10 Natural Face Masks for Skin Care

natural face masks for skin care
Are you looking for the best natural face masks for your skin? Then look no further! We have compiled a list of the top 10 natural face masks for your skincare needs.

When our age increases, changes occur in our skin internally and externally, and it’s out of our control as it’s a natural process. When our skin looks start to change, that doesn’t become desirable to us as it looks pale, wrinkled, or the like. But the skin look is so important to us, and this is doubly important for our face skin as our face is conspicuous to people around us. But to retain the younger look or to improve our skin condition, we can do many things, or at least we can delay the natural process.

Among so many ways to retain the younger look, using natural face masks for skin care are getting popular day by day. Don’t think otherwise. I am not going to talk about some common face mask products; instead, I am going to talk about such face masks which you can make at your home from natural stuff. Indeed, these will be highly effective for your skin look, and you’ll get your desired look naturally.

What are face masks, and why do people use them?

Face masks mean the use of some skincare products on the face skin to improve the skin look. Such a mask is to keep on one’s facial skin for a certain period regularly. Commonly in natural face masks for skin care, there are some ingredients that are useful for the skin look, tone, or overall nature. When this useful stuff comes in contact with the face skin, then the face skin gets necessary things from those kinds of stuff. For that reason, the skin look is improved, and the overall nature of one’s skin becomes changed. That’s the utility of face masks and for that reason, people around the world use face masks for facial skin improvement. But not all types of face masks are good for all purposes, there are so many classes of face masks, and each of these masks are good for some specific purposes.

10 Natural face masks for skin care

natural face masks for skin care that I am going to show you here are easy to make using natural stuff, and you may create and use all these at your home. The ingredients used to make these face masks are well-known for skin quality improvement and for removing all the impurities from your face skin.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best natural face masks that are suitable for skin care

  1. Face mask with turmeric, malai, and lemon
  2. Face mask with tomato and rice flour
  3. Face mask with turmeric, curd, and besan
  4. Face mask of potato, tomato, and cucumber
  5. Face mask from coffee and honey mix
  6. Face mask from egg white with lemon
  7. Face mask with banana peel and honey
  8. Face mask made of strawberry and blueberry
  9. Face mask with avocado, honey, and oats
  10. Face mask with papaya, cacao, and aloe vera

We have provided detailed information about how to apply, recipes, and more below.

1. Face mask with Turmeric, Malai, and Lemon

If you are fed up with any discoloration or pigmentation-related problems, then you may think of using this face mask as it will surely lighten your skin. You know malai is an excellent option for smoothing and softening your skin, and it is also superbly helpful for repairing damaged skin tissue. So, surely this face mask will be surprisingly beneficial for your skin quality improvement.

For this face mask, you need to arrange turmeric powder, a small amount of malai, and a few drops of lemon juice. Just mingle these three items in a pot, keep the mixture on your face for 15 minutes or more, and then cleanse your face with fresh water.

2. Face mask with Tomato and Rice Flour

face-mask-with-tomato-and rice-flour
Face Mask With Tomato and Rice Flour

You may apply this skin care face mask if you have any dark spots on your face skin or if you want to brighten your face. You know rice flour is great for getting smooth skin, so that this face mask will be greatly beneficial for you.

To make this face mask, you need to mix 2 tablespoons tomato extract with 1 tablespoon rice flour properly with any tool or even with your hand. To make this face mask, some people suggest using almond oil with rice flour and tomato. You may also try that. If you can mix these two items properly then rub it on your face and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. And then wash your face with clean water and repeat using this mask every day.

3. Face mask with Turmeric, Curd, and Besan

Turmeric is well known for a good many advantages for your skin, and besan is the right option for treating acne, or for preventing acne prone skin. Curd is useful for warding off premature aging signs, dark circle lightening, getting even skin tone, or something like that. Even if you use a face mask with turmeric, curd, and besan, this will get rid of unwanted facial hair.

To make this mask in a 1/4 cup of rose water, you just have to mix besan, turmeric powder, and curd. Surely, this face mask will be better for you in the sense that you’ll get a comparatively better outcome.

4. Face mask of Potato, Tomato, and Cucumber

If you want to get a desirable glow and reduce the oily mode from your skin then cucumber and tomato might be the best option for you. And potatoes are good sources of antioxidants which are really amazing for your skin.

The face mask making using potato, tomato, and cucumber is very simple- take some slices of all the three- tomato, potato, and cucumber and place them in a blender. When blending is completed, then just keep the stuff on your face for more or less 20 minutes, that’s all. To get a better output, you may keep the stuff (after blending) in your refrigerator for a while.

5. Face mask from Coffee and Honey mix

Honey and coffee are great for skin health in so many ways as these can brighten your skin color, remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin, lessen puffiness from your skin, and in some other fields relating to the betterment of your skin.

To make the mask-making procedure easy, you should use coffee powder as the powder can mix with honey well. Just take one tablespoon of powdered coffee and honey in a cup and mix these two perfectly with any spoon or other tool. Then keep the honey and coffee mix on your face skin for at least 10 minutes, and then clean your face with soap water.

6. Face mask from Egg white with Lemon

Face Mask From Egg White With Lemon

If you want to lessen the aging effect from your skin, then using this face mask will be an amazing option for you. The white part of the egg helps to keep the skin firm and tightened. Even for closing pores, the white portion of the egg can play some important roles. And lemon contains so many useful antioxidant properties, which will be great for your skin health. If you use face masks made from the white part of egg and lemon juice, that will be superb for preventing anti-aging effects and for boosting your skin health.

You just need to sever the white part from an egg and add some drops of lemon juice with it. Mix these two perfectly and then keep the stuff on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, and then clean your face.

7. Face mask with Vanana peel and Honey

It goes without saying that honey is beneficial as a face mask for our skin in so many ways. Banana peel is a good source of those antioxidants, which carries great importance for your skin. To lessen the level of wrinkles and to brighten your skin, banana peel is really useful.

For this face mask, you need to blend one-fourth of a banana peel and honey in a blender. You may change the banana peel amount based on your necessity depending on the size of your face. Like other face masks, you must keep it on your face for a while- 15 minutes more or less, and then you may wash it off. It’s for use thrice every week, but you should not use it if you have oily skin.

8. Face mask made of Strawberry and Blueberry

To get blemish free skin, there’s almost no effective alternative to using a face mask with strawberry and blueberry. Besides keeping your skin blemish free, these fruits can prevent skin wrinkles efficiently. In addition, even these can effectively fight against dead skin cells, which have so many skin health benefits.

To make the face mask, you need to mix powder form of blueberry and strawberry (1 tablespoon each) with coconut milk powder (2 tablespoons), and then like other face masks, you have to apply it to your face. Keep the stuff for at least 10 minutes, and then clean your face with lukewarm water.

9. Face mask with Avocado, Honey, and Oats

If you have problems with skin elasticity, breakouts, or something like that, then this mask is for you. The benefit of honey for skin is well-known, but avocado also has many skin benefits, though not the same as honey. For boosting overall skin health, avocado can play some significant roles, and that’s why face masks with avocado, honey, and oats are the right option for people of all ages.

To make this mask, you must blend 1 slice of avocado, 1 tablespoon of honey, and a small number of oats. Just keep this mask on your face skin for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off.

10. Face mask with Papaya, Cacao, and Aloe Vera

Face Mask With Papaya, Cacao, and Aloe Vera

Papaya is great for boosting collagen secretion, and it can effectively decrease inflammation. Cacao can play an important role in stimulating blood flow, and thus it will rejuvenate your skin. To keep your skin moisturized and to delay the aging effect in your skin, aloe vera is highly useful. Thus, face masks made from papaya, cacao, and aloe vera will be highly beneficial for your face skin.

You just need 1 tablespoon powdered cacao, some drops of papaya juice, and some slices of aloe vera to make the face mask. Mix these three or blend them, and apply the stuff to your face. After keeping this mask for a while, wash your face with lukewarm water.

These are the best natural face masks for skin care to keep your skin fresh. You won’t have to spend money at the spa anymore. With these simple recipes, you can make the perfect homemade face mask in no time.

Different types of face masks and choose the best one for you

Not all types of face masks suit all types of skin, and that’s why the matter of choosing the best face mask is an issue to be considered. Depending on what goals the mask will serve and other attributes, beauty experts make these different types. Analyzing these types of face masks, you have to choose the one type for you depending on your skin type and what criteria you want to fulfill.

1. Clay face mask

This type of face mask is for lowering the oil or dirt level from the face skin. Even for removing impurities and for exfoliating your face skin, a clay mask is considered the best one. And sulfur, clay, and mud are used for making this type of face skin mask as these ingredients are good for removing oil, dirt, or something like that.

2. Sheet face masks

Sheet Face Masks

If you need to moisturize your skin or a calming effect becomes necessary for your skin, then this type of face mask is for you. Most often, this mask is rich in antioxidant properties, which are helpful for ensuring a calming effect on the face skin. It’s so easy to apply and remove, and you may place such a mask in the refrigerator to preserve it for a good many days.

3. Peel-off face mask

Peel Off Face Mask

This will also moisturize your face skin, but intense cleaning is the main feature of these masks, and if you need such type of cleaning, then you may think of using this face mask. For a certain period, this mask is to be kept on face skin, and then you may peel it off gently. And this will surely be effective in comparison with common lotions we use for face skin improvement.

4. Hydrogel face mask

hydrogel- face-mask
Hydrogel Face Mask

You know a face mask is not only for the face skin but also for the skin surrounding your eye, and the hydrogel is such a face mask. This is thick stuff and considered one of the best face masks for the skin around your eye. Besides improving the hydration condition in your face skin, this face mask is also suitable for removing spots or things like that.

Natural face masks for skin care: real life story

For many years I used make-up, and that’s why skin look was not a matter to me. But just 2 years ago, I found signs of skin wrinkle though I am not that old to face wrinkles. And to prevent this, I went to a medical doctor, and he suggested some medicines and I followed his advice carefully. But after using his medicine for one month, I found almost no difference in my skin wrinkle condition. Then I started searching online on how I can get rid of skin wrinkles naturally because sometimes natural stuff comes in handy where medicines cannot show their effectiveness.

And after searching for a few days, I found some natural stuff like different fruits and vegetables, which are considered as effective for skin wrinkle prevention. Then from these things, I choose a face mask made from the banana peel and honey. The reason is that from my study, it was revealed to me that these two contain superbly effective necessary stuff for skin wrinkle prevention. Another cause was that the face mask making process is so easy if anyone chooses these two. There was a blender in my home, and it was only a matter of 5 minutes, and then I kept the stuff on my face skin for 10 minutes, more or less.

After deciding about the face mask, I started using the face mask (made from banana peel & honey) 3 days a week, as per a suggestion from a health blog. There was one precondition of using the face mask- skin should not be oily, and, as I didn’t have oily skin, I decided to use this face mask. As I have to use the face mask three days a week, I use it with interval- that means using one day, and after that, taking a 1 day break I use it after the day off. By this way, I used it for almost 2 months though after one and a half months, I found a significant difference in my skin wrinkle condition. Now I don’t have such a problem, but I still use this mask whenever I am not so busy with my work.

Cheryl Elledge


1. Why is more than one item used to make a face mask?

Our skin requires so many nutrient items, and to prevent a certain unwanted condition applying different nutrient items is necessary. For that reason, to make a good face mask, we have to include more than one item.

2. Which one is better: a ready-made face mask or a homemade face mask?

Actually there’s no bar on using ready-made face masks which are found in different super shops. But homemade face masks are recommended as you can be sure that there are no harmful ingredients and making a face mask at home is not so costly.

3. Why is honey used in making a good many face skin masks?

The reason is very simple: honey contains so many useful properties, which are beneficial for our skin in different ways that the other natural stuff doesn’t have. That’s why honey can prevent so many complexities relating to our skin.

4. Why is using a face mask necessary, besides eating natural stuff?

When we eat natural stuff having nutrient items that will be useful for our skin internally, and we cannot deny the fact. But sometimes, it is required to keep our skin in contact with some useful ingredients, and that’s why using face masks is necessary.

5. How many days a week should I use a face mask?

This issue is dependent on which ingredient you’re using to make your face mask. Suppose if you use a face mask with tomato and rice flour, then you may use it every day. But in the case of face masks of banana peel and honey 3 days, a week is enough.

6. How can I be sure how many days I should use a face skin mask based on skin condition?

It’s really a matter to be considered and to be sure about this, you may start using the face mask 3 or 4 days a week, and if you feel better, then you may increase the number of days.

7. Why don’t I get the benefit of the face mask I used, obeying all the guidelines?

If that happens, then you should change the face mask. Sometimes, it is found that specific natural stuff does not come in handy in some rare cases. But if you obey all the relevant guidelines, then it is likely that you’ll get the benefit on regular use.

8. What type of face mask should I avoid using?

 It is fully dependent on your skin condition. If you have any prohibition to keep yourself away from a specific natural stuff then you should not use such stuff for your face mask.

9. Can I use a face skin mask when I don’t have any skin complexity?

The face skin masks that I mentioned here are made of some natural stuff which are fully safe, so there’s no restriction to use these when you don’t have any complexity, rather such use will be helpful for retaining your desired look.

10. What can I do if a face mask creates skin complexity that I didn’t have?

Due to some rare skin condition or if you have any prohibition in using any natural stuff, then it may happen. In such a case, you should stop using the problem-creating face mask and use another one.


Using natural face masks for skin care is the right option to get and retain the desired look of your face skin. And if your face mask is made from natural stuff, then it will surely be safe for you. So, don’t think of using an artificial one for getting overnight benefits. Use a natural face mask that will provide you a super attractive look for eternity.

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