How to Remove Eye Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

How to remove eye makeup after cataract surgery

The eyes are important organs of our body that allow us to see. They play an essential role in keeping us away from danger. A cataract is one of the major problems that cause blurry vision in our eyes.  This is a common surgery to improve the eyesight. It is always recommended to avoid wearing eye makeup immediately after cataract surgery at least for a few weeks. After a couple of weeks, if anyone wears eye makeup, they must follow some precautions and safety measures to make the surgery successful. Choose the best eye makeup products and follow the necessary rules suggested by a doctor.

So, how to remove eye makeup after cataract surgery? Removing eye makeup after cataract surgery may require some steps, safety measures, or precautions to follow. Using a non-forceful motion with a cotton pad may result in a good outcome after cataract surgery. In this article, we’ve shared some common steps to remove the eye makeup after the cataract surgery. You will also get to know about the risks or safety measures of a cataract surgery. Follow all the necessary suggestions of your doctor for faster recovery from cataract surgery.

What is a Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is a process that involves removing the lens of your eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. This is a very common and safe procedure. Cataract surgery is performed on an outpatient basis so you don’t need to stay in the hospital after surgery. This treatment has a high success rate in improving eyesight and only needs two to six weeks to fully recover from cataract surgery.

Aging is the most common cause of cataracts. There are some other medical conditions, medications, injuries, or previous eye surgeries that can also cause cataracts. Cataract surgery removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a clear lens.

Can You Wear Makeup After Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery can be a life-changing event. For improving your vision, and enhancing your ability, Cataract surgery may help you in many ways. After cataract surgery, your eyes need to be protected. You must follow some instructions to protect your eyes after cataract surgery. Your surgeon will also advise you about the appropriate use of cosmetics.

Avoid wearing eye makeup including mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow during your recovery. Because these products contain tiny particles that can irritate your eyes. The chance of infection increases if you wear eye makeup during the recovery time. The bacteria can also cling to your eyes and interfere with the healing process. Use a non-forceful motion and use a cotton pad to gently remove the eye makeup.

Follow all the advice while recovering from your surgery. Because some cosmetics may be better for you while harmful for others. Your doctor will suggest you avoid powder-based products for at least four to five days. If you still use them, use a good eye makeup remover that can work as a solvent and can easily remove the eye makeup.

5 Steps to Take Off Eye Makeup After Cataract Surgery

It is always recommended not to wear eye makeup after at least one to two weeks of your surgery. But afterward, you can start wearing makeup once again! But here is the catch, when you need to take off the makeup, you will have to be really careful so that your eyes are not irritated. Here is how you can go about doing so:

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hand
wash your hands

Wash your hands with a good hand wash to prevent the germs from getting into your eyes.

Step 2: Use a gentle cleanser

Use a gentle cleanser
Use a gentle cleanser

Choose a mild cleanser that does not contain any fragrances or toxins. The alternative to using a cleanser is using a baby shampoo that is mixed with water.

Step 3: Wipe with the cotton pad or ball

Wipe with the cotton pad or ball
Wipe with the cotton pad or ball

Soak the cotton pad or ball with the cleanser or the baby shampoo mixture. Close your eyes and use the cotton pad or ball to wipe the eyelid and eyelashes. Wipe gently and avoid rubbing your eyes to avoid skin irritation.

Step 4: Rinse your eyes

Rinse your eyes
Rinse your eyes

Rinse your eyes with clean water to remove residues or dirt that are left.

Step 5: Dry your eyes

Dry Your Eyes
Dry your eyes

Use a soft towel and pat the area around your eyes to dry them. Repeat the same process for the other eye if you are removing makeup from both eyes.

Risks when Removing Eye Makeup 

Risks when Removing Eye Makeup
Risks when Removing Eye Makeup

After having your cataract surgery, your eyes are in an initial healing process. In the initial recovery weeks, there is a list of things you should avoid. To reduce the risk of an infection in your eyes, you must avoid some activities as there are risks that the microincisions may get leaked in the early recovery period. The leaks may further cause an eye infection or inflammation. Infections after cataract surgery can be very painful because they can cause a significant loss of vision.  Using harsh removers can also cause irritation or discomfort in the eyes.

The biggest risk while removing your eye makeup after cataract surgery is rubbing or putting extra pressure on your eyes. Rubbing can cause the tiny micro incision to leak. You may apply your eye makeup without rubbing your eyes or putting any pressure. Applying gently is unlikely to cause any issues but the problem occurs when you try to remove the makeup. Because it is very difficult to remove your eye makeup without putting any kind of pressure or rubbing your eyes. So, it is better to wait for the healing period and apply eye makeup after that time. Because your eye makeup can also delay the healing process and increase the risks.

Safety Measures While Doing Eye Makeup After Cataract

Safety Measures While Doing Eye Makeup After Cataract
Safety Measures While Doing Eye Makeup After Cataract

While choosing your eye makeup after cataract surgery, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, avoid using eye makeup products that contain glitter or sparkles because these can cause irritation or inflammation. Second, choose the non-comedogenic and oil-free makeup to avoid clogged pores around your eye. Finally, choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara to use after your cataract surgery. Whether you had cataract surgery or you are simply looking for the safest way to remove your regular eye makeup, it is very significant to know how to do it safely.

  • You should avoid wearing eye makeup for at least four weeks after having your surgery. Because makeup can get into your eyes and cause infection.
  • If you still choose to wear eye makeup, use sterile applicators and avoid products that are not labeled.
  • You may experience grittiness in your eyes during the recovery time. Small incisions in the eyelids may cause this to occur. So, if you have already worn your eye makeup, remove it gently to avoid grittiness in your eyes.
  • Using waterproof mascara can also increase the risks of eye problems. So, you may wear sunglass to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your eyes. Rather, you can use cotton wool. If you are looking for a safer method, dip the gauze into cool water and let it sit on your eyes for 10 seconds before cleaning it.
  • Skip the products that contain harmful ingredients like additives or colorants.

How Long Should You Rest After Cataract Surgery?

How Long Should You Rest After Cataract Surgery
How Long Should You Rest After Cataract Surgery

The recovery time from cataract surgery is quicker compared to the other eye surgery. This depends on many factors and may vary from person to person. Because the immunity of each person is different and they heal differently. Many patients report better vision with faster recovery within only 24 hours while the others may take more time to heal.

It is recommended to take at least three days off from work to have enough rest after your cataract surgery. You can get back to your normal activities within a few days. Activities like reading, writing, and watching TV, are okay to resume as soon as you feel better after your surgery. For the first two weeks after your surgery, there are a few things you need to consider. For example-avoid driving, heavy lifting, swimming, rubbing the eyes, etc. After the immediate surgery, you may experience mild swelling, irritation, or inflammation in the cornea which is very normal.  So, you must use the medicated eye drops to prevent infection or reduce inflammation.


1. How long before I can wear eye makeup after cataract surgery?

It is suggested not to wear any eye makeup, mascara, eye creams, under eye concealer for at least one week after cataract surgery. It is also important to avoid applicators like brushes or sponges as they contain harmful bacteria.

2. What is the best way to clean eyelids after cataract surgery?

The best way to clean eyelids after cataract surgery is by using boiled and cool water to clean the operated eye. Take a cotton ball and gently clean the eyelid and eye margins. Swipe the cotton gently from the inner corner to the outer corner.

3. How do you remove eye makeup naturally?

Coconut oil is one of the best natural ingredients that can be used to remove eye makeup naturally. Take cotton and put a few drops of coconut oil into it. Now, rub the cotton on the eye area to remove the eye makeup.

4. Can I wear makeup 3 weeks after cataract surgery?

It is recommended not to wear makeup for the first few weeks. Because your makeup products may irritate your eyes and result in an infection too. It is best to avoid wearing makeup after cataract surgery for around four weeks.

5. What happens if I get water in my eye after cataract surgery?

Exposure to water immediately after your cataract surgery can increase the risk of infection in your eyes. Wait for at least one night of sleep before showering or getting in contact with water.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you are in a recovery period after the cataract surgery and you will have to be extra careful with what you put on and near your eyes during this time, and this includes makeup. After the first two weeks, you can start wearing makeup again but when removing you will have to be careful since the incisions can become infected! So be careful with both makeup application and removal and enjoy your renewed vision!

Key Points

  • Cataract surgery refers to the process of removing the lens of your eyes and replacing it with an artificial lens.
  • When cataracts cause blurry vision or interact with the treatment of another eye problem, cataract surgery is suggested by eye specialists.
  • You need to gently remove your eye makeup using a cotton pad after the cataract surgery.
  • Wash your hands a use a gentle cleanser to remove the makeup from your eyes.
  • Don’t rub or put pressure on your eyes while removing the makeup as this can increase the risk of infections.
  • Rest for a few days and use the medicated eye drops as per instructions.

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