How to Cover Dark Circle: Step-by-Step Guide


Dark circles are a headache to many of us because these circles can have a huge negative impact on our overall face beauty. There are so many reasons for forming dark circles, and in some cases removing them perfectly(suggested properly) requires long-term medication or using some natural things for a long time. So, as a temporary solution, many people hide their dark circles by various means, like using different makeup products or something like that. But in doing so, you should know the right way.

Otherwise, you will not be able to cover the dark circles perfectly. Even sometimes, hiding dark circles in an improper way may cause some further problems relating to your skin’s beauty. Dark circles are seen under your eyes, and for that reason, these become easily conspicuous. And as these are seen under your eyes, these are easily understandable at first sight, so covering these circles becomes mandatory. In this article, I am going to show you how to cover dark circle no matter how dark it is or for how long it exists. Let’s see!

What causes dark circles and how to cover dark circle sunder eyes?

Simply dark circles mean the skin under your eye becomes darker for the constriction of blood vessels. In other words, it makes the skin under your eye darker. This may be due to so many reasons like allergy, genetics, dehydration, lack of sleep, or something like that. Commonly we think that lack of sleep may cause dark circles, but oversleeping may also cause dark circles, which may sound a bit odd, but it’s true. Even iron deficiency is also a potential cause of dark circles. But usually, it doesn’t happen overnight. Gradually, it becomes darker. If you want to remove dark circles, then you will not be able to do that in only a few days. You have to do some effective tasks for weeks, even sometimes for several months, together. For that reason, we search for ways- what makeup to use to cover dark circles or how to use makeup to cover up dark circles.

How to cover dark circle under eyes – applicable for different types of skin

Sometimes people get confused about the issue of what color to use to cover dark circles. Now I am going to show you how you can choose the right color product to cover your dark circles.

Actually, it depends on your skin color or type of skin. In other words, your skin color will decide what color to use to cover dark circles. Suppose, if your skin falls under the medium to a dark category, then you should use something with orange color or dark peach color. But this color is only applicable to people with a bit of dark skin, not to others. Now come to the point- How to cover dark circle under eyes fair skin? If you have fair skin, then you should use something with a light peach or medium-pitch color. Because products of this color can hide dark circles on fair skin.

But if your skin is not absolutely dark or fair, then you should use medium-type color depending on your skin type. That means if you want to hide your dark circles, then you should use a color that falls in exactly the opposite category on the color wheel. Your skin type also matters here; suppose whatever products are applicable for dry skin are not applicable for general type skin though the product color-choosing method will remain the same.

How to cover dark circle with makeup?

Dark circles are problematic for all, but you can do so many things to remove these circles. But for temporarily covering your dark circle, using makeup is the best way. Using makeup might be the best option for you to cover dark circles because, with makeup, you may hide your dark circles effectively. In this stage, I am going to show you step by step-how to cover dark circle under the eyes with makeup.

  1. Prep your face before anything else
  2. Applying moisturizer and eye cream
  3. Applying primer
  4. Applying Foundation
  5. Using concealer for hiding dark circles
  6. Thoroughly blend the concealer
  7. Applying color corrector
  8. Apply shimmering beige and highlighting cheekbones

1. Prep your face before anything else

Prep Your Face Before Anything Else

Like your regular makeup, you should wash your face first with cold water and a gentle cleanser. For doing makeup for dark circles, some makeup artists suggest splashing with cold water on the face because it can minimize the dark looks. Even before applying makeup products, you may de-puff your eyes. How? Just massage with an ice pack on your under-eye skin because it can be helpful for removing dark circles.

2. Applying moisturizer and eye cream

Applying Moisturizer And Eye Cream

After prepping your face for applying makeup, you should apply moisturizer all over your face. It is especially important for you if you have dry skin. Then apply any eye cream under both your eyes (into the crease), but you should not do that on your eyelids. This will be surprisingly helpful for you to apply makeup effectively to cover the dark circles.

 3. Applying primer

Applying Primer

Like your regular makeup, you may use a primer to cover the dark circles under your eyes. You know, using a primer will be helpful for you to keep makeup products in the right place. In choosing a primer, you should remember one thing: it should be matched with your skin tone. Usually, makeup artists suggest using moisturizing primer for dry skin, and if you have dull skin, you may opt for illuminating primer. And mattifying primer is good for oily skin. Another thing is that if you have skin complexity like redness or something like that, then you should use a color-correcting primer. So you should select first what primer will be better for you.

4. Applying foundation

Applying Foundation

The primer may be used under Foundation, and you should consider it important because this will be a base for the concealer you will use. So, if you can select the right Foundation for your skin, then it will require less concealer, and it will be great for you to ensure a natural look. There are some foundations that are good for covering dark circles. Most the makeup artists suggest powder foundations for dealing with dark circles. The reason is that targeting dark circles under the eyes using powder foundation is so easy. If you use any other type of Foundation, then you will not be able to cover your dark circles perfectly.

Now come to the point: can you use Foundation to cover dark circles perfectly? Actually, using only Foundation will not be enough to cover dark circles as it will seem ashy. If you want to cover your dark circles by using only Foundation, then you will have to use a color corrector with that. But if you want to use regular foundation and hide your dark circles with makeup, then use the Foundation you use with your regular makeup. If you are new to doing makeup, then select first the Foundation that goes better with your skin tone and type.

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5. Using concealer for hiding dark circles

Using Concealer For Hiding Dark Circles

Now, after applying the Foundation, you should step forward to using concealer on the skin surrounding your eyes. You should start applying concealer from your nose, and it will go to your eye’s outer corner. If you are new to doing eye makeup, then you may create tiny dots with concealer first, and then you may just blend the dots. After applying concealer, if it seems that the concealer doesn’t blend with your skin well, then you should use any makeup brush or your fingertip to lightly tap the concealer for blending. But in no case you should(suggester-you should not) rub the concealer because it will result in uneven coverage. Even not only on the skin under your eyes, but you may also use concealer to cover other imperfections if there are any on your face. If you are not a pro at using concealers, you should know first which concealer will be best for you to cover your dark circles.

Now come to the point of how you can choose the right concealer for hiding dark circles. It depends on your skin tone, so you should consider that importantly. Usually, for fair skin, apricot or peach concealer will be best to counteract the dark circles under your eyes. But, if you have medium-toned skin, then you should use orange concealer. Actually using orange to cover dark circles is so common around the world since ancient times because this color goes better with medium-toned skin. And you should choose a slightly dark orange concealer if you have a darker skin tone. Even in that case red concealer also works better.

Another thing you should keep in mind while using concealer for covering your circles(suggested-the dark circles) under your eyes. You should use a stick concealer because this type of concealer is a bit thick, and the formula is creamy. And, you know, creamy formula is surprisingly effective for covering dark circles. But the creamy formula is not good for oily skin because if you use a creamy formula on oily skin, that may cause an acne breakout. If you have oily skin, you might try using liquid concealer, and in that case, loading puff up using powder and pressing it on your circles might be a solution for you. If you can do this effectively, then the cover will be effective, and it will last for long hours.

6. Thoroughly blend the concealer

Thoroughly Blend The Concealer

Concealer is for hiding imperfections like dark circles but you have to blend it thoroughly. If any edge of the concealer is visible, then it will have a huge negative impact on your look, though your dark circles may be invisible due to the concealer. So try to blend concealer with other makeup and if any edge of concealer is not found then you may consider applying concealer is okay. But, if you can choose the concealer correctly depending on your skin tone, then it is likely that perfectly blending will not be so hard for you. And what color to use to cover dark circles is entirely dependent on your skin tone. So, choose the right color of makeup products. Blending concealer will be easier for you.

7. Applying color corrector

Applying Color Corrector

If it seems to you that dark circles are still visible, then you should try a color corrector before applying your Foundation and concealer. So, after using the color corrector, you should blend it in a concealer. Using a light reflective formula will be superb for you in this case. The reason is that if you use lighter formula compared to your skin, it will brighten up your under-eye area. But it’s for those people who don’t have any fine lines.

On the contrary, if you have fine lines, then you need to use something dense- firm and matte concealer. Keep in mind the liquid option will be good for you if you have smooth skin. If you are new to doing eye makeup or it becomes difficult for you to use concealer under your eyes, then you may deposit dots there and then connect those dots. That’s an easy way. In doing so, you should not get too close to your eyelashes because it may create buildup or creasing. Check again and again. If you want more pigment, you should add that in thin layers.

If you want to take down the shiny look under your eyes, using blotting papers might be a good option for you. After that, you should take a repeated look at whether you have been able to cover your dark circles or not. This is how to use makeup to cover up dark circles.

8. Apply shimmering beige and highlighting cheekbones

Apply Shimmering Beige And Highlighting Cheekbones

Now all the mandatory parts for covering dark circles with makeup are completed. You may do some additional tasks like applying shimmering beige. Applying a shimmering beige will brighten your eye, and for that reason, your under-eye circles will not be easily conspicuous. Even for keeping makeup products for long hours perfectly under your eye area, you may use eyeliner below the shadow. And To finish the remaining hint of dark circles, you can use a highlighter on your cheekbone. But this part is not mandatory, but to get a better result, you may try so. That will surely reflect light to your nearby shadows. Here’s how to cover up dark circles with makeup.

How to cover dark circle: real life story

When I was about to end my school life, I read for long hours at night, and that’s why I couldn’t sleep early every night. It continued for more than 1 year, and when I entered college life, I had to study at night, and it was a common practice that I went to my bed at 3 or 4 o’clock at night. But I had to get up from bed in the morning so I couldn’t sleep properly and that caused dark circles under my eyes. Actually, I didn’t understand at first that it would be permanent, but when about one month had passed, then I understood these dark circles are permanent, and they will not vanish even if I sleep properly. But it seemed so bad because I used makeup then and it created a bad impact on my overall look. And I went to different dermatologists to cover my dark circles, but they suggested that I had to take different medicines for almost 6 months, but I needed to cover my dark circles immediately. So I searched for the solution online for questions like how to cover dark circle under the eyes or how to cover dark circle with makeup, as I used makeup then.

And after searching for some days, I found a solution that seemed effective to me when I first knew the details. One article entitled how to cover dark circle under eyes fair skin drew my attention. That article narrated the details of dark circles for different types of skin. And it suggested orange concealer for medium to a bit dark skin. As my skin is medium toned, I selected the orange concealer and powder foundation, as it was recommended in that article. And according to the tips and tricks mentioned in that article. I started using makeup to cover dark circles the next day. And when I applied makeup on my face according to those tricks for the first time, I could understand that the dark circles under my eyes were not easily understandable. But I couldn’t blend the concealer edges perfectly with makeup on my face. But when I used the right makeup products perfectly, blending became easier for me, and through each makeup, I was able to cover my dark circles as I liked. This was amazing for me, but now I don’t have dark circles because I have been able to remove that naturally by using a natural face mask and by following some skin tips.

Patricia Lown


1. What type of concealer works better for hiding dark circles?

Ordinarily, a stick concealer is better for covering dark circles effectively. So, you may try that if you have dark circles but keep in mind this type of concealer is not recommended for oily skin.

2. How can I be sure that I have been able to blend concealer perfectly with my face makeup?

Actually, this blending may be hard to you if you’re new in doing face makeup or new in covering dark circles. If you don’t find concealer edges under your eyes then you may consider you have been able to blend it perfectly.

3. How can I cover my dark circles naturally?

If you want to cover your dark circles naturally, then you have to do some regular tasks for almost 2 or 3 months. You have to massage ice cubes under your eyes and use a face mask made from natural things that have effectiveness in reducing darkness under the eyes.

4. What type of makeup product is good for hiding dark circles under my eyes?

This is entirely dependent on your risk in tone. In other words, depending on your skin tone, you have to select the color of products you will apply on your face. And you have to blend the makeup under your eyes with the makeup on your face.

5. Is using a color corrector for hiding dark circles effective?

Actually, it is not a mandatory part of makeup to cover dark circles. If, after applying Foundation and concealer, it seems to you that your dark circles are still visible, then you may apply a color corrector there.

6. What makeup to use to cover dark circles?

Ordinary makeup that people commonly use for any ordinary event is enough to hide dark circles. But you have to select makeup products, and what you will apply under your eyes for covering depends on your skin tone.

7. Is it true that using orange to cover circles is comparatively better?

Actually, you should cover your dark circles with concealer, and that may be orange or any other color. Orange color concealer is mainly recommended for people having medium to slightly dark skin.

8. How to use makeup to cover dark circles?

You can apply your face makeup ordinarily, but you have to focus on your dark circles. Another thing is that you have to choose makeup products that are effective for covering dark circles.

9. How can I reduce the shiny look under my eyes after applying makeup products?

If you consider your skin under your eyes excessively shiny, then you may use blotting paper or tissue paper to reduce the shiny look.

10. Can you use Foundation to cover dark circles?

Applying Foundation will be helpful for you to keep makeup products for hiding dark circles in the right place. But only applying Foundation is not a good option to cover dark circles.

The bottom line

It is true that applying the right makeup products is enough to cover dark circles no matter whatever your skin type is. Using makeup to cover circles is not new. It’s a common practice all over the world. But it’s true that just covering dark circles is not the right way that you should follow for a long time. You should use something natural to improve your skin quality under your eyes that will permanently vanish dark circles.

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