Ingrown Hair On Stretch Mark?


Ingrown hair is a daily case to deal with in the areas you shave often. It becomes incredibly irritating and painful when found in stretch marks. Since the stretch mark areas are very sensitive and not easy to deal with by themselves, along with ingrown hair it is one tight spot. But ingrown hair on stretch mark do not just appear from nowhere. There are reasons that push you towards ingrown hair on stretchmarks.

Ingrown hairs are the ones that curl back into the skin causing swallowing and bumps on the skin. Stretch marks cause severe skin alteration, resulting in unevenness on every compound around. Although this cannot be completely avoided but is preventable up to some levels Well, other reasons have a significant impact on this matter too. Understanding the reasons, solutions, and preventions of your ingrown hair problem on stretch marks will put you at ease.

6 Reasons Behind Ingrown Hair On Stretch Marks

When you are having ingrown hair on already sensitive stretch marks things can go very rough. To find the solutions you have to know the reason behind such a situation, so here are 6 reasons for ingrown hair on stretch marks:

6 Reasons Behind Ingrown Hair On Stretch Marks

1. Altered skin texture

Stretch marks are caused by the alteration in skin collagen and elastin protein. This kind of alteration makes the skin very thin and stretched out. When hair is growing on the surface of your skin, it seeps into the texture alteration causing inward growth of hair.

2. Dead skin cells

Dead skin cells are one of the very common reasons for ingrown hair on stretch marks. Since skin hair is supposed to grow on top of the skin it needs to have space to grow outward. When your pores are blocked with dead skin cells there is no way out for the hair. Lacking a way out of the skin makes the hair grow inwards. With the stretch mark causing trouble and alteration to your pores dead skin cells can cause an increased amount of trouble generating more ingrown hair.

3. Frequent hair removal

The method of your hair removal has a massive impact on the ingrown hair. When you are opting for methods that are not going close enough to your body hair can lead to ingrown hair often. On the other hand, when you are shaving or removing hair from your stretch mark too frequently this can leave you having inward growing of hair. Since the stretch mark is already very sensitive mindfulness of hair removal should be opted.

4. Hair type

Curly and coarse hair has a much higher rate of inward growth than any other type. Since curly hair does not grow in a straight manner it is really easy for them to bend and seep into the skin. on stretch marks, the hair is easier to bend into the skin causing severe pain.

5. Tight clothing

Tight clothing with stretch marks makes you have ingrown hair. The friction caused by wearing tight clothes for a long time makes your body hair go inward making the outer growth difficult. Tight cloths are rubbed on your skin throughout the day continuously making the body hair turn into the skin and push in the follicles.

6. Improper exfoliation

Products we use on the skin can block our pores if not cleaned properly. Here exfoliation helps the most, exfoliating your skin gets into the pores and cleans it all. When your skin is not being exfoliated properly there is a high chance of getting ingrown hair caused by blocked pores. When you have stretch marks some might find it difficult to understand whether to exfoliate or not leading to ingrown hair.

Removing Ingrown Hair On Stretch Mark: 5 Easy Ways

Ingrown hairs are very painful and uncomfortable but there are easy ways to remove ingrown hair. Here are 5 easy ways to remove ingrown hair easily:

Removing Ingrown Hair On Stretch Mark: 5 Easy Ways

1. Quit shaving for some time

When you are trying to remove ingrown hair you have to quit saving in the area for some time leaving it to heal. This process might take time between 3 to 6 months but eventually, it is going to heal. Since stretch marks are naturally very sensitive it is best to shave the area less.

2. Improving shaving techniques

Once you start shaving again make sure to change your way of shaving. You need to follow the proper way of shaving. You have to shave in the direction of the hair growth, use a sharp razor, go as close to the hairline as possible, make sure to exfoliate before shaving and apply shaving gel and warm water to make the stretch mark area soft, at last end the process with moisturizers. You can incorporate alternative hair removal methods such as waxing and tweezing.

3. Apply warmth

By applying warmth to your skin you can soften the skin and make it drain out any infection most of the time. You have to apply the warm cloth over your skin for about 10 to 15 minutes at least three to four times a day to reduce the inflammation over time.

4. Exfoliate skin often

Make sure to exfoliate your skin often to remove any dead skin and pores. This will make your body hair grow outward and remove any possibility of ingrown hair. This will also help any hair that has started to go inward come out and in the straight direction.

5. Avoid tight clothing

Since tight clothing is one of the factors contributing to your ingrown hair on the stretch mark, try to go for loose-fitted clothes. Stretch marks are super sensitive so you don’t want to make them even worse than they already are.

What happens to ingrown hair if not removed?

When ingrown hair is not removed from your skin you might see the bump of ingrown hair getting bigger and incredibly painful over time. Pustules can occur in the area too.

Preventing Ingrown Hair On Stretch Marks

If you can prevent the ingrown hair from the very beginning, you will not have to go through the hassle of removing it and bear all the pain. Stretch marks are too tough to handle by themselves incorporated with ingrown hair it gets too much to handle. Here are some things you can go for.

  • Washing your stretch marks often with a mild cleanser
  • Exfoliate your skin often
  • Shave your skin with proper shaving technique
  • It is more appropriate to wax your skin
  • Making the habit of cleansing your pores
  • Using aha or glycolic acid on stretch marks can help clean pores

Do bumpy stretch marks go away?

Stretch marks usually fade over time but some residue might be left behind. Although some stretch marks cause bumps they will eventually fade over the course of time but it might take a lot of time.

Which body is prone to ingrown hairs?

The areas you shave the most are much more prone to ingrown hair. This can include hands, legs, armpits. Pubic area, thigh. But mostly the areas of stretch marks are very prone to ingrown hair.

Final Thoughts

Stretch marks are one uncomfortable thing that appears out of nowhere making it almost impossible to remove. When the place gets ingrown hair, the whole situation just worsens. Stretch marks are very prone to ingrown hair because of the way they are formed on our bodies. Also, it is not just the upper portion of our body that gets altered rather it is the whole area that gets into a different stage.

Well, it is not impossible to remove an ingrown hair from the stretch mark rather it is very easy. But definitely, it is not something that will disappear in the blink of an eye. It needs time to heal and recover. Nevertheless, with proper care of your stretch mark, you definitely can prevent ingrown hair on stretch marks. With the calculated opinion of experts, you can have great results.


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