How To Style Permed Hair In The Morning?


Volumed bouncy hair like perm is not something easy to manage. Styling them in the morning can be even more difficult because of all the messy hair. However, there are quite a few stylish ways to do your hair in the morning or any other time of your choice. For that, you need to know about them and have the complete guidelines to do the style on your beautiful perms. So, let’s jump into it and know all about how to style permed hair in the morning.

5 Ways To Style Permed Hair In The Morning

Perms are something that looks good on everyone, you just need to style it in the right way. To save you time in the morning and going out with the bad here we have come up with 5 easy ways to style your permed hair in the morning.

1. Soft Waves

Soft Waves

If you have really bad hair in the morning and do not want to go through any kind of extended hairstyles you can easily go for soft waves. Soft waves can be done on your dry permed hair. For that, you just need a flat iron and hair spray. To start apply some heat-protecting spray. Heat your flat iron and wrap a small strand of hair in it. Twist the iron as you go and leave it for a few seconds. Unroll the hair and set it with hair spray to set it in and maintain the look.

2. Brushed Curls

Brushed Curls

Brushed curls are a great way to bring out your waves and go for a very soft easy look at the same time. To opt for this easy-peasy look, you just need a brush, water spray bottle, curling cream, and gel. This hairstyle can be done on dry hair in the morning and is really not that time-consuming to do right after waking up. To start with this hairstyle wet your hair by spraying from the spray bottle and then detangle the hair using a brush. It gets better when you are using a nylon brush. When detangling be very gentle and start from the ends and go up to the roots. Apply a generous amount of curling cream to your hair. after applying brush out the cream in an upward motion to distribute it evenly on your hair. do the style in the section for a better look. After the brushing apply some get on your hair to lock in the style. Let the gel air dry on your hair or you and diffuse if you have one.

3. Twisted Curls

Twisted Curls

In the morning rush, you can style your hair as simply as twisting. To do this styling you do not need many things and will give you the defined coil look to your permed hair. for the twisted updo, you will need a spray bottle of water, mousse, hair ties, oil, and a diffuser, to start with the style wet you can use the water on the Spray bottle. Then separate your hair into sections and tie them up with hair ties. Section your hair according to the size you want your curls to be. Take a small amount of hair mousse into your hand and apply it to the sections from the tips to the root.  Take each section and keep twisting them from the end to the roots. Diffuse your hair sections and blow dry them completely. Apply some oil after drying them. after all the steps are done put your hair down and comb it with your fingers for the perfect curled look.

4. Scrunching


This is one very popular method and easy to style permed hair for an extended amount of time. This hairstyle is done in soaking wet hair so if you are someone who takes morning showers this one is your best choice. To start with this method, soak your hair completely and apply some conditioner on the roots of your hair. take some curl cream on your hand and apply the cream on your hair from the ends to the roots.  Focus on the ends and scrunch them tightly. After that let the hair dry in the air and apply some get to hold your perms in place.

5. Finger Coils

Finger Coils

Finger coils are the most extended form of styling perms. this gives you beautiful perms that will last all day long with increased flexibility to style however you want it to. To start with the finger coils you need to prepare your perms very well so the coils would remain for a long time. To start with the preparation, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner from your end to the roots. Gently detangle your hair and separate them into two or a few sections of your choice. Apply curl cream at the end of your perms and spread then evenly, apply a small amount of gel in the bottom section of your hair. after the preparation is done take a small section of hair and hold then using one hand of yours. Start twisting the hair around your finger using the other hand. After that pull your finger out and release the curl. After you are done with all of your hair you can set the hair with hair spray and you will have bouncy shiny hair all day.

Final Thoughts

Although styling your hair in the morning is not something easy and takes a lot of time while doing it. In the morning perm hair can be very difficult to handle and cause severe irritation. Well to handle all of your problems 5 easy styles have been described in detail. With the styles, you can make your perms look beautiful all day with the tools lying in your house. Since those styles do not require professional tools or any extended amount of hassle you can go for any of them every day. What can be more satisfying than a beautiful hairdo in the morning to give you the confidence boost you need?


1. How do I protect my permed hair while sleeping?

To protect your permed hair while sleeping you can go for many methods. You can use bonnets, especially silk bonnets to cover your perms and sleep with it or you can opt for silk or satin pillowcases. This way you would not damage your permed hair while sleeping.

2. How long after a perm can you style your hair?

After you have got perms you need to wait three days before styling them however you want. Perms need some time to sit in your hair and give you the best outcome until then you should not mess with your perms any way.

3. Can you put oil on freshly permed hair?

It is recommended not to use oil or any watery product on your hair for at least three days. Also, you should not soak your hair with a lot of oil if you just got your perms rather just use it as an end product to protect the perms from any kind of dryness.


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