How To Use Woman’s Facial Razor: 7 Step By Step Guideline

Razors are one of the most important grooming products around, but many people don’t know how to use them properly. Check out this step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Facial hair removal might be the new Instagram and TikTok trend, but Hollywood actors of the 80s and 90s shaved their faces to get glowing and smooth skin on camera. It’s constantly rolling so that a camera doesn’t miss any spot, and every expression and imperfection is captured.

And to avoid such volatility and problems, the best way to present skin is by providing a good canvas. And for makeup, the best way to give a good canvas is by removing all the tiny hairs from the face.

A face razor can be used in a multitude of ways. The process is cost-effective and needs only one piece of equipment: the facial razor. You just have to know the methods and after works of using a facial razor.

There are several myths about shaving, but we have to say anything you hear is not valid in most cases. You can cut yourself, but your hair will not grow thicker, and there won’t be any dark marks.

Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used facial razors, not just on their eyebrows but on their entire faces. Removing facial hair is nothing to be embarrassed or afraid of, and hair growth is prevalent for a regular human.

And, like every other individual on the ground, a woman has the same time. It’s just that our facial hair growth is less prominent and frequent and is invisible, even with a close-up. But if you compare your skin before and after using a facial razor, you’ll see a significant difference. The skin feels more supple and glowing than before.

These are the most specific reasons you should use a facial razor to remove hair from your skin. We should mention that facial razors differ from men’s or body razors and are much more precise and delicate. We will include all the do’s and don’ts, precautions, techniques, and information regarding facial razors later in this article.

What is facial hair?

What is facial hair

The hair growth on your face There are two types of facial hair. Terminal and vellus hair Facial hair grow on the chin, cheeks, upper lips, and forehead. In vellus, hair covers most of a woman’s body, and you might only see the eyebrows as a prominent figure in your case.

Vellus facial hair

This is the invisible (almost) hair growth in the face skin and is primarily seen in the cheeks and sideburns. These hairs can be seen in direct sunlight or an up-close medium. For shaving, this hair is known as “peach fuzz” rather than “beard.” The vellus hair is pretty tiny and transparent. This hair growth controls sweat and the temperature of the face.

Terminal facial hair

This hair on the upper lips looks a lot like a mustache and can darken the area around the lips. The hair is much darker and thicker. Sideburns and the chin area can also have terminal hair growth. This kind of hair growth gives out a darker and messier skin tone if we are to say.

Terminal hair growth prominence will depend on genetics or hormones. Menopausal women face such facial hair growth commonly.

Considering removing your facial hair, it’ll include both terminal and vellus hair. Or you can choose one. But our job is to provide every detail on how to remove facial hair and, for that purpose, how to use a woman’s facial razor.

Is it okay for women to shave their faces?

A myth about shaving is that your hair will grow thicker or your skin will have dark marks. Some even mentioned that you might even develop a beard or mustache if you shave your facial hair, and none of this is true.

Facial hair removal or using a facial razor will not change the thickness and quality of hair growth. Your skin will not darken, and it won’t be dehydrated.

But we might have to mention sun protection as the body hairs protect our skin from sun damage to a great extent. So, with facial hair removal, you must regularly use sunscreen, and sunlight will cause aging and burns on the skin.

But apart from all this, women can shave their faces, and the process is entirely okay. Using a facial razor has become a beauty ritual for most celebrities and beauty gurus. If your facial hair is visible and you’re looking forward to getting rid of it, go ahead and shave it. And if it’s not, leave it be.

Dermaplaning vs. Facial Razor

Some say using a facial razor is derma planning, but the concept is entirely wrong. Dermaplaning is performed by professionals in salons and clinics and is often a part of a facial or treatment. Professionals use different tools (C10 blades), separate from average facial razors. They use a 45° angle while removing the peach fuzz. And most importantly, these people are certified, professionals.

Derma blading or derma planning is done by professionals and with facial razors. You can do it at home with minimal equipment. With facial razors, you can do it at home.

The result might not be as good, but it is pretty close. With time, you can perfect your techniques and work. Add different products before and after to make facial hair removal successful. But facial razors and derma blades are completely different.

Why shave your face?

Why shave your face

The answer is the same for men and women. to get a smooth surface. There might be several different reasons why women shave, and they are pretty logical if we argue. Shaving your face provides several benefits, and the most important one on the list will be that it allows for “confidence” in people. Here we are including some of the dire reasons you should shave your face.

  1. Exfoliation
  2. Makeup Application
  3. Avoiding Breakouts
  4. Smooth & Glowy Skin
  5. Cost-Effective Method
  6. Self-Confidence

1. Exfoliation

Facial hair removal is often considered a form of exfoliation for the skin, and it eliminates dead skin and microscopic hairs from the skin. There are two different types of exfoliations: physical and chemical, and facial hair removal is on the list of physical exfoliations.

The skin gets pretty smooth once you shave because the extra dead cells and peach fuzz are removed. Experts often recommend using a gentle physical exfoliator like a scrub or a chemical exfoliator with AHA and BHA.

2. Makeup application

Wonder why celebrities use facial razors? Your makeup will apply ten times better and melt into your skin if you shave your face correctly. For explanation, there will be no barrier between the makeup products and bare skin.

The foundation and concealer (base makeup) application will be much more prominent, and you’ll notice a big difference. It is also mentioned that skin care products will penetrate more if you shave your facial hair. You can blend your makeup correctly, and there will be zero cakiness, and you don’t have to use color correctors to hide your dark patches.

3. Avoiding breakouts

This benefit is often overlooked in the case of facial hair shaving in the skincare market. A facial razor will help you eliminate the build-up on your face. You can easily avoid blocked pores, acne, and rosacea. People who use facial razors and a chemical exfoliant like a toner or serum often seem to have improved skin. Breakouts can be avoided as sebum, oil, and dead skin are the main culprits of pimples and acne.

4. Smooth & glowy skin

Smooth skin or glassy skin is something we dream of every day. Especially if you watch Korean dramas, you’ll see how their skin looks. Even from 500 feet apart, you can still see the glow. The first thing to get such shiny skin is to get rid of facial hair.

The universal law of light is that a smooth surface will provide more reflection and even make the character look brighter. So, to get glass skin, first, learn to use a facial razor, sunscreen, and glowy serum to get the best results. The entire makeup regime comes afterward.

5. Cost-effective method

Using a facial razor at home is cheaper than the salon, where you’ll be charged thousands of dollars for one session of derma blading. You can find facial razors for under five dollars from different websites. And you can get spare blades and razors at a very cheap rate.

6. Self-confidence

You will quickly feel supple skin if you touch your skin right after shaving and exfoliation. With such skin, it’ll give you a new outlook on your appearance, and you’ll have a brand-new quota of confidence. And the same goes if you wear makeup, and the foundation application gets tenfold easy and appealing.

What to use to shave facial hair?

You’re not shaving a beard; women often have much more delicate and sensitive skin than men. So, the products you will use to shave your facial hair must comply. Several products on the market are specially designed and developed for women, and body razors or bikini trimmers are not one of them. Here we include some of the products to use while shaving facial hair.

  1. Gentle Cleanser
  2. Shaving Gel
  3. Facial Razor
  4. Hydrating Products

1. Gentle cleanser

 You should wash your face before and after shaving. Mild cleansers are best as they do not dry out the skin. If the skin is too dry, your razor will drag and might even cause a cut or mark. You can use such cleaners as lubricants as well.

2. Shaving gel

 This kind of shaving gel differs from men’s foaming gel and is often made with natural and hydrating ingredients. They are specially designed for delicate skin. If you want a cheap alternative to shaving gel, use aloe vera gel, an essential oil, or just Vaseline.

3. Facial razor

The best way to start a facial hair removal journey for women is to use eyebrow razors. These are precise and small and are not as sharp as regular razors. Most of these razors have one blade. There are also curved facial razors to make it easier to clean up the edges of the face.

4. Hydrating products

These are essential for shaving facial hair. You can use a toner or serum in that case, and Hyaluronic acid is often the best hydrating product to complete the process. Toners are lighter than serums, are hydrating, and often leave a glow. Or you can just use a thick moisturizer afterward.

How to use a facial razor : step-by-step guide

How to use a facial razor on face

Here we are including all the steps you get to do while shaving your face. Shaving your face is a great way to start your skincare routine. If you have clear skin, just start with shaving. But make sure that your skin is not highly sensitive so irritation can be avoided. Here we are including some ways to use a facial razor properly.

  1. Wash Your Face
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Hydrate Your Skin
  4. Use A New And Sharp Razor
  5. Shave With Light Strokes
  6. Moisturise
  7. Cleaning Up

Step 1: Wash your face

First, start with shaving your face. Get rid of the makeup and oil build-up, and do a double clang to remove any extra bits. For example, use a makeup remover or a wipe to eliminate the products. Then use a gentle cleanser to do the double cleanse. Also, sterilize your blade to avoid any infection. Make sure that you are hydrated.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Use a facial scrub to remove any ingrown hairs and dead skin. How to use a woman’s facial razor to exfoliate? A gentle scrub and exfoliator gloves are also an excellent way to start the process, and this is done to prevent any sort of problem. Exfoliation is often a good start to using a facial razor. And try to exfoliate your whole face. And if you’re going for a natural scrub, try coffee and oil for a good scrub.

Step 3: Hydrate your skin

For starters, use lukewarm water and make sure the skin is damp before starting your shaving. You can also use steam to begin the process. Experts often recommend drenching your skin for at least three minutes to hydrate it properly.

If you’re also shaving your chin, make sure that your chin is also damp. Hydration will provide softened hair follicles, and dead cells will be easier to clean up.

After proper hydration, use a lubricating product. There are several products, like shaving gels. If you start with Vaseline, we recommend it for starters. Apply a thick gel layer for each stroke and then draw it out. Razor blades will glide easier this way.

And for a step up, essential oils or aloe vera gels are a good alternative. Oils can irritate the skin, but aloe vera gel will give a cooling effect. Also, try not to re-shave what you’ve already done.

Step 4: Use a new and sharp razor

It is recommended not to use a razor more than three times. If you have used one razor more than once, mark it. Change the blade or get a new razor. This is to avoid infections and bumps. New brow razors are easy to use as they are precise. And try to begin with a small razor with a long handle.

Razor bumps, burns, or nicks should be avoided. Make sure to use the razor on a small area first to see if there is any redness or irritation. If you pass the sample test, then begin shaving the entire face.

Step 5: Shave with light strokes

For shaving:

  • Hold your razor at a 45-degree angle
  • Pull out your skin a little.
  • Scrape in the direction that your hair grows
  • Slow and steady strokes
  • For sideburns, use razors in different directions.

If you’re going to shave your facial hair, gentle strokes are a must. Touch your skin to see if there is any hair left. And avoid active acne while shaving.

Step 6: Moisturise

You can use your regular moisturizer to hydrate and cool the skin. Make sure to use an alcohol-free gel; otherwise, your skin will burn. Then use a mask or serum and wait a bit for the skin to dry completely. And then apply makeup. If you shave your skin in the shower, use steam to hydrate the skin. And before going out in the morning, make sure to use sunscreen. Otherwise, skin burns will be very severe.

Step 7: Cleaning up

Clean your tools, especially your razors, with soap and disinfectant. And dry it properly before using it again. And I repeat, do not use a razor more than thrice. Clean up the hair pocket properly with a brush if you use other tools, like a machine.

How to use facial razor on upper lip?

To use the facial razor on the upper lips, use a small bladed razor. Here are the steps on how to use the facial razor on the upper lip

  • Hold and pull your upper lip skin. Most of the hairs are mainly on both sides of the lip. So do the work properly without any cuts.
  • Be careful around the lips, as the skin is susceptible in that area.

How to use facial razor for eyebrows?

How to use facial razor for eyebrows

For first-timers, no matter how thick or thin your brow is, make sure that you follow your natural brow shape. If you have very thin brows, ensure you avoid shaving too much.

  • Start with your forehead and apply a cream there to hydrate the area.
  • Do not go directly to your brows to shave.
  • Shave the upper and lower parts very distinctively. And also, shave the middle part of the brows with the brow razor.
  • Use a tweezer to remove tiny hairs from the brow part.
  • Do not come too close to the eyes while shaving.

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What you should avoid while shaving?

Here we include some facts you should avoid while shaving your face. If you see any such problems, avoid shaving, or the skin might react for the worse.

Active Acne

 Clusters or active acne should be wholly avoided. If a razor blade touches a pimple, it might break and create a mess with blood and fluid.


Avoid shaving if you have skin conditions or are opposed to shaving. You can try a laser or any other technique.

Do’s and correct techniques

Here we are including some critical and must-do steps for you to follow while using a facial razor.

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Hydrate
  3. Short strokes
  4. Shave in the direction of hair growth
  5. 1-3 times use of a blade
  6. Sterilize
  7. Do not drag


1.Can I Shave My Face With A Leg Razor?

You can use a body, leg, or bikini razor on your face. But you shouldn’t. They both have different sharpness and thus might cut the skin roughly.

2.How Often Can A Woman Shave Her Face?

You can shave your face twice or thrice a week. But the timing depends on your facial growth. If you feel you need to shave every day, then you should. And if you can go with shaving once a week, that’s okay too.

3.Does Facial Razor Make Hair Thicker?

A facial razor doesn’t make hair thicker, hair growth is entirely normal, and the thick hair myth is wrong.  And facial hair shaving doesn’t involve any sort of unnatural hair growth aspect.

4.Is It Ok to Shave a Woman’s Face?

It is completely okay to shave a woman’s face, and this trend has become normalized for today’s generation. People have learned to accept their body hair, and shaving is very common.

5.What Is Known as a Dermatologist’s Shaving Face?

It is known as derma planning or blading if a dermatologist shaves your face. They are certified and do shaving for facial or skin treatment.


Shaving your face is entirely up to you; however, if you want smooth and soft skin, consider facial razors followed by a moisturizer. The easiest approach to using a face razor to avoid cutting is to bring it near your skin, but not too close. And you must hold the facial razor at a specific angle. And for beginners, the easiest way is to dampen your skin or use Vaseline for the razors to glide properly.

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