Is Curly Or Straight Hair More Attractive?

Is curly or straight hair more attractive?

Hair can change your entire appearance and with the different hairstyles that you can go for, it can do so very drastically! It is all about the haircut that you have, the hair color, and the type of hair you have. From straight to curly, many people wonder if curly or straight hair is more attractive.

When it comes to matters of personal appearance, the debate over whether curly hair or straight hair is more attractive has continued for years. The discussion taps into cultural, societal, and personal preferences making it complex and fascinating. Various perspectives influence beauty perceptions. Whatever the hair type, it should be healthy, shiny, and lustrous. So let’s see which one is more of a sign of beauty: straight hair or curly hair!

Curly Hair Vs Straight Hair

Curly hair vs straight hair
Curly hair vs straight hair

Both curly and straight hair look amazing. Both are unique in their ways which enhance the beauty of women’s hair. The 2 hair types can be differentiated in terms of type, appearance, and maintenance. Let’s learn about those!


Curly hair has different types. It comes in types 3A, 3B, and 3C. Type 3A is defined curls with a thick texture and extra shine while it can be frizzy. Type 3B has tighter curls and a combination of textures. Type 3C has very tight curls and these are easy to style.

Straight hair also has different types. It comes in types 1A, 1B, and 1C. Type 1A is very fine and straight, and type 1B is straight but it is thicker with a medium texture and more volume. Lastly, type 1C is straight but also very thick, coarse, and shiny.


Curly hair is thought to be more lively and enjoyable. It gives your appearance a fancy and romantic flair, making you appear more charismatic and young. It can also add volume, resulting in a more voluminous hairstyle that enhances its beauty. This type of hair may be dressed in a variety of ways to match different occasions, from a casual, carefree look to a more glam, sophisticated one.

Straight hair gives off a more serious and professional look. It is also thought to result in a more formal and polished appearance. Straight hair is typically simple to manage and style, and it looks good in a variety of settings including the office or formal gatherings.


Curly hair looks beautiful in almost all hairstyles. You need to go through a lot of maintenance to keep your hair healthy and give protection against frizziness. The cost of hairstyling products is expensive but if you want to enjoy curls, you will need to spend on those. While hairstyling can be easy with the use of hair mousse.

On the other hand, straight hair looks beautiful in selective hairstyles rather than all hairstyles. It is because of the volume-related issues of straight hair. You don’t need to go through a lot of maintenance to have this type of hair. The necessity of hairstyling products is also less.

Curly Hair And Straight Hair: Benefits And Drawbacks

Curly hair and straight hair benefits and drawbacks
Curly hair and straight hair benefits and drawbacks

Curly hair gives a rich, vibrant, and shiny look. It is possible to create various hairstyles every day only by changing the curls for that particular day. People with curly hair can easily and quickly change their hairstyle for going on a date. Curly hair always has a hairstyle without styling. On the other hand, straight hair is soft and moveable which gives a chic, sleek, and smooth look. It is possible to create various hairstyles with the help of different hair accessories in less time. The ponytail is the easiest and most popular hairstyle with straight hair.

Curly hair tends to tangle a lot which causes breakage of hair. It gets damaged very easily and is more fragile than straight hair. Lack of necessary style and styling products might lead to frizzy hair which will give a funny look. The curls give voluminous hair which becomes difficult to handle for many. Straightening curly hair is time-consuming and causes damage to the hair owing to heat. Straight hair looks greasy and dirty easily compared to curly hair, within just 1 or 2 days. It is less voluminous most of the time. Hair gets damaged. Although the damage is less than curly hair, it becomes more visible. Hair fall is a common concern with this type of hair. For curling straight hair, curls do not become so long-lasting.

Is Curly Or Straight Hair More Attractive?

Beauty is a personalized topic where some might think that curly hair is attractive while others might not be too fond of it. Whether curly is more attractive or straight hair is more attractive depends on how it looks on individual people. Some may look good with both curly or straight hair while some look good on either hair type. Being a bit uncommon, curly hair is more attractive than straight hair. Many people prefer curly hair over straight hair. So, curly hair is more attractive if you take care of the curls properly and if the hair goes with the personality of that woman.

Although different men prefer different types of hair, most men prefer the curly hair look of women. Women with curly hair have a feminine side while those are bold and funny too. According to a survey conducted by StyleCaster, 58% of guys thought curly hair to be more attractive than other hair types. This is not the only study where curly hair is considered to be more attractive than straight hair, other studies conclude curly hair is more attractive. For example, a L’Oreal Paris survey found more women curl their hair using a curling iron than not.

9 Reasons Why Curly Hair Is More Attractive

Reasons why curly hair is more attractive
Reasons why curly hair is more attractive

Several studies show that curly hair is more attractive than straight hair. The reasons are not confined to the surveys only. 9 different reasons point out that curly hair is attractive. It is attractive for its unique beauty. Let’s explain those reasons in brief.

1. Voluminous Hair

Achieving voluminous hair is a bit difficult. Women with straight hair require multiple products to keep their hair from looking flat. While women with curly hair have a lot of volume of hair. If a woman has a head full of curls, she can have full and lovely-looking hair. It is very natural for curly hair to retain thickness which helps to give you more voluminous hair. And, guess what! Voluminous hair makes your curly hair more attractive.

2. Different Curl Patterns

If you have curly hair, identify your curl pattern because each curl pattern has specific needs. Knowing your curl type will help you take care of it. Lack of proper care won’t highlight their curls. You can enjoy the curls though once you figure out which products are best for your hair type. There is no way to deny that curly hair is lovely when there are such wide variations. Every person with curly hair has a unique appearance because of different curl patterns. So, it is one of the reasons this hair type is so attractive.

3. Styling Potential

The styling potential of curly hair can play a role in its attractiveness. Some of the examples of best hairstyles for long curly hair are pigtails, space buns, braids, dreadlocks, etc. while the examples of best hairstyles for short curly hair are pixie cuts, bob cuts, afros, etc. All these hairstyles are unique and attractive. Accessories may also liven up your hairstyle regardless of age or fashion. Headbands, bows, hair clips, bobby pins, hair extensions in vibrant colors, and flower crowns are some hair accessories. When styling your curly hair, you can combine and match various accessories to create a more exclusive style. So, wearing these hairstyles and using hair accessories on your curly hair will make it look more attractive.

4. Unique Appealing Look

Curly hair creates a unique impression by drawing attention even in a crowd. The natural texture of this type of hair can easily add to the depth and dimension of hair which results in a visibly unique and appealing look of your hair. In contrast to straight hair, curly hair is captivating and seeks attention. It has a dynamic nature which leads it towards versatility. So, because of the unique appealing look, curly hair becomes attractive.

5. The Popularity of Curly Perms

If you were born with straight hair, then you could chemically alter it to get curly hair! Perms or permanent curly hair treatment breaks the bonds of the hair to form curly hair and is quite popular. These kinds of treatments were not very popular at one point in time. However, stylists and normal people have noticed an increase in the number of people sporting huge, voluminous curls due to the 90s fashion revival in recent years.

6. Fashion Display

Fashion displays are a great way to keep yourself updated with trending hair and fashion styles. Curls with volume can be regularly seen in fashion displays that signify that curls give a more attractive hair look.

7. Men’s Preference

Men prefer curly hair for its endless versatility. He can date one woman with various hair looks. For example, with curls one day while with silky shiny hair the very next day. Her hairstyle can vary too like cornrows, faux locs, box braids, etc. Men go after unique hair looks as those attract them. Women with curly hair are low maintenance and men appreciate her for that. Again, according to men, curly hair is very feminine and a sign of reproductive suitability. As a result, voluminous curly hair helps women to look more feminine and result in attractiveness.

8. Social Media Perceptions

It is possible to overcome hair biases through personal acceptance and love and social media can help in that. Social media influencers and celebrities are embracing natural curls which is changing perceptions to a great extent. Social media can alter the perceptions of beauty. The go-to has been TikTok and Instagram reels on curls, which emphasize ringlets and bounce in curly hair by moisturizing curls and using natural oils like almond, coconut, and argan oil. Recently, a TikTok challenge that aimed to reveal a curl pattern came into being. Women who regularly straightened their hair and sought to enhance the definition of their curls were the ones who created this challenge.

9. Excellent Personality

Curly hair has a lot of significance. It refers to a fun-loving and warm-hearted woman with a carefree but passionate personality. Women with curly hair are wild and unstoppable. Women with curly hair are often stereotyped as being passionate, assertive, and intuitive. Some of their traits are leadership, dynamism, love, insight, and expressiveness. They are considered caring, giving, quick thinkers, and independent, and tend to get better.

9 Tips To Make Curly Hair More Attractive

Tips to make curly hair more attractive
Tips to make curly hair more attractive

Healthy and luscious curls look gorgeous. It is possible to make curly hair more attractive by taking proper care and maintenance. The following are 9 tips to make curly hair more attractive.

1. Moisturize The Curls

Loose curls will need more regular conditioning due to it drying out faster. This could be done every other week to keep the curls moisturized. Very tight curls need an intense moisturizing routine since those easily cause dryness. The intense moisturizing routine includes weekly deep conditioning sessions, the casual hot oil treatment, a daily application of a heavy-duty moisturizer, and a few sprays of a leave-in conditioner.

2. Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works exceptionally well on curly hair. It can penetrate deeply into the hair shaft rather than staying on the surface. The use of coconut oil on curly hair would help to cover up protein loss, moisturize the hair, or gradually strengthen the hair.

3. Detangle Carefully

Curly hair easily tangles. It is necessary to detangle it properly to avoid breakage. Give your damp hair a thick layer of conditioner and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair with ease. Your chance of causing damage to the curls decreases because it lessens the pressure on those. So, detangle carefully with patience and take enough time.

4. Use A Clean and Wide Toothed Comb

Wide-toothed combs are a must-have for hair care. It has become very popular now and is available everywhere. While many people still use tight combs which leads to hair breakage due to the pulling of hair so badly. Always use a clean comb and avoid using dirty combs. The use of dirty combs or someone else’s combs increases the chances of lice in hair which would result in weaker hair.

5. Trim Properly

The hair curls don’t have to have blunt ends. it cannot be denied that healthy ends contribute significantly to the silhouette of your mane. Trip your curls properly. You might require a trim with a gap of every 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the personal hairstyling routine you have and the health of your hair in general.

6. Do Not Use Heat Styling Tools

The use of heat styling tools damages curly hair a lot. They strip you of moisture and break up the pattern of your curls. To create various looks, embrace your natural texture and reduce the use of heat-styling products like flat irons, curling wands, and blow dryers by switching to heatless curl styling techniques. Instead, try going for heat-free styling such as buns and braids which do not cause the hair and scalp to be pulled.

7. Do Not Use Damaging Ingredients

Certain hair products contain damaging ingredients. You need to avoid these ingredients because they will cause damage either immediately or in the future. The ingredients are sulfates, silicones, and some alcohols. Sulfates are used as a cleansing agent in shampoos while they clean in a way that leaves the curls dry. So, use sulfate-free alternatives as hair cleansers. Silicones may or may not be water-soluble the insoluble silicones cause buildup and other problems. Although some alcohol is good for hair some dry out the hair which you need to avoid.

8. Limit Going Through Harsh Processes

Heat styling, chemical processing, rough handling, etc. are some examples of harsh processes that cause hair damage. It is necessary to limit going through these harsh processes. For that, use a heat protectant before heat styling. Do not go through dramatic hair color changes. Also, use a wide-toothed comb and detangling spray or cream during the time of detangling or hairstyling.

9. Do Not Overwash Hair

It is not required to wash curly hair frequently like that of straight hair since you want the natural oils of the hair to keep it moisturized. Washing too often will remove the essential oils that are vital for your curls. You need to limit how often you wash your hair and reduce it to two to three times per week or adjust the frequency depending on the hair requirements and the oiliness. For the revival of shape and hydration in between washes, softly spray with a solution of water and leave-in conditioner on your curly hair.


1. Are curly-haired guys cute?

Cuteness may vary from person to person. A few opinions regard the long curly hair on a man as a feminine sign that makes the man unmanly. But some opinions regarding that long curly hair on men is attractive based on situation and environment. In some curly-haired men, long curly locks give them a more masculine and rough and tough instead of less masculine.

2. What is the rarest hair type?

The type 1A hair is super straight and in fact, it is the rarest hair type. 2% of the world’s total population owns this hair type. People of Asia mostly have this rarest type of hair.

3. Is curly hair harder than straight?

The tighter the curl or coil, the more delicate the strand. Curly hair is slightly more delicate than straight hair. Curly hair requires a bit more attention, so you should know how to take good care of your hair so that it may continue to look wonderful.

4. Why curly hair is better than straight hair?

The latter group had fibers that were denser on the scalp and were thicker, stronger, and more rigid. It was discovered that curlier hair was thicker, stronger, and more resistant to mechanical pressures than nearly straight hair.

5. Does curly or straight hair look younger?

Even when worn with the latest cosmetics and trendy clothes, inappropriate hair color and a bad haircut can make you look dated. You are already ahead of this because you are curly-haired. With age, women with curly, textured hair frequently appear younger than their straight-haired women.

Final Thoughts

Both curly hair and straight hair are unique in their ways while these are different in terms of type, appearance, and maintenance. Curly hair is becoming popular day by day. Men are mostly attracted to curly-haired women. Starting from its voluminous hair, and different curl patterns to the social media perceptions, this hair type has captivated many hearts and turned heads. Some are embracing their natural hair type while others are using heat or chemicals to achieve curls. Follow the tips to ensure the attractiveness of curly hair. If you have healthy curls that are suitable for your face, and you feel comfortable with your hair, you can be the epitome of attractiveness. But in the end, beauty is subjective and whatever may be your hair type, you must be confident about it.

Key Points

  • Curly hair adds a lively, romantic flair to your appearance, making you appear charismatic and young and can be dressed in various ways for various occasions. Straight hair has a sleek, sophisticated vibe, making you look professional and polished and easy to manage, and the style is suitable for various settings.
  • Curly hair tends to tangle a lot which causes breakage of hair and lack of necessary style and styling products might lead to frizzy hair which will give a funny look. Again, straight hair looks greasy and dirty easily compared to curly hair and is less voluminous most of the time.
  • Curly hair is often preferred over straight hair due to its unique appearance and its ability to complement a woman’s personality.
  • Reasons for which straight hair is more attractive include giving voluminous hair, different curl patterns, styling potential, a uniquely appealing look as well as due to men’s preference, social media perceptions, etc.
  • The natural texture of curly hair easily adds to the depth and dimension of hair which results in a visibly unique and appealing natural texture of curls.
  • You can make your curly hair more attractive by moisturizing the curls, detangling carefully, using a wide-toothed comb, trimming regularly, avoiding heat styling tools, damaging ingredients, harsh processes, etc.
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