Is Dior Cruelty-Free?

Is Dior Cruelty-Free
People are becoming increasingly conscious of cruelty-free products as a trend. Is Dior cruelty-free? Find out all about it right here!

Skincare and makeup products are very popular among people. People became conscious about their skin and used different skincare products. Besides keeping their skin hydrated, they are also trying to beautify themselves in many ways.

Using makeup items is one of them. Choosing makeup or skincare items became one of the very significant things before using them. Dior is a renowned brand that offers effective and healthy skincare and makeup items.

So, Is Dior cruelty-free? There are some ways of knowing about cruelty-free brands. The most significant of them are the ingredients and animal testing. Though some of the Dior products are cruelty-free, most of them are tested on animals. They also allow third parties to do animal testing.

Not only this, their products are also available in countries that require animal testing. So, Dior is not completely a cruelty-free brand.

What Is Dior Famous for?

What is dior famous for

Dior is an exclusive makeup brand that was founded by the famous French designer Christian Dior. They offer a wide range of high-quality products including foundation, lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and so on. The Dior brand also has makeup tools for applying makeup properly.

Besides makeup products, the Dior brand also has clothing, footwear, and other accessories. It also offers skincare products that are designed for different skin concerns. So, Dior is a very luxurious brand that offers different types of products.

Is Dior Certified Cruelty-free?

Is Dior Certified Cruelty-free

Cruelty free products are those that are not tested on animals. Dior is owned by a parent company that is not cruelty-free and tests its products on animals. Dior does not any cruelty-free certifications from famous animal welfare organizations such as PETA Program or any others.

Dior claims that they are cruelty-free but there are no certifications of that. Moreover, there is evidence that they do animal testing on their products.

Though they don’t test their finished products on animals they allow third parties to do animal tests on their products. Unfortunately, Dior is not issued any certificates and it is not a certified cruelty-free.

What Is PETA Stance On The Dior Cruelty Free Status?

PETA is committed to a humane stance on animal cruelty. Despite allegations, Dior is considering stopping the use of animal ingredients in preparing products, PETA says it still uses the same ingredients.

It is also required that manufacturers submit products to government authorities for animal testing in stores. Dior’s products will then be evaluated for animal testing.

Is Dior Vegan?

Is Dior Vegan

Dior is technically not cruelty-free. Although it plainly states on its website that ‘Dior does not test any product on animals’, it sells its products in countries where animal testing may be required by law in order to sell goods there, meaning that it cannot truly be considered cruelty-free. Is Dior Vegan? Dior might offer some vegan products, however because this company is not cruelty-free.

It should also be noted that some Dior skin care lines have become increasingly more vegan-friendly in recent years. While they aren’t labeled “vegan,” these lines may use plant-based oils and extracts instead of animal derived ones.

An organization that certifies cosmetic brands that have not tested animal products by 2023 that do not contain animal products. Unfortunately, these certifications don’t guarantee that products are free from animals or products, but they are vegan-friendly. Animal fats and oils can be replaced with plant-based oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

Is Dior Animal Friendly?

Is Dior Animal Friendly

Dior, a renowned luxury brand, has taken strides towards animal-friendliness. While Dior is not entirely vegan, they’ve made progress in ethical practices. Dior no longer tests on animals, aligning with their strict animal testing policy.

However, it’s worth noting that Dior is owned by LVMH, a conglomerate with various brands, some of which may have different policies. Dior sells cosmetics that may contain animal-derived ingredients like beeswax and animal fat.

For those seeking fully vegan brands, options exist, but Dior’s efforts in abandoning animal testing mark a significant step towards a more compassionate industry.

Is Dior Sustainable?

Is Dior Sustainable

Dior has taken significant steps towards sustainability. The brand has made commitments to reduce its environmental impact. They’ve implemented measures like using eco-friendly packaging and sourcing raw materials responsibly.

Dior also supports various environmental and social initiatives. However, like many luxury brands, there’s room for improvement, particularly in areas like supply chain transparency and circularity.

While Dior is making commendable strides towards sustainability, it’s crucial for consumers to stay informed about the brand’s current practices and ongoing efforts to ensure they align with their own sustainability values.

Is Dior Sold in China?

Is Dior Sold in China

Yes, Dior is sold in China. The brand entered the Chinese market and established a presence in various cities. It’s important to note that China has historically mandated animal testing on cosmetic products, which raised concerns for cruelty-free company like Dior.

To comply with Chinese regulations, some brands may allow post-market testing on their products. Dior, like many other luxury brands, faced this dilemma. While they have expressed commitment to alternative testing methods, their products may still undergo testing in China.

Consumers interested in cruelty-free options should seek brands that have successfully navigated China’s evolving regulations or those certified as cruelty-free.

Major Ingredients Used in Dior

The ingredients of any product are the main indicators of knowing about the formulation of any brand or product. The common ingredients Dior brand uses are as follows-

Major ingredients used in dior
  1. Cyclopentasiloxane: This is a cyclic structured silicone that helps to give the skin a silky and smooth feel. Besides this, it also provides a protective barrier to the skin.
  2. Aqua/Water: Water is one of the most important ingredients in any skincare product that works as a solvent. This is one of the most common ingredients that helps to hydrate from the inside.
  3. Alcohol: Here, alcohol refers to ethanol which is a bit controversial ingredient. It is a great solvent for the skin and helps the skin to penetrate easily. The light formula of alcohol is a very significant ingredient for toners or oily skin formulas. The negative side of it is, it can be very drying for some people’s skin.
  4. Trimethylsiloxysilicate: This is a solid silicone resin that helps to make the makeup long-lasting and can increase the water resistance of sunscreens. It also gives a non-tacky feel to the skin.
  5. Phenyl Trimethicone: This is a silicone fluid that gives a non-oily finish to the formulas. It is also used to reduce the tackiness and stickiness of the other ingredients used in a product.
  6. Glycerin: Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that is common, safe, cheap, and very effective. For treating severely dry skin, it works as a very good moisturizer.
  7. Silica: This product uses this ingredient to absorb oil from your skin. It also helps to keep the skin matte. This can be considered a helper ingredient for thickening up any products.
  8. Phenoxyethanol: Phenoxyethanol is a preservative used in sunscreen to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. It helps to make the active ingredients effective for a long time. This is a safe and gentle ingredient to use in any sunscreen.
  9. Tetrasodium EDTA: It is an ingredient that helps the product to be stable and long-lasting. Dior products such as foundation, and primer use this ingredient.
  10. Aluminum Hydroxide: This works as an emollient and skin protectant. Aluminum Hydroxide helps the skin to protect from the harmful effects of UV and nasty reactive oxygen species.
  11. Linalool: It is one of the most common ingredients used in cosmetic products. The problem with Linalool is it can get oxidized and allergenic when exposed to air. So, if a product containing Linalool is open for several months, it will be more allergenic.
  12. Tocopherol: It protects the skin from UVB rays and provides the skin with vitamin C and vitamin E which makes the skin healthy and shiny.

While these may be the most common ingredients in Dior skincare products, these common ones are either chemically formulated or derived from plants (glycerin could be an exception as it can be both derived from animals or plants).

However, through some digging, I have found some products of Dior do contain animal-derived ingredients. For example, they use honey and beeswax in certain Hydra Lifelines of their skincare products. They also use silk powder from silkworms and lactic acid made from the milk of certain animals.

Dior’s Animal Testing Policy

When knowing about the cruelty-free status of any product, animal testing is one of the most significant indicators. Although Dior claims that their finished products are not tested on animals, they pay third parties to test their products. Most brands don’t publicly display their full animal testing policies.

Consumers should seek out third-party certifications that guarantee a company’s commitment to cruelty-free practices and look out for symbols such as PETA’s ‘Cruelty Free’ emblem.

What Is The Dior Animal Testing Policy? Dior Animal Testing Policy, or DATP for short, is an animal testing policy that Dior has adopted in recent years. In line with EU regulations, Dior does not accept or endorse any form of animal testing on its products.

They sell their products in countries that require tests on animals. There is also not any clear declaration of whether their ingredients or finished products are tested on animals which is a red flag.

Brands that follow the elimination of animal testing will never agree to test their products on animals neither they will sell their products in countries that require animal testing.

Moreover, any brand that sells its products in mainland China cannot be considered cruelty-free. The Dior brand is now stating that they are trying to develop different alternatives to animal testing that will not involve any cruelty.

Dior claims their products to be cruelty-free. But, all of their products are not cruelty-free. Most of them are found to be tested on animals.

Dior’s products contain animal-derived ingredients, the brand does not provide a comprehensive list of vegan options. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for vegan consumers to confidently purchase Dior products.

They have also committed to never commissioning any form of animal testing in the future. To ensure this promise is kept, they have invested heavily in developing alternative methods of safety testing that does not involve animals or animal derived ingredients.

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7 Cruelty-Free Alternatives to Dior

Dior is not entirely a cruelty-free brand. So, if you prefer something kinder to the animals, you may go for other alternatives.

1. Urban Decay

Urban Decay brand is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This brand has also a strong commitment to animal welfare and cruelty-free products. This brand uses ingredients that are derived from plants instead of animals.

This is also certified by the famous third party named Leaping Bunny program. So, Urban Decay can be a good alternative to Dior makeup items.

2. Skinfix

Skinfix is a natural skincare brand that uses natural ingredients in its products. They avoid ingredients that can be harmful to the skin. This is a cruelty-free brand that can be used as an alternative to Dior skincare products. This brand is committed to providing safe and effective skincare products.

3. Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty is a cruelty-free cosmetics brand that is mostly famous for its lip products. It is also certified by a famous third-party organization that ensures that the brand doesn’t do animal tests on its products at any stage of development. They use natural and organic ingredients in their products which makes them very effective to use.

4. Cover FX

Cover FX is a cruelty-free brand that provides high-quality products to consumers. This brand uses plant-based ingredients that make it healthy for people.  Cover Fx offers a wide range of makeup products including foundation, concealer, etc. They have also different shades available for different skin tones. Animal lovers people can go for this exclusive brand.

5. Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe is a certified cruelty-free brand who don’t test its ingredients or finished products on animals. They also don’t sell their products in countries that require animal testing. It can be an alternative to the Dior skincare brand.

Healthy ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are used in the products of this brand. So, this can be a good alternative to Dior skincare products.

6. Versed

Versed is a famous brand that provides highly effective products at affordable prices. It offers products such as cleansers, moisturizers, sunblock, and others that work well on almost all skin types. This brand uses natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc.

7. Rose Inc

Rose Inc. is a famous brand that offers a wide range of vegan products. Rose Inc. is certified by a famous third-party organization named Leaping Bunny Programme. This brand is committed to developing products that are not derived from animals or have been tested on them.

Why Makeup Products are Tested On Animals?

Makeup products are tested on animals primarily for regulatory compliance and safety assessment. Governments in some regions mandate animal testing to ensure cosmetics’ safety for human use. This practice dates back to a time when alternative testing methods were limited.

Advancements in science have produced numerous cruelty-free alternatives, rendering animal testing unnecessary. Many countries now accept non-animal testing methods.

Despite this progress, some regions, like China, still require animal testing, prompting brands to navigate complex ethical considerations in order to access these markets. As a result, the beauty industry continues to advocate for the global acceptance of cruelty-free testing alternatives.


1. What is Dior’s stance on animal testing?

Dior believes that animal testing should be done when it is important to ensure the safety of products. They also stated that they are trying to develop newer alternatives that won’t involve animal testing.

2. Is Dior a good brand of skincare?

Dior products are developed by maintaining high technology. Besides makeup items, the skin care products like moisturizers, serums, and scrubs got the attention of people. This is also a recommended brand by dermatologists.

3. Is Dior Airflash Spray foundation good for mature skin?

This foundation has a lightweight formula that is perfect for mature skin. The formulations used in this product provide good coverage.

      Final Thoughts

      Dior is a famous makeup brand that originated in France. Besides makeup or skincare products, Dior also offers clothing, footwear, and other products. Dior is not certified cruelty-free; they use ingredients that are derived from animals. Though Dior claimed that their products are not tested on animals, most of them are found to be tested by third parties.

      They also sell their products in countries that require animal tests. So, people who are looking for cruelty-free products can go for alternatives like Urban Decay, Bite Beauty, Cover FX, Glow Recipe, Rose Inc, etc.

      Key Points

      • Dior is a luxurious brand that offers both skincare and makeup products including foundation, primers, moisturizers, serum, and so on.
      • It is not a certified cruelty-free brand like PETA or Leaping Bunny Programme.
      • Some of the ingredients used in the products are derived from animals.
      • They permitted animal testing on their products and sell them in countries that require animal testing.
      • People who are animal lovers or don’t like products that are not cruelty-free can go for a cruelty-free brand like Cover FX, Glow Recipe, Bite Beauty, Urban Decay, etc.

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