Is Kosas Concealer Water Based?

Is Kosas Concealer Water Based
Kosas is a medium-to-full coverage concealer that helps conceal impurities on the skin. Let’s see if their concealers are water-based!

Skin is an important organ of our body that people are trying to beautify in many ways. Makeup products such as foundation, primer, and setting spray became very significant for people who love to do makeup. Concealer is also an important product among makeup items. It helps to remove the imperfections like blemishes, spots, and acne from the skin. So, concealer helps to hide the imperfections and impurities from the skin. Kosas is a famous brand of concealer that brightens the skin and helps reveal better skin.

So, is Kosas concealer water-based? Kosas concealer contains water as its main ingredient. It contains water, glycerin, and other hydrating ingredients and avoided silicon-type ingredients. Moreover, it has a very lightweight formula and a thin consistency. The water-based formula provides hydration to the skin. The ingredients list, product description, and texture show that Kosas concealer contains the characteristics of a water-based makeup item. So, Kosas can be considered a water-based concealer.

What Is a Water-Based Concealer?

What is a water based concealer

Concealer works as a color corrector that helps to hide the imperfections of our skin. The imperfections include dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and blemishes, etc. Concealers can be applied before or after the foundation. Applying concealer before foundation may help you to create a more even tone while applying concealer after foundation will help to touch up the areas that still need coverage.

Different types of concealer come in three bases- silicon, water, and oil. A water-based concealer is a type of concealer that has water as its main ingredient. While oil-based concealer contains oils and emollients, water-based concealers use water to create a lightweight and natural finish. These are made with a combination of water, glycerin, and other hydrating ingredients that help to keep the skin moisturized throughout the day. This is a great choice for people with dry or sensitive skin. This type of concealer is also easy to apply and blend. Water-based concealer is more suitable for dry skin rather than oily or others.

3 Ways to Know If It’s a Water-Based Concealer

There are some ways to know about the base of a foundation. They are as follows-

Ways to know if its a water based concealer

1. Check the Product Description

For knowing if your concealer is silicone, water, or oil-based, you must see the product description of that particular concealer. This is one of the ways to know about the base of your concealer. Moreover, you may see concealers labeled as ‘silicone-free’. This means your concealer is water-based but may contain some oils and have some effects of silicone without using them. So, you must make sure that a concealer is labeled silicon-free or oil-free to know if it is a water-based concealer.

2. Check the Ingredient List

The first five or ten ingredients are indicators of a concealer’s base. If you see many of the ingredients contain silicone such as dimethicone and cyclomethicone, the concealer is silicone-based. Water is the common ingredient of most concealers. But, this does not mean that the concealer is water-based. Water will always be there as a main ingredient. But to ensure a concealer’s type, you must see the other main ingredients too.

3. Check the Texture & Consistency

Checking the texture and consistency of a concealer is also important to know about the concealer’s base. Water-based concealers are mostly thinner and more liquid. It gives a lightweight feel and a natural finish to the skin. So, the texture and consistency can also give you an idea about the base of a concealer.

Ingredients Kosas Concealer Explained

The ingredients list of a concealer can give us an idea about the base of concealers. The ingredients used in Kosas concealer are as follows-

Ingredients in kosas concealer explained
  1. Water:  Water is the most common ingredient of all skincare items. Water is very important to build up this concealer. Water can be considered a solvent for other ingredients. The water used in this concealer is purified and deionized so that it can be stable.
  2. Mica: It is a common mineral powder that has different benefits. Mica contains life-reflecting properties that work as an anti-caking agent and increase skin adhesion. It also works as a pearl-effect pigment for some products.
  3. Glycerin: This is one of the most common and effective ingredients which works as a natural moisturizer. Most significantly, glycerin helps to treat severely dry skin.
  4. Polyhydroxystearic Acid: It is a dispersing agent that is used in sunscreens or makeup products that even the skin tone. It increases the UV absorption capacity of the sunscreens.
  5. Squalane: Squalane is a nice and stable oily liquid that has a very excellent emollient and moisturizing properties. It is a good moisturizer that makes your skin smooth and soft. The most significant thing about squalane is, it is most suited to all skin types including acne-prone or sensitive skin.
  6. Caffeine: Caffeine is a familiar stimulant that is derived from coffee, tea, and other soft drinks. This ingredient helps to increase the penetration capacity of the products. It brightens the skin and makes the skin glowing.  It can work well in preventing UV-induced skin cancers. This is a very active ingredient that helps in many ways.
  7. Sodium Hyaluronate: Sodium Hyaluronate and Hyaluronic acid are almost similar and they work similarly. It works as a sponge that holds on water in the skin. Though both are the same, you may find Sodium hyaluronate penetrates the skin better.
  8. Helianthus Annus Seed Oil: Sunflower is one of the most common ingredients to use in skincare products. It has been used in different beauty and skincare products for thousands of years. This oil contains higher emollient properties that keep our skin hydrated.  This seed oil helps to treat the damaged skin barrier too.
  9. Sodium Benzoate: This is a common ingredient to be used in skincare products that work as a preservative. This can also be called a helper ingredient that makes the products stay longer and more stable.
  10. Potassium Sorbate: Potassium Sorbate is an ingredient that works against mold and east It is also a kind of preservative that increases the durability of the products.
  11. Iron Oxides: Iron Oxides are a mixture of Iron II and Iron III oxide. This is a pigment that helps to control the darkness of the foundation.

Characteristics of Kosas Concealer

Kosas concealer provides medium coverage that looks very natural, lightweight, and blendable. The characteristics of Kosa’s concealer are as follows-

Characteristics of kosas concealer

1. Packaging

The packaging of Kosas concealer is modern, unique, and eye-catching. This packaging is very user-friendly and exclusive at the same time.

2. Texture

Kosas concealer has a very soft and creamy texture. Kosas concealer contains a high amount of glycerin in it. It is liquid with a lightweight formula.

3. Finish

Kosas is a medium-coverage foundation that gives a natural and soft skin finish to the skin. It doesn’t get cakey or heavy after a few times applying.

4. Application

You can use any tools including a sponge, brush, and fingertips when applying this concealer. You can also apply this concealer with your eyes closed. It works well for covering imperfections including discoloration or dark circles.

5. Shades

Kosas concealer has 28 shades available for warm, cool, olive, or natural undertones. So, it is easier for the consumers to choose their desired shade that matched their skin tone.

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Pros & Cons of Kosas Concealer

There are some pros and cons of Kosas concealer. The pros and cons of this concealer are given below:


  • Kosas concealer contains ingredients like caffeine, arnica, and panthenol that help to brighten the skin and reduce dark circles or puffy eyes.
  • This is a buildable concealer. So, you can customize this according to your needs.
  • Kosas offers a variety of shades. As a result, people with all skin tones can choose the shades that are required for their complexion.
  • Kosas concealer is certified by Leaping Bunny and therefore it is cruelty-free. So, it can be a good choice for animal lover people.
  • Kosas concealer is long-lasting. It can stay all day long on our faces. This also makes Kosas concealer a good choice for people.
  • This foundation has a very lightweight formula. As a result, you will feel very comfortable wearing this.
  • It contains SPF which makes it more perfect because it protects from sun damage and UV rays.


  • The price of Kosas concealer is a bit high. So, it may not be affordable for all who use makeup products.
  • The ingredients used in this product may not be suitable for oily skin. The formulation of this product can cause problems for some people.
  • Though there are different shades available, people with darker or lighter skin can still face problems matching concealer shades with their skin tone.
  • People with excessively sensitive skin may face problems like getting cakey or heavy for their skin.


1. Is Kosas concealer for oily skin?

Kosas concealer has different types and it is designed for most skin types. But it may not work that well on people with oily skin.

2. Is Kosas plant-based?

Kosas is cruelty-free but some non-vegan ingredients are also used in Kosas brand. So, Kosas is not completely plant-based rather some ingredients are derived from animals.

3. Is water-based concealer good for dry skin?

Water-based concealers can be a great option for people with dry skin. The formulation of water-based concealer is very nourishing that helps to hydrate dry skin.

4. Is Kosas concealer good for acne?

Kosas concealer is clinically and dermatologically tested to be non-comedogenic, non-irritating, and hypoallergenic. So, it can help to soothe acne-prone skin.

5. What color corrector is best for oily skin?

For covering dark circles, the orange shade of concealers may work well while the green color will cover all the blemishes. This may help people with oily skin to cover the blemishes, acne, or spots.

Final Thoughts

Kosas is a water-based foundation that provides a natural and soft finish to the skin. The ingredients list shows that it contains water, glycerin, and another hydrating formula as its primary ingredients. The texture and consistency of this concealer also give an idea about its water-based formula. It is very lightweight and hydrates the skin. That’s why, it is more suitable for people with dry skin. Kosas concealer also contains SPF that protects the skin from UV rays. So, if you prefer water-based concealer for your skin, Kosas can be a great choice.

Key Points

  • Kosas concealer uses water as the main 9ngredient and they avoid silicon-like ingredients in their products.
  • There are 3 ways to know about the base of Kosas concealer including checking the product description, checking the ingredients list, and checking the texture and consistency.
  • The ingredients list shows that Kosas contains water, and a high amount of glycerin as its primary base.
  • People with oily skin and who are looking for a water-based concealer can surely go for this.

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