How to Do Smokey Eye Shadow?

How to Do Smokey Eye Shadow
Smokey eyes are one of the most popular makeup trends right now. Learn how to apply them perfectly!

Many women and teenagers dislike their “average” looks. So, they’re always attempting to improve their style to know how to do smokey eye shadow. The smokey eye shadow look is a new cosmetic style. Makeup fans adore this glamorous smokey eye look. In addition, you can wear them to various events. Let’s discuss the strategies, tactics, smokey eye tutorials, and equipment that helped you master the look of smokey eye shadow.

What is Smokey Eye Makeup?

What Is Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup combines darker eyeshadow and eyeliner with eyeshadows of varying intensities. Applying many layers of black eyeshadow to the eyelids will give you an impressive “smokey eye makeup” look. This smokey effect adds depth and provides a different look. Some try to do it with one eye shade. But layers of different shades and textures are usually used to create a smokey look.

This eye makeup look is highly fashionable and quite popular for formal events. A good eyeshadow primer, at least two different eyeshadow colors, eyeliner, and mascara are required to create a smoky eyeshadow effect.

Materials to make a perfect smokey eye look

Materials To Make A Perfect Smokey Eye Look

You should know what materials to make a perfect smokey eye look.

1. Concealer

A concealer with full coverage may prime and smooth your eye region. You may also replace eyeshadow primer with concealer. This eyeshadow primer will help you to smooth the eye area.

2. Shader Eyeshadow Brush

You should need a flat share brush for applying smokey eye shadow. It aids in applying eyeshadow evenly over the eyelid. You can also use this brush to experiment with dramatic smoky eye makeup. Larger shader brushes allow you to cover eye areas quickly.

3. Blending Brush

A fluffy blending brush ensures that there are no harsh lines between your shadows.

4. Smokey Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palette includes shimmery and matte tones. This matte tone helps you to achieve various smokey eye effects. To create a classic smoky eye, you’ll have to use three different eyeshadow colors: one for the whole eyelid, one for the crease, and one for the highlight.

5. Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliner makes your smokey eye look simple. This gel eyeliner helps you to achieve a rich, blendable color.

6. Black Mascara

Lastly, you need a waterproof black mascara for the final touchup.

Three things to remember before applying smoky eye makeup

  1. Always maintain the darkest point near the lash line. It attracts attention to the eye rather than the makeup.
  2. Keep your eye makeup minimal, using no more than three eyeshadows and a liner to make your eyes stand out.
  3. Blending requires brushes of the highest quality. The secret to a successful smoky eye is the liner and shadow mixing, not the intensity. That’s what makes it so attractive.

How to do smokey eye shadow

How To Do Smokey Eye Shadow

1. Prime your eyelid

Eyeshadow Base is an essential must for perfect, long-lasting eye makeup. Eyeshadow primers and concealers may both be used as bases for eye shadow. Both will help smooth out your eye area and help you to stick to your makeup. This primer or concealer is essential for smokey eyes since the attention is on your eyes. Apply it evenly with your finger or a paintbrush, ensuring uniform distribution.

2. Intensify your lashes

Tightlining is a technique used to visually enhance the fullness of your lashes and conceal any sparse spots. Utilize this method to highlight your eyes by adding definition and intensity. A black eyeliner between the lash line and the upper lid outline will make your eyelashes look thicker.

3. Apply eyeliner for a better look

Eyeliner is necessary for achieving the smokey eye look because it defines the eyes and gives the illusion of thicker lashes. To get a smokey effect, use kajal to line your upper and lower lashlines and blend them with a brush.

4. Pick out your smokey eyeshadow palette

There are three colors essential to the classic smokey eye:

  •  A mid-tone shade
  • The darkest color tends
  • A highlighter shade

Generally, you can use matte black, brown, grey, navy, or green shades for your smokey eye makeup. But you can also try lighter or more colorful shades. Some experts advise avoiding a straight black smoky eye for small eyes. Because after making it too dark, your eyes will look too small. Alternatively, you may try utilizing shades of dark brown or grey to tone down the intensity of the black shadow.

5. Apply your all-over eyeshadow shade

Apply the color of the light-colored eyeshadow onto your lid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Now, blend it well from the bottom of your lid to the center. So, it appears more like a gradient than a saturated patch. To create a more eye-opening effect, you should apply this eyeshadow shade closer to your eyebrow than you usually would. This method offers the idea of larger eyelid space and widens the eyes, particularly if you have tiny eyes.

6. Apply your crease color

Use a dark eyeshadow color to highlight your eyes by applying it to the outer corner of your eye, lower lash line, and lid. Select one or two deep shade that is darker than your primary color to create a complementary difference. Then, mix the color into the crease of your eye with a blending brush. Blend the color in small, circular movements toward the eye’s center. Apply more layers to build up the shade for a smokey effect. You may go to the next stage as soon as this color blends in with your overall color.

7. Apply your highlight

The last step is applying a light, basic shade from the crease up to the eyebrows. This highlighter color will help finish off the desired gradient look and make the skin seem more even. Applying some illuminators to your eyes’ inner corners can help draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

8. Mix all shades very well to get a better result

The biggest mistake is that some people do not mix those three shades well enough. A tremendous smokey eye is made by blending the three shades used to make it together in a smooth way. Apply with a fluffy brush and smooth until the shades disappear into one another. This can make a smoky eye look more like a black eye.

9. Lastly, apply eyeliner and mascara for a better smokey eye makeup look

Use eyeliner to create an air of mystery around your eyes. Applying a nourishing care mascara to the lower and higher lash lines can help your lashes hold the mascara better. Applying mascara will then finish off your stunning smoky eye.

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How to make a simple smokey eye for first-timers?

How To Make A Simple Smokey Eye For First Timers

When it comes to eye makeup, a smokey eye is one of the most appealing looks you can get. Achieving a smokey natural eye shadow look may be scary for beginners with cosmetics. For a smokey eye look, it’s all about picking the right colors and applying them precisely. With practice, a flawless, simple smokey eye is easy to achieve by following some black smokey eyeshadow step by step.

  • Use a black color palette to get the desired smoky effect – Using blacks and greys shades, you can get the look of a classic smoky eye. However, any dark black color may be used instead. The smokey eye effect may also be achieved with shades of browns, golds, purples, greens, and navy blues. To create a smoky eye, you’ll need black eyeliner, a medium-dark eyeshadow, and a highlighter shadow of the same shade.

Before choosing colors for smokey eye makeup, you should consider three things. They are:

1. You must select colors and shades according to your skin tone. For instance, you may use a shadow in the middle of the color wheel if you have light skin and want to create the illusion of smoky eyes. Dark shades are required to get the desired smoky effect on a dark complexion. 

2. Next, you should think about your eye color, too. By way of illustration, if you have brown eyes, a smokey eye in purple and golden brown shades will reveal their depth and color.

3. Finally, consider the time when you want to wear your smokey eye makeup. A lighter, more understated look is more versatile for daytime, while a dramatic smokey eye is perfect for an evening out.

  • In most cases, eyeliner is the first step in creating a smoky eye. Apply creamy pencil liner to your eye corners and lower eyelids. Line your upper and lower lids thickly, but keep the liner thin on the lower lash line. If you want your smoky eye to have a more natural effect, use a little brush, your finger, or a cotton bud to smudge the liner. 
  • Creating that smokey “smoked out” effect requires applying darker powder eyeshadows. Use a flat brush to apply your desired shade over the eyelid and the area where your liner got smudged. Give the outer corner of your eye additional color while keeping your inner lid lighter.
  • After applying shadow to your lid, mix it to remove harsh lines and create a smoky appearance. To avoid harsh lines between the lid and crease, use a tiny, fluffy crease brush to buff the eyeshadow in a circular motion from the lid up into the crease.
  • When you’ve completed smudging the dark shadow over your eye, switch to a lighter shade to highlight your brow bone and the area around your tear duct in the inner corner of your eye. You can use ivory, cream, or beige shade, depending on your skin tone, with a small brush to those areas.
  • Next, add your preferred mascara to your eyelashes to make them seem longer and thicker in contrast to the black eyeshadow. Because dark shadows might make the eyes appear smaller, it’s essential to use an eyelash curler to curl and lift your lashes.

How do you do dramatic eyeshadow?

How Do You Do Dramatic Eyeshadow

The dramatic, daring, and bold smokey eyes are ideal for a night on the town or a formal event. Anybody can master this adaptable style with a little effort. A dramatic smoky eye may be created with any color by blending at least three shades of the same color. Beginners are always afraid to do smokey eye makeup. However, the smokey eye shadow application is easy if you follow the steps correctly. Here are some simple steps to apply smokey eye shadow for a dramatic look.

1. Primer for eyeshadow is impressive since it keeps your eyeshadow in place for creating a longer-lasting look. Because of using primer, it will be easier to apply shades, and you can blend them perfectly. All your final smokey eye depends on how perfectly you blend your shades. So, use an eyeshadow primer and apply it thinly. You can use a regular face primer and concealer instead of an eyeshadow primer.

2. Next, apply the lightest shade to your under-eye area and eyebrow. The lightest shade can be high-gloss glitter shades, pastel tones, and colors near your skin tone, and apply it with a small eyeshadow brush. You may also use the highlighter by sweeping it in the inner corner of your eyes. By doing this, your eyes look more open and bigger.

3. Apply your darkest eyeshadow on your brush and run it along your top lash line. Blend out the dark tint by swirling your brush up toward your crease. 

4. Apply your transition shade or medium eyeshadow halfway up your eyelid. For example, this shade might be gold, a light grey, taupe, or peach. You may blend this particular color into the rest of your illuminator once you’ve applied it to the crease. Your eyeshadow should fade out gradually from your lash line to your eyebrows. A little amount of this medium color may also be used to lighten the sharp edge of the black shadow along your lower lash line. You may apply it to the inside half of your lower lashes, right up to the inner corner. You can skip the bottom-lash eyeliner if you do this. 

5. To smooth the variations between eyeshadow colors, use a tiny, fluffy blending brush to make wide, gentle strokes over the lid. Make your lash line the darkest portion of your eyelid by applying more of your darkest eyeshadow and blending it upwards if required. To make the shade disappear into the face, mix it outward into the corners of your eyes. The same thing has to be done for the shadow that has been applied below your eyes. Make sure there is no visible variation in color by continuing to sweep and swirl the brush.

6. A dramatic smokey eye may be easily achieved by applying eyeliner in a blurred manner. Draw a broad line over your top lash line with a thick eyeliner pencil. Then, blend the top corners with your finger or a makeup brush.

7. Finally, be careful while applying mascara to keep it off your eyelid. To divide and shape your lashes, wiggle the brush in between them. If you want to avoid having mascara clumps and lumps on your lashes, don’t apply more than two coats. First, coat your top lashes and apply some to your lower ones.

How can you do red and brown smokey eyes?

How Can You Do Red And Brown Smokey Eyes

Online tutorials may teach you many ways to get the popular smoky eye look. This dramatic eye makeup may not be appropriate for every event or dress, so practice and planning are crucial. On the other hand, the perfect smokey eye adds depth to your eyes and makes you seem attractive. Two natural colors are famous for eyeshadow; one is red, and another is brown. It would be best if you chose the correct color combo to create perfect red and brown smokey eyes.

Red smokey eyes: For creating red smokey eyeshadow, you will need:

  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow shades: Silk Creme, Hunts, Red, Beam, and Paulina
  • Black liner
  • Mascara

1. Transition Shade: First, prime and conceal your eyelid. Next, you must create a transition shade with silk crème shade and hunts shade.

2. Smokey Red Eyeshadow: Now, pick up the primary red color used in the eyelid’s center. Next, mix it gently into the crease to combine well with the blending color.

3. Lower Lid Smudge:  Use the shade Hunts and smoke it along the lower lash line. Make your lower eyelids pop out for a sultry effect.

4. Brow Highlight: Take the color “Beam” and apply it to the eyebrows. This offers a nice contrast to the intensity of the red smokey eye look.

5. Winged Eyeline: Using an angled liner brush, draw an arch from the inner to the outer corner of your eye. Additionally, ensure that both your upper and lower eye lines are lined.

6. Inner Corner Sparkle: Apply a shimmery, pastel shade to your inner eye corner. The last touch to your eye makeup is a complete pair of false lashes over the mascara.

You will use the same smokey eyeshadow makeup kit for brown smokey eyeshadow that you use for red smokey eyeshadow. One thing is changing here the eyeshadow shades. For brown smokey eyes shadow, you need light brown, medium brown, and dark brown:

  1. Spread the light brown color over your whole eyelid.
  2. Use the medium brown color on the lid’s outside corner.
  3. Dab some deep brown color into the innermost area of your eye.

Follow all steps of the red smokey eyeshadow steps to do brown smokey eyeshadow.

The product I recommend for smokey eye makeup

The eyes are the most beautiful part of your body, and the trickiest work to do is eye makeup. When it comes to smokey eye makeup, beginners are always afraid of it. Some are taking help from smokey eye tutorials for blue eyes who have beautiful blue eyes. Before applying natural smokey eye makeup, you should know what eye makeup shadow kit is the best. 

1. Primer:

Primer brightens your eyes, minimizes creasing, and makes eyeshadow slide on easily. You can use the veil eye primer.” Formulated with vitamins E and C, this smooth, almost greasy cream may be relied upon to lessen the visibility of age spots and maintain skin hydration. Apply eyeshadow immediately after applying this primer so it doesn’t set before you’re done.

2. Concealer:

Consider the shade, formula, and coverage you need from your concealer, whether natural or full, robust and long-lasting. The under-eye anti-aging concealer is fantastic for covering up dark patches, acne, and extreme undereye hyperpigmentation. This lotion is suitable for people of all different skin tones.

3. Eyeshadow Platte:Vodisa Matte And Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette”

is a combination of 18 matte shades and seven shimmer eyeshadows. It’s a combination of cool and warm mattes with neutral shimmer shades. This 25-color makeup kit allows you to create various looks, from natural to dramatic, to suit your current state of mind or the event at hand. 

  • Next, the best eyeshadow palette is nude eyeshadow & liner. Whether heading out for the day or night, this 6-pan eyeshadow palette will help you look your best no matter the situation.
  • This waterproof beauty Glory Eyeshadow Palette has 20 buttery matte shades, 13 shimmer metallic eyeshadows, and two glitter eyeshadows. Eyes may seem more vibrant and three-dimensional with the help of these wearable colors. It can apply alone or in combination. This smoky eyeshadow palette has just the appropriate amount of each warm and bright shade. You may wear it casually throughout the day and dress it up for a special evening event.
  • The Universal Crayon by Fluide is a universally flattering, multitasking pencil. That can apply to the lips, cheeks, and eyelids for a seamless, uniform effect. You may choose the perfect smokey eyeshadow stick color to complement your eyes among four options, from the sheer white Celestial to the bold orange Aunty Gravity.

4. Black eyeliner

The Highliner Gel Crayon is one of Team Byrdie’s favorite eyeliners. Waterproof, smooth, and easily smudged into a crease-defining shadow, the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon has it all. This timeless NYX Professional Makeup product can help you achieve the thinnest line at the lowest possible price. Even if your shaky fingers do not affect how smoothly it glided over my lash line, it followed the curve of my lid perfectly.

5. Mascara

The volumizing, thickening, jet-black “Ilia Limitless Lash” Mascara won two Allure Readers’ Choice Awards. The double-ended brush of this flutter-inducing mascara allows for precise application and the elimination of clumps, resulting in beautifully defined lashes.


1. How many types of the smokey eye can you do?

You can do five types of smokey eyes instant in your home. They are:
1. Classic Black Smokey Eyes
2. Warm Brown Smokey Eyes
3. The Look of Smokey Eyes with Smudged Makeup
4. Rainbow Smokey Eyes
5. Glittery Smokey Eyes

2. Should eye makeup match the eye color or clothing?

That all depends on your personal preferences. Too much similarity may not be good. You may try various colors that complement your eye and clothing color. It is about the whole makeup appearance being spot-on and in rhythm with each other.

3. How do you do smokey makeup?

Here are the steps of how to do smokey makeup.
1. Prime and conceal your eyelid.
2. Pick out your best eyeshadow shades.
3. Apply your all-over eyeshadow shade.
4. Apply your crease color.
5. Apply your highlight.
6. Blending all shades perfectly.
7. Apply eyeliner and mascara

 4. Is there a specific palette for smokey eyes?

Choose one light, medium, and dark shade of the same eyeshadow shade to get a smokey eye. Black and grey are the most popular, but you can choose whichever color you want.

5. Do smokey eyes suit everyone?

Black or brown smokey eyes flatter everyone.

6. What lipstick goes with smokey eyes?

A smoky eye and red lips look gorgeous. Brown smoky eyes and red lipstick are a beautiful combination.

7. Does having a smoky eye make you appear older?

Many people passionate about makeup want to become experts at creating the perfect smokey eye. However, it is simple to make a mistake, and using excessive black eye shadow may make a face seem older and more exhausted. Dark eye makeup over your whole eyelid might make you appear older.

8. What is the new eyeshadow trend?

The new eyeshadow trend is metallic eyeshadow. You have complete creative freedom with this trend. You can apply a more natural-looking wash of metallic color to your lids.

9. How do you get a natural smokey eye?

Natural smokey eyes may be achieved by applying a single, dark eye shadow shade. It’s OK to choose from blue, cherry red, or black. Prime your eyelids and cover wrinkles.

10. How to remove a smokey eye makeup look?

You may use an oil-and-water hybrid eye makeup remover. Use a cotton pad to remove makeup. Coconut oil may remove waterproof eye makeup without rubbing. After that, moisturize your eyes with moisturizer or eye serum.

Final words

The smokey eye has become more popular than any other use of eye makeup. When you want to draw attention to your eyes, this tried-and-true method involves building heavier layers of eyeshadow and eyeliner. There isn’t much complexity involved in the construction, but blending is vital. The shape of your eyes will guide you as you apply many layers of shadow in varying shades to draw attention to them.

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