15 Most Attractive Hair Color For Party 2023!

You don’t have to be a pro to know what colors look best on you for party. In fact, there are some easy ways to choose the right hair color for your skin tone. Find out here!

If you’re looking forward to an event or a party, then you might want to get a proper facial, some new beauty products, and even want to dig into the most attractive hair color for party to change the whole look. If the hair color is just for the party, then you can think outside of the box and do something daring, and you need something that will not interfere with your daily life.

And the best thing when it comes to your hair for a party is to try new hair colors. This way, you don’t have to think of a hairstyle; you can just open and curl it a bit and let the color do the talking. There are several things when it comes to the most attractive hair color for party, and the most important thing is to leave the word “maturity” out of it. So if you’re here to get answers about the most attractive hair color for a party, Buckle up. We are here for a long ride.

The best hair color product for a party!

The Best Hair Color Product For A Party

You can choose from several types of hair colors on the market. These hair color products have been developed and designed for non-permanent effects. Several brands have come up with their own solutions for products that will change the hair color and still maintain the integrity of the natural color. And evidently, you will not need to use bleach or toner for the color to develop.

  • Permanent hair color
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color
  • Demi-permanent hair color
  • Temporary hair color

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair color contains ammonia, which inimitably changes the melanin or hair pigment color permanently and enters the hair’s cortex, leaving a permanent effect. With permanent hair color, the skin of your hair will change completely. Often, bleach and a developer are used on the permanent hair color.

A Developer is a product that will open up the hair’s cuticles, and the pigment will be inserted into that part. When the hair structure closes, the color remains and gives a different hue. Permanent colors are used for long-term solutions; you can use them to cover grey hair. Some people want to go blonde or red completely, and permanent hair color is the solution.

Permanent hair color lasts until you have new hair growth at the roots or until you redye or cut your hair. The color will not fade and has a permanent shade change. If you’re going blonde from very dark hair color, you might need a root touch-up every six weeks. The permanent color doesn’t fade but does lose its luster.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color

If you’re looking for something that will remain on the surface of your hair, then semi-permanent hair colors are the perfect solution. This is the definition of a causal relationship between hair color and hair. If you do not want a full-on commitment to your hair and if you’re someone wanting to avoid damage, then this is the perfect solution for you. The semi-permanent hair color doesn’t contain ammonia nor enter the hair shaft; it doesn’t alter the hair structure. Semi-permanent hair color will fade after a few washes and will not stain the hair.

Semi-permanent hair color is often used with permanent hair color to give more depth to the hair, and it is often added to the permanent color to bring back the luster. But with semi-permanent hair color, you might need to do a hair treatment more often as the color will fade. Semi-permanent hair color will fade after twelve shampoos, but different color pigment shampoos will enhance the color.

Demi-permanent hair color

With demi-permanent hair color, a low bleach concentration is used along with a developer. The hair color duration of demi-permanent hair color is around 24 shampoos. They are mostly used for color correction and to change the tone of the color. You can increase the hair’s natural tone and give it a slight lightning effect with demi-permanent hair color. Most of these demi-permanent hair colors do not contain ammonia and give slight hues compared to permanent hair colors. Whether they contain amino acids that will condition the hair and make it shiny.

Temporary hair color

What is a temporary hair color? Temporary hair color will last around 1-2 shampoos and will give a sheer and instant color to the hair without using any developer or bleach. The hair color will sit on top of the hair surface, and it can be turned into a semi-permanent hair color when heat is used.

 Temporary hair colors are the perfect terms to use if you’re going for a very bold fashion, and you can go even ten shades lighter. You can just do a week of commitment or just for a party. You can change your hair color almost every day with temporary hair color. There are plenty of options for natural hair color looks with temporary hair color.

So what is the most attractive hair color for party? As per hair color product Preferences, we say temporary and semi-permanent hair colors are perfect. If you’re going for a bold look at a party, you’ll want the effect to last all night, and with a wash, everything will return to normal.

And with semi-permanent hair color, you’re nowhere near a permanent alteration of hair color; you’re only going to keep the color for two to three weeks. The semi-permanent hair color is perfect for a short-term change if you’re in a serious job or even in a conventional platform. And with temporary hair color, they have the perfect solution for a one-night stand commitment of hair color.

So if you ask us about the most attractive hair color for party, we’ll ask you to go for the temporary colors before making a color suggestion.

Most attractive hair color for party: 2022 edition

Now that we’ve concluded that semi-permanent or temporary hair color is perfect for a party look let us jump to the question of what hair color will suit and look most attractive on a night out. In this article, we’ll be including a hair color suggestion that you can find in terms of both temporary and semi-permanent phases. We’ll be including some very conventional and practical colors as well as some bold choices.

Here we are including some of the most attractive hair colors for party that are perfect for every bold event of the year.

  1. Rusty Red
  2. Blush Pink
  3. Black and white ombre
  4. The red and pink ombre
  5. Copper red
  6. Lilac
  7. Turquoise
  8. Green
  9. Denim blue
  10. Burgundy
  11. Aqua Blue
  12. Bold Purple
  13. Metallic Silver
  14. Pixie pink
  15. Ash Blonde
Rusty Red, Black and white Ombre, Blush Pink

1. Rusty Red

If you have blonde hair and are going to a formal party, try a semi-permanent rose gold red hair color. The color is practical and will look good in long locks and a bob or something in between. You can rock loose curls or straight. The hair color is perfect for a formal party or a nightclub. A black dress with a red lip is perfect for rust-red hair.

2. Blush Pink

Here, the hair color is more of a warm pink tone and is perfect for a funky look. You can skip dying the whole hair blush pink and instead do just stripes on the hair. When you have a yellow-blonde color and apply temporary pink hair color, the pink blush outcome will be the best of all. Green or hazel eyes with blush pink hair color are perfect with any sparkling dress.

3. Black and white ombre

Ombre hair colors are the new trend for 2022. And it doesn’t have to be grey. If you have black locks and don’t want to lose the hype of it, Then you can just add the temporary whiter color on the ends. This is the perfect example of a monochromatic look, and you can rock a bold color trend with the concept. Black and white are perfect when you want a bold yet statement-making outfit. Also, if you’re in a goth gang, this is it.

Copper Red, The Red And Pink Ombre, Lilac

4. The Red and Pink Ombre

The pink-red candy cane is perfect for the look if you want something bright at the roots and very light on the locks. You can style the candy cane red with waterfall waves. The look is perfect with a bold short dress, and the hair might look a bit lavender where the ombre effect starts. This is the perfect example of lavender and red pastel.

5. Copper Red

For us, the perfect example of boldness and class is the copper or red hair color. If you follow the looks of Amy Adams in her movies, then you can easily see the example of auburn hair. Red hair with green eyes is the perfect look for this strand. Go with a bold lip and a short black dress. If you want permanent color, then this is the most attractive hair color for party.

6. Lilac

If you ask us, what is the most attractive hair color for party? We’ll exclaim that lilac or lavender hair color is the most attractive one. Why? Because this screams boldness and beauty. If you have blonde locks and are going out to a party where your crush might be, and you want to look bold and pretty, please go for lilac. If you all remember the Kylie Jenner Met Gala look, then you know why she wore lavender hair with a lavender dress. Lilac looks good with pink or lavender. And for lips, we suggest going for purple

Turquoise, Green, Denim Blue

7. Turquoise

This is the perfect hair color; if you ask us, it is also very practical. The colors are subtle and gorgeous and go with both blonde and brunette hair. Black and turquoise ombre is the perfect shade of blue on hair. You can find different temporary and semi-permanent hair colors in turquoise. Later, we might include some brands that will be best.

8. Green

If you don’t feel like blue, then green is the next alternative. Bottle green on black hair looks satisfyingly gorgeous. And if you compare the colors, the Hulk and Liberty will both be proud of the outcome. The green color will blend perfectly with black hair, and the hair looks very fresh and cool. Tie the hair with very maroon lipstick and a bold dress to dress up the hair for the party.

9. Denim Blue

If turquoise hair color feels too vibrant and you want something more fun and artistic, then we recommend going for denim blue. If you have light strands, the denim blue will pop the most. If you’re into the 90s all denim look, then the denim blue hair will be perfect to match the entire fit.

Burgundy, Aqua Blue, Bold Purple

10. Burgundy

This hair color seems practical for an office look, and for us, this is one of the most attractive hair color for party and any casual event. Full-on Burgandy or full-on wine is something to look up to. And if you’re not comfortable with all the burgundy, then you can just do Burgundy stripes to compliment it all. Black and wine look perfect together, and they will compliment every look.

11. Aqua Blue

You must’ve guessed our obsession with blue hair. When choosing the perfect hair color, you need to look at your skin tone and natural hair color. If you have light skin and light hair color, then aqua blue will be perfect for a very bold night out and party. Even in summer, aqua blue hair color is the most attractive hair color for party. Choose a light-colored swimsuit to complement the hair.

12. Bold Purple

If you’re going to a Halloween party and going with a basic costume, we suggest changing your hair color to suit the environment. What is the best and most attractive hair color for party on Halloween? An electronic purple color is a perfect take on that. This is the perfect example of bold hair color. Bright semi-permanent hair col, if freedom is in boldness, will elevate your look, and everything will be put together.

Metallic Silver, Pixie pink, Ash Blonde

13. Metallic Silver

This hair color has the tones of lavender and silver and has the most lustrous gloss on the hair. If you wear bold makeup at a party and still want your hair to look a bit bright and lifted, this is the perfect color for you. This is the most mature and vibrant color in our knowledge, and we tend to believe that the color will look precisely nice and vibrant. Deep silver with hints of lavender is the perfect combination to make it to the list of most attractive hair colors for party.

14. Pixie pink

Pixie hair color combines different shades of pink and will look great if you have blonde hair. Pixies are all about fun and dancing, and these mythical creatures are the small version of unicorns. The color is pretty feminine, but if you’re doing it for a party, then we suggest doing it with an expert. They’ll know what color to put on where. And a semi-permanent solution will be perfect for pixie color.

15. Ash Blonde

This is another monochrome look that you can rock at a party or just to go on a date or party. And the most important part of going ash blonde is that you can lighten the color without using any bleach. Again, the color will only be vibrant if you have a light color underneath. You can also go for ash striped on black hair, and at least two coats, or the hair might look grey.

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Here we include a list of products that you might be able to use to get the most attractive hair color for party or event. The list will only consist of temporary and semi-permanent hair colors, as we would want the colors to be removed after a few washes. And if you want the color to fade right after the next day, then just go for the temporary color. Make sure to wear a glove and use a comb to make the application even.

  • Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Color Full Coverage
  • L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Color
  • Madison Reed Color Reviving gloss
  • Curlsmith Temporary Rinse-out Color
  • Due Gloss+ Semi Permanent Hair Color

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Color Full Coverage

This color is best if you want bold shades. The color is perfect on light hair but is not very vibrant on dark hair, and the hair color is nourishing and gentle on the hair.

  • has a great scent
  • It gives a soft feeling to the hair
  • Rainbow colors in 25 different shades
  • The color looks beautiful on blonde and ash blonde hair
  • Subtle tint on dark hair

L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi Permanent Color

The L’Oréal Colorista is one of the best semi-permanent hair colors on the market and is available in vibrant shades. Though it might not look like a practical option, the colors will work on both blonde and brunette hair.

  • It works for every hair color
  • Available in 16 fantasy shades of hair color
  • It lasts at least twelve shampoos
  • Pastel hues are available in the color
  • Gentle and affordable

Madison Reed Color Reviving gloss

This violet gloss is used to revive the blonde shine from light hair. Blue and violet will cancel out orange and yellow, and that is how the color theory works.

  • nourishes blond hair and increases brightness and shine
  • available for brunette, red, and black hair
  • It increases the hue of the hair

Curlsmith Temporary Rinse-out Color

If you are looking to try on a new color and are not sure if it’ll look good on you or not, then the Curlsmiths rinse-out color is perfect for the job. The product is designed for curly hair and gives very vibrant hues. This is the ideal product if you want the most attractive hair color for party or a night out.

  • Transfer resistant
  • The texture is somewhere between a hair gel and a hair color.
  • Non-damaging
  • It works on dark hair without even the need for bleach
  • Available in different vibrant shades

Due Gloss+ Semi Permanent Hair Color

Again, this is a glossy product and a deep conditioner that will work on any hair color. The product is nourishing and best for restoring natural hair color.

  • Gloss and deep conditioner
  • Blonde to black hair differences in hues are available
  • deepens the existing hair color
  • Vibrant


What hair color is the most attractive?

According to women, brunette and blonde hair are the most attractive hair types. Most men find blonde hair the most attractive of all. And for the third spot, we have red hair. Most people in the world have brunette or black hair. No matter the hair color, attractiveness is all about pulling it the right way.

What color of hair are guys attracted to?

Blonde hair. Guys are primarily attracted to blonde hair. So if you’re going out and you want to try the most attractive hair color for a party, then we recommend trying the shades of blonde and ash. Temporary or semi-permanent hair color will do the trick just fine.


Hair colors are often deemed a permanent solution, but they don’t have to be. They can just be a temporary solution for the day, and as you wake up and wash your hair, the color will leave. And if you’re not in a conventional job, you can still go for permanent bold color, and no one will blame you.

If we are to think of the most attractive hair color for party, then we must think about the concept of the party and what we want to represent. If you’re going for a fun look, you can try bold colors like lilac and bottle green. If you’re going to go for something different than your brunette hair, then go all red or auburn. But the whole concept will depend on what you’re wearing and the party’s mood.

Key Points

  • A clear concept for putting up a different color for a party or event.
  • How do you rock a different and one of the most attractive hair colors for a party?
  • There are different options and colors to choose from for a party.
  • Products for temporary and semi-permanent hair color for the party or the day.

We’ll give you a proper outline of the most attractive hair color for a party, and you can choose from the temporary or semi-permanent palette, or if you’re feeling okay with the color, you can do the permanent one as well.

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