eyes and lashes properly before wearing your magnetic eyelashes making sure there is no oil or dirt in there.
  • Do not use heavy oil-based moisturizer in your eyes before applying the eyeliner because oil is not a good surface to apply the magnet eyeliner. The eyelash will not attach to that properly.
  • Before attaching the eyelash to your eyelids, measure by putting the magnetic eyelashes above your eyes. Then cut off the excess eyelash to avoid an uncomfortable situation like a longer lash can poke in your inner corner.
  • After adjusting the Magnetic eyelashes to the proper length, bend them gently in the middle and squeeze them back and forth to make them flexible. Do it only once after you buy a new pair of magnetic eyelashes. You can damage the eyelashes if you are not gentle and careful in this case.
  • Apply the magnetic eyeliner on your eyelash line, take an eyelash applicator, or use your hands to put the magnetic eyelash on the applied eyeliner glue. It will automatically be attached; you don’t have to force it. Do not use regular glue to wear your magnetic eyeliner.

How To Remove Your Magnetic Eyelashes?

How to remove your magnetic eyelashes
How to remove your magnetic eyelashes

To remove your magnetic eyelashes, you should be a little more careful. It will come down easily, as it has no sticky glue attached tightly. You do not have to use force. To remove your magnetic eyelashes, there are certain things that you can follow. Such as-

  • Gently put your eyelash applicator or your hands on your magnetic eyelash and press gently to open up a corner.
  • Pull the magnetic eyelash from the outer corner towards the inner part of your eyes.
  • Do not grab the eyelashes as a whole and pull them all together. It can potentially damage your eyelashes and hurt your eyes.
  • After removing the eyelash, remove the magnetic eyeliner by using your regular micellar water and a cotton swab and roll on top of it.


1. Will Oil Help to Clean Your Magnetic Eyeliner?

Oils can help to remove the residue, but they are not good for the overall health of the eyelashes. It can make the lashes sticky and reduce the adhesive of the magnets. You can use the oil to remove your magnet eyeliner, but not to clean the eyelashes.

2. Can I Use Nail Polish Remover to Clean My Eyelashes?

No, you cannot use nail polish remover to clean your eyelashes. Nail polish removers are made of chemical formula that is used to break the bond of the nail polish and take it off your nails. If you use nail polish remover, it can break off the adhesive and remove the magnets from the eyelashes. It can also damage the lashes.

3. Why Are Magnetic Eyelashes Sticky?

Magnetic eyelashes are a special kind of eyelash that is applied not by glue but by magnets. The magnets present in them, bond with the micro-particles of the iron oxide which is present in the magnet eyeliner. For these concentrated iron properties, the eyeliner tends to be thick and sticky so that the ye lashes can attach to that strongly.

Final Thoughts

Eyelashes can be very tricky to apply and take off while magnetic eyelashes completely save us from those additional hassles. It takes less time to apply and makes less mess. It does not need additional glue to stick to your eyelashes. You do not need to clean the sticky glue from your eyes and eyelashes every time you use them. To save time on your makeup while going out, you can use some time after coming back home to clean your magnetic eyelashes properly. If your eyelashes build up glue, eyeliner, or dust, it will not take much time to become unusable and you would throw them away. So, clean your eyelashes every time after use, to ensure its maximum efficacy.

Key Points

  • Magnetic eyelashes should be cleaned up every time after use.
  • You can use micellar water, makeup remover, and cotton buds to clean your magnetic eyelashes.
  • There are certain concerns that you should avoid or maintain to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Ensure the hygiene of your magnetic eyelashes, put them on and remove them carefully so that it does get damaged or damage your eyes.
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