Is Mac Lipstick Gluten Free?

Lipsticks are one of the staples of any makeup and MAC is one of the most popular lipstick brands! But is MAC lipstick gluten-free? Let’s find out all about it!

Opting for the gluten-free option of makeup and skincare line is not an option for everyone. If you have recently been diagnosed with celiac or gluten sensitivity, then you might be feeling your world has come upside down. Gluten-free does not just limits what you eat rather it becomes a lifestyle for you. Every single ingredient that goes into your mouth to every single product that touches your skin needs to be analyzed thoroughly so you would not get a breakout.

For someone with gluten sensitivity having gluten-free lipstick is crucial, because this product has the potential to go into your mouth which can cause severe effects. When MAC is your favorite brand of lipstick there’s no space to doubt for their worth. all you have to do is to understand what do they made of and analyze the ingredients list to know “Is MAC lipstick gluten-free?”  this becomes very tough to handle. To make things easy for you we will analyze and understand MACs’ ingredients and find out about their gluten sensitivity.

Why MAC Lipsticks Are Famous?

MAC is a Canadian Company that has been established in 1994 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. MAC has earned popularity like no other brand worldwide having more than hundreds of stores and earning 200 million yearly. MAC is a staple for every girl with a passion for makeup. When it comes to lipstick MAC is unbeatable. You cannot name any other brand with this variety of shades that are timeless, long lasting, and a variety of lipstick for every need. MAC lipsticks are royalty for makeup gigs.

Here are 5 in-depth reasons behind MAC lipsticks being so famous:

Why MAC Lipsticks are Famous
  1. MAC Lipsticks has a wide range of shades, that take into consideration diversity and different skin tones. The lipstick shades are so versatile that everyone can have their own favorite shade. Whether you are someone looking for bold colors or nude colors for everyday use, MAC covers every need of their customer. With more than 150 shades of traditional bullet lipstick, around 40 liquid shades, and cherry on the top glosses no one can beat MAC.
  2. MAC Lipsticks not just cover the shade range but also their formulas take away everyone’s heart. They are especially known for their formula. The formula of MAC lipsticks is made for providing rich, pigmented colors and a smooth finish. With their creamy texture, MAC lipsticks become very easy to apply. This provides a long-lasting lipstick experience.
  3. MAC traditional lipsticks stand in between a matt and glossy finish; this makes MAC lipsticks even more popular. These lipsticks can be mixed with other shades to come up with a totally new shade. Since MAC lipstick does not give a total matt finish to make the lips caky or glossy finish where your hair will stick this becomes very appropriate for every occasion.
  4. MAC lipsticks have become even more popular over time due to their promotion and endorsement with celebrities. MAC lipsticks have been trusted by makeup professionals and celebrities all the time this makes MAC lipstick even more popular.
  5. MAC has captured its reputation and heritage for a long time without any controversy. The brand’s commitment to bringing all skin and races together and supporting individualism has gained more popularity.

Is MAC Lipstick Gluten Free?

Finding a gluten-free option for lipstick and other cosmetic line is not easy. MAC is a very popular brand having a wide range of products for various different skin and races. But unfortunately, MAC does not claim to be Gluten free and do not have any say in its precautions for glutinous ingredient. Some of their lipsticks have been analyzed to be gluten-free but the company does not claim to be so. They do not have any lipstick that has been labeled as gluten-free or certified as one.

Here are 4 Reasons Why MAC Lipsticks are not Gluten-Free:

Is MAC Lipstick Gluten Free

1. Ingredients contamination

Some of the lipsticks of MAC have been proven to not contain any ingredients that can have gluten in them but still, they cannot be labeled as gluten-free because ingredient contamination can happen. As MAC does not identify itself as a cosmetic line having gluten-free lipsticks then they do not take any precaution to differentiate the lipsticks that do not have any glutinous ingredients from the ones that have some glutinous ingredients. This is why even if some lipsticks do not contain any gluten products that are not safe to use.

2. Wheat-derived ingredients

MAC lipsticks have wheat, barley soya-derived ingredients that are glutinous. Generally, lipsticks use wheat-derived products to work with the binding and stabilizing. Direct gluten might not be found in MAC lipstick but the indirect or derived products have as much detrimental effect as the direct glutens.

3. Absence of gluten-free certification

MAC does not possess any certification for being gluten-free. FDA does not recognize MAC as a gluten-free makeup line. Without the certification of the skincare line being gluten-free it is not possible to say any of their products to be a gluten-free option. Because of any legal documents of being Gluten free, we can say MAC lipstick is not Gluten free.

4. Lack of ingredient transparency

MAC lipsticks have their ingredients listed below their description on their website but the detailed sources of those products are never given. This makes people very confused about the ingredients being derived from somewhere that can have gluten or not. Brands with gluten-free products give a total disclosure of their ingredients list.

These are some reasons why MAC lipsticks cannot be gluten-free. MAC does not have a clear say on them being gluten-free or not, especially their lipstick so you have to dive deep into their ingredients. Since we have talked about how their ingredients are not transparent and have no clear idea where those ingredients are sourced from, let’s see the ingredients of MAC lipsticks.

Ingredients Commonly used in MAC Lipsticks

Let’s have a look at the ingredients list of MAC lipstick to better understand its composition. The common ingredients of MAC lipsticks are

Ingredients commonly used in MAC lipsticks
  1. Vitamin E: The key ingredient of MAC lipstick is vitamin E and this helps to keep the lips moisturized and soften over time. This ingredient also supports improving the skin barrier.
  2. Octyldodecanol: this ingredient is a clear odorless fatty alcohol that is produced from natural fats and oils by reducing fatty acids. In MAC lipsticks, this ingredient is used to add stability and to keep them blended.
  3. Ricinus Communis (castor) seed oil: This is a vegetable oil derived from the castor bean. This is a beneficial fatty acid that helps to keep the moisture locked. In MAC lipsticks, castor oil is used for Hydration.
  4. Silica: this is a chemical that is graded commonly as safe to use and helps in absorbing moisture and to absorb oils. In MAC lipsticks, silica is used for the even distribution of pigment and to ensure a smoother application.
  5. Tricaprylyl Citrate: this ingredient is very common in citrus fruit and is used in cosmetics to balance their PH. In MAC lipsticks, this ingredient might have been used as a buffering agent.
  6. Ozokerite: It is an ingredient found in MAC lipsticks that provide strength and structure to the lipstick. Ozokerite is derived from minerals that are occurring on the surface generally, but they can be made from coal and petroleum too.
  7. Isononyl Isononanoate: This ingredient I used as a skin-softening agent in MAC lipsticks. This ingredient is derived from coca oil and lavender oil naturally and also can be derived from esters of nonanoic acid, a9-carbon fatty acid.
  8. Paraffin: It is a refined form of petroleum that is derived from nature. This ingredient is used in MAC lipstick to prevent the loss of moisture by creating a shield over the skin.  This can absorb UV rays.
  9. Phenyl Trimethicone: This ingredient is also a form of silica that helps seal hydration and works as a conditioning agent in cosmetic products.
  10. Polyethylene Terephthalate: This ingredient is naturally derived from crude oil or natural gas. But for lipstick, it generally comes from the polymerization of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid.
  11. Stearyl Stearoyl Stearate: This is a form of fatty acid derived from plant oils. In MAC lipsticks this ingredient work as a lubricant to give a soft finishing smooth appearance.

Glutinous Ingredients in MAC Lipsticks

After we have analyzed the ingredient list of MAC Lipstick we can see there is not much use of gluten ingredients but the two product that is used as the main ingredient has directly been confirmed to be glutinous. Those are

  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is a product that is glutinous and most often derived from wheat grim oil. Arguments can arise regarding vitamin E having the potentiality of not being gluten-free. Since MAC lipsticks are not recognized as gluten-free so it is highly susceptible to being extracted from wheat grim oil.
  • Phenyl Trimethicone:  This is another key ingredient of MAC lipstick. This ingredient directly may not contain gluten but it has the potential to be derived from plastic which is why this ingredient in MAC lipstick is glutinous remains.

Since MAC does not identify itself as a gluten-free brand or its lipstick to be lipstick free, it would be best to remain far away from that. Also, some lipstick shades have been confirmed to have wheat, barley, and soy-derived ingredients. So the lipsticks that have wheat, barley soy-derived products are being produced alongside the lipsticks that directly do not have any wheat-derived product. Ultimately the glute residue remains in all the products if not found directly.

12 Gluten-free Alternatives to MAC Lipsticks

Since MAC a really versatile lipstick brand is not gluten-free you might be very worried and disappointed about it, but to make your worry a little less we have come up with 10 brands that have gluten-free lipstick and are very easily available for your use.



E.L.F is an American cosmetic brand that has been founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent in 2004. This is a brand based in Oakland and California. E.L.F Cosmetic is a brand that is considered to be clean beauty. E.L.F is cruelty-free and gluten-free. This brand has a wide variety of lipstick shades and is sold worldwide. From any part of the world, you can access this gluten-free option.

Fenty Beauty

Rihanna founded Fenty Beauty in 2017. Within this short period of time, Fenty Beauty has gained popularity like no other one. This brand is widely known for its cruelty-free and well-formulated makeup items. Their lipsticks are 100% gluten-free according to their website. No other products of this line contain glutinous ingredients.


This is fairly a new but emerging brand in the vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free makeup industry. This brand was founded by Taylor Frankle and Jenny Frankle in 2013. They provide a wide range and shade of lipstick that you can choose from. There is no possibility of ingredient contamination because them being a fully gluten-free makeup brand.

Benefit cosmetics

Benefit is a widely known and popular brand among people worldwide. They have quite a range of shades and formulas of lipstick. Although Benefit Cosmetics used to use glutinous ingredients in their products on their website they claim to not use any gluten in their products.

Tarte cosmetics

Maureen Kelly founded Tarte Cosmetics in New York in 1999. This is an American cosmetic brand. All the products of Tarte cosmetics are formulated without any gluten ingredients. Also, this cosmetic brand formulates its lipsticks without paraben, sodium, or sulfate.

Red Apple Lipstick

Red Apple lipstick is a brand dedicated to those women suffering from gluten sensitivity. Their main goal and purpose are to make a makeup line that is safe from any kind of gluten sensitivity so that women who have gluten sensitivity can easily access makeup. Red Apple lipstick brand was founded by Jay Harper and Andrea Harper.

Bite beauty


This brand is certified as a gluten-free makeup brand are very well known among users for its good quality lip products. Bite Beauty sells lip products only and sells through Sephora.

Bare Minerals

On the website of Bare Minerals, they state their lipsticks as cruelty-free, vegan, Clean, and gluten-free. This brand is widely very popular and you can find their lipstick in any corner of the world. But caution must be taken since they are not completely gluten-free as a brand.

Afterglow Cosmetics

This brand is 100% safe to use for gluten-sensitive girlies. This makeup line is used in a gluten-free facility and is certified by a gluten-free Certificate organization (GFCO). Their lipstick contains vitamin E and they are sourced from Organic cottonseed oil and olive oil.

Ecco Bella

This is an all-natural gluten-free makeup brand. This brand’s lipstick does not come in a lot of shades but they have quite a few good options that you choose from.

Gabriel Cosmetics

This cosmetic brand has quite a lot of lipstick shades and that brand is completely gluten-free. They also claim to be vegan and paraben free, so if you are someone with gluten sensitivity this brand you can use this without any doubts.


This brand is a high-end luxury product. This brand claims to be 100% gluten-free and allergen-free. Shiseido offers a wide range and variety of lipstick shades. Shiseido might be a little tough to find worldwide due to its price range but it really is a good option with quite a range of lipstick shades.

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1. Are MAC lipsticks vegan?

No MAC Cosmetics is not a vegan brand.

2. Can celiac wear lipstick?

Yes, they can but have to be cautious about glutinous incidents.

3. Which MAC lipstick is gluten-free?

Well, there are a few options that do not have gluten but since MAC does not take any cautions regarding being gluten-free there is always a chance of contamination.

Final Thoughts

MAC is a popular brand and lipsticks are a cult favorite. MAC has gained popularity through its user-friendly and inclusive lipstick shades. But when it comes to including gluten-sensitive groups MAC Cosmetic could not really make it. Everyone’s favorite MAC lipsticks are not really Gluten-free and their provided ingredient list is quite shady which makes the job even harder. The ingredient list used in MAC lipsticks might be very luring making us think this lipstick is gluten-free but the case is quite really not that. Their sources are not clear which makes it really obvious to be glutinous. Although there are a lot of options in the market that can be a blessing for the gluten-sensitive person. We have mentioned quite a few that are easily accessible and can be used without you worrying much.

Key Points

  • MAC is a Canadian cosmetic brand that has become famous with its wide range of matte and glossy lipstick lines.
  • MAC is not gluten-free. They do not claim to be gluten-free and their lipsticks might have gluten due to contamination.
  • The glutinous ingredients found in MAC lipsticks can be traced to two key ingredients: vitamin E and Phenyl Trimethicone.
  • If you are sensitive to gluten, there are 12 other great lipstick brands out there that have gluten-free label for you to check out!

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