New Year’s Makeup Looks 2023: Trending Makeup Looks for New Year’s Eve

New Year's Makeup Looks 2023
Get ready for the biggest night of the year by learning these new year’s eve makeup tips!

Well, the new year is just around the corner, and the most talked about are the latest makeup looks and trends. Mostly, the makeup will be inspired by the fall and winter of 2022, and it will most likely resemble the most popular makeup routines of that year. Social media might also play a role in makeup looks, but what’s more interactive is how people blend their ideas into the trend.

But most importantly, the New Year’s Eve parties are a classic staple for almost every country, and people love to bring the holidays into the last days of holidays. So here you’ll see a bunch of makeup looks inspired by Christmas as well. So what will be the trending makeup looks for the new year of 2023? Well, there will obviously be some staples like the smokey eyes or the red lip looks. There have been so many events this year that everything has inspired almost everything.

And this is the year when curvy bodies are out of style. But as for the makeup looks, minimalistic looks had their comeback. How about the TikTok look? Well, they have their own style, but most youngsters will probably follow up on those trends. If we talk about adults, there is hardly any chance that social media makeup trends will affect them. But there can’t be a blend of this and that. The new year’s makeup looks (2023) are mostly inspired by the fashion moments of 2023.

And if you look at the runways and even magazines, the looks are natural and minimalistic instead of heavy contour and makeup. Looks are kept natural with just a glowy and fresh base, maybe a cat eye or a very nude lip. But on the other hand, very deep and dark liners or siren eyes might also make their debut. Whatever makeup looks become a trend, they will most likely be inspired by celebrities or pop singers, and we are sure of that.

Another thing to consider with makeup looks for 2023 is the hair. Now that’s a different and vibrant story. Everyone might go minimalistic with the makeup, but the hair tends to speak. They come in all sorts of colors and extensions, and it just takes a regular haircut to look different.

Why rush after the New Year’s makeup looks of 2023?

While it might seem like a rush when we are talking about the new year, it is still far off. But as with Halloween, the new year is the trendsetter for makeup and dress-up. With the next year’s looks, you’ll have good predictions on how the makeup is going to look in 2023. And that’s why the new year’s makeup looks 2023 have so many people dancing up their toes.

From Vogue to Harper’s Bazar, every magazine has given its predictions on the 2023 new year’s look. And so we’ve come out with our ideas. There have been so many ups and downs on the trends, so we hope to narrow down the list to the almost seven most trending looks for the new year’s makeup looks in 2023.

Here we’ll be adding our top new year’s makeup looks for 2023, which might also lead through some of the beginning months of the year.

  1. Aqua blue shadows and nude lips
  2. Wild wings and nude makeup
  3. Super Blush
  4. Chunky glitter look
  5. Dewy look
  6. Pop of color
  7. Stained lip

1. Aqua blue shadows and nude lips

Aqua Blue Shadows And Nude Lips

As we said, most of the makeup looks are somewhat inspired by the show Euphoria, and if you remember Cassy’s looks, then you know how iconic her baby blue and aqua looks have been. The look is perfect to be worn with white or blue; even any of the pastel dresses will work just fine. The look can be pulled off with anything and has a lot of volume and drama, to begin with. To go with the look we have,

  • Any white, pastel, or blue dress
  • Sleek hair with some gel to smooth it out, and the way wet hair looks will also work.
  • Fresh-faced makeup with some extra highlights
  • For the eyes, start with a base and blend the blue eyeshadows on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. And do a smudge of small blue glitters on the top. The middle of the eyes should be left as they are. Add dramatic lashes.
  • Accessories are the key to this look. Bejewel yourself with extravagant jewelry.

2. Wild wings and nude makeup

Wild Wings And Nude Makeup

Well, if you noticed Julia Fox earlier this year, then you certainly noticed how wildly she did her dramatic wing. For most people, that long wing can be a true nightmare. But when we are in the new year, the makeup looks 2023; the wild wings are not that cliché. Rather, it does make a statement. And most importantly, even if you get heavily drunk, the eyes are not going to move. This is a step above the siren eyes; we can name it the fore eyes. It can be worn with any sort of dress or hair and will look accomplished no matter what is done. To get the wild wing, we need the following:

  • A fresh face of makeup with a little bit of contour but nothing too harsh
  • The nose contour has to be the key to making the wings work.
  • For the eyes, the wings are extended from the very beginning and take up almost two-thirds of the eyes. The tip of the wings will be stretched beyond the tip of the brows, and the tip has to be thinned. Lining the bottom eyelashes with a black shadow Dramatic lashes can be a thing or just ignored altogether.
  • Naked lips or just a little bit of gloss
  • Glowy makeup but no extra glitter.

3. Super Blush

Super Blush

Well, if you think about the blushes, almost all of the TikTok viral videos were about blushes. Most probably, NARS and Rare Beauty made their marks with the blushes they came up with. Even Dior made headlines with its pink blush. So far, blushes have played their part in 2022, and we feel that they will surely dominate the next two years and 2023 as well. Instead of contouring, blushes are used to lift the cheeks, and as you go all minimalist, why not go with a highlighted cheek with a blush? And rosy blushes, or the pink ones, have made their name so far. To get a blush-oriented look,

  • Get a super glowy base at first. And keep the whole base pretty neutral.
  • Bushy brows are also very natural.
  • And for the blush they are going to be used as eyeshadow, lipstick, and of course, the blush. So you can just pick one blush shade that will go with all the other makeup products. For example, start with the same shade of blush on the eyes and blend it with the cheeks. Take the cheeks up to the high point of the face, and this will also lift the face.
  • Add a bit of highlighter on the natural points of the face.
  • Apply the blush color on the lips and top it off with a clear gloss.

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4. Chunky glitter look

Chunky Glitter Look

No one can get enough of the glitter. And what better way to end the year than with a glittery look? And that’s why we have all the glitter and a base. Glitters really resemble the holiday spirit, and they are very trendy. To start the work, you might also want to go with a very fresh base, as you want the attention on the lids. Well, this way, you can wear any dress you want. Believe me; all the attention will be on the eyes. To get this look:

  • Do a fresh face with a slight contour and try to avoid blushes.
  • Again, more focus is on the nose contour.
  • For the eyes, start with a dark base. And for the base, you’ll want to start with navy, black, or emerald, depending on your dress color. And then blend the shadow with a bit lighter color. Keep the shadow just on the lid, and don’t go too far away from it. And next up, use glitter glue on top of the eyelid, and then put the glitter on. Go for large chunks of glitter and place them all over the lids. Glitter glue is a must for this look.
  • Finish your makeup with matte lipstick.

5. Dewy look

Dewy Look

Well, this might be one of our favorite things to do for a new year’s makeup. The skim should look like a donut glaze. It’s not about the eyes or the lips but rather the skin. Everything has to be blended and glow like there’s a direct light on your base, from the foundation to the blush to the lipstick. I know we are talking about the night look, but here we also might add some products that will make you look glazed. This dewy look is one step up from the glass skin. But better than the glass skim. The whole look is all about glitter and no powder. To get the dewy look:

  • Start with a very glowy base at first. For that, use a super-hydrating moisturizer or serum, and a gripping primer or a hydrating primer will also work.
  • Next, use a tinted highlighter on the cheeks. The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood filter is something of a gem for this look, and you can also use the elf version for this look.
  • Then use a tinted moisturizer or a light coverage foundation, and mix up the liquid highlighter with this product. And use only a thin layer of the mixture. Next up, use a hydrating cream and apply concealer on top.
  • After the base, use a glitter setting spray on top.
  • For the eyes, use the same highlighter, and maybe a slight wing and mascara will do the trick. And for the lips, a very hydrating lip gloss should work just fine.

6. Pop of color

Pop Of Color

Now that we’ve gone with all-naked looks let’s jump to the color-filled part of the new year’s makeup looks for 2023. For the face, the loos are all neutral and clean. But for the eyes, use the most unexpected and vibrant color you have as an eyeshadow. Keep the face really matte or super dewy, but do not put too much emphasis on blushes and contour. Make sure to pop the eyes. To get this look:

  • Start with a minimal look and keep the face dewy or super matte.
  • Ignore the contour or any blush, and focus just on the highlighter. Brighten up the high points of the cheeks.
  • Keep a bare lip, or just add a pink tint.
  • And for the eyes, go all in. Start with a very bright makeup base. Neon, pastel, or a deep yet vibrant shade would work. After the base, let it dry, and then apply the vibrant color on top of the lids. Pack the eyeshadows well and then make a winged shape. Blend the edges well so it looks sharp yet sophisticated.

7. Stained lip

Stained Lip

Well, if you know the makeup trends of 2022, the most elevated appearance came with lip tints. Brands like Fenty Beauty came up with their lip lacquer that essentially acts as a very vibrant gloss, and as it dies down and is removed with a tissue, they leave a very bright and deep shade, which will not move. And that’s what we want for the new year. To get the deeply stained lip:

  • Get a full face of neutral makeup.
  • Warm tones into the eyelids and a bit of mascara on the lashes
  • Use a vibrant blush that will match the lips.
  • And next, use a very deep stain on the lips. Wine or a red stain will be perfect for the new year, and they will last through the madness of the night.


1. What are the makeup trends for 2022-2023?

Minimalistic and chunky glitter looks are the most appreciated trends for 2022–2023.

2. What are the winter makeup trends?

Red lips, winged liner, or fresh, dewy looks might be the best winter makeup trends.

3. What are the lip trends for 2023?

The lip trends of 2023 are more toward lip glosses and shimmering lipsticks.

Final Thoughts

For the new year’s makeup looks of 2023, our bet is on two terms: one for the fresh makeup look that has also been known as the no makeup look. And another thing would be the over-the-top shimmer and glitter, which was somehow inspired by the famous TV show Euphoria.

Some things made history this year, and euphoria would be one of the trends that might inspire all the new year’s looks for 2023. And even a dangling piece of glitter on the face with almost no makeup on is enough to make a statement. And that’s what we hope to see on the magazines’ covers. People looking effortlessly cool with their new year’s makeup looks in 2023.

Key Points

  1. You’ll be able to estimate how cosmetics will seem in 2023 based on the looks of the next year.
  2. The majority of the cosmetic ideas are inspired by the show Euphoria, and if you recall Cassy’s looks, you’ll remember how iconic her baby blue and aqua looks were.
  3. Blushes had a role in 2022, and we believe they will continue to dominate the next two years and into 2023.
  4. Glitters evoke the holiday atmosphere and are popular on New Year’s Eve.

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