How to Lose Fat From Back of Neck -15 Natural Ways

how to lose fat from back of neck
You may have heard about the benefits of losing fat from the back of your neck. But did you know there was several natural ways to do it? Read on to find out more!

These days, how to lose fat from back of neck is one of the important headaches for so many people all over the globe. Neck fat is uncomfortable to us, and it causes different diseases too. Buffalo hump is one of the mentionable diseases resulting from neck fat. So, if you can’t check this when it’s not so big, it will be beyond your control after some days. It is true that, with exercise and with just a minor change in your daily diet, you may control this. In this article, I will show you how you can lose fat on the neck without any costly medical treatment.

Causes of a fat neck

Causes of Fat Neck

There are so many causes of fat at the back of the neck, and most often this fat developed due to two or three reasons. So now I’m going to show you all the possible causes of excessive fat behind the neck.

1. Overweight and obesity

Some people have excessively overweight, and they have obese all over their bodies. For that, commonly, fat can be found at the back of their neck. And if such an overweight person cannot control their weight and does almost nothing to control the weight and fat, the fat will increase gradually. And with the increase in other parts of the body, the neck fat will also be increased. So, being overweight and obese is one of the important causes of fat at the back of your neck, and it’s the leading cause of maximum people’s fat at the back of their neck.

2. Genetic factors

Genetically some people are obese and excessive fat exists at the back of their neck. That means their ancestors were obese and fat also existed at the back of their neck. If it occurs, removing neck fat becomes a bit difficult, but long-term exercise and changing eating habits may be helpful in this regard.

3. Cushing’s syndrome

It’s a hormonal disorder, and people’s upper body parts get excessive fat for this disorder. Usually, people between the age of 20-50 can have this hormonal disorder. If you have had high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes for long years, you may face this disorder. People who have this disorder can face fat around their neck and face. And if it happens, then ordinary exercise cannot cure it; medication becomes necessary, and its medication is a bit complex.

4. Heavy diet

Some people love eating rich food ordinarily, and they don’t like to eat vegetables or something like that. Usually, oily foods or protein-rich foods can cause excessive fat very soon. So people who are familiar with a heavy diet and keep oily or protein-rich food in their everyday diet are at high risk of increased fat. For that reason, it is seen that commonly junk food eaters have obesity, and it’s due to the nature of the food they eat. If fat starts accumulating in the whole body, the neck part will also be fatty.

5. Life without exercise

If your work is like that- you have to work the whole day sitting in a chair, and you don’t do any physical exercise, then it’s likely that you’ll gain fat. We don’t have enough time to exercise or walk in modern-day busy life. For that reason, gaining fat is not out of the ordinary. And commonly, fat may accumulate in our body due to our food habits or other reasons. If you don’t do anything to lose fat from your body or your neck, fat will increase.

6. Some physical conditions

In some physical conditions like pregnancy or any diseases checking daily diet cannot be possible. Even in such situations, exercise is almost prohibited. But in these situations, the accumulation of fat is not stopped; for that reason, there is a chance of increasing fat all over the body, including the area around the neck.

7. Bad habits

Some bad habits like smoking many times a day, lack of sleep, or something like that may cause excess fat and overweight. Even several medications may increase the hunger level, and that causes excessive fat, thanks to overeating. So all these things may be good causes of accumulation of fat in your body everywhere. And when fat starts to accumulate in your body, obviously fat will be seen in your neck back.

How to get rid of neck fat?

It is commonly difficult to say- how to lose fat from neck because one method may not be applicable to all people. Some people suggest taking medical treatment to reduce fat from the back of the neck.But that treatment is really costlier, and that’s why many people cannot afford it.

But naturally, you may reduce this fat though it’s a bit time consuming, and in that case, you’ll have to maintain several things carefully. But, it’s true that naturally losing fat from the neck is a safer option, and it’s long-lasting too.

Want to know how to naturally lose fat from the back of the neck? There are two ways; these are- to change your daily diet and exercise regularly. That means you have to add some food to your daily diet and do some exercise that has an impact on the fat in your neck area. Now I am going to share how you have to change your daily diet and how you can exercise to reduce fat from your neck and back.

Food you can eat to reduce fat from back of neck

Food Reduce Fat From Back Of Neck

Some foods help gain excessive weight, such as sugar-sweetened tea or coffee, ice cream, soda, milk, rice, nuts, french fries, breakfast with sugary cereals, etc. These foods mainly contribute to human fat, though there are some other foods that have properties to slowly increase fat. If you keep any of such foods in your diet, naturally you’ll get overweight and fat will be seen in different parts of your body.

There are some foods that can reduce fat naturally that I am going to mention now; try to eat these foods regularly to lose fat from the neck.

1. Melon

You know melon contains arginine, and arginine is really good for burning fat at a faster speed. If you eat this melon daily, that will be enough to reduce your body fat, including your neck fat, in just a few months. You may just cut melon slices and eat them, or you may make melon juice and drink it. In both cases, you’ll get the same benefit, but try to eat melon at least once a day.

2. Green tea with honey

Green tea is a good source of catechins, which is great for losing excessive weight. Catechins also have antioxidant potential, so it will be helpful for you to lose fat. But, to lose weight at a faster rate, you should use it with honey, at first take one cup of water, and mix 1 tablespoon of green tea there. After that, boil the cup of water and simmer for a few minutes and then mix honey with boiled green tea, and drink the water. Only once in a day is not enough, you have to drink this liquid at least 3 times a day, otherwise it will not affect your neck fat.

3. Flax seeds

Thanks to omega-3 fatty acids in flax seeds, so, it’s a certain solution to how to lose fat from back of neck. Just mix one tablespoon of flax seeds (powdered) in a glass of water, and drink it. As it’s a fiber-rich food, eating it will give you a feeling of being full. In other words, flax seeds will level down your eating desire. That’s why cutting your body calories will be easier, and that’s a great way to lose unwanted fat.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can boost your metabolism, and you know that it’s a great way to burn your body fat. There is also vitamin B in aloe vera that will boost the fat-burning quality of aloe vera. Just drink one cup of aloe vera juice every day, one or two times, and continue it for one and a half months, without any interval.

5. Lemon

You know lemon is a good source of antioxidant properties that increase metabolism. If your metabolism is increased, then automatically, you’ll be able to lose your body fat. Another thing is that diuretic properties also exist in lemon, which can burn fat by detoxifying the human body. It may be a question- how much lemon do you have to eat a day? Just half of a full lemon every day is enough for burning fat. The best way is to make lemon juice by cutting and squeezing one-half of the lemon in a full glass of water. Some people suggest mixing honey with lemon juice; you may also try that. The best time for drinking lemon juice is every morning when you’re on an empty stomach.

6. Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seed has some nutrients that can promote weight loss and fat burn. On neck fat, sunflower seeds have a great impact, so you may try this. Eating raw sunflower seeds is enough; just try to eat sunflower seeds in the amount of one tablespoon every day. But, not more than that a day, otherwise it may also cause fat.

7. Coconut oil

This oil can surprisingly increase metabolism thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids. You know metabolism is very important for reducing fat in our body. You’ll not have to mix this oil with any other items, just eating 1 tablespoon of edible coconut oil every morning is enough. Some specialists suggest massaging coconut oil on the neck fat; this method is also useful in some cases. But, continue eating edible coconut oil every morning, don’t miss it for a single day as it’s very effective for reducing fat.

8. Red bell peppers

There are vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants in red bell peppers, that’s why they can fight a good number of diseases. One of its great attributes of it is that it can reduce the appetite level, so it’s helpful for reducing fat. Bare red bell peppers are difficult to eat so you may mix it with salad or anything you like. Eat red bell peppers as much as you can daily, certainly you’ll see the difference in your neck fat level in a few weeks.

9. Carrot

There are fiber, potassium, vitamin K1, antioxidants, etc. in carrots. For that reason, it will take long hours of eating to digest, so it will bring down the necessity of foods. For that reason, eating carrots to lose weight and fat is a good solution. You may eat slices of carrots in the way many people eat, or you may drink carrot juice; both are similarly effective. But try to eat one full carrot in a day, and continue this practice every day for a month or some more days.

10. Eating vegetables and drinking lots of water.

Vegetables don’t accumulate fat, so eating vegetables daily is a way to avoid accumulating fat in the body. To burn fat effectively, there’s no alternative to drinking lots of water every day.

Which exercises reduce fat from back of neck?

Besides eating the necessary foods to lose fat from neck, you have to do some exercise. Otherwise, it will take so long to burn fat from the back of your neck. Now I’m going to show you several exercises, and if you do these regularly, then the fat at the back of your neck will be reduced at a very fast rate.

1. Straight jaw jut

To do the straight jaw jut, tilt the back part of your head and look towards the sky. After that, push forward your lower jaw, and do this at least 10 times. Every time, keep your head in a normal position for a few seconds and then tilt your head back again.

2. Neck Rotation

Neck Rotation

It is a superb exercise to reduce fat around the neck. To do this exercise, keep your feet apart and stand upright. Now without turning your shoulder, move your head clockwise. Try to move your head circularly and at least 20 times in a clockwise direction. And then try to do the same for another 20 times in an anti-clockwise direction.

3. Side Stretches

This exercise is helpful for controlling stored fat in the back of your neck. At first, stand straight, keeping your shoulder in a normal position. Then with your right arm, hold your left ear, wrapping around your neck. And then, bend the neck towards your right shoulder, and keep it in the position for at least 5 minutes. Next, do the same thing with your left arm to your right ear, and stay in the exercise position for another 5 minutes.

4. Self Neck Traction

Lie down on any hard place on your back, keeping your legs folded. Then place your hands under the back of your neck, lift your head with the help of two hands, and stay for 10 seconds. Then lie down again and do the same thing again; and by this way you have to do this exercise for 20 minutes or more.

5. Neck Glides

Stand straight, keeping your legs apart and your shoulders in a normal position. Then gently glide your neck towards your right side and stay in that position for at least 5 seconds. After that, do the same thing- glide towards your left side and stay in that position for 5 seconds. Do the exercise at both sides at least 20 times every day; that will be enough for burning your neck back fat in a few weeks.

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How often should you do exercise to reduce fat from back of neck?

If you want to know how to lose fat from neck, exercise is the best solution, but that doesn’t mean you have to exercise numerous times a day. You should choose one or two exercises and do the exercise just once a day. If you do exercise for excessive time, or more than once a day, then it may be harmful to you. But you have to keep in mind that you should exercise regularly- at a certain time every day.

How exercise can help you get rid of lower fat from back of neck?

Exercise is helpful for reducing human fat, and that’s why almost all health specialists suggest exercise as a way of losing fat. Even if you throw the question- how to lose fat from back of neck, you’ll get the same answer- exercise. But the question is how exercise can lose fat from the back of someone’s neck. Actually, the common exercises that people do for reducing neck fat like side stretches, neck rotation, straight jaw jut, etc can create pressure on the neck fat.

If anyone keeps his fat without applying any pressure, the fat will remain unchanged, or it will increase if he eats foods that increase fat. But in the case of exercise, it creates pressure on the fat, and on regular exercise, the pressure is given on a regular basis. And for that reason, fat cannot sustain for a long time after starting exercise regularly.

The right exercises to strengthen your neck

The Right Exercises To Strengthen Your Neck

Actually, if fat is accumulated around the neck, then the capability of the neck diminishes gradually. Through exercise, if you can reduce the neck fat then strengthening the neck will be easily possible. That’s why many health bloggers suggest exercises for reducing neck fat for strengthening the neck too. But if there’s no problem with your neck, then no exercise is needed for you.


1. How to lose fat from back of neck so fast?

To reduce your neck fat, you have to avoid food that increases fat before anything else. After that, start to eat foods that burn fat and do exercises regularly. If you can maintain these two things regularly, then it is certain that you’ll be able to reduce your fat within a month.

2. Why is the back of my neck so fat?

The cause of a fatty neck varies from person to person, so, without checking, it cannot be said what’s the cause of someone’s fatty neck. But, some common causes are overweight, obesity, eating lots of fatty foods, any bad habit, or something like that.

3. What’s the best exercise to reduce neck fat quickly at home?

There are only several exercises for reducing neck fat; these are Side Stretches, Neck Rotation, Straight jaw jut, Neck Glides, Neck Rotation, etc. What exercise will be best for you is dependent on the nature of your neck fat and what’s the other condition of your body.

4. Can neck fat be removed completely?

Obviously, it’s possible, even within just a month, it is possible if you can avoid all the foods that increase fat, eat those foods that burn fat, and do exercise regularly. If you search by writing lose fat from neck examples, you’ll get so many examples of losing neck fat completely.

5. How do I lose neck and face fat?

The foods that burn the neck fat are also applicable for burning fat all over your body. So, to burn face fat, you should eat the same foods that people eat to reduce neck fat. But, to reduce face fat, exercise is different from that neck fat.

6. How much does it cost to get rid of neck fat?

Most interestingly, there’s no cost if you want to reduce your neck fat naturally. In the case of exercise for burning neck fat, there’s no need to use any instrument. Even if you bring change in your diet chart by inserting fruits and vegetables there, your cost will be lower.

7. How can I get rid of neck fat without surgery?

Just avoid foods that increase fat, and eat foods that burn fat. Regularly perform exercise that burns neck fat fast, you’ll surely get rid of neck fat. There’s no need to do any surgery for that, and it’s costly too.

8. Is it possible to lose fat from neck in a week?

Actually, it is possible if you do surgery, but naturally, it’s not possible at all. In a natural process, that means through food and exercise you’ll be able to reduce neck fat in a month or some more time.

9. How to lose fat from neck with only exercise?

You may do so, but it’s really a time consuming process that means it will take several months together. But, if you do exercise and bring some changes to your diet chart, then the change will be faster.

10. How to get rid of double chin?

Double chin is the fat in the front side of your neck, but whatever foods are applicable for reducing neck at the neck back are also applicable for getting rid of a double chin. But, in the case of exercise, you should bring some minor changes to remove the double chin.

Final words

Losing fat from the neck is a must, and you should start trying to remove such fat at an early stage. Otherwise, removing such fat becomes difficult, and don’t think of surgery for removing fat. That is costly and risky as well, but if you follow the natural process, certainly you’ll get a good result in a very short time.

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