L’Oréal Hicolor Red Vs Magenta

L’oréal hicolor red Vs Magenta

Hair is an important part of our body that is associated with feminine beauty and male virility. This is also viewed as a symbol of holiness and strength. Nowadays, hairs are styled in many ways. Hair dying has become a common practice among people. This allows people to experience different hair colors and create versatile looks. There are so many hair colors available and people choose their desired colors among them. L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta are two permanent hair colors that provide a vibrant, unique, and bold look to your hair.

So, what are the differences or similarities between L’Oréal Hicolor Red vs Magenta? Both of the colors contain a rich and creamy formula with a long-lasting finish. You must need a developer to get your desired color either with Hicolor Red or Magenta. In this article, you may get to know about some of the dissimilarities or differences between these two. Hicolor Red is perfect for pale skin while Hicolor Magenta works well on darker skin, L’Oréal’s Hicolor Red fades to orange while Magenta fades to reddish. Follow a good haircare routine to avoid color fading and get a long-lasting color.

About L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta

About L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta
About L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta

L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta are two popular hair color products that provide dark hair a bold shade or magenta shade without bleaching. L’Oréal Hicolor red is specially designed for dark hair. It lightens the color with a rich color and fiery red color. L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta is a vibrant color that provides a bold and unique color to your hair.

Both L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta are permanent hair color that comes in a wide range of shades. These are designed to use with a developer to get the desired color for your hair. L’Oréal Hicolor Red has a rich, creamy formula with a long-lasting finish. L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta, on the other hand, is a permanent hair color that highlights the hair with different colors.

L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta Characteristics

L’Oréal Hicolor Red

L’Oréal Hicolor Red is the first highlighting series that is designed for dark hair. L’Oréal Hicolor Red is found in Magenta, Red, Copper Red, Copper, and so on.

  • L’Oréal Hicolor Red is very visible and it can provide red highlights on the hair without any brassiness.
  • L’Oréal Hicolor Red does not require pre-lightening. It can lift the hair 3-4 levels from the actual color.
  • It requires only 30 minutes to process and implement the color on your hair.
  • L’Oréal Hicolor Red can be found in three Hi-lift Red shades.
  • L’Oréal Hicolor Red is a strong color that resists color fading.
L’Oréal Hicolor Red
L’Oréal Hicolor Red

L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta

L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta is designed to lift dark hair in one single step without brassiness.

It contains a highly-visible and intensive color that works without brassiness.

  • L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta is only designed for dark hair.
  • This hair color is formulated in a way that it resists fading.
  • It can lift the color 3-4 levels without pre-lightening.
  • It has a very quick processing time which is only 30 minutes.
L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta
L’Oréal Hicolor Magenta

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L’Oréal Hicolor Red Vs Magenta: 4 Suitability Differences

L’oréal hicolor red vs magenta: 4 suitability differences
L’oréal hicolor red vs magenta: 4 suitability differences

The differences between L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta are as follows:

1. Hicolor Red is for Pale Skin While Magenta is for Dark Skin

Hicolor Red is suitable for pale and cool skin. It contains a formulation that softens facial features and conceals the imperfections of the skin. If your jawlines or cheekbones are prominent, avoid the Hicolor Red as it won’t match with you.

Hicolor Magenta, On the other hand, is ideal for dark skin. This hair color highlights the look and conceals the imperfections. Hicolor red will help you get a sophisticated and striking color while the Hicolor Magenta will provide a romantic and elegant look to your overall appearance.

2. Hicolor Red Fades to Orange, Magenta to Reddish

Hicolor Red lasts about six weeks depending on your hair care routine. When Hicolor Red starts to fade, it becomes orange. When Hicolor red is applied with a 30-volume developer, it lightens the base color with an orange shade. When the red color fades away, the orange color will emerge.

On the Other hand, when the Hicolor Magenta starts to fade, your hair will be reddish. This happens because magenta contains red, blue, and green pigments. Here, the blue pigment neutralizes the orange color. Your hair will be reddish when the magenta will start fading. You can mix Hicolor Magenta and Hicolor Purple to get a very unique color.

3. Hicolor Red Suits with Neutral Tones, Hicolor Magenta with Bolder Makeup

There should be a balance between the hair color and the color you use on your lips and eyes. The balance will help to hide the imperfections from your face. For example- when you are dying your hair with Hicolor Red, using Crimson Red lipstick will make a good combination. This will also help to highlight the hair color with your makeup. It is recommended to wear a beige color shadow and avoid dark brown color when you are dying with Hicolor Red.

When you are dying your hair with Hicolor Magenta, Choose silver or gold shades for your makeup palette. Choose black or purple to highlight your eyes with eyeliner. Try to create a bold look so that it suits best with Hicolor Magenta.

4. Hicolor Red with Emerald Green and Blue Garments, Hicolor Magenta with White and Tribal Prints

You can balance your hair color by making a good combination with your clothes. If you have chosen Hicolor Red, it is better to go for the dark green or metallic blue dress. This will highlight the color of your hair with your face. Don’t include lime green or orange in your clothes when you’ve colored with Hicolor Red.

On the other hand, if you have chosen Hicolor Magenta, you can go for prints in purple, orange, and even reddish colors. You can also choose pink or tribal clothes to give depth to your magenta hair. Avoid wearing dark black or dark brown clothes as they will fade away the light of your hair and face. You can rather choose white dresses with Hicolor Magenta hair. This will bring light and softness to your look.

Precautions to Follow When Using Hicolor Red & Hicolor Magenta

You need to follow some safety measures and need to be very careful with your haircare routine when you are using Hicolor Red or Hicolor Magenta.

  • Avoid washing your hair every day as it will deprive the moisture of your hair. Wash your hair every 72 hours so that it doesn’t fade faster.
  • If you have already colored your hair with Hicolor Red or Hicolor Magenta, use shampoos, conditioners, or masks that are sulfate-free. Because sulfates can remove the colors so easily.
  • Don’t expose your hair directly to the sun or use heating tools. If you must go under the sun with these hair dyes, use some protection.
  • Limit using your moisturizing masks. Use the masks no more than twice a week.


1. How long does L’Oréal HiColor Red last?

Don’t apply too much product. Otherwise, it can be stained and less vibrant. Use the recommended amount of product and apply it. Generally, the L’Oréal Hicolor red lasts for four to six weeks.

2. How long do I leave HiColor magenta on?

Hicolor Magenta will provide you with an extra vibrant look. Apply this color to your unwashed and dry hair and leave it for thirty minutes. Finally, rinse it off with a shampoo to complete the process.

3. Is L’Oréal HiColor permanent?

L’Oréal Hicolor is a permanent hair color that is formulated for dark hair. This is a permanent hair color that works perfectly with a developer.

4. How many levels does L’Oréal HiColor lift?

L’Oréal Hicolor lifts the color 3-4 levels. It contains strong lifting that neutralizes unwanted orange tones and deposits the color. It contains a rich and smooth creme formula that penetrates the hair for intense and long-lasting color.

5. Should I wash my hair before I dye it?

You can wash your hair before you dye it. But, it is always recommended to wait for at least 24 hours after washing and before coloring your hair.

Final Thoughts

Two of the most popular hair colors of L’Oréal are Hicolor Red and Hicolor Magenta. Both are permanent hair colors that require a developer to get your desired color. For pale skin. Hicolor Red is perfect while the Hicolor Magenta looks good on darker skin tones. When the color starts fading, Hicolor Red becomes orange while the Magenta becomes reddish. Whether you have chosen Hicolor Red or Hicolor Magenta, follow the precautions and safety measures to make your hair color last longer and avoid faster fading.

Key Points

  • L’Oréal Hicolor Red and Magenta are two of the most unique and beautiful hair color that provides you with a rich and long-lasting finish.
  • Both are highly visible colors that highlight the hair without any brassiness.
  • Hicolor red suits best with a neutral tone. For example- a crimson red lipstick or beige shadow can highlight the color.
  • Hicolor Magenta will look good with a silver or gold makeup palette. Bolder makeup will look good with Hicolor Magenta hair.
  • Avoid washing your hair very frequently and follow the precautions to get a long-lasting color.

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