How to Green Hair Dye on Brown Hair? Proper Guideline

If you’re wondering about How to Green Hair Dye on Brown Hair.Green highlights are the ideal method to achieve a pop of green on brown hair.

When it comes to hair color, going green is the best option for something bold and trendy. In most cases, no one really considers green as a conventional color, but rather a color that will be very funky. But with green, there’s a chance of being bold, and there’s also a chance of being sophisticated. And how do these two words go with green hair color? Well, the most common would be to go with the deep green colors.

And for a more funky look, you might want to go with a light green color. They are funny, and they look like candy. But whatever shade of green you choose, green looks good on almost all skin tones. They are one of the primary colors, and with the pale undertones on people, they tend to have more green tones than usual. As a result, green is the best color to complement olive undertones. But with most pale and cool tones of skin, they tend to have brown skin.

Green eyes and brown hair will most likely resemble the tree and look naturally gorgeous. When you look at a forest, you will notice that they have the best way of coloring their hair. And that might be the best way to put it. As a result, we believe that green and brown would look best together. And for that part, the green hair colors will be almost perfect for each other.

How to green hair dye on brown hair?

The best option would be to start with a green color that is flattering on the skin. And for brown hair to be dyed green, there are several ways. Well, first, you can use developers and bleach. With bleaching, the hair will be relieved of its brown color, and then the green will go on top. When you have dark hair and want to get rid of the color to go with light green, you might have to use a high level of developer.

And lastly, there has to be a darker green color on a darker color; in that case, you have to go with the low level of developer and then use a dye-knit top. And lastly, use a green color directly on the brown hair and then mix and match to get the best results. The green color on brown hair will look gorgeous when you want to go for an ombre.

Using the green color on brown hair might just change the whole look of the hair. They tend to make the hair look very elevated, and they will add depth to the hair. And with dark green hair, the hair will look different, and you can even get the best possible results with emerald. And that might be the reason why so many people are leaning toward green hair colors.

Green hair dye that will be perfect for brown hair

Green hair color is one of the most popular hair color trends right now. Models and editorials are full of shades of green, and all models slay the looks. SZA and Dua Lipa would handle the rest of the work. Dua slayed all of her looks in her videos with green hair, and most of her green hair had that shiny, almost metallic green shine to it. And if you all remember Kylie Jenner’s look with all her shades of green, then you’d know why green is so on trend right now. And lastly, we have Kim Kardashian, who is new to green but seems to be in love with the color.

The best thing about greens is that they go well with both natural and dyed hair. And they tend to leave their mark regardless of the color you wear. Instead of using box dye, demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color would be ideal for you. When you are doing green over brown hair, you either have to cover the brown or just go on top. But for the brown hair to stay intact, you might want to go with the semi-permanent color on top. They might not last long, but they will certainly look good with the hair. And before committing to a long-term love with the color green, you might want to go with semi-permanent hair. Here we include the hair colors that will look good on top of brown hair.

Green hair dye that will be perfect for brown hair
  1. Emerald green hair
  2. Brown and green
  3. Green highlights
  4. Brown-green ombre
  5. Green streaks
  6. Neon green
  7. Mint hair

1. Emerald green hair

When you want to keep the integrity of the darker hair colors, then you might want to go with the emerald hair colors. They tend to blend well with dark hair and look good with deep tones all at once. They do add a dramatic flair with the brown hair, and they also add depth. Emerald hair color is all about the deep tones of green, and then the brown will add that depth. So, if you have brown hair, you may want to add green to achieve the best results.

2. Brown and green

When doing a brown and green mix of colors, you might want to go with the green tips first and then keep the top brown. First, try to keep the roots of the hair brownish and then keep the green tips. With this, you can even tackle all of the green parts in an updo and then go to a professional meeting, and when you add the green tips on display, just run to the party.

3. Green highlights

If you don’t want to go all green, this is your perfect hair color. And the green highlights will not be so ideal when you want to add green highlights because they have to include bleach. But the good news is that you get to keep the darker roots. And as soon as the green tends to fade, the brown roots will not make much sense.

4. Brown-green ombre

And for the next hair color, you have to go through a gradual transition of color. First, you might have to keep the roots dark. And with brown hair color, keep the roots brown. And for the middle part, go with deep green or emerald, and for the tips, go with vibrant green. The colors shouldn’t act harshly; rather, it’ll be a smooth transition.

Green hair dye that will be perfect for brown hair

5. Green streaks

Green streaks will give you a college vibe rather than a professional one. And the streaks will look perfect when you have bob or pixie cuts. Layers will also look good with green streaks. Keep the roots of the brown hair brown, and then start the streaks on the first third of the hair. Blend the green on top of the brown and mix them well. The green highlights will be placed on bleached hair.

6. Neon green

Well, this hair color might not be an ideal match for naturally brown hair at first, but you also have the chance to get blended hair with it. And also, you have the right to keep the roots brown here. However, you must use bleach on top of the neon brown hair to lift the color well. And then use the green color on top. And lastly, go with a glossy neon to top it all off.

7. Mint hair

We need to add more color variations to green in the next section. And apart from the green, you can add blue-green or mint to the hair for a perfect match for brown hair. Well, the mint color is very difficult to get correct, so the best result would be from a professional. That way, you’ll get a very spicy green color, and you also get to keep the roots.

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How to use green highlights on brown hair?

How to use green highlights on brown hair

Green highlights are the perfect way to pull off the shock of green on brown hair. They will not overpower the hair but will instead add a soft touch to it. With green highlights, if you have light brown hair, the green might sit and appear on the hair. And when you put the green highlights on dark brown hair, you’ll have darker highlights, and there’s a high possibility that the green will not sit. And it’ll just provide a shiny tone of green on top of the brown hair. So you might want to go with something that will be prominent on the brown hair. Here are a few steps for doing green on brown hair:

Step 1: bleach the hair

If you want very prominent hair highlights, you should apply bleach. For brighter green highlights on deep brown hair, you’ll need a high level of developer. And in this case, use a volume 20 or volume 30 developer at the beginning. And later, keep the bleach on for at least 20 minutes. Check the hair every 5 to 7 minutes to ensure you have the proper bleach. While doing the highlight, bleach the ends mostly, make a rambling selection of hair, and just make sure that the ends are lightened well. However, green highlights will definitely change if you have naturally medium brown hair, but they may not be as noticeable.

Step 2: Dyeing the hair

For the brighter shades of green, go with a deep green shade. And you can go neon by mixing green and yellow. And for emerald green highlights, add pure green with navy. Apply the green color on top of the bleached hair, pack the hair with foils, and leave it for 40 minutes to an hour. Then wash the hair and give it a good airing to dry.

Step 3: Moisturize the hair

And for the next part, you might want to add moisture to the hair after all the drying. The best way to do it would be by adding hair masks and conditioners afterward. Leaving hair oil on your hair all night will nourish it. Lastly, use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair in good condition. Avoid using styling tools right after the bleaching and dyeing of hair, as they might ruin the texture. The hair’s integrity depends on how it is treated after a very vulnerable process.

Step 4: Maintain the green hair

And for the last part, you might want to maintain the integrity of the green hair color. And the best way would be to wash the hair less frequently. And while washing, use a color-protectant shampoo and conditioner. And while the hair color is fading, try retouching the parts. But as you keep the roots brown, the fading will be more transitional, and there will be a pleasant hue of green on brown hair.


1. How to dye brown hair green without bleach?

To dye brown hair without bleaching, use a semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color and color the hair on top of the brown. Keep the color on for at least an hour, then rinse it.

2. How to get dark green hair?

To get dark green hair, you might first want to use a 10 or 20-volume developer. And then, after a slight lifting of the dark natural color, use the pure green color and add some black to it. Apply the color and keep it on for 40 minutes.

3. How to dye my hair temporarily green?

To dye the hair temporarily, you have to go with a temporary or semi-permanent green color. And they will not need bleach, lasting for 7 to 10 days.

Final Thoughts

Why is green considered a royal color? Well, green has the best shades of both cool and warm undertones. Neutral undertones are perfect, but they are not entirely good and bold ones. And what would be the best way to pull off the green? The deep green color would be perfect on top. And lastly, there is a warm tone when you have colors of green that will be perfect with the blonde and warm tones of hair.

And for brown hair, deep green would be the best color to choose from. They tend to blend well with dark roots, and the dark roots will eventually not be a problem source. So we say that the green will look perfectly fine when you go all green with brown hair. And for the brown to be part of the green color, you might want to make sure to go dark in the roots and later go with or without bleach on top. That is why, in this article, we will discuss how to use green hair color on brown hair and how to achieve the best results.

Key Points

  1. The wonderful thing about greens is that they complement both natural and colored hair. And they tend to leave their imprint no matter what hue you wear. Demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair color would be preferable over box dye.
  2. The most typical option would be to use deep green hues. You might also opt for a pale green color for a unique look. They’re amusing, and they resemble sweets.
  3. Green highlights are the ideal method to achieve a pop of green on brown hair. They will not overshadow the hair but will instead soften it. If you have light brown hair and green highlights, the green may sit and appear on the hair.
  4. You might wish to use a semi-permanent color on top to keep the brown hair intact. They may not last long, but they will look great with the hair.

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