How To Fix Frizzy Lashes After Lash Lift?


Eyelashes can significantly change the overall look of your face. People always go a little further to get eyelashes that will look longer and fuller. To achieve that look people often tend to go for the lash lift procedure. Lash Lift does the job without the hassle of maintaining fake lashes or lash extensions. it is a procedure done with a chemical solution to curl your natural eyelashes and make them appear longer. Sometimes, the chemicals from the lash lift procedure make the lashes frizzy creating dry, clumpy, and fragile lashes.

So, how to fix frizzy lashes after a lash lift? I know, it is frustrating to deal with such problems after investing a lot of money to get them done. But do not get worried yet. It is a very common problem that can be solved easily. I will discuss all the possible concerns that you might have regarding your frizzy lashes and the ways that will help you fix the frizzy lashes after the lash lift.

13 Reasons For Having Frizzy Lashes

If you understand the main reasons why your lashes frizz after a lash lift, it will be easier for you to avoid them and prevent your eyelashes from becoming dry and frizzy in the future. Here are some common reasons that can be responsible for having frizzy lashes after a lash lift:

1. Overprocessing

If the lash lifting process happens for too long or the chemicals that are used in the process are too strong, your lashes can be over-processed. Over processing can make your lashes extremely dry and brittle which makes the lashes frizz. The processing needs 10-16 minutes to stay on your lashes depending on different thicknesses. If the chemicals are left even a minute or 2, it can make the eyelashes over-processed.

2. Inappropriate Procedure

If the application is done inappropriately, the lashes can have uneven treatments. The incorrect procedure makes some areas get more processing than others which makes your lashes uneven and frizzy.

3. Too Much Glue

Sometimes you will see that the lash lift process failed because of too much glue application. The lash adhesive does not let the bonding solution get to the lashes properly. It also creates an uneven perming and makes the lashes frizzy.

4. Clumpy Lash Job

Sometimes, your lash job is not done professionally. The lash technician does not separate the lashes properly and the lashes fuse together. The clumpy can’t be hydrated properly and becomes frizzy afterward.

5. Heated Tools

If you use a heated eyelash curler on your lifted lashes more frequently, it can make your lashes dehydrated and sometimes even burn out. More uses of heated tools can make your eyelashes fragile, weak, and frizzy as well.

6. Wrong Makeup Products

If you use makeup products like mascara and eyeliner more frequently, it can make your eyelashes frizzy. If the products are waterproof, they take double cleansing to remove. Sometimes this extra pressure can make your lashes weigh down and clump together which makes it even frizzier.

7. Lack Of Moisture

Your eyelash needs hydration and moisturization just like your hair and skin. After a lash job, you need to give your lashes even more hydration for all the processes they need to go through. Try using a moisturizer separately for your lashes. If you use a harsh moisturizer on your skin, your eyelashes can get affected by that and get frizzy.

8. Incorrect Product

The solution formula needs to be suitable for your lash type. If your eyelashes are naturally thin, using a strong product can make your eyelashes vulnerable. It can also make your eyelashes damaged and frizz.

9. Allergic Reaction

Sometimes you might have an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the perm solution. Allergic reactions will not only make your eyelashes frizzy but also can swallow your eyes. It will make your eyelashes even more vulnerable and make them prone to breakage.

10. Chemical cleanser

If you clean your eyelashes with products that have harsh chemicals in them such as alcohol or sulfates. These can make your eyelashes extremely dry and brittle and can make your lashes frizzy and crunchy.

11. Poor Aftercare

If you use improper products to take care of your lashes after the lash lift procedure or use water within 24 hours to wash your lifted lashes, it can make your lashes lose their lifting effects. It will also make your lashes extremely dry and brittle creating frizz in your lashes.

12. Chlorine Water

Chlorine water in swimming pools has harsh chemicals in them to keep the pool water sanitized. Chlorine water strips away all the natural oil from our hair and lashes. So, if you go swimming more frequently, it can leave your lashes frizzy and brittle.

13. Medical Conditions

Medical conditions like psoriasis, diabetes, and thyroid can cause many underlying diseases which can also be responsible for frizzy lashes. they can make our lashes very dry and prone to damage.

How To Fix Frizzy Lashes After Lash Lift?

Lash lift is a chemical procedure that uses perming solutions to curl your natural eyelashes in an upward position. Multiple reasons can be responsible for having frizzy lashes after a lash lift. However, with some very simple procedures, you can fix frizzy lashes after the lash lift easily at home, and make your eyelashes as healthy as before.

Cleanse The Lashes

Cleanse The Lashes

To fix your frizzy lashes, the first thing you need to do is clean your lashes properly. You need to use a gentle cleanser to cleanse your lashes. Make sure to remove all the makeup residue by double-cleansing with micellar water or any other makeup remover. Cleaning the lashes properly can help with the lashes that are clumped down making them frizzy.

Oil And Serum Treatment

Oil And Serum Treatment

After cleaning and drying the eyelashes, you need to give them proper hydration with oils or serums. This will help to make the eyelashes soft and help to fight the dryness. Your lashes get exposed to air after they are processed by chemicals. They tend to absorb more air from the environment and tend to be frizzy. Using a serum and oil at night can give your lashes, proper moisture and will lock the moisture to keep them hydrated for longer. It will help to remove the frizziness from your lashes and keep them long and shiny.

Brush Your Lashes

Brush Your Lashes

Use a curved eyelash brush to brush your lifted eyelashes. You should brush your frizzy lashes every time they get wet and after applying the oils and serums. Curved brushes will touch the lash line and separate all the lash strands. This will ensure all the lashes are getting complete nourishment from the serums and will not become dry or flake out later on.

Seek Professional Help

Seek Professional Help

If you are unable to fix the frizzy eyelashes, you can seek professional help as well. They have the appropriate products to remove the frizziness from your lashes. They will use suitable products considering your eyelash condition and make them bond again. they can give you further guidance on how you should take care of your natural lashes from further damage and irritation.

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5 Ways To Prevent Frizzy Lashes After A Lash Lift

It is much easier to maintain a healthy lash life than fix them afterward. Maintain these precautions to prevent your lashes from getting frizz after a lash lift:

Ways To Prevent Frizzy Lashes After A Lash Lift

1. Choose A Good Lash Technician

The first reason for a bad lash job and frizzy lashes can be an inexperienced lash technician. So just when you decide to have a lash lift, start doing research on experienced lash artists that have good reviews. If the lash job is done by a professional, there is always less risk of getting kinky or frizzy lashes. You can discuss your lash type and any other concerns to ensure a smooth procedure.

2. Be Careful Of Heating Tools

You use heated curling machines to lift your straight eyelashes. So, you don’t really require that after having your lash lifted. Heating tools can make your lashes dry and frizzy. It can also make your eyelashes fall out. Stop using any heating tools on your lashes after getting a lash lift to prevent them from freezing.

3. Incorporate eyelash primer

If you use mascara or eyeliner more frequently, you need to use an eyelash primer beforehand. Eyelash primer will help to protect them from clumping together. It will create a barrier between the mascara and keep the lashes safe. You need to use good-quality eyeliner and mascara that will not flake off. Also, if you use waterproof makeup, they will be harder to remove from your lashes. So, try to use makeup products that are not waterproof around your eyes.

4. Provide Enough Moisture

Moisturizing your lashes after the lash lift process is a crucial step that you should never miss. You can use moisturizing lash serums to keep your lashes hydrated. Often, we tend to apply our face products to our lashes as well which can have a negative effect on the lashes. Try to moisturize your lifted eyelashes separately. You can also use oils of your preference to lock the moisture into the lashes. It will help your lashes to prevent freezing.

5. Use Satin And Silk Pillow Covers

Cotton pillow covers cause a lot of friction with our hair and eyelashes. Hard cotton pillowcases are one of the elements that are responsible for making our hair frizzy. You should always use a satin or silk pillow cover to keep your hair and lashes free from freezing. If you cannot manage a pillow cover, you can also use an eye mask of the same material before going to sleep.

10 Tips To Take Care Of Your Lashes After A Lash Lift?

Follow these easy tips to take care of your lashes after a lash lift so that they can have a healthy appearance and remain free from frizz.

  1. Follow the aftercare instructions provided by your lash artist.
  2. Avoid using water within 24 hours of getting the lash lift procedure.
  3. Before jumping into the pool, moisturize your lashes and lock the moisture with an oil.
  4. Maintain good hygiene and remove any dust and debris that are stuck in your lashes.
  5. Do not rub your lifted eyelashes vigorously to keep them safe from breakage.
  6. Choose a gentle lash cleanser to clean your lashes.
  7. For lifted eyelashes, regular moisturization is a must after cleansing.
  8. Washing your lashes too frequently with any strong chemicals in your face cleansers can make them dry and frizzy.
  9. Wait a few weeks to see if the frizz goes away naturally before doing any chemical procedure like relaxing, perming, or lash lifting again to remove the frizz.
  10. If the frizz gets worse over time, you can go for a lash lift correction for any damage to a professional lash technician.

How Long Do Frizzy Lashes Take To Get Fixed?

How Long Do Frizzy Lashes Take To Get Fixed?

If you once again want to relax or perm your lashes with a chemical relaxer, the time frame will depend on the eyelash thickness and the kind of relaxer that you are going to use. Mostly, it takes 10-16 minutes to complete. Read the instructions before doing the procedure yourself. Be very careful about the timing to make sure that you are over-processing your eyelashes. Thicker lashes will naturally need more time to relax than finer lashes. However, it is always better to do any chemical procedure by a professional.

On the other hand, if you want to fix your frizzy lashes naturally, it might take a few days to revive your lashes to their former form. It is a much safer option to fix your lashes with proper care than relaxing or perming. It does not have any side effects and will not cause further damage in any way. If you can take care of the lashes with proper moisturization, your lashes will need even less time to relax.

Will My Frizzy Lifted Lashes Go Back To Normal After Fixing?

Yes! If you want to fix the frizzy lashes, there is a high chance that your lashes will go back to their normal state. Our lashes already have a life cycle that makes them fall out naturally and grow new lashes after a certain period of time. Also, a lash lift is not a permanent solution to your lashes. It will lose its effect approximately 8 weeks after the procedure. So, you should not worry if the lashes will go back to normal or not over the health of your lashes since they will go back to normal eventually. You can always do the lash lift procedure again to have the beautifully lifted lashes that you desire.

Is Lash Lifting Bad For My Lashes?

Is Lash Lifting Bad For My Lashes?

If the procedure is done right, then the lash lifting is not bad for your lashes. You need to make sure that you are going for this treatment with a licensed, trained, and experienced lash technician.

If you decide to do the procedure at home, there is a high chance of that lash lift being bad for your eyelashes. It can be done at home, but you will definitely need assistance. The procedure needs to be done while keeping your eyes closed since the chemicals used in the process can be extremely harmful to your eyes. Also, the procedure needs to follow strict timing. You must follow the instructions that come with the lash lift kit.

However, only an expert lash technician can judge the condition of your lashes and understand how long the solution will take to lift the lashes. With an expert, it will be less risky for your lash to go bad after having a lash lift.

Final Thoughts

Although having frizzy lashes after having a lash lift is not normal, there is nothing to be worried about. You can easily fix them with some simple steps and minimal effort. Since the procedure requires chemical formulation to lift the lashes, you need to follow the aftercare of your lashes properly to prevent them from frizz. If you have already got frizzy lashes after the procedure, you should do these steps regularly. For example, cleaning the lashes properly, giving oil and serum treatment, using the correct makeup products, and brushing your lashes can help with the issue. If nothing else works, then seek professional help to get the soft and luscious eyelashes that you desire.


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