How to Use Santarde Face Cleanser? A Complete Guide to the Santarde Cleanser

how to use santarde face cleanser
Find out how to use Santarde Face Cleanser to get the best possible results for your skin!

Santarde face cleanser and toner are perfect for the face and other body parts. Most people recommend the product for knuckles, hands, and legs. And they are also used for faces. However, the central theme of the Santarde cleanser is that it is used like a toner. Toners are an ingredient in skincare that is used after regular cleansers.

 This will help balance the pH, give you glowy skin, and tend to a very natural overall finish. And this is why toners are one of the key ingredients in skin care. So what makes the toners stand out from the rest? Well, a face toner will eliminate clogged pores and balance the pH. In addition, some of them will give back the moisture that was stripped away with the regular cleanser.

So how does the Santarde face cleanser work? Well, this is a toner and rather a whitening and brightening toner. Because toners/serums/cleansers brighten the skin tone from within, they are used in various body parts. For example, you can use Santarde on your

  • Face
  • Knuckles
  • Dark spots
  • Sunburns
  • Dark circles
  • Under eyes
  • Pimples
  • Freckles
  • Blemishes
  • Scars, etc.

So the product is an all-in-one. The cleanser is designed so it can be used to get rid of dark marks and any pigmentation on the face. This will also cure the hyperpigmentation caused by any of the health issues. But how to use Santarde face cleanser?

To use the Santarde face cleanser or toner, put a little bit on the cotton or just put the product in your palms. You can take only a few drops in your hand and put them all over your face. I like using a cotton pad as it removes the leftover makeup products from cleaning the face with a regular cleanser. The Santarde face cleanser will be evenly spread and coat the face perfectly with a cotton pad.

Santarde face cleanser is not a high-end brand or something you hear about daily. But the product is pretty difficult to find. But you can find it on several websites, and you can also pre-order it. The product is often used as a serum. It is primarily applied before moisturizer. We’ll discuss the details of using Santarde face cleanser later in this article.

What is Santarde face cleanser?

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The Santarde lotion face and neck lightening toner, also known as the Santarde lotion cleanser, toner, and serum, has recently been released. Technically, the brand claims that it can be used in almost all parts of the body, including the face.

It is supposed to eliminate any dark spots or dark circles around the eyes and neck. The repeated use of the product will even out the skin and lighten the face. So how to use Santarde face cleanser? It can be used as a face lotion and will act as a cleanser and toner as it will eliminate all the impurities, so this will be a great product to use after using a regular cleanser or soap. The lotion will get rid of the blemishes and pimples eventually.

The features of Santarde face cleanser

The features of santarde face cleanser

Here we are including some of the key features of the Santarde face cleanser:

  1. This will work as a toner, serum, lotion, and cleanser.
  2. The Santarde face cleanser will eliminate dead skin cells and help with the overall skin texture.
  3. It will hydrate the skin, and eventually, the spots will fade.
  4. Regular use of the cleanser will get rid of dark knuckles and underarms.
  5. The lotion will not dry out the skin.
  6. The active ingredient in Santarde face cleanser is fruit acid.
  7. This will brighten the overall complexion of the skin.
  8. The face cleanser will eliminate any hyperpigmentation and even out the overall skin tone.
  9. The skin will be radiant and glowy by using the Santarde face cleanser.
  10. This will also work as an exfoliator and eliminate all the sebum and dead cells.
  11. Improves the skin’s overall elasticity.
  12. It makes the skin fair.

So these were just a few features of the Santarde face cleanser. And the main and brief note on Santarde Santarde face cleanser is that it will brighten the skin and remove dark marks.

What is used in Santarde face cleanser?

We have done our research and found the ingredients used in the cleanser, and we have some thoughts of our own. But before that, let us put all the ingredients here. The brand doesn’t include the percentage of each element, but we have to start with the first as it’s the highest percentage used.

Plant extract

Plant extract

This is one of the key ingredients on the list of ingredients for the Santarde face cleanser. Plant-based cosmetics have been used in skin care for thousands of years, which is why the plant extract in Santarde didn’t amaze us. The first advantage of using plant extract is that it soothes irritated skin. Plant extracts will work for every skin type, providing hydration and nourishing the skin from within.

The plant extracts are gentle and are used almost in every skin care product. Plant extracts with concentrated plant-based additives are a gem for a safe and gentle experience. Another key fact about plant extracts is that they get absorbed into the skin quickly as they have a high permeability level. Mineral-based skin care products do not soak up fast, but with the plant extract, they will leave a mild texture with a moisturizing effect.

Another thing about the plant extract is the number of active ingredients, and it is noted that most plant extracts tend to have 80% to 100% of the active ingredients. And lastly, they help to improve the skin’s overall microbiome.

Fruit acid

Fruit acid is one of the most active ingredients in the Santarde face cleanser. These fruit acids are known as AHAs, mainly derived from the sugar in the fruit. Fruit acids are the best exfoliating ingredients, and fruit acid glycol is derived from sugar cane.

They have the ability to penetrate the skin too deeply, and they also get rid of dead cells. Most fruit acids are great for skin turnover as they take up the natural skin by removing the old.

The AHAs will dissolve the skin barrier and reveal new skin. The fruit acid glycols are used as they are the smallest molecules, and they can penetrate deep into the skin. Again, glycolic acid can be used on all skin types. This also possesses some anti-inflammatory concepts and is excellent for removing the signs of aging.

Depigmenting agents

This is the topical lightening agent. Several products are considered depigmenting agents, but the Santarde face cleanser does not include what they use. And this is why the brand is one of the most skeptical products.

Most of the depigmentation agents are used to treat hyperpigmentation and melasma. The melanin of the skin is what makes the difference in skin color, and with less melanin, you have a lighter skin color. Thus it is crucial to understand the facts on how to use Santarde face cleanser.

Depigmenting agents will affect the production of melanin. These sorts of products immobilize the enzyme that is responsible for the production of melanin. As a result, the skin is lighter with time. The cycle of depigmentation takes four to twelve months. Some apparent side effects of depigmentation include bruising, dryness, erythema, dermatitis, and leukoderma. So the process is not all good, and they are mostly not suitable for the current time.



Camphor is an ingredient with some unique and renowned features, like being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. They are used to treat some skin problems. Camphor will help improve the skin’s overall improvement and eliminate skin irritation and itching. It also contains some healing materials. Camphor will help with the signs of aging and repair the damage to the skin, eventually boosting collagen production.

Vitamin E

This has moisturizing and healing properties and will strengthen the skin barrier. Vitamin E has several anti-inflammatory properties and works as a protectant from the free radicals generated by direct sunlight. Vitamin E is mainly an antioxidant that perfectly plays with other ingredients.

Vitamin F

Vitamin F is an essential fatty acid with omega six, and they have excellent lipids important to maintain a healthy and protective outer layer of the skin. Vitamin F is used in skin care as linolic acid and alpha linolic acid. And together, they will increase the overall health of the body. The main benefit of vitamin F is that it will replenish the skin and hydrate it. It mainly helps to restore skin barriers.

How to use Santarde face cleanser?

How to use santarde face cleanser.

Now that we have included some important information on making the face cleanser let us include some ways of using it.

  1. You can use this toner or serum immediately after your regular cleanser. Put the lotion on a cotton pad and apply it thoroughly to the skin. Start with two or three drops.
  2. Take the product in your hands and apply it as you would with regular serums.
  3. Add the Santarde face cleanser to a regular moisturizer cream and apply it before using SPF. With this, you can skip one skincare step.
  4. Use the Santarde cleanser at least twice a day after washing your face.
  5. Take the cleanser on a cotton pad and apply it on your neck, arms, knuckles, and legs to eliminate the marks.

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Why is Santarde face cleanser skeptical?

Why is santarde face cleanser skeptical

Well, with all our research and information, we found one thing for certain: the Santarde face cleanser is not all safe, and there are no reviews and lines that indicate that the lotion does work, but on the other hand, some users indicate that the face cleanser is not all safe and there are some potential risks. Here are some negative points about the Santarde face cleanser:

  • It has a very strong camphor smell.
  • It can break out into pimples and acne.
  • It dries out the skin.
  • It makes the skin darker with applications.

The cleanser does get rid of the acne and pimples at some point, but they most likely do more harm than a cleanser should. Toners are all about a glowy outlook. But this Santarde face cleanser works in a different direction.

Our Review of Santarde Face Cleanser

We do not recommend the products to users who have mild acne. But if you have a severe breakout, you can use the products, but be sure to feel dehydrated. Use a face cream with the lotion for hydration and better results.


1. How to use Santarde face lotion?

To use the face lotion, add it with a light moisturizer or a lightening cream.

2. How to use Santarde leg cleanser?

Use a cotton pad and apply the cleanser directly on the legs to make the thing work.

3. How to find the Santarde original cleanser?

You should find the lotion by consulting a retailer that imports the original products. Also, use a trusted seller.

Final Thoughts

Santarde face cleanser is not a very popular name around the country, but this is most likely a Nigerian product. How to use Santarde face cleanser? You can apply it like a regular lotion or toner. The serum, toner, or cleanser is claimed to eliminate the patches and dark marks on the face and body. The cleanser is used in different ways.

But the most exciting part of the Santarde Face cleanser is that it is used almost in every body part. There have been some complaints, but if you’re struggling with aging and dark spots, give this product a try. This very affordable face cleanser or toner will work fine for you. But try it as a patch rather than putting it directly on the skin.

Key Points

  1. On using the Santarde face cleanser or toner, apply a small amount to a cotton pad or just rub the product between your palms. You simply need a few drops in your fingers to cover your entire face.
  2. The Santarde lotion face and neck lightening toner, also known as the Santarde lotion cleanser, toner, and serum, is a new product on the market.
  3. The cleanser does eliminate acne and pimples at some stage, but they most likely cause more harm than good.

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