How to Make Your Eyes More Blue? Professional Ways To Do It

How to Make Your Eyes More Blue
To make your eyes more blue, you might want to start with your makeup and go forward with a bronzy eye look and dark lipstick.

When we think about enhancing eye color, the first thing we can do is put more emphasis on the eyes. Making the blue eyes more blue has everything to do with the environment and other related aspects. Do you know that your surroundings influence the color of your eyes? Brown eyes, for example, will appear hazel in direct sunlight. This is also true for blue eyes. The environment will surely affect the eye’s color.

Most importantly, the color blue might be your primary eye color, but they might not pop due to your not being careful with your overall output. And this is why some helpful tricks and tips will help you get bluer eyes. And you don’t even need to have surgery or see a doctor for it. Slight changes in makeup and clothing will work just fine. So how to make your eyes more blue?

To make your eyes more blue, you might want to start with your makeup and go forward with a bronzy eye look and dark lipstick. This increased the likelihood of your eyes being notched the most. Adding depth to your eyes will also do the work. For example, switch to white or neutral liners instead of using black on the waterline as an eyeliner. Apparently, the blue eyeshadows will work the best when doing an eye look on your blue eyes. Smokey eyes are also never far from making the eyes pop, and they are the best when you are in a hurry.

A light color as a base and a dark color on top will do the work just fine. When it comes to blue eyes, they are supposed to look dreamy, as most heroines in fairy tales have dazzling blue eyes. But when you have blue eyes, and they don’t pop or light up, there might be something off. And mostly, they are related to how you present yourself. The makeup and clothing you wear will undoubtedly affect the color of your eyes.

Eye makeup is the best thing to make sure that the eyes pop. They are the closest to the eyes, and everything you do will definitely be effective through the eyes. Contrasting colors will let the eyes pop, and when you use the same shades as your eyes, they will get lost with too much color around them. Besides makeup, there are clothes and other factors that will also be effective in making the blue eyes pop.

The best example would be clothing. Blue or green dresses will liven up the color in your eyes, and they will make sure that the eyes have their lasting spark. And there’s orange. This will also bring up the color in your eyes. Yellow is the opposite of blue in the color wheel. So there are two ways to go. You either go warm orange and bronze or just go blue or green and stay in the same color zone. And there are also other facts to think about when it comes to blue eyes.

Why don’t the blue eyes pop?

Why Don’t The Blue Eyes Pop

There are several reasons why you may have the same color eyes, but they do not sparkle. Blue is one of the most recent eye colors in human history. The revolution of blue-eyed people started almost 10,000 years ago, which was due to melanin production. And before that, everyone had brown eyes. So the blue colors are pretty new and recent in most cases. Blue eyes are hard to display, as the surroundings will affect the color the most. Even in the sun, the eyes will change color, or they might even appear darker. Here are some reasons why the blue eyes will not pop:

Skin tone: this might be the most frequent reason your blue eyes will not appear. When you have warm skin tones, it is more likely that your eyes will stand out. Blue and other colors are mostly cool-toned and tend to enhance the color because they are opposite. And when you have very pale skin, the colors of the eyes will get lost, and instead of being the highlight, they tend to blend with the skin.

Hair color: You should have blonde hair when you have blue eyes. Blonde and blue eyes are mostly synonymous. But does blonde hair color make the eyes pop? They won’t. Again, with a brunette and black hair, the blue eyes have more room to sparkle. Blue eyes are brighter, and they tend to reflect colors, while on the other hand, black and brown hair will absorb all the light. So here, the eyes will be on the center of attention.

Undertones: like your skin tones, the undertones will also have their effect. For example, when you have cool skin and blue eyes, there’s less chance that the color will show in the eyes. And when you have warm skin tones, the color of the eyes will be more visible, and it’ll come through.

How to make your eyes more blue?

How To Make Your Eyes More Blue

There are a lot of ways to do so. And in this article, we’ll look at two processes:

  1. With makeup
  2. Without makeup

We firmly believe that the eyes will look more blue when they are affected by their surroundings. As a result, the color around the eyes will help them stand out. And it will involve makeup or clothing. In this article, I will go through every step of making the eyes more vibrant.

How to make your eyes more blue: with makeup

When we think about makeup, we mean the whole complexion and the overall process, not just eye makeup. Well, it might make sense that the eyes will be the focus here, and they are to some extent, but they are not the only possible way.

Eye makeup

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about making blue eyes look more blue is eye makeup. They tend to make the eyes change color according to the color they pull off. Everything from eyeshadow to mascara to lashes plays a role in changing the color of the eyes and adding or subtracting light from the eyes.

Eyeshadows: when we talk about the eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is eyeshadow. You might think that the yellow, red, and orange will make the eyes pop as they are on the opposite side of the color wheel. But no one would want a sunset in their eyes. But there are some colors that will help the blue eyes pop. Of course, the color of the eyeshadow should contain a hint of blue or warm tones. And they could be matte or shimmery. But the matte shadows tend to have a bitter effect. You can choose among:

  • Orange tones
  • Copper
  • Brown
  • Blue tones
  • Green tones
  • darker tones, including black and grey, etc.

These are the best colors to make the eyes more defined; in this case, they will make dark eyes blue. Darker tones tend to add depth to the eyes.

Eyeliners: again, these are the type of things that will change the shape of the eyes and also help to broaden them. You don’t have to use a lighter liner, but a black liner will give you the best payoff for your blue eyes. The shape of the liners is also a deciding factor, and a cat eye is perfect for accentuating blue eyes. A metamorphic top on the top of the black liner will add more depth and bring in the light.


I personally think that mascaras make the biggest difference when it comes to eye makeup. When you look at a person, you definitely notice their lashes as you look them in the eyes. And black mascaras that are volumizing and lengthening will do the job perfectly. A few coats of black mascara will make the eyes bright and will not take away from the color of the eyes, and they will help open the eyes and make them larger. And make sure to make the lashes turn toward the outer corner of the eyes; this way, you’ll have a better chance of getting a bluer eye.


Then there’s the lashes part; when you have very thin and sparse lashes, we recommend using natural lashes to make the eyes pop. Do not use the lashes that will give you a droopy lid; rather, use the lashes focused on the inner corners of the eyes. That way, your eyes will be bright and blue.

Bold lipsticks

This is probably one of the most underappreciated aspects of having blue eyes. Bold lips and plain eyes are perfect for making the eyes look more blue. And the best lip color would be red. Crimson lips, a bit of mascara on the lashes, and blue eyes have got to be the Hollywood dream. This way, you’ll have more control over the color outcome and can choose a color that goes well with your complexion. Purple or deep brown lipsticks will also make the eyes more blue.

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How to make your eyes more blue: without makeup

How To Make Your Eyes More Bluewithout Makeup

And then there’s the part where you put in less effort and a bit of cash. Things like clothes and hair will definitely make a huge difference in how the eyes look. Here, we include some possibilities.


When you have blue eyes, the options are endless, but to make the eyes more blue, you might want to go with colors that will reflect or just completely avoid the colors. So we summed up two different colors, as the color wheel predicts. You can go with blue tops or something that has blueish tones. And then there’s the orange color. This will also help with the color payoff. And lastly, bronzy shades will bring up blue as the primary.

Haircuts and hair colors

We suggested before that the color of the eyes will surely be affected by the hair color and cut. Darker shades are perfect for hair color, and black or brown colors are perfect. And for the haircut, soft bangs will be perfect. And lastly, you want to go for something more face-framing.


1. How to make your eyes blue naturally?

You can have eye color change surgery to make your eyes naturally blue. In this case, there are two options: laser surgery or iris implants. But they are not very famous because of the risks associated with them.

2. How to make your eyes more blue for guys?

For guys to make their eyes more blue, you might want to focus on their clothes. Wear blue, green, orange, or brown shades to make the light reflect from the eyes.

3. How to make your eyes lighter naturally?

To make the eyes lighter naturally, you can go for surgery that will change the eye color, or you can use makeup and deep shades to naturally make it lighter.

4. How to change your eye color to blue in 10 minutes?

Contact lenses. You should try the blue contact lenses on your eyes to make them blue in just a few moments.

5. How to get blue eyes overnight?

There’s no possible way to change the eye color to blue overnight. And there is no practical way to do the work without the surgical method

Final Thoughts

How to make your eyes more blue? Well, this might be the question for every blue-eyed person out there. Well, this is not necessary for everything to work for everyone. Because everyone’s blue is different, a trick that works for you might not work for someone else. Some blue eyes will pop with eyeshadow, and some will pop with clothes. But the best thing would be to make your own jam and concentrate on that. Make sure to take proper precautions for blue eyes, or they might not be visible. And mostly, what we love the most is when the work is done with makeup. These will make the eyes pop without any effort.

Key Points

  1. Start with your makeup and move on with a bronzy eye look and black lipstick to make your eyes more blue. This enhances your chances of having your eyes notched the most.
  2. Blue eyes are difficult to portray since the environment has the most influence on the hue. Even under direct sunlight, the eyes will change their hue, becoming darker or greener.
  3. When we talk about making blue eyes seem more blue, the first thing that springs to mind is eye makeup. They have a tendency to cause the eyes to shift color depending on the hue they take off.
  4. When you have blue eyes, the options are endless, but to make the eyes more blue, you may want to choose colors that reflect or simply avoid the colors entirely. You can wear blue tops or items with blueish tones.

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