Is Cocoa Butter Good for Sunburn?

Is cocoa butter good for sunburn?

Nobody wants a sunburn but to get that natural tan on yourself, you need to expose yourself to the Sun’s harmful rays. Spend too long under the sun and you are left with red and irritated skin on your body which is known as sunburn. It is not ideal but there are products out there that can help relieve the pain. Some of these are moisturizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients; one that people are curious about is cocoa butter!

So, is cocoa butter good for sunburn? Cocoa butter has moisturizing and hydrating properties that can do wonders for your sunburn. In this article, we’ve shared the composition and benefits of cocoa butter, its disadvantages, the steps of using it, and the disadvantages of cocoa butter. This will provide an idea about cocoa butter and its benefits for reducing sunburn and help you decide whether to use this for your skin or not.

What is Sunburn and How Does It Affect Your Skin?

What is sunburn and how does it affect your skin?
What is sunburn and how does it affect your skin?

When our skin is exposed to UV rays without adequate protection, a sunburn occurs. The exposure to the sun may look red and inflamed and can lead to painful skin. This sun exposure can also cause long-term damage to the skin such as risk of cancer or premature aging. So, it is very important to take sunburn seriously in the early stages.

Sunburn is uncomfortable and can lead to painful consequences. This happens when we spend too much time under the sun without any protection. When our skin gets sunburned, our skin gets dehydrated because it loses all of its moisture. The loss of moisture can further worsen the healing process. So, your skin needs special care and attention to reduce the discomfort and promote healing. As a result, there are products that we can use to treat sunburn or reduce the symptoms.

Cocoa Butter for Sunburn: Good Or Not?

Some research says that we should not use cocoa butter while others say that Cocoa butter is more moisturizing and is good for sunburn. For now, we should rely on anecdotal evidence to decide whether it is good for sunburn or not.

It seems that cocoa butter can do wonders for your sunburn. This has the antioxidant properties for skin healing that your sunburnt skin desperately needs! The soothing and moisturizing qualities treat the sunburned skin and relieve sun damage. It is rich in vitamins and natural oil ingredients which helps give it its skin repair properties. It helps to reduce the inflammation and keep the skin soothed.

Sunburns can also cause the skin to become dry and flaky and cocoa butter can restore the skin back to its healthy state to heal properly. This can also reduce the pain and discomfort caused by sunburns. As it contains healing properties, it can nourish the skin and make the healing process faster. When combined with other soothing ingredients like aloe vera, cocoa butter really shines as it helps to keep the skin soothed! Cocoa butter can help heal and repair the skin, making it a great choice for sunburn treatment.

Composition of Cocoa Butter

Composition of cocoa butter
Composition of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter comes from cocoa beans. The cocoa bean is widely used in the skincare and chocolate industry for its numerous benefits. The composition of cocoa butter is very important to understanding the benefits and effectiveness of cocoa butter in treating sunburn.

1. Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are the primary compound of cocoa butter which includes oleic, stearic, and palmitic acid. The fatty acids contain good moisturizing properties and can deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin.

2. Vitamins

Cocoa butter contains some essential vitamins including Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Vitamin E works as a powerful antioxidant and protects the skin from damage such as UV radiation or other environmental damage. Vitamin K, on the other hand, is also very important in healing wounds and it can reduce the negative effects of sunburn.

3. Minerals

Cocoa butter also contains a smaller quantity of minerals. These minerals include iron, copper, and calcium. They may not directly help in treating sunburn but contain some benefits such as red blood cell formation, calcium for strong bones, and copper for various metabolic processes.

Using Cocoa Butter the Right Way In 4 Steps

Using cocoa butter the right way in 4 steps
Using cocoa butter the right way in 4 steps

So now that we got to know the great things that cocoa butter can do for sunburn, it is time to know exactly how to put it on your sunburnt skin! The skin is very delicate and sensitive so follow these easy steps to effectively use cocoa butter for sunburn:

1. Cleanse the Affected Area

The very first thing that you need to do is keep the area as clean as possible. So take a bit of lukewarm water and spread it all over the sunburn gently and then give it a deep cleanse with mild soap. Don’t scrub or rub the skin while removing the dirt as it can cause more irritation to the skin.

2. Apply Cocoa Butter

Take a generous amount of cocoa butter and then gently apply it in a circular motion to the affected area until it is absorbed into your skin. Massage it for 2 minutes to your skin so your skin feels better.

3. Mix with Vitamin E (Optional)

For enhanced benefits, mix cocoa butter with vitamin E. This is added because this is a powerful antioxidant that reduces inflammation and promotes skin healing.

4. Leave It on the Skin

Keep the cocoa butter on your skin for about 30 minutes so that it gets absorbed and works its magic underneath the damage. If you are suffering from sunburn, use a very small amount of cocoa butter on the affected area. This will nourish your skin, and reduce itching or any burning sensations. Use an amount that will cover the sunburn in a thin layer and then wash it after the appropriate time.

6 Benefits of Cocoa Butter for Damaged Sunburn Skin

Benefits of cocoa butter for damaged sunburn skin
Benefits of cocoa butter for damaged sunburn skin

Cocoa butter is a natural way to help with sunburns. Cocoa butter comes with so many benefits for your skin and sunburn. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

1. Soothing and Moisturizing

Not only does it give surface moisturization, but it gets absorbed into the skin thanks to its thick consistency and provides deeper hydration to the damaged skin. Cocoa butter works as a protective layer on the skin that helps the skin keep hydrated for longer. It also protects the skin from pollutants and other chemicals.

2. Nourishment and Repair

The one thing that cocoa butter is able to provide is skin healing abilities. This is due to its antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help to nourish and repair damaged skin. This promotes faster healing which makes it an ideal choice for an itchy sunburn.

3. Prevents Peeling and Scarring

Probably the worst pain that you can feel when you have sunburn is the peeling of the skin that can occur as the skin heals and dries. Cocoa butter can prevent peeling and scarring that occurs because of sunburn. It contains rich antioxidants named Vitamin E that fight off the free radicals. Free radicals cause peeling or scarring to the skin. So, cocoa butter helps prevent these problems.

4. Anti-aging Benefits

Sunburn can enhance the aging process and make you look younger. This can also lead to wrinkles, fine lines, or discoloration of the skin. The antioxidant properties of cocoa butter can protect your skin from environmental damage and make you look youthful and healthy.

5. Reduces Inflammation

When the skin experiences damage, it becomes inflamed. The inflammation can slow down the healing process and healing time. With the help of soothing ingredients, the cocoa butter will help reduce the inflammation and will heal your skin faster.

6. Heal the Damaged or Sunburnt Skin

Cocoa butter is jam-packed with useful ingredients and vitamin E is a vital component in.

Downsides of Cocoa Butter for Sunburn

Though cocoa butter comes with so many skin benefits, it does have some downsides. Some people argue that you should not use cocoa butter for sunburn. So, it is better to speak to your dermatologist before adding this product to your routine. The downsides of cocoa butter are given below:

  • The most common concern of cocoa butter is that it can cause allergic reactions. Many users have reported about their itchiness or rash after using it.
  • Cocoa butter is non-comedogenic. So, it can clog pores on the skin. If you have normal skin, cocoa butter will work for your sunburn but the same cannot be said about oily skin. Oily skin runs the risk of breakouts when using too much cocoa butter.
  • The fragrance of cocoa butter can also cause problems for people with sensitive skin. Because fragrance can cause irritation or inflammation on their skin.
  • Cocoa butter has a thick consistency. So, it can also block the pores of your skin.
  • Cocoa butter can also contain ingredients like preservatives. These may do more harm than good to the skin.

Two Alternatives of Cocoa Butter for Sunburn

The skin type may vary from person to person and cocoa butter may not be suitable on everyone’s skin. People who are facing problems with cocoa butter in treating their sunburned skin may go for some other alternatives:

Aloe vera
Aloe vera

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural alternative to cocoa butter for sunburn. This contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the redness or inflammation of the skin. Aloe Vera can provide a cooling effect that helps you ease the pain. The application is also too simple. Just add a layer of gel to the affected area and let it stay for a few minutes. It can soothe the skin and make the healing faster.


2. Soy

Soy sauce can also be used as an alternative to cocoa butter to treat sunburn. This provides an ample amount of moisture to the skin and reduces inflammation. If any specific area feels uncomfortable because of sunburn, use soy sauce to rehydrate the skin and prevent the loss of moisture.


1. Is coconut oil good for sunburn?

Coconut oil is a natural remedy for many skin conditions. It helps to soothe and cool the skin and relieve the symptoms like peeling or itching. This contains fats that are great for moisturizing your skin and can also work well for treating sunburn.

2. Can a sunburn heal in 2 days?

This depends on the severity of your sunburn. If you have a mild sunburn, you may notice redness from two to six hours on the skin. The redness may fade out within 2-3 days. The more severe your sunburn, the longer it will take for the redness to subside.

3. Is sunburn permanent?

All sunburns are not permanent. Some can cause permanent damage to the skin while others can cause temporary damage on the skin. Severe sunburn can also increase the risk of cancer on your skin.

4. Why do I sunburn so easily?

The melanin production of our body is determined by genetics. This is why some people get sunburned while others tan. Sun rays can make the skin red, swollen, and painful for people with less melanin. This inflammation is called sunburn.

5. What foods act like sunscreen?

There are some foods containing sun-protective essentials. Foods like Raspberries, strawberries and pomegranates, grapes, oranges protect the skin from sun damage.

Final Thoughts

A brief recap: Cocoa butter works exceptionally well against sunburns and provides the skin with the right balance of moisturization and healing to recover from it. The moisturizing and nourishing formula helps to restore and retain moisture in the skin and fatty acids and antioxidants repair the damaged skin and promote faster healing. The soothing and cooling properties of cocoa butter can provide immediate relief to the burned or sunburned skin. It also has anti-aging benefits and reduces the inflammation caused by sunburn which helps treat the sun damage. But, there are also downsides to cocoa butter so if any of these can affect you and render cocoa butter useless for you! Always do a patch test on your skin to ensure that cocoa butter is the right one for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Sunburn makes our skin dehydrated and burns the skin causing several damages.
  • Cocoa butter is combined with natural oils, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals that reduce skin irritation and repair the damage caused by the harmful sun rays.
  • Cleanse the affected area and apply cocoa butter in those areas to treat the skin and heal from sunburn.
  • Some people with sensitive skin may experience allergic reactions or clog pores on the skin.
  • People who face issues with cocoa butter to treat their skin and heal from sunburn can go for alternatives like aloe vera or soy.
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