How To Reduce Swelling On Pimple – 22 Secrets To Pimple-Free Skin

how to reduce swelling on pimple
Find out How to reduce swelling on pimple? Eat skin-friendly foods like red peppers, kale Apply aspirin and ice to reduce pimples.

How to prevent pimples is now a headache to many of us as these causes so many problems. If pimples swell, then these can cause double pain, which is necessary to cure as soon as possible. And swelling pimples on the face can cause extra pain, and it’s a bit embarrassing too.

But it’s not so easy to remove if you cannot find out what’s the root cause and what’s the effective way to prevent such things. I am here to show you all the things about how to reduce swelling on pimple and how you can shrink pimples easily.

What does swelling on pimples mean, actually?

What Does Swelling On Pimples Mean, Actually

Probably, we know very well- what a pimple is on our skin- it’s an inflamed spot on any part of our skin, and it’s a bit hard. Pimple swelling means the coming out of swell, or like things from infected pimples. Pimple swelling happens when it is infected, and there are a good many causes of such infection. Improper squeezing, popping, or something like that pimples get infected. But without any of these, pimples may be infected if pimples come in contact with bacteria. And usually, an infected pimple on face causing swelling is really painful, and that’s why we try to reduce swelling on pimples at any cost.

What foods you should keep in everyday diet to reduce swelling on pimple, naturally?

By eating some skin-friendly foods, you may treat pimple swelling and may shrink pimples. As these methods include some natural stuff, they are really useful and cost-effective. You may add these foods to your daily diet that I am going to show you now. In this way, you’ll be able to shrink your swelling pimples in a very short time though there’ll be no risk of side effects.

  1. Red pepper
  2. Kale
  3. Sweet potato
  4. Mushrooms
  5. Drinking green tea
  6. Avoid a few foods

1. Red pepper

Red Pepper

You know it is richer in vitamin C compared to oranges, and there are antioxidant properties as well. For that reason, red peppers can strengthen your skin health and surprisingly reduce pimple swelling. Vitamin A and vitamin B are also in abundance in red peppers, and that’s why you should keep red peppers in your everyday diet. If you don’t like eating it, then you may make a salad with it then it will be easy for you to eat.

2. Kale


Kale is a medically proven nutrient-rich food that contains vitamins A, B-6, C, and minerals like manganese, potassium, calcium, copper, etc. That’s why it prevents hyperpigmentation and improves even the tone of your skin. Kale is superbly effective. Vitamin C in kale has a great impact on collagen formation, and thus it will be helpful for you to prevent pimple swelling.

3. Sweet potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are really a good answer to how to reduce swelling on pimples. When we eat sweet potatoes, our body converts them into vitamin A from beta-carotene. Thus sweet potato has a great impact on treating inflammation in the skin, clogged pores, or something like that. And thus, sweet potatoes help reduce swelling from pimples and also improve our skin condition.

4. Mushrooms


You know mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D, and this vitamin has surprising power for treating pimples. Besides pimple swelling, mushrooms are also good for treating eczema, and that’s why many skincare products producing companies now use mushrooms in their products. Even the health benefits of mushrooms are so many, so you should eat mushrooms at least once a day.

5. Drinking green tea

Drinking Green Tea

If you drink green tea regularly, it will also be effective for treating pimples, though this process will take a bit more time. It is well-known that green tea is rich in antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. And these things are really good for treating different skin complexities, and that’s why green tea is a common item in skincare products. So applying green tea to the pimple area can effectively reduce swelling on a pimple.

6. Avoid a few foods

Avoid A Few Foods

Eating some foods may cause oily skin, and ultimately pimples may be grown in such oily skin if you don’t clean it properly. Even these foods are really harmful if you have skin prone to pimples. These foods are sugar, dairy products, greasy foods, chocolate, omega-6 Fats foods, or something like that. You should avoid common fast foods like fries, burgers, or foods like that. It has been found in many studies that teens who eat fast foods regularly experience pimples.

Reduce swelling fast and shrink your pimples in one month with some easy tricks

Reduce Swelling Fast And Shrink Your Pimples In One Month With Some Easy Tricks

Besides keeping pimple-preventing foods in your daily diet, you may also use some stuff to reduce swelling on a pimple, and these things are also effective for preventing pimple growth. In this stage, I’ll show you what to put on pimples to reduce swelling, and all these methods are effective for reducing pimple swelling and for shrinking pimples.

  1. Holding pimple patches on pimples
  2. Benzoyl Peroxide
  3. Using copaiba oil
  4. Face mask made from cinnamon with honey
  5. Face mask of blueberries with lemon and honey
  6. Using oil of tea tree
  7. Applying aspirin
  8. Keeping ice cube on pimple
  9. Put toothpaste on swelling pimple
  10. Face mask from apple and grapes

1. Holding pimple patches on pimples

Holding Pimple Patches On Pimples

It’s the right answer for those who search for what to put on pimples to reduce swelling and how to shrink pimples within some days. The job of pimple patches is to clean the pimple surrounding area by preventing bacteria that cause pimple swelling. But, after sticking the pimple patches, you should clean the pimple area with fresh water and wipe out the water from there. Just within hours, pimple patches can absorb the evil thing, and thus you may reduce swelling on pimples, and it will shrink your pimple after weeks.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl Peroxide

This chemical compound is highly useful for swelling pimples as it contains some antiseptic properties. Many pharmacies sell this as a drug, so you may buy from there and use it for treating swelling pimples. You know the root cause of any swelling pimple on the face or any other places- bacteria and other germs. To remove these things, antiseptic is really effective, and Benzoyl Peroxide has those properties. You just need to rub this thing on your pimple area twice a day. Continue using it. You’ll get a positive result- reduce swelling and shrink pimples after one week or some more days.

3. Using copaiba oil

Using Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil had great use in wound healing in ancient times, and it was also used for pain relief. Due to the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of Copaiba oil, it will really be great for treating pimples- shrinking and reducing swelling. This oil is superbly effective for infusing your skin with necessary nutrients and significantly reduces pimple appearance. If you don’t like using oil, then you may use gel made from copaiba oil. It was found in a study that some participants got rid of pimples after using this oil for 21 days.

4. Face mask made from cinnamon with honey

Face Mask Made From Cinnamon With Honey

It is true that you’ll have to use cinnamon with honey for weeks together, but it will cure your pimples from the inside. To make the mask, you’ll need just 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. You need to mix these two first and then place the mixture in the microwave to make it a bit hot. But don’t make it too hot. Just 25 seconds are enough, and after that, massage the mixture on the swelling pimple area and then clean it after a while. Cinnamon with honey has many useful properties to reduce pimple swelling and shrink your pimple.

5. Face mask of blueberries with lemon and honey

Face Mask Of Blueberries With Lemon And Honey

You know blueberries are rich in salicylic acid, and that’s why they can affect pimples. To shrink pimples, you need to make a mask of blueberries with lemon and honey. Just take one tablespoon of honey and blueberries and some drops of lemon, and mix them using a blender. Then apply it on where your pimple is swelling, but do not keep this mask for more than 20 minutes. Clean the mixture perfectly, and for cleaning it perfectly, you may use any cleanser. Continue using it for 2 or 3 weeks. Certainly, you’ll see your pimples will be shrunk, or at least the swelling has stopped.

6. Using oil of tea tree

Using Oil Of Tea Tree

To treat pimple swelling and shrink pimples fast, tea tree oil is really great, thanks to its antimicrobial and inflammatory properties. Even for treating skin redness, acne scars, or something like that, you’ll find this thing rightly effective. But you should not use this oil directly on your skin or pimple area. Rather you should dilute it with almond oil, coconut oil, or any other carrier oil. Using tea tree oil directly may be harmful, so dilute 2 drops of this oil with at least 12 drops of any other carrier oil and then apply it on your skin.

7. Applying aspirin

Applying Aspirin

If you have any swelling pimples on your face, then aspirin might be surprisingly helpful for you. The easy way of applying aspirin is to use aspirin powder, as it can shrink pimples soon. You just need to mix the powder with water in the way people make a paste. After making a paste, just dab the paste on your pimple swelling area using a cotton bud or something like that. But, for applying aspiring, you must keep in mind two things- aspirin is not for boys or girls under 12 years of age, and you should not use this if acne is just growing.

8. Keeping ice cube on pimple

Keeping Ice Cube On Pimple

Some people are still confused about the question- does ice reduce swelling on pimples, or does it shrink pimples? The reason is that ice doesn’t contain any useful properties though using ice cubes is a well-known method for pimple prevention, and it’s one of the old methods, but it’s effective. It will not only prevent pimple swelling, but this method is also effective in reducing pain and redness. To apply this method, you have to wrap a medium-sized ice cube on a clean towel and hold it on the pimple. Just holding for 10 minutes or more (with 3 or 4 breaks) will be enough, but you should do it until the condition improves.

9. Put toothpaste on swelling pimple

Put Toothpaste On Swelling Pimple

Some may suggest avoiding toothpaste for shrinking pimples or for reducing pimple swelling, but actually, these negative effects are the result of some old toothpaste. New toothpaste of any top-notch brand are helpful for pimple drinking and preventing pimple swelling. Actually, toothpaste contains alcohol and baking soda, and these two are good for shrinking any swelling pimples on the face. Just like a cream, take toothpaste on your fingertip and rub it on pimples.

10. Face mask from apple and grapes

Face Mask From Apple And Grapes

This mask is surprisingly effective for reducing your pimple swelling soon and also for shrinking your pimples. You just need to have half a banana and 2 or 3 grapes to make this mask. Then you have to blend it perfectly and apply it on your face. Your skin will get vitamin A and C, which are good for skin health by way of treating pimples.

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Some health guidelines that you should follow

Besides using any natural stuff you should obey some tips which are essential for your overall skin health. From my experience, I can say if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, then natural stuff and other things will not come in handy. Now I am going to reveal what things you should remember for the proper prevention of pimples.

  1. Properly clean your skin
  2. Don’t touch pimples unnecessarily
  3. Protect your skin from direct sunlight for long hours
  4. Keep hygiene issue in mind
  5. Try to use face mask, if possible
  6. Avoid excessive makeup

1. Properly clean your skin

Properly Clean Your Skin

It’s a must for all of us- people of all ages or people of all genders because if you don’t clean your skin properly, you’ll face so many skin complexities. So, every time you come back home, it’s mandatory for you to clean your face and other parts which are not covered by cloth. Cleaning your face is doubly important, and you may use face wash for this purpose, that’s effective for cleansing away all the germs from your skin and especially from hard-to-reach areas.

2. Don’t touch pimples unnecessarily

Dont Touch Pimples Unnecessarily

If you repeatedly touch the pimples on your face with your hands, especially with nails, that will be really harmful, and it will result in swelling pimples on the face. Usually, we do many things a day with both of our hands, and that’s why our hands contain different germs. Commonly our nails, especially long nails, contain germs that are usually hard to clean. For that reason, when we touch pimples with nails, pimples come in contact with germs, and you know bacteria is one of the main causes of swelling pimples. So you should avoid touching your pimples and also avoid keeping your hands near the pimple area.

3. Protect your skin from direct sunlight for long hours

Protect Your Skin From Direct Sunlight For Long Hours

After cleaning your skin, especially your face skin, properly, you should use any skincare product like lotion. Because this is needed to make your skin hydrated and protect your skin from the harmful effect of direct sunlight. You know UV is harmful to your skin, and that’s why you should not stay for long hours under direct sunlight.

4. Keep hygiene issue in mind

Keep Hygiene Issue In Mind

To protect your skin from bacteria or other germs, you should keep yourself away from dirty things. Keep clean things like your bedsheet, towel, or something like that at least once a week. The reason is that these may come in contact with you, and if you keep these things unclean, then germs from there may harm your skin.

5. Try to use face mask, if possible

Try To Use Face Mask, If Possible

If you go anywhere regularly, passing any dirty or smoky place, then using a face mask is a must. It will protect the sensitive skin of your face from germs that exist in the air. Another benefit of wearing masks is that it can effectively lessen a bad habit- touching pimples on the face without any cause. For that reason, if you have any pimples on your lip causing swelling, wearing a face mask will be an excellent option for you. There are moisturizing face masks for reducing pimples. You may use this type of thing, that will be better for you.

6. Avoid excessive makeup

Avoid Excessive Makeup

If you need to use makeup regularly for professional purposes or for other reasons, try to keep such makeup for a shorter period of time. Using excessive makeup or keeping makeup for a longer period, especially at night, can cause many harmful effects. Including skin irritation, causing pimples, or something like that. The reason is that makeup contains some evils like dye, colorant, silica, etc., and these things can cause pimples. Even if you have any swelling pimples on your face and you use excessive makeup, then your face condition will deteriorate.

How to reduce swelling on pimple: real life story

From my adolescence, I had swelling pimples on my face, and I consulted with doctors several times about that. But, I didn’t find any effective remedy, sometimes the problem may be lessened, but after a few weeks, the situation worsened. One of my friends had an infected pimple on his face causing swelling, and one day I came to know that he got rid of the problem. From chatting with him, I understood he significantly changed his diet pattern and used ice cubes two times a day, and in this way, his pimples have shrunk in one and a half months.

Then, according to his suggestion, I started to eat regularly mainly three things- kale, sweet potato, and red pepper. And I also put ice cubes on my pimples twice a day. After almost 20 days, I noticed a significant change in the pimples on my face. It took almost one month to shrink completely, but I carefully cleaned my face whenever I came back home from anywhere, and still, I cleaned my face in that way.

Darla Hollenbeck


1. Why does pimple swelling continue even after popping it?

After popping pimples, pores ordinarily remain swollen and irritated. So popping is not the solution, and if you leave it after popping, it will cause even more problems.

2. How do you get rid of a swollen pimple in an hour?

Actually, it’s not possible to prevent swelling permanently in just an hour. Temporarily you may stop swelling by placing ice cubes, a pimple patch, or something like that.

3. How long does a swollen pimple last?

It actually depends on the pimple’s nature. Without checking nature, it cannot be said. If you start any initiative to treat pimples naturally, then in almost 7 days, you’ll be able to stop swelling, but it will take weeks to shrink.

4. Should I pop a swollen pimple?

Pimple popping is really a bad habit, and due to this habit, pimples swell up. Popping cannot shrink any pimple. Rather it will cause many problems and worsen the pimple condition, so you shouldn’t do it.

5. How to get rid of a pimple fast?

You should bring change to your everyday diet and add some skin-friendly foods. Apply some useful stuff like ice cubes, any useful oil, or something like that regularly. And most importantly, try hard to keep yourself away from dirty things or germs.

6. What causes pimples to swell?

Usually, when bacteria can enter your pimples, it causes swelling. Another thing is that itching, squeezing, or something like that may also cause swelling if you do these things again and again.

7. How do I know if my pimple is infected?

If your pimple gets infected, then you’ll see a change- it will swell up. And, there will be a change in color- it may often be red, and pus may be inside it. Most importantly, it will be inflamed, and you’ll feel pain where the pimple is.

8. What is the reason for a pimple on the lip causing swelling?

There’s no difference between pimples on the lip and pimples of other areas, so the causes are common- bacteria, squeezing or itching in an improper way, or things like that.

9. Does ice reduce swelling on pimples, and how long should I place ice on the pimples of my face?

Wrapping ice in a small towel, place the towel on the pimple for 2 minutes and then take a break of 5 minutes and then place it again.

10. Can warm compress treat pimples on my face?

It is a useful method of treating pimples, but it’s not useful for all types of pimples. But if you have blind pimples, then you may follow this method that will be useful.


Pimples are really painful when they swell, and if you don’t treat these in time, they may be more harmful to you in the future. In addition to that, it’s embarrassing too. Suppose a pimple on the lip causing swelling seems unfair. So eat healthy and skin-friendly foods, and keep yourself properly clean to keep you away from pimples. If you already have a swelling pimple on your face, then choose the right stuff to effectively reduce swelling on pimples. I have described what to put on pimples to reduce swelling. Those methods are enough not only to reduce swelling on the pimple but also to shrink pimples soon.

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