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Discover the secret & popular makeup tips for oily skin ,dry skin ,acne-prone skin & sensitive skin. Apply these easy makeup techniques .

Usually, to enhance our skin’s beauty, we use makeup, but a certain type of makeup is not perfect for different types of skin. Rather different types of skin require different types of makeup. And if you don’t know what type of makeup will be perfect for you, then you will not be able to ensure the look you want. And it’s applicable to all of us who use different makeup products on a regular basis.

Another thing is that it is important because our skin doesn’t remain in the same condition all the time, and that’s why we should know what type of makeup will be good for which type of skin. Today, I am going to share some makeup tips and tricks, and if you can understand these things deeply, then you will be able to choose the makeup for different types of skin and apply different makeup products perfectly.

Why understanding different makeup tips important for all of us?

It is true that some common makeup tips and tricks are applicable to all types of skin, but that’s not enough. Suppose you know you should clean your face before applying any makeup product. But if your skin is oily, then you have to do some more things, like you should exfoliate your skin as often as you can if it is unusually oily. It is a matter that you should consider if your skin has an oil impact, and it is not important at all if your skin is normal, not oily.

Around the world, we see different types of skin, such as skin of different colors, oily skin, dry skin, mixed-type skin or something like that. But a makeup product is manufactured keeping in mind a certain outcome. And products like eyeshadow, eyeliner or things like that meet the criteria for which they are manufactured. But besides meeting the criteria, you should take care of your skin depending on your skin type, and that’s why different tips and tricks for different types of skin are important.

Some makeup tips for different types of skin

No matter whatever your skin type or skin color is, you will be able to do makeup perfectly if you can obey some tips. Now I am going to share those tips which are applicable mainly to different types of skin without any complexity or having a little complexity.

1. Makeup tips for dark skin

Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

There are many people around the world who are very much worried about their dark skin but actually, there is nothing to be worried about. If you have dark skin, then select jewel tones makeup products, as this color can flourish the beauty of dark skin. Jewel tones indicate green, purple or similar other colors. In the case of the eye, the bronze shimmering color will be a great option for people with dark skin. And for people with dark skin, copper brown lipstick is a great option, and white nails with silver cutouts seem really awesome with black skin. So before anything else, choose the right color for your black skin. Certainly, you will get your dreamy look.

No matter how dark your skin is- you may take resort to vibrant blush that will ensure a healthy glow. Mouth design is important to consider in the case of black skin girls, so you may outline your mouth area with any dark pencil. This will be great for presenting your mouth area amazingly. And you may think of structuring your eye area by flushing both your eyebrows.

2. Makeup tips for white skin

Makeup Tips For White Skin

White skin is desirable to a good many people, but you should apply makeup matching with your skin tone in all cases, even if you have white skin. Before anything else, choose the right color- neutral bright or brown-based pink makeup colors are good choices for people with white skin. In the case of lipstick, rich red, orange, peach, red with a purple undertone, etc., are some good choices for people with white skin. When it comes to nail polish for white skin girls, nude brown, light coral, metallics, bright pink, etc., are good picks for white skin girls. And rose gold, taupe, champagne hues, etc., goes better with white skin.

All the ordinary makeup tips and tricks are applicable here, and you should just do makeup on every area matching with your other areas. To ensure a natural-looking flash, you should not skip flush, even if you have a habit of using bronzer or contour.

3. Makeup tips for olive or moderate brown skin

Makeup Tips For Olive Or Moderate Brown Skin

For olive or moderate brown skin, bronze and golden shades might be some good choices. Even in the case of makeup foundation, you may use olive neutral golden olive or similar color makeup foundation products. However, even these colors are good for eyeshadow because golden shade or any color near to it is really great for people with olive skin.

Choosing a good blush is important here, so you should choose one from a coral or peach color. The reason is that coral will flourish your skin’s beauty though it is against your skin. On the other hand, peaches will ensure a complementary subtle flush. If you have olive skin and you don’t have any skin complexity or your skin condition doesn’t require any special care, then all the other ordinary makeup tips are applicable to you.

4. Makeup tips for older skin (with wrinkles)

Makeup Tips For Older Skin (With Wrinkle)

It really doesn’t matter how old you are or what type of wrinkles are on your skin. Just choose the right color makeup products depending on your skin color at first. There are some good moisturizers made for aging skin, and you may start your makeup with that. In no case, you should skip using a primer and try to choose the best primer for your mature skin. Makeup application in thin layers is greatly helpful for mature skin because it can create a perfect base and conceal imperfections no matter what type of imperfections are there.

So try to apply foundation before anything else, and then apply concealer sparingly. That will add desirably more coverage. It is well known that liquid foundation is good for older skin. The reason is that there are common wrinkles in older skin, and using any powder foundation there will make your wrinkles and fine lines more conspicuous instead of hiding. But if you face premature aging signs on your skin, then try to fix the issue using some natural things regularly. Certainly, using natural things regularly can get you rid of skin wrinkles and other aging signs on your skin.

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Makeup tips for different types of skin with complexity

Only our skin doesn’t remain in the same condition all the time as complexities on the skin are so common. Depending on these types of complexities, commonly we consider makeup tips and tricks. Now I am going to share some game-changing makeup tips that are applicable to different types of skin with complexity.

1. Makeup tips for oily skin

For oily skin, you have to give importance on staying of the makeup products on your skin. The reason is that in the case of oily skin, excess oil is the real problem and for this reason, using a primer is important here. It will act as a foundation and will keep your makeup stayed for a long time. But keep in mind one thing: you have to use primers that are free from oil. Mattifying primer acts surprisingly in this regard, and it will prevent excellently slipping of makeup products from your skin.

If you don’t want to use such a primer, then you may use translucent setting powder that will be helpful for absorbing excess oil. If the Powder absorbs the excess oil and keeps the foundation right on your face, then your oily skin will not be a problem at all. Some makeup artists recommend pouring some powder into the lid of the makeup container. You may do so. It’s also a great way.

Some people think that using foundation and concealer in a thick layer will be good for oily skin, but it’s not true. If you have oily skin, then do the opposite thing- using foundation and concealer in a thin layer all the time. If you want to get rid of excess oil, then blotting sheets will be the right option for you. And exfoliating with mild ingredients or keeping your skin hydrated is a great way to decrease the level of oil on your skin. If you apply this method of hydrating or exfoliating just once or twice a week, then applying makeup products will require less effort after some days.

2. Makeup tips for dry skin

Makeup Tips For Dry Skin 

Dry skin is a common problem now but don’t be worried. You may go on with makeup products you like, but you should follow some tips. At first, ward off applying a powdery or matte finish in the case of foundation; otherwise, this will enhance your dry look. In the case of dry skin, almost all makeup artists suggest using a hydrating moisturizer that will provide you with an extra boost of hydration. One thing you have to keep in mind- all the time when you have dry skin, you should not use foundation makeup with loose Powder or pressed Powder. Because this type of Powder will minimize the effect of moisturizer and will be harmful to you as it will enhance your skin’s dryness.

If your skin is excessively dry, then liquid foundation formula will be a great option for you. To ensure overall glow on dry skin, cream concealer might come in handy. And if you have a habit of using Powder, then you should use it sparingly and only where you want to ensure a shiny look. And it’s also applicable to your eye area too. When you make up your eye area, you should not use Powder on your eyelids as well. And in the case of foundations, you may take resort to any cream formula you like. You should do one thing for refreshing your skin, that is keeping a facial mist near your hand or in your bag when you go out. With it, you may refresh your face skin when it seems that your skin becomes undesirably dry.

But these things are not the ultimate solution, you should work to get rid of dry skin, and that’s why you should use exfoliating products or gentle cleansers. If you use these things everyday, then it is likely that you will get rid of dry skin in just a month, and then you will be able to use makeup products as you like.

3. Makeup tips for acne-prone skin

Makeup Tips For Acne Prone Skin

Acne-prone skin is also common, and treating acne is a lengthy process, which is why you should know how to apply makeup perfectly on acne-prone skin. But if acne is common in your skin, then you should avoid makeup products containing mineral oil, paraffin wax, phthalates, petroleum, or something like that. Though these things are common in makeup products, they lay heavy on the skin, which is problematic for acne-prone skin. Another thing is that if the makeup products you are using contain any drying ingredients such as alcohol. Then you should avoid it because such drying ingredients prevent the ordinary exfoliating process, which will be harmful to acne-prone skin.

It is true that applying the same makeup products again and again or keeping the products on the skin for a longer period is one of the potential causes of acne. If your acne is the outcome of makeup products, then you should try lighter makeup. If you have a habit of using something for sun protection, then you should try mineral options. Using zinc, in that case, will be good for you as it has some potential inflammatory properties which can act against acne very well. Sometimes, especially when you are taking treatment for the prevention of acne then, you should avoid makeup products, especially on acne-prone areas, if applying makeup everyday is not mandatory for you.

4. Makeup tips for sensitive skin

Makeup Tips For Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, like you have an allergy, itching or something like that, then you may use your favorite makeup too. Having sensitive skin is not a barrier to using makeup products though some specific makeup products may be prohibited to you. Depending on any imperfections like discoloration, pimples or redness, you may choose the color of your makeup products. The lightweight foundation is good for sensitive skin, so try matte finish that will have medium coverage. Ordinary tips like using moisturizer, keeping your skin hydrated etc., are applicable for sensitive skin too. But one thing that you should take care of- if you have sensitive skin, then you have to check the ingredients of your makeup products. And if you have any confusion about whether you can use any specific makeup product or not, then consult with your dermatologist at first.

Makeup tips: real life story

From the beginning, my skin was a bit oily, which I actually didn’t bother because before entering into my college life, I didn’t know anything about skin beauty or skin condition. But when I started using different makeup products like eyeliner, eyeshadow on my eye area or other types of makeup products on my face skin then, I experienced some problems which my friends didn’t face. Actually, I thought that I was new to using makeup products, and that’s why I couldn’t apply makeup perfectly, but that was not the case. Most often, I faced a problem, which was that my makeup did not stay for a long time, even though the situation was the same when I altered makeup products. And I usually share this thing with my friends and relatives, but they actually didn’t know more about the condition of oily skin.

But one day, one of my cousins came to my home. She was abroad for a good many years. After gossiping for 1 hour or more, we planned to launch in a restaurant, and when I started applying makeup, I shared the issue with her. Then she told me that actually it is a common sign of oily skin, and she also told me what I should do.

Actually, she suggested using translucent setting powder, oil-free makeup products, etc. From then on, I applied makeup products in this way, and I didn’t face any complexity till now. And the makeup application was and is desirable for me because it stays for long hours.

Briana Baker


1. When is makeup strictly prohibited?

Usually, there is no such condition when applying any makeup product on your skin may be strictly prohibited. But for some conditions like treating acne, popping pimples, or something like that, using some specific makeup products may be prohibited for you for a certain period.

2. How can I choose the right color makeup products- is it on my skin color or skin condition?

Actually, it depends on your skin color and what type of color will be fit for you, but the formula may be different depending on your skin condition, suppose. A liquid formula is good for dry skin.

3. Can regular makeup on oily skin deteriorate the condition?

Some makeup artists discourage regular makeup on oily skin because many makeup products contain oil which is harmful to oily skin. If you can choose oil-free makeup products, then certainly it will not deteriorate your skin condition.

4. Can face makeup be good for me if I have black skin?

Black skin is not a matter here. Just choose the right color makeup products that will be enough for flourishing your skin beauty. Commonly jewel tones are good for girls having black skin.

5. What can I do to ensure a glow on my black skin?

If you can apply your makeup obeying all the relevant tips and tricks, then it will ensure your desired look. To ensure a healthy glow, you can use vibrant blush that’s really effective for the purpose.

6. How long may I keep makeup on my face skin or skin surrounding my eye?

Actually, makeup products contain some chemicals which might be harmful to you if you keep unusually long hours. You should cleanse your face or where you applied makeup as soon as possible after returning to home.

7. What do I have to consider during applying makeup if I have dry skin?

Actually, for dry skin, you should avoid a powdery finish, and hydrating moisturizer will be great for you in this case. Another thing is that you should apply a liquid foundation that can act against dry skin.

8. Is it good for old people to use makeup on their face?

There is no age limit, so it is not important at all how old a woman who is going to apply makeup. Using anti-aging makeup products might be great for them because these will hide skin wrinkles and other aging signs.

9. Can I apply regular makeup if I have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is not a problem for applying makeup products, just you have to meet some criteria, like using lightweight foundation or things like that. But if your skin is extraordinarily sensitive, then you should consult with your dermatologist first before applying any makeup.

10. What types of makeup products are good for acne-prone skin?

If your skin is acne from then, you should use those makeup products which contain minerals like zinc. And at the same time, you should avoid products that contain mineral oil, petroleum, or something like that.

Final Thoughts

You can use your favorite makeup regularly no matter what your skin type is, no matter what type of complexity you’re facing on your skin. Just know the details of how to choose the right makeup products and know the do’s and don’ts depending on your skin complexity. Surely you’ll get your desired look, and you will not face anything that is undesirable to you if you’re facing any skin complexity now.

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